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Apophis Fapfic

Page history last edited by Sea Foam 6 years, 7 months ago

    Yet another long day. I let out a sigh as I reached for the final knob separating me from sanctuary and froze. There was a presence somewhere behind the door. Years old reflexes snapped back to me as I dropped into a crouch, slipped out my “ceremonial” dagger and edged open the door. It was impossible to stay quiet since we’d intentionally let the hinges rust, but my footfalls at least were noiseless as I padded down the hall, slipping past the singing floor. There was no sound save silence, the noise one makes when trying not to make any noise at all. I neared the first pair of doors lining the hall and paused. There they were. Barely pausing long enough to inhale I sprung around the corner, crouched low. A familiar blur of movement. A knife. On pure reflex I reached out and folded the arm thrusting towards my shoulder back towards its owner. I uncoiled like a spring and surged forward. My attacker let out a started grunt as my lips touched hers.

“Hi honey, you’re home early.”


    My wife, the apophis. Nine yards of purple finely honed love that now had to cram herself into a throne every day after we’d successfully removed the pharaoh. Ours was a happy life. No longer were we assassins and conspirators, plotting, stabbing, and biting at night, now we were free to roam the beautiful halls of the palace during the day as its masters. Or at least one of us was; she normally ended up doing leadery things while I tried to make myself useful. Mostly that consisted of playing gopher, though recently the second in command anubis had taken to asking my opinion on matters of security.


“You—” the apophis blustered, “how reckless! What if I had actually been after your life?!”

I shrugged. “I knew it was you, Nefri. You’ve got this way of catching your breath right before you strike. It’s kinda cute.”

She sighed. “Well enough. I’d like my arm back now, though.”

I glanced down at the arm I’d grappled with earlier. I’d bent it so the training knife was touching her breast bone, right between the folds of the thin shawl covering her breasts. Kinda hard to do with all the padding in the way, but I’d managed. With a careless movement I disarmed her, slid my own blade back into its sheath and hefted the wooden knife in my hands.

“No body guards today, huh?” If there were any I’d probably have been tackled by now. Even I couldn’t get away with holding a blade to the monarch.

She smiled, revealing pearly whites and a well used set of fangs. “I have some personal matters to attend to tonight.” Why hello there, boner.


“Hmm.” I grunted and walked down the sandstone hall, feigning indifference. Nefri’s white skirt embroidered with gold scales swished in time with her hips as she slithered behind me. “I can tell, you’re wearing your hood at home again.” The big amethyst-encrusted silver thing had become a replacement for the traditional pharaoh’s headdress and here she was parading it behind closed doors. Oh, if only I’d convinced her not to have that tacky thing made.

“Ah, I see you already know where this is going. You always act important when you’re being coy.” We’d been married too long.


    I didn’t resist as Nefri took my hand and pulled me into the new royal bed chambers. She used a move we’d practiced hundreds of times before to toss me onto our bed, and I neatly finished the movement by rolling off the other side onto my feet. That felt weird. Looking down it immediately became apparent why.


The entire bed was covered in a glossy black sheet of the stuff that draped all the way down to the floor. Was there a leak in the ceiling or something? Not like that’d be the reason, it hadn’t rained in months.

“So, uh… what?” I asked, glancing from the sheet back to my wife.

“I thought I would pamper you a little, husband.”

“You weren’t actually expecting me to believe that, were you? You came home early, laid an ambush and covered the bed with something waterproof. If I didn’t know better I’d think you were planning to murder me and stuff the pieces into a few potted plants.”

“Aw, you don’t trust me?” She pouted.

“I trust you’re up to something. If it’s fun you should let me in on it.”


     I flinched back as her yellow eyes took on that manic gleam I’d seen so many times before. The meant one of two things: someone was getting a blade or her fangs plunged into them or I was getting fucked so hard my back hurt for three days. She may have been my wife, but it was still worrying when Nefri made that face.

