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Even Though My Family Is A Bunch of Sex Demons I'm Actually Just A Horny Human! Normal End

Page history last edited by Sea Foam 6 years, 4 months ago

“Ahhh, I can’t do it! I’m a failure as a woman, aren’t I? To sit still and watch while someone else...”

“What are you talking abou—”

“But look at you! You call yourself a man, don’t you?! Did you see your face a second ago?! You were smiling! SMILING like a guy that was fine with dying or something! You act all stubborn, but aren’t you really just quitting? Dammit, this is your SISTER we’re talking about here, why aren’t you angry?! I can’t believe you’re getting ready to go f- to have s- to go BE with someone that would even joke about making you do that right next your little sister! She’s supposed to be your family! Your family is doing terrible things to you and Ema so your solution is to go fuck her?! That’s a goddamn reward!”




     Seconds ticked by as what Coral said sank into the silence. I thought, she turned redder. The F bomb she just dropped was probably responsible for that last bit.


She was right.


     Everything she said was right. I shouldn’t be giving in, I should be throwing down! As the realization struck me I stepped forward and took Coral’s hands in mine.

“This is why you’re my best friend. Do you have coffee?”

“Huh? Uh, c-offee?”

“Strong, and lots of it.”


     Drinking hot coffee on a hot day really sucked, but I needed the energy. I ended up sweaty and hot but significantly less dead feeling than I’d started. With one last thanks to Coral I walked out of her house and marched back to mine. Okay, this was going to be easy. All I had to do was tell Irina off with righteous fury and then… I dunno, get her to give me a handjob or something. I’d figure it out as I went.


     As I strode into her room I found Irina lying down on her bed holding an old leatherbound book and a notebook she scribbled notes in.

“Are you finally ready?” Somehow Irina managed to fire off the question before I was even through the doorway without sounding over-eager.

“No, I’m not ready. We need to talk, Irina.”

“If you do any talking it’s going to be on your knees.” Irina seemed a little put off as I shut the door and stormed up to the foot of her bed. Good.

No.” I couldn’t stare Irina down— looking into her eyes would be stupid— but so help me I was going to stare a hole into the bridge of her nose.

“What the hell got into you?” She sat up uneasily as I kept my eyes locked on her nose and crawled towards her on the bed. I might’ve been sending mixed messages, but I wanted to be in Irina’s face when I confronted her, and my expression alone should’ve been enough to show I wasn’t coyly asking to be attacked. The look on her face showed Iri was getting the right message.

“You got into me, Irina. You slipped inside my head when I was at my weakest and then you tormented me for days. Did you have fun playing dominatrix? Huh? Well I’m sick of it, you need to stop. Now.”  

“Well little doggie, if you want me to stop, you know—”

“You don’t get it, do you? I’m not playing along. You need to quit this. Do you even realize what you’re doing?!”

“Teasing you so hard you—”

“Dammit, NO! What you’re doing is TORTURE! Do you realize that?!”

“Quit being a drama queen, it’s not that b—”

“It is! You are systematically using my own mind and body against me, even the love I have for my family is a tool to you! If torture doesn’t sound right I can think of other words for it if you want. How about twisted or sick? Sadistic, maybe?”

Irina recoiled like I just slapped her in the face. The magnitude of her actions was finally hitting home, huh? Good. Now wasn’t the time to lay off though, I pushed even harder.

“Look at me. Do you see these bags under my eyes? Did you see me earlier? I was a freaking zombie and you caused it, Irina! You! Do you know what’s worse? All of this is for nothing! You’re trying to destroy your own brother for what? A few subservient words?”

“I—” I continued, cutting Irina off. I’d do the talking here.

“This isn’t even like you, Iri. You don’t think that way. Where the hell did you even get the idea for that last stunt?”

Even Irina didn’t have anything to say to that; she only looked off to the side, but not before stealing a nervous glance at my legs. Oh, my knee was on top of the book she’d been studying earlier. I picked it up and examined it. The book was leatherbound and well worn. Even after the dust had been knocked off there was still a hefty amount left in the creases and sticking to some of the yellowed pages. This thing was definitely older than I was, probably by a lot. I had to strain to make out the title; it was in a script I could barely read.

“Don’t tell mom.” Irina tried to make the sentence an order, but there was the faintest hint of plea in her words that made the command lose any legitimacy.


