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Even Though My Family Is A Bunch of Sex Demons I'm Actually Just A Horny Human! Bad End

Page history last edited by Sea Foam 6 years, 1 month ago

“Just… be careful, okay?” Coral couldn’t even look at me when she spoke. For some reason she sounded sad. No, disappointed? This was really a big deal to her, huh?

“C’mon Coral, she’s not a mon— well, okay. She’s still my sister.”

“That hasn’t stopped anything yet. Should I come check on ya later?”

“I don’t think you want to do that.”

“I guess…”

“Right. Anyway, I’ll talk to you later.”


     With that, I was off. There definitely wasn’t a spring in my step, but somehow knowing for sure what I was going to do made the trip home less dreadful. When you know what’s coming you can brace yourself for it, psych yourself up. So I was going to swallow my pride, big deal. There was a certain pride in even being able to do that, right? I must’ve almost looked determined as I stood in Irina’s doorway.


     I found her lying down on her bed holding an old leatherbound book and a notebook she’d scribbled notes in.

“Are you finally ready?” Somehow Irina managed to fire off the question before I was even through the doorway without sounding over-eager.

“If you so much as reach for your device I’m leaving.”

“I’m making the rules here, Stud. Say it or get out.”

There was a finality in her tone I couldn’t argue with and she didn’t make a move toward anything she could record my defeat with. Okay, time to get this over with...

“Please let me defile your divine mouth with my filthy seed, mistress.”

“Mmm, you’re forgetting something.” Iri said with a slight tilt to her head. Man, please don’t tell me she was picking that up from Mom.

“No I’m not.”

“Your lips are moving but you’re not grovelling. Get on your knees.”


“You can do it doggie, you’re already half way there.”

Grumbling, I dropped to my knees to try again. “Please let me defile your divine throat—”

“Head down.”


     She was kidding, right? The smug countenance she had when I glared up showed she was absolutely serious. Dammit. I’d made up my mind though, I was going to do this right. Still on my knees with my head on the ground and my hands on the floor I tried again.

“Please mistress, let me defile your holiest of throats with my disgustingly thick manseed.”

There was a small giggle from above before Irina’s foot lifted my head from the ground.

“Good job, that was even better than I’d hoped, doggie. I guess it’s time for your reward? Sit on the bed.” I complied and watched as Irina pulled a paper bag out of her closet and tossed two pairs of fuzzy handcuffs on the bed next to me. “I’m going to the bathroom, I expect you naked and handcuffed to the headboard when I come back.”


     The door shut with a click and I was alone to think for as long as it took for girls to do whatever it was they did in the bathroom. I knew those handcuffs well. They were toys, but expensive ones. The shackles were steel, the pink fuzz was soft and the safety releases were superglued shut.  The bed posts came with conveniently carved holes to lock the other end of the cuffs into as well. Iri had the perfect rape bed, there wouldn’t be any getting away once I locked myself in, huh?


     No going back now. My clothes sat neatly folded after I undressed. It was a little gesture to protest being treated like cattle. Irina probably wouldn’t even notice, but I’d know. With that last act of resistance I took my place on the bed naked, defenseless and embarrassed, but prepared. Do your worst, Irina.


     I did my best to look calm when the knob finally turned. My cock betrayed me, but I at least managed a good poker face. For some reason I was under the impression Irina had just gone off to powder her nose or whatever. She’d done that, sure, the eye liner she had on gave her more of an exotic look and her lipstick made her mouth look even more attractive than usual. The bigger deal was that she’d changed. She hadn’t bought that negligee she showed off the other day; instead Iri walked in wearing— or rather barely wearing— a black lace bra and panty set with a matching garter belt and a pair of sheer stockings. Women’s lingerie has this delightfully dirty tendency to shove the goods right in your face. Irina’s bra did just that, pressing her tits so high up they bounced if she even moved her head, the cut of her panties served to show off both her narrow waist and killer thighs. Whatever magic garter belts are made with was in full effect too, between that and the seductive sashay of her hips as she shut the door and walked toward me I couldn’t take my eyes away from that pitch black triangle where everything came together. I wanted to hilt myself there and never come out.