“Would you like a massage, husband?”


“A massage.” Without that mischievous look leaving her eyes for a second my apophis reached under the bed and pulled out a fist-sized covered jar. “Full body.”


    Well I had gotten a sore neck looking over all those maps recently. I had a sneaking suspicion I should limber up first,  but it wasn’t like I didn’t have fun during those backbreaking sessions. Golden eyes rimmed by black sclera leered at me as I stripped. My movements were efficient as I disrobed; not at all sexy, but fast. Nefri’s pleasure still seemed to grow as each additional inch of flesh was exposed regardless.


    I stood before her naked and hardening as my mind flew to what was to come. After I’d taken one last breath to brace myself I gingerly laid down on the center of the bed atop the grippy oilskin. The purple snake slithered towards me to place her hands on my chest appreciatively.

“I’m so glad you still take care of yourself,” she murmured as she ran her long red nails down my pecs.

“For you? Of course.”


     My little snake giggled before slithering away to put out most of the candles lighting the room. With just a few extinguished flames the room went from fairly well-lit to a dim, smoky lover’s paradise. A stick of incense completed the effect as Nefri used one of the candles to light it.

“Flip over now,” Nefri instructed after completing her task. I obeyed happily, but was smart enough to keep my eyes on her as I did so. There was a slim chance Nefri might’ve done things the boring way otherwise, but I knew quite well she could sense my eyes on her. She always had been one for a show, and the apophis took full advantage of a nearly captive audience.


    Her movements were slow as she reached for the jeweled belt tied around her waist and tugged the knot free. Nefri carelessly sent a piece of cloth worth more than a few years of a servant’s salary flying to her side. Scary to think that was still simple compared to what the pharaoh used to wear. Teasingly the lamia slid her hands up the exposed skin of her sides to grasp the ties of her shawl. On gentle tug undid the knot holding it together and the cloth whispered over her shoulders and to the ground, exposing an ample bust with deep purple nipples hardening in the air. The glossy black tip of her tail slid under the bottom of her skirt as she reached down and loosened the last ties holding it up. Its trip to the floor was a long one, as the added girth of the tail doubled up beneath it made the garment fall in jerking stutters. Then Nefri simply waited as I drunk all of her in. Candlelight danced over her flesh, all of it save her nethers which she still covered with her tail exposed to me.


     Glossy black hair, heavy breasts, well-proportioned hips, shiny obsidian scales on a tail that went on forever, and, my personal favorite, a taut little stomach.

“Gods, you are beautiful,” I sighed.

“You’ll never know how happy I am every time you say that, dearest.”

my lips curled as her smile infected me. “Still, I must wonder why you had to strip to give me a massage.”

“Because tonight nothing is allowed to come between us.” She leaned forward to whisper into my ear. “Nothing. I wish I hadn’t made you flip over so soon, I would’ve loved to see how you reacted to that.”

“Strongly,” I growled.

“I’ll have you show me how strongly later, but for now…”


     Nefri pulled the top off of the jar and reached inside. Her fingers came out covered in a thick liquid, clear as diamond but leaving long strings of itself back into the jar. Nefri snapped the strings and brought her cold fingers to my back. I involuntarily stopped breathing as she ran her fingers down my spine. It really would’ve been nice if she’d heated that first.

“Is it too cold? Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it soon enough.”


     That was an understatement. Whatever she was rubbing me with stopped feeling cold once my skin was used to it, and even the light brushing of her fingertips was like the caress of an angel to my tired back. I wouldn’t mind if she did this every day. I could ask some of her attendants to do this to me, but that was as likely to get me killed as turn into a relaxing afternoon.


     As soon as my back was coated my wife’s attentions ceased. Curious, I strained to see what she was doing, but I couldn’t see much of what was happening behind me. All I knew was that her hand kept dipping into the jar, but she wasn’t rubbing anything on me.