     The Book of the Dommed. I was reading that wrong, right? I wasn’t. I only knew the book through reputation since few had ever read it; I heard they put you on a list if you did. It was banned in most countries and even in the US reprinting copies was illegal. Supposedly some infamously lascivious lilim with a legendarily large and well broken harem had written the thing centuries ago as a manual for others to apply her methods to men of their own. The techniques detailed within were as twisted as they were pleasurable and, above all, effective. No one could be sure if they were true or not, but tales had cropped up of entire kingdoms going to ruin when their inhabitants had been exposed to this book. If Irina was pulling her plans from that thing fucking next to my eight year old sister was only a snowflake on the tip of an iceberg in front of an ocean liner.


“This is what you were reading? Christ, Irina, this book is from when succubi were like demons!”

I expected a harsh retort about minding my own business, or some half-baked dominatrix crap about humans and their place under monsters. Instead, Irina exploded.

“At least people respected us then! They weren’t just some succuSLUTS people would talk about like they were better! I’m not some cock-craving whore, even though I have these urges there’s more to me than that! I don’t know what yet, but I want to do something with my life, you know? I don’t revolve around cocks, I’m a person!” Well, that was unexpected. So that’s what this was all about?

“Hang on a second, why are you taking that out on me? I never whisper anything like that about you.” Even if I wanted to say anything I’d do it right to her face.

“You did! You called me a slut at breakfast! Dad even agreed with you!” Oh, I had said something like that, hadn’t I? Still, Iri’d gone way too far for a simple insult even if she had a complex about it.

“Okay, you can not seriously mean to tell me you did all this over one insult.”

“Well… not really. I wanted to make you submit to me at first, but then you didn’t so I kinda kept going. It was like one blow to my pride right after the other. I’d sortaa wanted to make you submit to me for a while, but that did it. You’re really weird, you know? Most guys would’ve folded right then in the tub and the ones that didn’t break then would’ve jerked themselves until they couldn’t stand it anymore then come to me on their knees. I mean, I thought that was a really good handjob at least… I was expecting you to break within the day, but you didn’t, so I did some reading” which explained the terrible choice in books—  “ and I tried the blowjob and then…”

“And then the thing with Ema.” Things really had spiralled out of control quickly. “Was she actually in the bed with me?”

“I moved her before I started. That’d be kinda weird.” Oh, thank god!

“Fuck yes it would; I wanted to kill you after that! Do you know how freaked out I was about the fact that Ema might’ve had to see something like that? Even if most of it was in my head that’s terrible!”

“Yeah… I went too far. Sorry.” A silence grew between us. I wasn’t going to forgive her with just that and she knew it. “You really love her, don’t you?”

“Of course I do, she’s my sister.” That was an awkward thing to say right next to my other sister I was still kinda mad at, but I did mean every word.


     Irina opted to look at her feet or something on the wall instead of at me . Her tone and body language both seemed to match her apology, at least. Was she actually being genuine?  She’d gotten really good at acting sorry when she wasn’t, but somehow this time felt different. I was actually starting to feel a little bad here. Deplorable as her acts were she hadn’t actually meant anything by them and it wasn’t like Ema was actually in the bed that time, either. I wasn’t quite ready to forgive her yet but I couldn’t seem to stay mad. Maybe I was being stupid, but I just couldn’t.


     Instead, I positioned myself next to Iri on the bed, took her head in my hand and sank my fingers into her scalp. It was a simple massage but it always did the trick. Irina tensed up at the first touch, but soon relaxed and leaned into my hand.

“Is this how it feels? It’s kinda nice.”

“I do this to Ema all the time but I’ve never done it to you, have I?” This was something new for us. Maybe because Irina was the older one?

“No.” She sighed as she leaned over more and made herself comfortable in my lap. “Why haven’t we done this before?”

I didn’t stop my ministration of her head while I thought. “I dunno, probably because every time we’re together I feel like you’re either setting up or actually trying to rape me.”

“Come on, I’m not that bad, am I?”“You are.”


“I can handle that though, it’s this crazy aggressive Book of the Dommed stuff that’s a problem. I don’t know what’s going on with other people, but you can’t take their crap out on me, okay? I’m family.”

“I get it, I said I’m sorry.” Irina wrapped her arms around my waist and snuggled in closer to me for emphasis.

“Alright, alright.” The main issue was settled, but I still couldn’t let the school problems slide. I may have been the younger brother, but I was still her brother. “You’re not going to bang your problems away, though.”

“I know that, but what else can I do? I’m not good at sports or art and I’m not that smart either; I’m just pretty and a good lay. I don’t have anything else, so I use what I’ve got. I fuck the boys and I take their money and their dignity, and I steal the girls’ boyfriends because I can’t do anything else. Hey, are they right? I say I’m different, but am I?”