     She giggled as my twitching dick betrayed my thoughts even more. “Like what you see? And to think I was worried you might not like my choice.”

“Yeah yeah, can we just get this over with already?” I’d tried to hide my desperation with exasperation, but Iri saw right through it.She just smiled as she sat at the foot of the bed, showing off an expanse of silky nylon-clad thigh in the process.

“That won’t do at all little bro. You’ve got a week’s worth of cum saved up in those balls of yours, don’t you? You shouldn’t ruin the experience with a quickie, you know.”

A week? She’d only hypnotized me three or four days ago. “How did you—”

“You think I don’t know when you masturbate? I’m right across the hall, I can practically feel it. You picked a perfect time to finally give up: Mom and Dad are all tangled up again, Ema’s taking a nap… I’ve got all the time in the world to milk you dry.”

“What if Ema hears us?” Her room was right next to Iri’s, it’d be a problem if she woke up and wandered in to see why big bwutha and big sister were moaning together. Actually, Ema probably knew better than to open the door, I just didn’t want her to hear me moaning period.


     Iri’s smile got even larger at the idea. “I’ve got a way to handle that.” The succubus stood, closed her eyes, and traced a glowing pattern into the air. More magic. I wasn’t happy about it this time either, but I still knew better than to say something now and risk making her screw up whatever it was she was doing. It took longer than anything I’d seen her do so far, but she looked pleased with herself when the sigil disappeared and she opened her eyes.

“So? Do you notice anything?” She asked with her hands on her hips.


     Well, I was still cuffed to the bed, but I wasn’t a frog yet. I was just in a normal quiet room. Quiet? It was quiet. There was no sound of lawn mowers or traffic outside, no rhythmic creaking of my parent’s mattress or even the sound of the dogs squabbling downstairs or the cat creeping around somewhere. There was only the noise of two people breathing and the occasional jingle of handcuffs.

“Why’s it so quiet?”

“Veil of Silence,” Irina responded with a smirk. “No sound in, no sound out. With the door shut it’s almost like I’ve got you locked up in my own little world. Isn’t it exciting?” Terrifying, maybe. I was getting a sinking feeling that this wasn’t going to be anywhere near as simple as I thought it’d be. Irina crawled up my body until we were face to face as I considered my fate with mounting dread.

“Hey Stud, your mistress wants you to do something for her.”


“Look into my eyes.”


     Oh Christ. Looking into Irina’s eyes was what got me into this whole mess, there was no goddamn way I was going to do it again willingly. My answer came quickly and firmly.

“Hell no.”

“Even if I promise not to do anything mean?”

“I said no.”

Irina’s face darkened as she responded. “Ah, I thought you were smarter than that. You know what position you’re in, don’t you? You’re tied down and defenseless in a room where no one can hear you scream. When I ask you to submit to me you should do it because if you don’t I can tease you for hours until you’re begging me to let you submit. I get to have fun either way and the end result is the same, but which way is better for you, hmm?”


     She was right, of course. Logically there was no reason not to submit to her completely. She already had me right where she wanted me, any resistance was just delaying the inevitable, right? Still, my mind cried out not to listen, to resist somehow and try to crawl away with a scrap of dignity. My body though, my body wanted me to give Iri what she wanted so I could get what I wanted. The lust within me already had a majority, but with Irina looking down on me, those full lips so close I could lean up and taste them, her hair tickling my chest and her body heat soaking into me where her thighs touched mine there was no point in holding a vote. My desire won over my mind; I looked into Irina’s eyes.


     Nothing happened. I kept looking up at her for almost a minute before saying anything.

“Aren’t you going to do something?”

“You changed your mind? I already offered and you said no, if you want to submit to me you have to ask nicely.”

“Please, Irina.”

“Irina? You know that’s not the right name to call me.” I could think of lots more appropriate right now. I was still just as trapped though, I had no choice.

“Please mistress.”