    Nefri’s hands gently came to rest on my shoulders, but she didn’t knead as I expected. Rather, two pillows of flesh came to rest at my shoulder blades and like the touch of a teasing goddess slid down to my hips. The sensation wasn’t like her hands, but rather one that seemed to gently draw the stress into themselves. On the up stroke my apophis deemed it necessary to let even more of her glide along me, and her belly along with a few scales caressed my spine as well until her chest came to rest along the back of my neck. The faintest traces of her dark energy could be felt as she continued to move herself up and down my back. An internal heat joined the warmth of Nefri’s softness pressed against me as the magic slowly accumulated within me.


“Oh, that’s nice,” I sighed as the surprise wore off and I really began to enjoy myself.

“Then you like it?”

“Yeahhhh, I like it.” What wasn’t there to like about the silky touch of the supplest bits of my lover gliding over me?

“This is your reward, you know.”

Gods, she was so soft. “For?”

“Your advice saved me, two guards, and who knows how many councilmen. Do you remember what you recommended for the west atrium?”

“Sure. Five archers on the upper levels; the foot soldiers below as bait.”

“They caught three assassins there. Those footmen went down without a peep, but the assassins still ended up full of holes.” This could only pass as lover’s talk between us.

“If you were hurt I would die.”

The apophis sighed. “And it’s the same for me. But, due to your foresight we’re both okay. And for that,” the lamia began as she finished one more upstroke and leaning in to nuzzle my neck, “I’m thankful.”


    We rested there just like that for a moment. The warmth of her hands and softness of her body became my world as her breath whispered in my ear. Was this what the Pharaoh’s life had become after Nefri had pumped her and her husband full of venom? Maybe not quite, their activity would be a lot more athletic. Although, since she still hadn’t stopped leaking dark energy…

“Oh?” Nefri said in response to me uncomfortably adjusting my hips beneath her, “I guess we should finish.”


    My apophis reared up long enough for me to turn over beneath her then settled in between my legs and leaned in to kiss me on the lips. More light touches. I wanted more. In an effort to take what I wanted I wrapped my arms around her neck, pulled her closer in and edged my tongue past her lips. With a light laugh through her nose—Nefri’s teeth stayed clamped shut, to my chagrin—the snake brushed my arms off and pulled away.

“Ah ah, we’re not done yet. Did I give you too much, I wonder?”  


    The was no need to respond when she teased like this, so I didn’t. Instead I just let the bed engulf me as she dipped back into the jar and played across my chest. The sensation—aside from the hands playing at my nipples as they passed—was the same: nails scratching at skin and fingers digging deep into tired muscles. It was the view that had changed. Now I could see the light playing off of Nefri’s glistening body, the soft orange glow seeming to draw a sensual line around every nook and curve. Then there were her eyes, soft with pride but with something else burning behind them.


    Nefri’s lips curled into a smug grin when she felt me twitching at her waist once she finished with her hands and rested her bountiful chest on mine. Without a word spared between us she slid down to my hips. The sensation of her solid nipples added a tantalizing contrast to the otherwise marshmallowy softness of her slick breasts. She slid all the way down, keeping my penis sandwiched between our bodies until my almost unbearably hard penis was nestled between her breasts. The purple skin of her tits just barely brushed past my glans as Nefri moved back up, practically slithering over my torso in an effort to touch as much of me as she could. I sighed as  she finished her ascent, leaving me  breathless as the heat of her womanhood came to rest against me. She continued for agonizing yet pleasurable minutes until she decided that my torso was done.


    Nefri took my right arm next, settling one heavy coil over my shoulder. My elbow rested squarely in the center of her body, just below where skin met scale. There was now no mistaking the warm addition to the cold gel already covering her body. From that position she couldn’t move as well as she had on my chest, but the apophis settled. She hugged her chest, trapping my hand within, and thrust herself up and down in shallow strokes.

“Naughty boy,” my lover moaned when I took what I could of her breast in a massage of my own.