“No.” Iri looked surprised by my response. It was the truth, but she probably hadn’t been expecting honesty. “When did they start teasing you, anyway?”


     Wording it that way made those whispers seem so trivial, but they probably wouldn’t seem that way if they were happening to you. Irina paused before answering me. I couldn’t tell if the pause was because she was having trouble remembering or because those memories were so unpleasant.

“Fifth grade, right when we were all starting to figure out how things worked. ‘Hey, did you hear what Irina did to so and so?’ ‘Yeah. Think she’d blow me for five bucks, too?’ The girls pulled away and the boys started treating me differently before I’d even had a chance to try any of the things they were accusing me of. Just because I was a succubus.”


     A bunch of pubescent kids trying to figure out sexuality at the same time, huh? Boys bragged about their exploits and needed to put a name to to their accomplishments, girls needed a demon to blame for their failures. A vicious cycle of lies feeding lies. Or at least it was until Irina started feeding it herself. There was Iri alone, the scapegoat for even other mamono and her closest sibling yet so young he was still half convinced girls had cooties. She’d probably picked the worst possible reaction, but I could see that being hard on a girl. That reaction raised a question, actually.

“Do you believe them?”


“Do you believe the things they say about you?”

“Of course not!”

“I think you do. All I hear is a self-fulfilling prophecy, Iri. You could stop this.”

“What do you know? You’ve never had to deal with this crap.”

“Yeah, I guess that’s true. I don’t think I need to be a bullied succubus to see that this can only get worse if you keep going the way you’re going, though.”

Iri rolled so she was looking straight up at me. “I know, but what do I do? It’s not like I’ve got many options since everyone hates me now.”

“I dunno, why don’t you ask mom? She must’ve dealt with this before, too.”

“I’m not going crying to mommy.” Goddammit! “What are you making that face for?”

“Just cursing my genes; I’m the same way. It’s the only reason I haven’t ratted you out, actually. Hope Ema didn’t pick that trait up, too.”

“No, Ema’s a good girl.”

“So were you, once upon a time.” That got a sigh out of both of us. “Okay, this situation can’t be impossible to save. Don’t you have friends or something to stand up for you?”

“Had. Now I’m only friends with the other sluts.”

“There’s a winning attitude. Alright, everyone can’t have something against you, can they? Hang out with some new people, join a new social group and don’t fuck or fuck over anyone in it. Maybe join a club or something, it seems like you’re always laying around here when you aren’t chasing boys. If it’s too late to save yourself here and now you’re graduating soon anyway; just get in practice for college. And drop that “poor me” mindset you’ve got. It’s too late for you to play the victim, this mess is as much your fault now as it is theirs.”

“That’s pretty lame advice.”

“Blow me.”

“If you keep poking me in the back of the head I might have to.”


     Shit! Here we were having a moment and I was popping a boner! I hadn’t even been thinking about it, but with Iri’s head right there and the skin she was showing off…


“Don’t worry about it, it was my fault anyway.” Iri sat up with a groan and stretched before turning to face me. “Okay, I’ll do it. But first I think I’d better take care of that before you get arrested for walking around with a bat.”

“I was being serious.”

“Me too, but I can’t do anything right now and staying all serious like that doesn’t suit me. Tonight I’ll think about what to do exactly, but before that I’ll apologize to you with my body.”

“Yeah, really doesn’t sound like you’re getting the idea.”

“I get it. This is a landmark though, this’ll be the last thing I do as a succubus. Might as well be with you, right?”

“Huh? If you’re not a succubus anymore what are you going to be?”

“Simple. I’ll be that girl with the blue skin and the horns.”

“And the nice rack?” Iri smacked me with a pillow. “What? You were thinking it.”

“Yeah, but you didn’t have to say it!” Irina glared at me. I stared right back. For just a second I slipped up again and actually looked her in the eye. Nothing happened. Irina’s facade broke first, her angry glare broke into a giggling fit. I didn’t last much longer, soon we were both snickering like schoolgirls until Iri finally got herself together, closed her eyes and began tracing a series of glowing sigils in the air.


     Magic. I wasn’t happy about it this time either even though Iri was in a good mood, but I still knew better than to say something and make her screw up whatever it was she was doing. It took longer than anything I’d seen her do so far, but she looked pleased with herself when the sigil disappeared and she opened her eyes.

“So? Do you notice anything?” She asked with her hands on her hips.