“There’s a good boy.” With that her eyes took the glow I expected them to have.


     Normally when Irina had her Hypnotic Eye on me the effects were immediate: I’d be conscious long enough to notice her eyes were glowing, then I’d wake up slumped over ready to do whatever it was she told me to do. Not this time though, she must’ve found some way to lower her power or slow the effect because this time I was aware enough to feel her permeating my being.


     Even as I channeled my frustration into resisting I stared into those glowing amber eyes, completely unable to look away, and I relaxed. My arms went limp in the handcuffs first, then tension I didn’t even know was there flowed from my legs. My shoulders sank, my body grew heavy, and my breathing slowed under the light from those eyes. Everything but my mind was asleep, and still I went deeper.


     Irina stroked my hair and cooed gentle encouragement as her spell weaved its way around my mind. My body fell away. There was no touch, no smell, no taste, just those eyes before me and the voice encouraging me to give up and go deeper.

“That’s right, Stud, just like that. It feels so good when I do this to you, you should feel silly for resisting.”


     It did feel good. It felt amazing. I couldn’t relax like this unless Iri was working her magic, but the fact that I couldn’t help feeling so good was scary. But then, was there really anything scary about pleasure? There was nothing wrong with feeling good, nothing wrong with opening up my head and letting someone mess with the contents. It was comforting to let someone else do all of the thinking for me, to just let go. Those eyes, no Irina was inviting me to do that. All I had to do was let my mind indulge in the joy of going blank. All I had to do was keep staring and give up. Just… give… up…


     I awoke to a loud clap and shook the slowness out of my head. Irina sat between my legs and seemed to enjoy watching me bring myself back to normal.

“Good nap?”

“What did you do?”

“You’ll have to find out, won’t you?”

“Guess so. Can we just do whatever you’re going to do now?”

“I am done preparing you now. You know,” Iri said as she idly poked at my still straining member, “I put a lot of thought into how I was going to make you cum once you realized resisting me was useless. I thought maybe I’d give you a nice blowjob or fuck you with my tits since you like doing that so much. I figured if I let you put it in you’d just blow right away, you know? Then you started taking a while and I thought ‘maybe just a handjob’ll do since he’s making me wait so damn long.’ That’s what I’d decided earlier, that I’d jerk you until you painted my hand white, then go from there. Then you called me a whore and I got to thinking maybe you didn’t deserve that. I thought maybe I’d make you fuck your own hand and waste all that energy on something you could’ve been doing yourself the whole time? Then I came up with a better idea, something more embarrassing.” As she finished the sentence Iri uncoiled herself and ran a stocking covered toe down the underside of my cock. It sent a shiver down my spine. “My feet.”


     The soles of Irina’s feet were silkier than they had any right to be with her stockings on . I watched helplessly as Irina ran them over my cock. I held back a whimper every time she sandwiched me between the balls of her feet and stroked, held back a moan every time she ran her toes over my head and her bumpy toes under the smooth nylon teased the tip. Even suppressing my reactions was enough to put that sadistic grin on Irina’s face.

“I’ve done this before, but you’re the first one to like it so much. Look, your precum is already soaking through.” She held up a foot to show me. Sure enough there was a wet patch between her toes where my sticky fluids stuck in the gaps of the mesh. There was something really lewd about the way it glistened, and my cock jumped at the thought.

“Oh, you like that? Why didn’t you say you had a thing for feet? I wouldn’t have minded stepping on your balls if you’d asked.”

“I don’t have a foot fetish.” My response came through grated teeth; it was hard to speak and not moan from the attentions I was getting. Irina only giggled and continued.


     She was unnaturally skilled with her feet, she moved them almost as well as she would’ve moved her hands. Her touch was light, teasing as she stroked my captive penis. I didn’t want to orgasm from her feet but Irina didn’t seem to want me to cum, either. No, she seemed more satisfied to watch me struggle as she ran her toes under under my glans, rubbing my most sensitive spots with feet covered in nylon and my own natural lube. Only rarely did she take me hard and send ripples of pleasure up my spine, but the pleasure built. Each teasing stroke of my urethra and fondle of my balls urged me farther. Maybe it was an hour I spent floating in unwanted pleasure under Irina’s care before the point of no return neared.


