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Swim Like a Bitch

Page history last edited by Sea Foam 5 years, 2 months ago

>You yank your foot free from the trapping rubber and desperately ascend.
>Your progress isn't anywhere as fast with only one fin, but damn if you're going to quit so soon!

>You're a few feet from reaching sweet, sweet air, when a massive weight wraps itself around your stomach from below.
>Just when you thought it was safe to get out of the water.
>The mershark's powerful tail jerks you in a half circle and you find yourself descending deeper.
>She's latched around your chest tightly, head buried into your vest.
>Pounding her does nothing as she swims downward at full speed before angling you into one of the caves.
>You slam into the back wall in the murky darkness of the underwater cavern, impact just barely cushioned by your gear
>The shark doesn't even wait for you to recover your bearings before ripping at your wetsuit.
>Despite the fear driving your testicles to go make friends with your uvula, the MAMONO MANA gushing from the aroused wereshark quickly pressurizes your diving bell and by the time your cock springs out into the cold salt water you're at full mast.
>Hands that aren't rough at all despite all you've heard about shark skin guide you into the shark's waiting slit and she hilts herself in one thrust
>If this were happening on land the expression on your rapist's face says she'd be breathless
>Coincidentally, so are you since you drew the last breath in your tank at that same moment.
>The beast continues, flames of lust only stoked by your struggles for escape, wantonly thrusting against you, knocking up silt.
>Unwanted pleasure builds, but all you can think about is the burning in your lungs
>Instinct takes over and you start getting wilder, going so far as to snatch out your own regulator as if doing so would allow you to breathe again.
>Even if there's nothing but water around you, you need to do something, to let your lungs suck in anything!
>Your jealously guarded last breathe gushes from from your mouth in a storm of silver bubbles.
>Life... leaving you.
>The shark locks lips with you just as unresistable reflex kicks in and you inhale deeply.
>Somewhere in the back of your mind you recoil in disgust as disgusting, wet... air? Humid air fills your lungs, a blessing provide by a rapist's kiss of life.
>You inspire several more times, taking more pleasure in the oxygen than the horny woman doing her best to grind your pelvis into sand.
>You didn't know sharks could do that.
>Now then, since she at least wants to keep you alive until she's done you decide that...


If you take your rape quietly she might be gentler

If you get your feet under you, flipping her might still be possible

Anon ain't nobody's bitch

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