    My left hand was next and got the same tender treatment. I made sure to pay Nefri back for teasing me like this as best I could, but she knew she’d already won and refused to yield. All I got for my efforts was a deep kiss once she finally finished with my hand. Once again I moved to seal the deal, but the snake pulled out of my grasp.

“You don’t want to finish before I do your legs, do you?” She asked.


“Too bad.”


    More sweet torture. The impatient look on my face only brought a smile to Nefri’s as she covered me in more of that sticky gel and trapped my thigh between her breasts. Most of her tail sat coiled at the foot of the bed, but she wound more of it and slid all the way down my leg until my foot was just barely contained in her cleavage. Her own growing frustration was apparent on her face as she hurried back up to the top.


    Nefri moved to go back down, but then stopped when something caught her attention. Namely, the torrent of precum now leaking out of my penis. With a devilish glint in her eye the apophis slid her tongue through the stream as she glided down my leg again.


    Ha! Nefri had just undone herself. She was already pretty pent up, and as it so happened she had a thing for the taste of my man juices to boot. To my relief she only managed to make that lick-”massage”-lick circuit four more times before forgetting the massage and my other leg entirely and sliding my cock into her mouth.


    There was something exhilarating about having my penis that close to her fangs that added to the rush of having a beautiful woman loving my cock with her mouth. Nefri hungrily sucked at my dick, mashing it against the roof of her mouth while simultaneously slathering the bottom with her tongue. Those black-rimmed yellow eyes locked onto mine as she slurped at my member. It seemed they were begging me to cum, to fill her mouth with my seed. It was a request I’d normally be happy to fulfill, and one I could hardly resist after all of her dark energy and teasing. I came so hard it surprised even me. My hips bucked to thrust myself into her waiting mouth and rope after rope of sticky semen sprayed the back of her throat. Through it all Nefri took me to the hilt and stubbornly sucked, drawing more of my seed out and stretching my orgasm into an eternity.


    I lay panting on the bed as Nefri worked to swallow the cum I’d filled her mouth with.

“It’s really thick,” she said as she choked the last of my love down, “Has it been that long?”

“You seemed… busy.” And dog tired. She probably would’ve been up for it if I’d asked, but a monarch needed a few good nights of sleep a week. Her expression changed a little at that comment, but a subtle lick of her lip showed quite clearly that she wouldn’t be lingering too long in that feeling of tender happiness.

“I guess I’ll just have to make up for it, then.” Yup, no sleep for either of us tonight.


    I rose to my knees as Nefri slithered up. She closed in with a kiss, and wrapped her arms around my neck to draw me in even closer. I returned her embrace, taking her waist in my hands even as her first coil wrapped around my legs. Then another and another. Without breaking our kiss Nefri pushed me onto my side and wrapped herself around my shins as soon as my weight was off of them.


    I found myself wrapped in a lusty blanket. Coils upon coils of cool scale wrapped around my lower body so tightly I could barely move, and Nefri’s arms slid from my neck down to my back and squeezed so hard I couldn’t move those, either. About the only parts of me that had any range of motion available were my tongue and my penis twitching at our waists. Even that lost its freedom when the apophis took it to the base with one quick flip of her hips.


    My wife moaned into my mouth as my cock head plunged into the deepest parts of her. We took a break from each each other while we adjusted to our union. Nefri’s breath came hot against my neck as she rested against me.

“Uh, are you okay?”

“Yeah… just enjoying this.”


    As if spurred on by my question, she took her first shallow stroke against my manhood. Nefri’s pussy coiled around me even tighter than her tail did; even that short movement made the fact blissfully apparent. She continued, lengthening each stroke until she took my full length in and out of her with every cycle. The apophis raised her head as if seeking another kiss, and I caught her lower lip between mine and sucked. Her pace quickened as both of us built towards climax. I couldn’t make anything more than microthrusts of a few millimeters, but I threw those into the mix with wanton abandon. My orgasm wasn’t a thing that crept up on me slowly, but rather one that came on me all at once like a fist from my blind spot.


