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Chief God

Page history last edited by Sea Foam 5 years, 3 months ago

>No, you aren't powerful enough to make it out on your own. You need outside strength.
>Doing your best to ignore the frighteningly low air gauge you fall to your knees and pray.
>"Hello Chief God, it's me, Anonymous," you pray. "I know it's been a long time since I went to church or prayed or had any pious thoughts and I've been fucking every monster girl I can pretty much since I hit puberty, but a number of your enemies are going to rape me and potentially impregnate themselves with a child of rape to breed MORE rapists! Please, save me from this evil! I promise I'll go to church at least once a year from now on!"
>Holy shit, what kind of god would answer a prayer like that? You are so fucked.
>You resign yourself to being taken like some kind of oceanic back alley slut, when suddenly you hear a whirring in the distance.
>The water distorts the noise, but it sounds like... an electric engine?
>Suddenly there's a high-pitched squeal and a barbed iron spear erupts from the chest of the weredolphin closest to the cave mouth. Heads all turn to your right as a mailed figure bursts onto the scene.
>Another spear flies, catching a weredolphin in the shoulder and sending a second cloud of blood into the water.
>The shark, still stupidly looking on, catches a boot to the side even as your armored savior swings the butt of her spear gun down into its forehead.
>To your relief the unconscious shark drifts down into the depths and the three dolphins still capable of swimming dart off into the blue, screeching their outrage.
>The figure--a woman as is now visible even through her well-fitted mail--settles on a ledge below your cave and scans the area for more trouble.
>satisfied there is none, she waves you forward and you timidly comply.
>"Are you well?" She signs.
>She nods, then points upward.
>Above you floats a shiny white scooter. A huge expensive looking one.
>The woman pulls herself aboard and positions herself behind the controls reminiscent of a motorcycle before you swim behind her and take the bitch seat.
>"Your boat?" she signs, pointing to your anchor chain visible in the distance.
>Under the woman--a paladin as made apparent by the insignia you're now sitting on--nudges the scooter in the right direction and accelerates hard, taking you back to your boat before anything else can happen.
>Relieved, you climb aboard and yank out your regulator.
>"Thank you so much!"
>"Not at all. Such a deed was as should be expected from a warrior of the One True God. I'm glad to be of service."
>"Well, uh, can I do anything to reward you? A kiss from the rescued gentleman in distress, maybe?"
>Or hopefully more; you'd been close enough to her ass to realize how nice it was even through her armor, now you wanted to see what it looked like without.
>"Ah, most humorous, but a warrior of the One True God expects no reward! Good day, m'lord!"
>With that, the palladin reached up to tip a hat she wasn't wearing then, looking somewhat embarrassed, submerged back into the deep.
>Okay, that was a hell of a day.
>With a sigh you start up your engine and head for shore. You should probably go to church or something after this.



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