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Make a break for it

Page history last edited by Sea Foam 5 years, 4 months ago

>You're not helping ANY of these bitches get at your dick.
>In a flash of calm lucidity you realize that neither party can stop you from escaping while they're busy stopping each other from raping you!
>The moment you're sure none of the girls are looking at you creep out of the entrance.
>Your first vision of freedom is a dolphin's fin hurtling towards your face.
>Ow! The force is enough to push you back inside on top of hurting like a bitch.
>After you recoil, the dolphin that slapped you inside flips over and wags her finger at you, that open mouth toothy asshole dolphin grin in full display.
>The shark punches her in the back of the head while she's not looking, and your taunter flicks back over to join the fray.
>That was a fluke, right? You wait a few moments more and once again make for the exit.
>The cold glare of the wereshark as you first reach outside the cave stops you dead in your tracks. She sees you, and she isn't happy with what your current life choices.
>Good thing no one can see you piss your pants underwater.
>One look wasn't enough to make you throw in the towel though, right? Third time's the charm anyway, you're going to give this another go.
>After waiting for the dolphins and the shark to lower their guards again you make another run for the exit, this time quickly.
>You plant your feet against the well, coil up, and surge for the exit only to run into a wall of slippery smooth porpoise.
>Come on!
>This time your clicky prison guard only shakes her head at you before returning to the boiling fray.
>They're distracted, how are they still guarding you? How are the little shits even keeping themselves in position to watch the cave, anyway? And, most importantly, why do you hear train whistles?!
>Whatever, you're wasting time and time is air and air is life and oh god you're going to die! Do something!


Help the Shark

Help the Dolphins

Pray to Broseidon, patron god of surfers and retards that go diving without spear guns

Try to remember something from Sunday School and pray to the Chief God

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