     The first spurt caught even Nefri by surprise, but like lightning she contracted around me to force my goods all the way inside of her. Then my convulsing cock sent the snake over the edge and her entire body was a twitching mess surrounding me. Her grip loosened because her coils were only contracting in random bursts, and I fought the sudden post-orgasmic drowsiness overcoming me to slip out of her hold while I had the chance.


     When I locked lips with her again Nefri’s tongue put out only an uncoordinated response, leaving me free to run wild in her mouth, licking her fangs and gums with wild abandon. Likewise, when I slid two fingers into her overflowing honeypot the purple hands that found mine lacked the strength to resist me.

“Mmm,” she moaned after breaking free of my kiss, “stop, I just came.”

I smiled before preparing to move to her neck. “And you will again.”


    The only thing seeming to make Nefri moan louder than my fingers frothing up her snatch were the nips I took at her neck. With each one I bit hard and sucked at the skin between my teeth, leaving a welt in my wake. I crossed from her her neck to her nape, across her collar bones almost to her shoulder, then down until I caught a firm nipple between my teeth. with my free hand I reached up caress her other breast and still some of my wife’s writhing ecstasy. All the while my hand in her nethers was relentless in stirring her up. She’d never really been allowed to come down from her last orgasm, but as she reached another peak Nefri’s wildly thrashing tail found one of my legs and spun itself around it. I let her hold onto it and, sensing another climax coming, curled my fingers in to hammer her G-spot.


    The coils around my leg became a vice as Nefri wrapped her arms around my head and wailed into the ceiling. Lewd fluids leaked into my palm as Nefri ground herself against my hand, stretching out her bliss. It was almost two minutes before her moaning stopped, the length of tail around me relaxed enough for me to pull out of it and my beautiful wife lay limp against the bed. When I removed my fingers from her snatch they were free of my seed as Nefri had greedily absorbed all of it for the spirit energy, but there was plenty of her own femcum to leave a long string between my fingers.


    Flushed purple arms took me into their embrace. Nefri’s hot panting against my face was like a victory parade for the senses as she gazed at me with unfocused eyes.

“That was mean.”

“You looked like you were enjoying it,” I grinned.

“Not that, these.” Nefri indicated the darkening hickies all over the top half of her torso. “How am I going to hide these?”

“You would hide my love for you?”


     My lover pouted without giving any response before nudging me to roll over and wiggling higher on the bed until my shoulders were even with her hips. In a familiar motion the snake wrapped my entire body in her coils. It was a typical and personal favorite part of our after-sex cuddling for her to do this. I could barely move a finger, but I felt so safe wrapped up like that I didn’t want to. Nefri leisurely began stroking my damp hair and contracting one set of muscles after another in her tail sending a wave of pleasant pressure and rubbing scales spiralling down my body. I relaxed into the dual warmth and coolness of her body, enjoying her womanly scent until I felt myself start to drift off.

“While we’re being a little mean there was one more thing those servant girls told me about i thought I’d try.”


    The realization of where she’d gotten the idea for the massage in the first place flashed through my groggy mind before the coils around my dick began rhythmically stroking me to hardness once more.


“Complaining? You were so hard when you were fingering me.”

“Mmm…” It wasn’t that I was complaining about more sex, I just like the snuggling afterwards as much as doing the nasty was all.


    Nefri carelessly emptied the rest of the massage gel over where her coils gently played me and the movement became nearly frictionless. I let out a gentle sigh as the gentle sensation stroked to higher heights. The pitch black scales rubbed me side to side as they tensed and relaxed, giving a sensation entirely different from sex or a handjob, but far from unpleasurable.


    I was about half way to painting the ebony of my wife white with my seed when she began to tighten around my stomach. It seemed an accidental thing at first, but the ropes of flesh around me kept tightening until I could only draw half breaths.

