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Help the Shark

Page history last edited by Sea Foam 5 years, 4 months ago

>To hell with it. Praying is for faggots and you took your baseball team to state as a pitcher.
>You grab a handful of rocks, find a good position and...
>Four walks. Wait, is it still a walk when the batter doesn't have legs?
>Whatever. A flurry of throws that would've made your coach cry pelt the rapist dolphin bitches in stone and send them packing.
>You even manage to hit one right in the cooch. If only you had your camera.
>After the pod of would-be rapists swims off squealing you pick up your last rock.
>The shark is nowhere to be seen either. You almost liked it better when she was scrabbling to get in; at least then you knew where she was.
>Cautiously you stick your head out of the cave mouth, arm cocked back and ready to let loose so you can make a break for the shore while the shark is reeling.
>Left? Nothing.
>Right? No.
>Down? There are more caves there so she could be hiding, but you don't see her.
>A claw taps your goggles.
>You turn to see a mouth full of serrated teeth grinning down at you. Fuck!
>In a panic you loose the stone. It strikes her dead in the cheek, snapping her head to the side.
>Pushing off the cave wall you burst from the entrance, only to be snatched back by an iron grip on your fin
>Looking back, you find the wereshark grasping your flipper, still grinning despite the blood leaking from the gash on her cheek.
>Wait, no, she's grinning wider. Hell.


Bop her in the nose

Flip her on her belly

Slip out of the fin and swim like a bitch

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