     I couldn’t help but strain against my bonds. I hadn’t wanted to, but a now burning desire to blow my load had long since washed that inhibition away. I struggled. My abs tightened, my hips bucked, my entire body tried to push me closer to the source of that pleasure and my ultimate goal. Irina barely touched me, one foot pointed my dick towards her face and the other caught me loosely between her big and pointer toes, tickling me with the material between them. She matched her speed to my erratic breathing and the irregularity of her movements became one more thing driving me wild.


     The pleasure built until I finally exploded. My first two shots flew so far I managed to hit Iri in the face. My third, fourth and fifth spurts reached her chest to dribble down those luscious tits, and countless more ropes oozed up my shaft to thoroughly coat those stockings.


     Irina looked like she just had had three guys cum on her and the expression on her face was ecstatic. As I came down from my high I was treated to a show: Irina had to clean up all of that semen. She did it slowly, wiping my seed off with her fingers then sensuously licking it off. She locked eyes with me as she reached back to unhook her bra and release the pale blue globes contained within. She took great care licking the cum that had dribbled down staining the black fabric white. Each breast was lifted to her mouth so she could lap up my gooey paint, enjoying each jerk of my still erect cock as she did so.


“Not bad.” The succubus cooed as she played with the cum on her feet, rubbing them together and watching the strands that formed when she pulled them apart. An idea seemed to strike her and she started wiping the remnants on my thigh.

“Gross, cut it out!”

“I just want you to feel as good as I feel, is that so wrong?”


“Too bad.” I couldn’t do anything but squirm as Irina pulled off her stockings and slid them over my legs. They were already wet with sweat, but the added stickiness from my own semen made them even worse. Especially the feet, I couldn’t move without something sloshing in between my toes.


“They look good on you, little bro. You’re still missing the best part though.”


     Irina’s face lashed forward, her lips locked with mine and her tongue invaded my mouth.

“Mmmf!” I wanted to tell her to stop, but all I managed was a muffled grunt with her tongue probing my throat. The succubus tasted bitter and salty. That was what semen tasted like? I hated the taste and tried to push Iri’s tongue out, but my resistance only seemed to make her take more joy in coating my mouth with her tainted spit, licking every inch she could reach and smearing more of that disgusting flavor on my tongue. Even once she pulled away and I could try to spit it out the residue of my seed left an aftertaste.

Irina giggled as she watched me try to clean my mouth out. “Guess it’s an acquired taste.”

“Acquired my ass, what the fuck?!”

“Aww, don’t be mad. Look, I bought you a gift.” Irina reached under the pillow and pulled out a thin strip of studded leather with a bell on the clasp. I didn’t even bother struggling as she fit the collar into place, I wasn’t about to give her the satisfaction of watching me writhe any more.

“There we go. It’s boring when you don’t squirm a little though…”

“Haven’t you been calling me doggie all this time? Then why’d you put a cat bell on this collar? Are you retarded?”

“It seemed fitting for someone willing to give up their pride over pussy. Oh, I know! Wanna know what I did while you were out?”


     I could nod and make her show me something I probably wouldn’t like, or I could shake my head and she’d show me anyway. All I wanted was maybe one more orgasm and a quick escape, but there wasn’t any way for me to get out of this one. Maybe if I went along with her she would do whatever it was she was going to do gently? I apprehensively nodded my assent. That was a bad move, Iri grinned before I could even finish the motion. She touched her thumb and middle finger together in front of my face and leaned in close to my ear to whisper.

“Remember how I said I wouldn’t do anything mean to you earlier?”


“That was hypothetical.”