“Honey, I can’t b—” I began. Even as I spoke she squeezed harder.


     Apophi weren’t rib crushing constrictors, but Nefri was still more than strong enough to stop me from breathing in again after my complaint, helped along by her squeezing, robbed me of the last of my breath. My wife’s pleasuring of my cock intensified at the same time. No longer was it a leisurely stroking, but now a hungry milking. Primeval panic took root in me as the airless seconds dragged on. I thrashed—or rather tried to—in a vain effort to free myself, but failed to do anything more than make Nefri giggle.

“I haven’t felt you struggle like this in a long time,” she laughed, before allowing me one ragged inhalation before clenching back down again.


    The burning in my chest failed to abate as memories of garrotes blazed through my head; some in my hands, others held by my enemies. Around my throat. Choking. Through it all there was still that maddening stroking of my cock. The adrenaline coursing through my veins made the sensation all the more intense. It was if even while life slipped away it struggled to be born anew. This was, perhaps, the most intense feeling I’d ever felt, and it kept on coming. When I did cum my first shots launched themselves high into the air before splattering back down on my midnight woman. I spasmed so hard under the sensation my hips thrust upward even under Nefri’s coiling.


     With my release Nefri relaxed around me for the first time in ages. She smiled down at me as I caught my breath.

“Oh you did like that, didn’t—” she was cut off when began aggressively throwing her tail off of me, red faced and angry. “Wait, are you mad? Don’t be—”

I jumped out of the bed and spun to face her. “Yes I’m mad! What was that?!”

Nefri slithered to the edge of the bed with a confused expression on her face. “I thought it would be fun. The other girls said—”

“Then let’s see how you like it!”


     In one movement I reached out, grabbed the back of Nefri’s head, stepped back and pulled her forward until she was level with my crotch. Her mouth gaped open as I thrust my cock into it all the way to the back. She did her best not to fall behind, but my wife’s technique wasn’t good enough to keep up with a troatfucking borne of adrenaline and old fears. With all of the tension in my body I didn’t last long before launching another meager volley of seed into the back of her mouth. My wife fell to her arms coughing as soon as I let go.


     Realization struck me as soon as the last spurts of semen left. What had I just done?! I dropped to a kneel beside my wife and gingerly placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Hey, are you ok—” to my surprise she responded not with cursing, scratching or punching, but by pulling herself into my arms.

“I’m so sorry,” she whispered as she pulled me in closer. “So, so sorry. I should’ve realized…”

“No, I’m sorry. That wasn’t... I didn’t mean to.”


     Something hot slid onto my bare skin as I held Nefri close. Man, I was really off it tonight. Not only had I throat fucked the monarch of a small nation, but far, far more importantly I’d made my wife cry. With a sigh I lifted us both up and sat on the bed where Nefri clung to me like a child.

“I won’t do it again,” she sniffed, “But the girls said their husbands—”

“Haven’t been through what we have. Okay?”


“Just, promise you won’t do it again. At least without talking to me. We can forgive each other, right?”

“We can. I do.”


    Nefri continued to sniff into my shoulder until I pulled her away and looked into her eyes.

“Hey,” I began with a peck on her forehead, “You keep crying like that I’m going to start too.”

She managed a weak smile before pulling away. “Well I can’t have that. We should get some sleep for what’s left of the night.”

I nodded. We should probably clean up first.”

“Ah…” She hadn’t thought about that, had she? impulsive as ever when it came to love, my wife.


    We rolled up the oilskin, then bathed quickly and settled in to sleep with our hands interlocked. As always I let Nefri slumber before I allowed myself to follow behind her. The gentle rhythm of her breath was like a lullaby as my eyes grew heavy. And when we woke we would face another busy day in our own ways. Together. I planted one last kiss on Nefri’s cheek before sleep took me. The last thing I saw that night was her happy smile. As it should be.


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