     Well, I was still seemed to have free will and I wasn’t a frog yet. I was just in a normal quiet room. Quiet? It was quiet. There was no sound of lawn mowers or traffic outside, no rhythmic creaking of my parent’s mattress or even the sound of the dogs squabbling downstairs or the cat creeping around somewhere. There was only the noise of two people breathing and the occasional creak of the mattress.

“Why’s it so quiet?”

“Veil of Silence,” Irina responded with a satisfied grin. “No sound in, no sound out. With the door shut it’s almost like we’re in our own little world. Isn’t it exciting?” My twitching dick said yes. I still wasn’t sure Iri was getting the message here, but damn if she didn’t know how to set up a good lay. Irina crawled up my body and sat down on my thighs.

“So what’ll it be?” She began, crossing her arms and grabbing the hem of her shirt. “Mouth or tits?”


     Normally this would be the part here I’d tell Irina to go fuck off. Even if I got coerced into doing it I did still have reservations about boning my sister. Well, I did mentally at least. My little brain was more than willing to answer “both!” and get to doing what it did best. I had to answer quickly to stop myself from saying something I didn’t want to.

“How about a handjob?”

“That won’t do at all, little bro. I could do that, but you’ve got a week’s worth of cum saved up in those balls of yours, don’t you? You shouldn’t ruin the experience with a quickie, you know.”

A week? She’d only hypnotized me three or four days ago. “How did you—”

“You think I don’t know when you masturbate? I’m right across the hall, I can practically feel it. Think about it: Mom and Dad are all tangled up again, Ema’s taking a nap, I’m going to let you do whatever you want to my body… the situation’s perfect for me to milk you dry. Are you going to waste all of that on a quick handy?”

I gulped involuntarily. “Anything I want?”

Irina sensed my indecision and smirked. “Aaaaanything you can think of.”


     As if her words weren’t enough Irina chose that time to finally lift up her shirt. What was it that was so sexy about a girl taking her top off? Maybe it was the slow progression of the fabric upwards, inching up over her taut belly revealing that magnificent milky blue skin inch by inch until it finally reached the curve of her breasts and instead revealed the black lace of her bra. I’d been trying not to, but I noticed earlier that Irina’s chest was riding higher and fuller than usual, now I got to see why. She was wearing a push-up bra, black as midnight, that complimented her figure perfectly. They the sell of her breasts was shaped and exaggerated made even the simple rise and fall of her chest into something erotic.


“Like what you see? I had a garter and some nylons to match, but since you came before I was ready for you I guess this will have to do.” Oh, it’d fucking do. “So, are you really sure you only want a handjob?” Iri asked as she reached forward and pulled my hands to her breasts. “You could have these, or…” she leaned forward and took my earlobe between her lips and slurped as if she needed to tempt me further. “You could have my mouth.”


“Hurry up or I’ll decide for you.”


     Okay, think. Option one: stick to my guns and leave after a handjob. Option two: those luscious lips slurping around my cock. Option three: blow my load all over those sexy mounds. Option four: get Irina to remove whatever suggestion she’d given me to start with so I could go jerk off. I didn’t think I could bring myself to make the first choice and the last one sounded entirely unappealing and not just because I’d have to trust Irina not to try anything funny. I was stuck with one of the middle two. Of course, there was always the fifth option…


“Oh? I don’t mind, but when did you get so greedy?”

“Probably right about the time I wasn’t allowed to cum for a week and a certain someone decided to tease me on top of it.”

“Er…” She didn’t have anything to say to that. Instead Irina moved to take off my sweater. It was only for a second but I still resented being forced to take my hands away from her tits while I pulled my arms out of the sleeves.


     As soon as my shirt was off, Iri leaned into me and pushed until I was flat on my back with her weight comfortably on top of me. She went back to my ear, licking along the edge and nipping the lobe, teasing all of those sweet spots she knew drove me nuts. For my part, since her tits were now out of reach I reached for Iri’s ass. She shifted her hips as I reached under the band of her shorts to pull them down and reveal the black string of her thong. Soon there was nothing under my fingertips but the elastic flesh of Irina’s butt. She moaned into my ear every time I dug my hands into her, I let myself enjoy the feeling and the sound and egged Iri on at the same time.


     Her hands weren’t idle either. One rested next to my head supporting her weight, but the other roamed my bare chest, dragging her nails over my skin. The feeling was electric, but I was still more than happy to help Iri pull my pants off when she reached for the buckle.


     Iri slid down my body, lapping at my skin as she went, leaving a wet trail as she grew closer to the object of her desire. She stopped when her head was next to my cock. Iri’s breath alone sent my dick twitching, but she only seemed to want to play with my pre-cum.