     Irina snapped and my world shook. I wasn’t inside of her, one of her hands was in front of my face and the other was resting on my hips but all at once I still felt like she’d just spent the last twenty minutes riding me like her life depended on it. I couldn’t stop my hips from bucking as the unexplained wave of pleasure crashed over me. My cock twitched like it wanted to impregnate the air itself, but only precum came out. My thoughts raced as I struggled to suck in enough air. I knew this kind of orgasm. It was the same kind I’d hand every time I tried to jerk off since Iri got to me.

“Did that feel good, Stud? Your toes curled up.”

“Dammit, I didn’t come here for you to tease me more!”

“Sounds like you still haven’t learned your place yet, doggie. You came here to be my pet, my toy. That’s what you’re going to be.” Another snap, another dry orgasm. It was teasing pleasure that came without release. This was the same thing I was trying to stop when I gave in to Irina in the first place! At least my sister seemed to be enjoying herself.

“You should see the face you’re making. You look cute when you’re angry and drowning in pleasure at the same time.” She snapped again and the world flashed white, but I still didn’t let out anything white, much as I wanted to. Come on! “Yeah, just like that. Are you still mad? Let me fix that.”


     I involuntarily twitched away as Irina as she pressed herself against my side. Her every touch was a potential trigger, her every action the gateway to unknown and terrible things. Even what should have been the comforting warmth of her body heat soaking into my skin filled me with dread. Irina pushed my still erect penis up towards my face and took her time titillating me. She ran her fingers along my chest and played with my nipples as they hardened. She blew into my ear and rubbed her cheek against the goose bumps she raised. Enough, just do it already! Sensing the frustration overtaking my anxiety, Irina smiled and slapped her thigh.


     Even biting my lip didn’t do much to stifle the moan I made as a new wave of pleasure overtook me. This one was too strong to fight. The world went white and my entire body leapt into a tetanic arch. The only thing on my mind was cumming, shooting my load, filling the air with my pure white seed, ejaculating. I twitched, straining to reach that point I knew Irina hadn’t allowed me to reach. And then it came, or rather I came. I shot blast after glorious blast of my fluids into the air. The way Iri pointed my dick meant that everything landed back on me, but I was too lost in the moment to care as my cum plopped onto my chest and stomach.


     The afterglow hit me like a truck as I slumped onto the bed and let myself enjoy the tingles and exhaustion spreading through my body. Yes, that was what I needed. As I floated back to Earth I finally noticed Irina lapping up all of the cockjuice that landed on me. She kept her hand firmly wrapped around my still erect member. It was like I couldn’t go soft. There was going to be more?


     Now that I knew Iri wasn’t going to spend all of our time teasing me I wasn’t sure if I was looking forward to it or not. As I tried to rationalize the thoughts streaming through my head and argue with the hormones flowing through my blood Irina caught my attention, hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slowly slid them off. A string of her juices connected the satin of her panties to her snatch until she pulled them past her knees. That was Irina for you: always wet, always ready.


     Images of that dripping cunt hovering over my cock filled my mind. It was the natural course of events, an inevitability. It didn’t happen. Instead Irina mounted me backward, crawled backward until her butt was in my face and sat down. That was a conflicting experience. The softness and warmth on my face was pleasant, knowing that the softness and warmth was coming from Irina’s ass and barely being able to breathe was not.

“Dogs like licking things, right?” Irina cooed. “better get to it, then. The fun doesn’t start until you make me cum at least once.” Oh, for crying out— fine!


     If she wanted me to eat her out it would’ve been a lot easier if I could move my head. As it stood I could only move my tongue and that just barely reached her clit. Iri seemed to bring herself more pleasure grinding against my face than I did licking her.

“Hey, you’re not down there to make me do all the work. Do I need to punish you?” Snap. Another supremely frustrating dry orgasm.

“Your tongue stopped moving. Did you forget about me while you were cumming? Bad boy.”

Another snap, another mind blowing but annoying orgasm wracked my body. This time I managed to keep my tongue in contact with her snatch as I writhed and moaned at least; that earned me a small moan from Iri as well. So that was it? I continued licking and humming and Iri stopped snapping, too lost in her own pleasure to tease me with mine. There was some small joy to be taken in reducing her to a quivering ball of sex atop my face with just my tongue and a little vibration.


