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Help the Dolphins

Page history last edited by Sea Foam 5 years, 2 months ago

>To hell with it. Praying is for faggots and you took your baseball team to state as a pitcher.
>You grab a handful of rocks, find a good position and...
>Your very first throw catches the shark dead between the eyes. She almost doesn't seem to notice until you score another hit to her throat and two more to her gut.
>Your pelting combined with the persistent nipping of the dolphins is enough to finally drive the beast away and the waters around your hiding place are filled with naught but squeaking and clicking dolphins.
>Four of them.
>Why did you think this was the better option again?
>As if on cue three of the dolphins break away from their victory celebration and peer into the cave, clicking and bobbing their heads in time with each other.
>They're spread out at evenly spaced angles around the mouth such that you've got no chance of sliding past all of them.
>You're just contemplating whether or not you can chip off some more rocks to throw when the fourth animal darts through the entrance and locks her hands around your wrist.
>Almost before you register what's happened she's swimming backward with you in tow.
>You find a handhold before you're dragged out completely, but by that point there's still enough of you exposed for the others to grab hold of one piece of gear or another and you're yanked free.
>You struggle, but there are too many pairs of deft hands all around you.
>First your fins, then your regulator, then your mask, then your tank, dive vest and wetsuit are all tugged off leaving you naked and starved for air.
>One of the weredolphins roughly grabs your hair and pulls you to her lips, making your cheeks bulge out with her exhalation until you finally get the message and inhale.
>While one weredolphin has you in a life or death kiss, another swims behind you and traps your arms into a Full Nelson. As if you needed to feel more helpless.
>They're a lot more sleek than the shark, but the amount of flesh pressed against you is an unwanted reminder that these girls weren't built half bad. The five of you might actually be having fun right now if they hadn't gone about it this way.
>Stuck though you may be, you're still full of spite. When the first dolphin attempts to mount you she gets a savage knee to the cooch.
>You're satisfied seeing her reel in pain until one of her friends chirps something.
>At that, the girl holding you shifts down your body, twists so you were facing head down, and dives.
>Down, down, down toward the rocky bottom.
>With the mass of two people moving as fast as you are, your outstretched arms aren't enough to deflect the impact.
>The world goes black when your head cracks against the bottom.

>You wake up naked on an abandoned stretch of beach some time later with your balls feeling emptier than they have in years.
>You're badly sunburned and completely naked save for a few pieces of seaweed on your chest masking off a stunningly detailed penis.
>Dammit, that's going to be there for weeks!
>Neither you nor the Coast Guard manage to find any of your gear or your boat, either.
>Fucking dolphins.



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