“There’s so much. If you’re dripping pre like this I won’t even need the spit lube approach, huh?” She asked as she ran a finger under my shaft sending a shiver up my spine.

“Iri, come on.”

“Okay, okay.”


     I found myself mesmerized as Irina sat up and started to unhook her bra. She knew I was watching and made a show of it, sliding the shoulder straps off one by one and leaning forward as she reached behind herself to unhook it, giving me an even better view of her cleavage. The clasp came undone in one fluid movement, and the beautiful breasts that lacy fabric barely contained, bounced free and swayed beneath her.


     Irina hadn’t been kidding, I’d leaked out plenty of desire for her to use as she deftly coated my entire penis with the sticky liquid. Even the feeling of her hands working me was heavenly, but Iri kept her touch light so I was just barely primed for the main event.


     Luckily for me Iri was getting tired of the theatrics and simply pushed her breasts together then lowered them onto my straining cock. I let out an involuntary sigh as soon as I felt her wrapped around me. Every inch of the woman engulfing me seemed to be made to pleasure me. Her skin was like silk, soft and warm, and I’d made it plenty slippery. The look on her face said she liked fucking me with her tits as much as I liked being fucked by them. For once I didn’t make any effort to hide my pleasure as she stroked it out of me. In exchange Irina took me on a roller coaster of ecstasy. You would think a boob job would be a simple thing, a straightforward piston motion. Irina made it more than by jiggling her breasts in different directions, changing the angle I hit her at and somehow still throwing her mouth in to boot. She took her time, slowly pulling me to the edge and holding me there. Then she stopped, right when I was ready to blow, pulling me away from her chest.


“You asked for a titfuck AND a blowjob. We’re only halfway there, Stud. You can’t cum on me just yet.”

“Dammit Iri, I can make a second sh—mm!” Irina silenced my protest by taking one of my balls in her mouth.

“Just take a breath and relax. I’m going to make you cum, but since you waited this long I’m going to make this the best it can be for both of us.”


     I knew I could trust Iri to rock my world, but I wanted to cum now. Nothing would’ve made me happier than to splatter her face then and there, but if I could hold out a little longer maybe the reward would be all the sweeter. I wouldn’t last much longer even in Irina’s hands, she couldn’t drag this out too much longer, right?


     I took her advice and sucked in a gulp of air. As soon as I let it out I could feel some of the orgasmic tension leaking out of my body. I repeated the procedure a few more times as Irina cheered me on, playing with my balls but completely ignoring the rest of my cock. I didn’t really want to come down, but I was completely off of the plateau when Irina finally started working on me again.


     It was hard to call what she did a blowjob. It was more like she was loving my penis. I did love every second as she licked up and down my shaft and played with my rivulets of precum. Iri kissed me up and down, sometimes focusing on my head, other times ignoring it completely. She spent most of her time in one of those two ways, though she did sometimes suck on me, but never hard, deep, or long enough. It was a frustrating kind of pleasure completely different from when I masturbated and just couldn’t cum earlier. The worst part was that she just kept going, titillating me with the beginnings of a blowjob but never going all the way.


     I’d had enough. I waited until she came up to suck on my glans again, but instead of letting her give me a half-assed suck and then doing something else I took the bull— or rather the girl— by the horns and forced her head down until her nose hit my crotch. I’d expected Iri to complain in some way or another, but her reaction was the opposite: she sucked harder and threw her tongue into the mix with more gusto. Was she grinning, too? Oh, fine. I’d show her.


     I didn’t show any mercy as I yanked on those shiny black handlebars. I didn’t need to, either; like most succubi Iri’s gag reflex had stood a snowball’s chance in hell of lasting through puberty and even though I wasn’t in control too often I got the impression she liked it rough. The experience just got better as Irina found my pace: somehow she managed to swirl her tongue around me before I forced her back down and she hummed at the bottom of every stroke. Her hand snaked into her panties as I started fucking her face even faster. So she was enjoying this, huh?

I let myself get lost in that ecstatic mixture of sensations. There was her tongue below, the roof of her mouth above, vacuum suction around it all and the sinfully sexual sound of Iri’s slurping over, around and through it all. She’d been playing with me earlier, teasing my limits so when the dam finally broke the following torrent would be all the larger. Now she was tired of waiting and wouldn’t let her hold me back anyway. Each thrust sent another jolt of pleasure racing up my spine. I fucked Irina’s face harder and faster, greedy, needy for more.