     I was feeling impatient and Irina wasn’t even touching my cock, so I put my all into making her cum without thinking of the obvious consequences. Irina’s orgasms were almost always messy and this one was no exception; Irina gushed her orgasm all over my face. She collapsed on my stomach even as her thighs squeezed my head, drenching my face in her femcum as she moaned her pleasure to a whole world that couldn’t hear her. Irina languished on my thighs, floating through her afterglow still on top of me. It looked like she enjoyed herself, but I didn’t get to relax for a second with her breath hitting my cock and the lewd scent of her juices permeating my nostrils. It became too much to bear.

“Iri, please.”

“Hmm?” Irina’s voice still held a hint of that dreaminess she always had about her right after cumming. “Oh, alright. You did such a good job I’ll even let you get away with calling your mistress by name this time.” Whatever, just let me put it in!


     It seemed she was finally going to fuck me, but Iri wasn’t quick about it. Her movements were torturously slow as she positioned herself over my throbbing cock. She managed to avoid even touching my head as she angled my penis into the perfect position for her to accept me. She lowered her hips slowly, starting from farther above me than I’d usually expect, then she sunk lower, closer until I could almost strain and touch her lips. Then she froze.


     That familiar sparkle shone in her eyes as she looked down at me. Wordlessly, but with a smile in her eyes she showed me something I hadn’t seen in ages: her wings. They stretched out from the nubs on her back, spreading outward like a butterfly’s wings as it emerged from its cocoon. Her wings were beautiful in a way. Batlike and darkly colored they, along with the curved horns and spaded tail were the symbol of a succubus. Iri said they were a pain to sleep on so she normally kept her wings reduced to the little fleshy protrusions on her back, but with them normal size and spread to their fullest Irina’s entire aura was more imposing. Looking at her this way it was almost like staring up at a succubus of old, master of the bedroom and devourer of souls. She didn’t even forget the sneer as she looked down on me.

“Hey doggie, are you ready?”


The sneer grew larger. “No. You’re. Not.”


     It happened all at once. As worked up as we both were there was no need for a slow penetration, no call for multiple strokes to take me to the hilt; Irina just dropped it like it was hot and it fucking WAS. All at once my member and my mind were engulfed in an unparalleled heat and that sticky wetness only a woman could have.


     Iri was going to take the reigns anyway, so I let her have them. As always the texture of her pussy was magnificent. Her endless folds stuck to me, aided by Irina’s ability to adjust her tightness at will. She felt wonderful, but her movements were boring today, a simple up and down piston motion was nothing compared to how she usually fucked. Irina was still teasing me.


     This tease was a two way street; I wasn’t enjoying myself as much as I could be, but neither was she. Mercifully she got tired of the boring lay fairly quickly and went into the splits without taking me out of her as she shuffled into position. With her hands on my chest for balance and those juicy breasts of hers swaying in front of me Irina lifted those wings of hers and flapped.


     The effect wasn’t enough to make Irina fly so much as to make her hop like she was using my cock as a pogo stick. It was violent, it was unconventional, it was incredible. I’d never been done that roughly before, but somehow it worked. Irina’s hips slammed down against me every time she flapped, sending a shudder of pleasure through both of us each time she landed and I plunged as deeply into her as I’d ever been. At the bottom of each repetition the springs of the mattress tossed us both wildly, adding an element of unpredictability into an already great lay. Both of us howled at the ceiling as she continued. I had no idea how she kept up without going weak in the wings like I was weak in the knees, but I wasn’t about to complain.


     A merciful orgasm built quickly as I struggled to stay still in order not to disrupt the succubus’ movements. Irina rocketed towards her own as well, I could tell from the lusty timbre of her voice as she moaned and the increasing tightness of her cunt. She never lost her composure though; right as I was on the cusp of staining her insides white she stopped.

“Hey, wouldn’t it be boring to cum like this?”


