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Shark Rape

Page history last edited by Sea Foam 5 years ago

>This really isn't the time for you to be fighting back. You know that, but despite that you can't not try your one last trump card.
>After stretching out one leg to half wrap around your rapist's tail and stop it from moving freely you plant your other foot against the cave floor and shove. Hard.
>This wereshark may be big and bad and ugly--well, maybe not ugly--but flipping her while she's underwater isn't so hard.
>She seems to realize what you're doing halfway through the turn, but by then it's too late.
>Your supporting leg leaves the ground and you find yourself looking down at your tormentor.
>All of that menace is gone now, she simply stares blankly at the ceiling, mouth slowly opening and closing.
>It'd be nice if you could stay and enjoy your victory, but nature demands you go.
>You quickly toss your diving weights on top of the girl to stop her from flipping over any time soon and swim as fast as you can for the surface.
>The trip feels agonizingly long when taken on a single breath, but you make it, sputtering as soon as your head breaks the water.
>Your boat isn't far and you drag yourself to it, gratefully flopping onto the deck.
>You've still got this massive erection though, and you know from experience it's not going away for a few hours. Bitch.
>Staying down longer had been part of your plan from the start though, you have another tank on board. If you wanted, you could...
>No, you couldn't. That would make you no better than her.
>You really shouldn't. It'd be so easy though...
>Forget morals, turnabout is fair play and this erection won't take care of itself.
>You quickly swap out your tanks, make sure those dolphins are still gone, then head back down.
>Your would-be rapist is still floating on her back just like you left her, dead to the world.
>You were going to enjoy this.
>After swimming inside you pull off your gloves and tuck them into your wetsuit.
>The wereshark is absolutely drenching wet--well, well-lubed, anyway. The finger you use to probe her all too exposed pussy slides in like she was greased. That'll make things easy.
>You stare down at her body, feeling yourself harden further as you take in her curves.
>Buxom would be the word to describe her. Soft looking despite the muscle you could tell was there, hips you could wrap around and never let go of and then there were those breasts.
>They were really too big even for her large frame, but the miracles of salt water and buoyancy still left them preternaturally perky and pleasing to the eye.
>You roughly grab hold of one before slipping yourself inside of her silky shark cunt.
>You aren't gentle at all as you ram against her mound with everything you've got over and over again, pawing at both breasts and tweaking her nipples to please no one but yourself.
>God damn, how did she dive with those things? You'd expect to see her floating belly up on the surface all the time. Not like you mind, nothing gets you going like a cup that runneth over, so to speak.
>She's definitely unconscious or whatever, but her body still reacts to your touch.
>Nipples harden, her breathing quickens and her pussy writhes around your cock like she never wants you to leave.
>Even when she's dead to the world the slut's body still knows what it wants, huh?
>You give it to her, thrusting even harder as your dick convulses, shooting your seed into her thirsty depths and you float up to catch your breath.
>More. You already came inside of her, but you feel a strange need to mark your conquest. You have just the goal in mind.
>Dropping back down, you straddle her chest and hotdog her breasts around your pink coral. This coral reef isn't dead yet.
>Doll eyes look at the ceiling as you bounce her ridiculous tits up and down your cock.
>Oh god, what was her face going to look like when she realized what you'd done to her? How you'd turned the tables?
>Oh god, oh god, oh god!
>Another geyser of baby batter erupts from you. Some sticks to the skin of the shark's breasts despite the water, more floats in a kind of haze all around her.
>You mentally take a picture of the scene, willing yourself to burn the image into your mind before you duck out of the cave.
>It's time to go before your luck runs out.

>After what you've done nothing scares you anymore.
>You keep swimming in that same area for years, content with being left alone to see the sea life.
>One day, however, something sharp taps you on the shoulder from behind.
>You react on instinct, spinning around and drawing the diving knife you've started keeping on you all in one motion.
>It's all for naught though; the woman behind you catches your hand like you were moving in slow motion and smiles at you, throwing in a wave for good measure.
>Confused, you wave back and she lets go of your arm.
>You slide your knife back into its sheath and stare. That's a familiar face.
>Upon seeing your recognition she points to her side and you notice a miniature version of the shark swimming right next to her.
>The little one waves too.
>The big shark gets your attention again, then points to your chest, then your crotch, mimes an explosion with both hands then points to the mini-wereshark.
>Wait a second.
>You grab your junk, point to the big wereshark's vagina, and then at what must be her daughter.
>Both monsters nod.
>Son of a--looking again, the small one DOES have your smile. Only, you know, pointier. And missing a few teeth.
>As if to confirm everything, the daughter holds out a seashell necklace to you and seems to mouth "papa."
>Drawing your attention back to her one more time, the adult shark presents the name plate from a ship or something.
>There's a bunch of gunk on it, but a quick wipe reveals what it says: "THE RESPONSIBILITY."
>Heheh, yeah.




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