     I didn’t stop moving even as I orgasmed. Iri happily swallowed every blast of my burning seed. A river of lust disappeared down her throat one gulp at a time, making it impossible to tell just how much I even came. I wanted to see Iri covered in my spunk, but watching her desperately try to keep up with the volume of sperm I was pumping down her throat.


     The river slowed to a stream, then dried up completely and I flopped back into the mattress, finally spent. Irina crawled up to look me in the eyes, still full of energy, but also still gulping down what I’d left in her mouth.

“That was pretty impressive. I was planning on giving you a footjob, but it would’ve been a shame to waste that much spirit energy. It was so thick, too. Some of it’s still sticking in my throat.”

“Glad to hear I left an impression.”

“Hmm? You say that like you’re done already. Look at you, you haven’t even gone limp. Can’t really call it an apology if you can still get it up, can I?”

“Guess not. Whatcha gonna do about it?”

“You ever been to the rodeo?”

“No.” Of course not. She knew I hadn’t.

“Me neither, but I still know a thing or two about riding a bucking bronco.”

“I’m not a horse.”

“No, but you’re hung like one and I’ll have your hips bucking soon enough. Same thing, right?”


     Hardly. Irina clearly had her plans, but I was starting to come up with some of my own and they didn’t involve laying on my back anymore. I waited until Irina slipped back on top of me to look down and gloat some more like I knew she would. As soon as she did I levered my hips up and flipped both of us over so I was between Iri’s legs and on top of her.

“Hoho, feeling frisky?”

“Feeling tired of laying on my ass. So, tell me how you want it. Rough or gentle?”

“You’re giving me a choice? How nice. I want it gently.” Well, that wasn’t the response I was expecting.


“Gentle. I get it rough and I give it rough all the time, I want someone to go slow for once.”

“Uh, okay.” I had just raped her mouth, I guess it wouldn’t kill me to take it easy for a round or two.


     Slowly, huh? That might take some effort. I slid my hand down and idly played with the fabric of Irina’s panties as I tried to get myself in the mindset. They were already soaked, but even wet the silky embroidery felt nice. The cut and color did such a good job of framing an already attractive figure, too…


     Screw it. Instead of bothering to take her thong all the way off I simply slid slid it to the side and lined my penis up with Irina’s burning entrance. I used three strokes to ease myself all the way in to base. Both of us sighed, she because of the fullness I was causing, and me because of the heat she enveloped me with. Even though I was trying not to be rough I still didn’t allow myself to take a break.


     My every movement was a lesson in restraint as I slid inside of Irina’s pussy. It took more concentration that I would’ve thought to keep that pace, but something still dawned on me: nothing else was happening here. Our meat was moving together, but that was it. Even Iri was being oddly passive probably because of the sudden role reversal. That wouldn’t do.


     Those milky globes that grabbed my attention so hard earlier were still there, jiggling after each thrust. I took one in each hand and kneaded, letting my thumbs brush past the navy blue nipple at odd intervals. Iri moaned and arched her neck, as if asking me to kiss her there. I obliged, nipping and sucking at her neck and throat. She’d probably have to explain those hickies later, but I didn’t give a damn at the moment, and the way she was moaning said she didn’t either.


     That was our rhythm. I humped, Iri moaned and pawed at my back. It wasn’t bad, but I kinda felt like throwing something else into the mix. As time rolled by Iri arched her back thrusting her belly into the air and in a flash of inspiration I remembered something. Her wings. I didn’t want to let go of her tits, but the reaction I’d get would make that worth it.


     She was so lost in my cock I don’t think she even noticed my hands sliding down from their rightful place atop her breasts. As soon as I rubbed that first nub Iri squealed and thrashed at the sheets like she was trying to get away from me. Like hell I was letting that happen. No, I leaned all of my weight on top of her and stroked her back even more while trying to maintain the same pace with my thrusts. Immediately Iri’s moans dropped in timbre as I gently but quickly fucked her to the edge. The knowledge of what I was doing to her and the force of her cunt now clamped around my member moved me closer to blowing another load inside her as well.


     I held on through Irina’s first orgasm, gleefully letting her thrash against me and scream at the ceiling loud enough to make the neighbors file a noise complaint if they could hear us. Iri came hard and sloppy, just like always. My thighs were covered in her femcum and she was clearly spent, but I couldn’t stop. I kept fucking, kept rubbing her back, too lost in my own pleasure to think about what I was doing but knowing that whatever it was I had to keep doing it. Poor Irina didn’t get a break, my wild ministration had her howling at the ceiling again in no time and the inviting contractions of her pussy begged me to paint her insides white at the same time. I hilted myself and rope after rope of my cum flooded her deepest parts.