“I think it would. What if I did this?” Iri held her fingers together in front of her face once again. Please no. Snap snap. Blinding pleasure struck me like lightning. It was a pleasure so intense I barely had a chance to feel it, there was only the sound of Irina’s snapping fingers and the ridiculous intensity of two orgasms stacked on top of one another. My throat went raw with the volume of my moan and my hips thrashed so hard I sent Irina bouncing even though I was under her.


     Iri grinned down as I lay beneath her breathless, nearly paralyzed by my own afterglow and intensely frustrated.

“Have fun?”

“N-no…” Oh Christ, I sounded like a man dying in the desert.

“Well then what if I do this?” Snap, snap… slap.


     Three orgasms, one on top of the other. I think I might’ve cum so hard I passed out right before the moment of truth that sent my seed pouring into Irina’s depths. The twitching of her cunt told me she liked what she was feeling and seeing. Not as much as I did, but a lot. Seeing me like that once didn’t seem to be enough for her though, she kept the pattern going endlessly. Snap, snap, slap. snap, snap slap to the rhythm of King’s We Will Rape You. I don’t know how many times she wrung my semen out of me with those rhythmic noises from her hands, but she didn’t stop until my twitching cock and desperate thrashing sent her groaning into her own orgasm.


     She lay on top of me sucking in air and revelling in the feeling of my semen overflowing from her pussy as I tried to straighten out my thoughts again.

“I love how thick your spirit energy is.” Irina cooed. “You know, in the old days you’d get in trouble for feeding a succubus this well.”

“Call the town guard, I don’t give a fuck. Anyway, would you untie me now?”

“Fine.” The cuffs fell open with a simple touch of her finger. It made all my thrashing earlier seem kind of silly.


     Well, I’d cum enough for a week and I was free now so I slid away from Irina as promptly as I could. For some reason she seemed disappointed as she watched me strip off her stockings and slip back into my clothes.

“Aww, you’re not going to stay and cuddle?”

“Like hell.” I was almost at the door before she had a chance to anything more.

“Hey Stud?”


Snap. My sagging legs damn near sent me into the doorframe. I just barely managed to catch myself and stagger into the refreshingly noisy hall on coltish legs. Irina’s giggling face was the last I saw of her as I slammed her door behind me. Bitch.



     Each tick of my clock marked the end of an aeon. Argh, this was so uncomfortable! The boy I liked and his sister were right next door doing things. I KNEW and I couldn’t do anything about it! I could’ve stopped it, all I had to do was say something simple, but I was a coward. Well, I couldn’t be sure it’d matter even if I’d told him how to get around Irina’s spell. There were better options out there, after all: Irina, some girl I didn’t know about... a whore…. farm animals. Man, I was only driving myself nuts sitting around berating myself. With a sigh I stood up and decided to do what I normally did when I felt this frustrated: get out and move.


     As I locked my door and slid the key under the mat I took one more look at his house. It was hard not to dwell on what I knew was going on over there right about now, but I couldn’t do anything about it. I’d missed that chance. This was normal for them anyway, gross as that was. It wasn’t like I even had anything concrete to worry about. I mean, I had a bad feeling but it was nothing more than that. I couldn’t even call it woman’s intuition since I still wasn’t a woman yet; what did a stupid virgin know about crap in the bedroom?


     The weather was warm and sunny, and that really wasn’t helping. I needed some clouds and a little wind; it felt stupid sulking around in such a bad mood when I should be out hiking through the woods or something. In a moment of clarity I found myself near the park. Maybe I could do both? With nothing else to do I turned toward the trailhead to see if I could lose myself in nature.


     I thought as I kicked a rock down the trail. Life isn’t fair. I mean, yeah, I’d let the guy I liked be stolen away from me by his sister of all people, but the cards were stacked against me from the start. All of the monster girls around were naturally cute, even the most brutish oni had some appeal. But me? I could try my hardest and people would still ignore me. It wasn’t my fault, I was only human. What chance did I have with magical sex goddesses like Irina walking around? Sometimes I wished I’d at least been born a monster, maybe an elf or something. Then I’d have some grace and flair and at least a couple of B cups.


