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Flip the Shark

Page history last edited by Sea Foam 5 years ago

>You weren't just going to merrily dog paddle your way out of this, were you? Well fine!
>You yank your foot free from the captured fin and drop your legs as if you're standing in the open water, awaiting the charge that must come.
>Waiting... waiting... there!
>The weight of the beast slams into you like a torpedo and you struggle to avoid her grasping hands.
>You manage to push yourself down near her belly and wrap your unflippered foot around her tail, clinging close like a desperate seal.
>A moment of hesitation, and then you kick with all your might.
>The wereshark is exceedingly strong, but all of that power seems dedicated to driving her in a straight line; as the dolphins showed she's not agile at all.
>One cause for that quickly becomes apparent; under the push from a stubborn flurry of kicks with your one remaining fin the shark can't stop herself from twisting once you trapped an arm against her side.
>Huffing the precious little air left in your tank you look down at the helpless wereshark.
>Her eyes are completely out of focus and her mouth slowly flaps open and shut like she's having a conversation with the infinite.
>You're tired, incredibly so, but if you let go now you're afraid your would-be rapist will right herself and you'll be back where you started but with one less trick up your sleeve.
>The only choice you see open to you is to use the shark like a boogie board. That way you can get your head above water and still keep a hold of the girl. Hopefully the waves up top won't make things difficult.
>Your plan works surprisingly well if slowly because you're dragging four times your body weight through the water.
>Without any further ado you reach your boat, abandon your last flipper and scrabble up the ladder.
>You last kick seems to push the monster hard enough to roll her over however, as by the time your feet hit the boards her eyes are floating above the water, watching.
>You flip her off and the leering head dips below the waves.
>Hallelujah. No all you had to do was go back home and--shit!
>The wereshark's parting remark, one savage bump of your boat, damn near sends you right back into the sea, but you catch yourself before tumbling over.
>"FUCK YOU!" you shout before starting the motor and hightailing it out of there.
>What a dive, huh? The guys back home aren't gonna believe this! Then again, maybe your story is too tame?
>What if there were two sharks? Maybe three?
>By the time you make it back to shore you've decided that a whole school would be enough. Of course, no one believes you, but you know and that's enough.



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