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Gentle Rape

Page history last edited by Sea Foam 4 years, 11 months ago

>Okay, this is good. You're not dying and you're having sex; that's just a good Saturday night aside from the whole rape thing.
>You stop struggling and the shark slows as a result.
>After a few more breaths the wereshark pulls her lips from yours, takes your shaft to its base and lifts her torso to look down at you.
>You spread your arms wide in the first gesture of surrender you can think of and shake your head as if to say "no more."
>The shark nods and bends down to your lips, once again giving you an underwater kiss of life.
>Her thrusting stops entirely, leaving you confused for a moment before she starts again, this time in a new way.
>You're solidly pinned against the ground by her weight even underwater so you're not going anywhere, so it seems weird when your captor starts to swim in place
>That is, it seems weird until the sensation of her insides gently twisting against you with each flick of her tail begin to add up.
>For you the motion is a slow tease, but it sends her clit grinding against you and you feel as much as hear her moaning into your mouth.
>You decide to try something else you've seen done to sharks and slowly reach up to stroke her cute little nose.
>The effect is immediate: the already pleasurably tight folds of the wereshark's vagina clamp down around you and, more than that, her pussy is contracting in wave motions trying and succeeding in pulling you deeper in, stroking you though no one's hips are thrusting.
>As for the shark, she goes wild on your shaft, flicking so hard you're now actually being pushed harder into the cave wall.
>In moments the sir supply given to you through the wereshark's soft lips grows tremulous and you're moaning into her mouth as much as she's moaning into yours.
>You explode, an underwater volcano seeking not to birth new continents, but to shoot life into the womb of the busty wereshark atop you.
>Stillness fills the cave and the dust settles as you and your forced lover pant into each other's mouths.
>Is she done? Are you?
>As if to answer your unasked question the wereshark slides off of your dick and drifts in the dimness.
>Parting your lips from hers again, you cock an eyebrow and point upwards.
>The shark looks at you, confused and touches the roof of the cave.
>You shake your head and mime swimming upward.
>Light dawns in the shark's eyes and once again you find yourself being dragged out of a cave. This time though, the shark pulls you into an embrace and fills your chest with precious air as she propels the both of you to the top.
>Your little boat isn't far away and the shark bobs nearby while you climb onto it, nothing more than her eyes above water.
>You aren't really sure what to do so you hesitantly wave after unstrapping most of your gear.
>As soon as you do so her head snaps underwater with little more than a splash.
>Well, at least that's over.
>You reach for the tiller on your boat's outboard motor and start it up, bringing your bow about to face the shore.
>For some reason there's something comforting in the gray dorsal fin churning the water in your wake until you enter the marina.

>Nothing ever assaults you again, though you continue to dive in that same area. Seems even those asshole dolphins are afraid of you now.
>Sadly, there's less sea life to be found as if something big and mean is scaring them off, but in the distance you can always make out two angular mermaids, one large, and the other growing bigger by the day.
>Maybe one of these days you'll swim over and say hi...



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