     After sex like that neither of us had the energy to do much more than pant. Irina’s chest made a great pillow as I languished in my afterglow and Irina dreamily rubbed my back.

“That was amazing.” She sighed. “You’re incredible when you’re actually trying.”

“Haven’t heard you honestly compliment me in a while.”

“Hey, I give credit where credit’s due. You kinda messed up on the gentle thing at the end there, though.”

“I couldn’t help it.”

“I haven’t heard you honestly compliment me in a while, either.”


“Sorry, old habits die hard. Isn’t it okay in the bedroom though? I don’t see anything wrong with being a freak in the sheets if I’m a lady in the streets.”

“Mmm, I guess, but you need to practice.”

“Fine. Since I’m practicing I’ll let you propose that we go another round.”


“You’re poking my leg, aren’t you?”


     Rubbing would be the better word. I was only half erect at the moment but if I kept sliding against her like I’d started doing without realizing I’d be at full mast again in no time. Guess I couldn’t expect to call myself done after two shots with what I’d just gone through.

“Hey, turn over.” Iri responded sluggishly, freeing her legs from me then flipping over. Her ass wiggled in the air with her chest against the bed. The pose presented a nice view, but it also meant she was expecting me to do all of the work. Geeze…


     I was feeling a lot calmer now, easing into things felt natural. I started off rubbing myself in the stream of fluids still flowing from Irina’s cunt, then moved on to slowly fucking her silky thighs, making sure to tease her clit with each thrust. Every time I drove in Iri’s tail slapped against my chest. Ah, I’d forgotten all about that, hadn’t I? I was just about to reach for it when Iri started whining.

“Quit teasing and put it in!”

“I was having fun.”

“You’d have more inside of me!” I dunno, I really liked her thighs. Still, I couldn’t say now when she turned to pout at me because I kept going.


     I’d pulled back and spread Iri’s cheeks to give myself easier access to the hole she wanted filled when I saw it: a delicate blue rosebud. It twitched every time I moved my fingers on her plump ass, as if asking me to violate it. Iri had said I could do anything I wanted, right? Between my precum and her love juices I was already pretty well lubed up too, wasn’t I? I could do it. Did I want to do it? Hell yeah I did.


     Iri was already in a good position for it too; lining up and sliding the tip of my dick between those petals was almost effortless.

“That’s not where I wanted you to put—ah!” Irina’s complaint was quickly silenced as I continued easing the rest of my girth inside.

“Hey.” I teased as I began to move. “Do you like it in your ass?”

“Only if you— mm— warn me!” That didn’t sound very convincing. Bullshit complaints aside I was about to do something, wasn’t I? Oh, right.


     She’d forgotten about her own tail. It was just sitting there, completely defenseless. I’d already snuck in the back door, no sense in feeling guilty about exploiting one more weak spot.


     Her entire body went rigid and her colon clamped down on my member on my first stroke from base to tip. That was a good response, but I could do better. On my next up stroke I stuffed the fleshy bulb at the tip into my mouth and plastered it against the roof of my mouth while I slathered the underside with my tongue. That did it. Irina tried to muffle her screams with a pillow as she messily came against my leg. More!


     Even as I continued slamming my hips against hers and licking her tail Irina’s wing nubs became my next target. Iri had already cum a few times now, her body was sensitive. Maybe it was too sensitive. Each twist sent my partner up to another orgasm. Her wails never ceased as she began drunkenly shaking her hip to match my movements, forcing my cock even deeper into her anus with each thrust.


     Yeah, that was it. Iri’s entire body called out for my cum, my body called out to dump the huge load roiling in my balls inside of her. The texture of Iri’s anus was alien, completely different from her vagina, but still more than suited to make my eyes roll back as the first of my semen erupted into her. I came forever, and every twitch of my cock seemed to intensify Iri’s perpetual orgasm. If she’d been loud enough before to get the cops called on us we probably would’ve set of car alarms with this round of passionate moaning.


     I didn’t really pull out of Irina so much as I collapsed next to her on the bed. The two of us smiled at each other like idiots as the residual shakes of of our fuck session worked their way through our bodies and we finally caught our breath. Sleep came unbeckoned but welcome. I was just about to pass out when Iri nuzzled into my chest and spoke.

“Hey Rowan, play with my hair some more.” I grunted, miffed at being disturbed but not at the request. Just like that the two of us drifted away.


     I wasn’t sure at first if Irina had taken our conversation to heart. She showed me soon enough; not even a week after she promised to try changing waves went through the school’s social scene when she dumped her boyfriends— all of them— and locked the revolving door that was her vagina. Suddenly there was less drama around campus, fewer notes passed and not as many burning glances. It was as peaceful as you could expect a high school to get. Of course, all of this meant less sex for her, so she ended up downing mountains of semen capsules and I got jumped more often, but the two of us learned to deal.


     As for Iri herself, she joined the drama club. It seemed she hadn’t pissed off anyone there because the drama crew was a nerdier bunch withdrawn from the larger circles my sister had been playing with before. She made friends, she had fun. It was nice. To top it all off she was GOOD at acting, too. Before the end of the year she even ended up with a scholarship to a fine arts school in the south part of the state.


     A few days before we were ready to ship Irina off to college I plopped face down on my bed and started a video chat with Coral. The conversation was the same one we normally would’ve had through the window, only I didn’t feel like standing up to have it.

“Hey, um… are you doing anything Saturday?” She asked. “I got some free tickets to the fair for Saturday. Do you maybe wanna go or something? Together?”

“Eh, Saturday’s no good. Iri made me promise to go shopping with her. How about Sunday?”

“They’re one day only.”

“Oh. Another time, then?”

“Why don’t you go shopping Sunday?”

“Iri’d bitch about me rescheduling. Just invite someone else, you don’t have to let the tickets go to waste. Shouldn’t you be asking a boy or something anyway?”

“You ARE a boy.”

“No, I mean a boy boy.”

“You are absolutely unbelievable.”

“What? It’s not my fault you don’t have a boyfriend.”

“In a way, it kind o—”


     I never got to hear the rest of that sentence. Irina’s body weight dropping next to me sent the bed bouncing so much I almost dropped my device and the squeaking of the springs cut of any chance I had of hearing Coral.

“What the hell, Iri?!”

“Scoot over, I don’t have any room!” She demanded

“Then go lay on your own damn bed!”

“You’ve got plenty of space, look, if you just slide over,” she said as she forcefully pushed me aside, “we can both fit! Oh, hey Coral.” Iri smiled as she thrust her face next to mine so she could see my screen.

“...Hey.” Coral responded. “I’ll talk to you later, I suddenly feel like taking a walk.”

I grunted. “Alright, just stay away from the park. They still haven’t found the roper that attacked that girl.”

“I think I’ll hit the arcade. Later.”

“La—” The other window went black before I could even finish the word.

“What’s eating her?” Iri asked.



     Actually, I had an idea. Judging by how Iri was barely dressed in a pair of short shorts and that damned tank top again and the unnatural silence filling the room, the gut feeling Coral had was probably right. It seemed like Irina actually wanted to talk or something she tried to start anything though; she just layed next to me once the screen was off.

“Ya know little bwutha, I think I’m actually going to miss you.” She sighed.


“I mean it. I was just getting used to having a sibling that wanted something to do with me again and now I have to go off to school.”

“Things were just starting to get back to normal, weren’t they? Speaking of, how’d school end up?”

“About what you’d expect. I got a few of my old friends back, but I burned a lot of bridges over the years. It’ll be nice to get a fresh start. Think I’ll do okay?”

“If you keep up what you’ve been doing, sure. Just keep yourself to one boyfriend at a time from now on, ‘kay?”

“Duh.” Iri giggled as another thought crossed her mind. “It’s almost like you think I’m some kind of slut.”

“Har har. Hey, I’ve been wondering: what ever happened to that book?”

“I slipped it back where I got it. I don’t think Mom even noticed it was gone. Wonder why she had that in the first place?”

“Probably as an example of what not to do. That was some really heavy stuff.”

“And that was only the first chapter in action.”

“What was in the rest?”

“Oh you know, advanced mindbreak technique, care and maintenance of sex dungeons, proper slave nutrition, that kind of thing. I glanced through it. It sounded like work.”

Yikes. Well, at least if there was work involved I could count on Iri not keeping it up for long.

“Hey little bro,” Iri began with a mischievous smile after some more small talk, “wanna play the Rape Game one more time?”

“No.” Was that a rhetorical question? It should’ve been.

“Atta boy.” Her grin stretched across her face so wide I thought it would split, but that smirk never quite reached her eyes. “I feel like a challenge today, so I’ll give you to the count of one.”

I sighed, tossed my device on the nightstand and planned an escape route as Iri prepared to cut me off.

The things we do for the people we love.



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