     I may have been doing my damndest to curse my life but it was still hard not to calm down. There was the sound of dirt under my feet, birds chirping, the wind just starting to whisper through the trees. It was peaceful. Something else was mixed into that natural orchestra too, though. Something human. I had to stop walking, close my eyes and hold my breath to hear it. Moaning? The sound came again and I swiveled my head to pinpoint it. The trail bent away from the direction that noise was coming from, whoever was making it wasn’t where they were supposed to be. There wasn’t any mystery; a couple had probably snuck off for a little loud private time, nothing new there. At the same time there were plenty of ways to get hurt if you weren’t paying attention: sprained ankles, falling branches, snake bites, that sort of thing. Were there snakes here? There were probably snakes here.


     From this distance I couldn’t tell if that moaning was because someone was having fun or someone was hurt. Finding out would be simple enough, all I had to do was go check it out. If it was a pair of lovers I could sneak away without disturbing anyone— or throw a few rocks, depending on my mood— and if someone was hurt I could get help. Just in case I reached for my device as I headed off the trail. I didn’t have it. Stupid dress not having pockets, stupid purses being annoying, stupid chest not being big enough to hold anything in my bra... that put me in a bad mood again quickly. Ugh, if someone was hurt I could still track down a phone if I got back to the trail, and if it was someone screwing I would definitely throw rocks.


     Our little forest got to be pretty dense, between the trees and whatever brush managed to pop up I could barely see twenty yards in front of me sometimes. My white sundress quickly took on streaks of the browns and greens of the woods as I trampled and brushed against everything in my way. I didn’t care, the damn dress hadn’t done me any good, why should I be good to it? I was probably going to throw it away when I got home anyway, a tough pair of pants with lots of pockets would’ve been better in a situation like this anyway. If I had pockets I’d have my phone and probably some water, too.


     I kept my bearings, but I quickly lost sight of the trail of as I trekked deeper into the woods. Somehow it seemed like I never got closer to the noise; either whoever was making it was moving away or they were getting quieter as I got closer. Was someone messing with me? If all this was someone with too much time on their hands they were going to get it.


     My path lead to the creek running through the park. The ground got muddy near the bank so I didn’t want to get too close, but the moaning and my curiosity drew me in. There were no footprints in the mud but there was a wide mark like something pulled itself out of the water. I couldn’t call myself an expert, but the slide looked fresh. It didn’t seem like there should be anything that big in the water around here, and if it was walking around I definitely didn’t want to be in the area. The moaning had stopped too. Screws this, I was outta here.


     As my better judgement kicked in and I finally did a 180 something snapped in the distance. I froze and listened, the hair on the back of my neck standing up, but the woods were silent. There weren’t even any birds chirping nearby now. Weird...


No response came. If anything it got quieter, like someone was holding their breath and watching me. So creepy! I grabbed a heavy looking stick as I edged back the way I came and called out again.

“Hey, if anyone’s there just leave me alone. I don’t want any trouble.”

Yeah, that was intimidating. But then, how scary could a girl in a dirty dress carrying a stick be?


     I didn’t wait for a response before starting to powerwalk. Just stay calm, Coral. Get away from the riverbank so you don’t have to worry about crocodiles or whatever and you’ll be fine. It’s broad daylight, nothing weird is going to happen, nothing ever happens while the sun is up. Don’t run or you’ll trip, just keep moving like this, get to the trail and everything’s good. In a few minutes this’ll all be a funny story you can tell your parents toni— tomorrow. Ah, there was no one waiting for me to come home, was there? But that didn’t matter because nothing was going to happen!


     I counted my steps to give me something to focus on. I needed to do something to keep my nerves from getting to me, you know? If I didn’t do something I’d freak out and run into a tree or something. Ha, that’d be embarrassing, wouldn’t it?


I made it twelve paces before I went down.


     Something locked around my ankle mid-stride and I went down hard. I yelped and clawed at the ground, struggling to flip myself over as the thing around my ankle yanked me backward. My mighty stick barely held up to one swipe against the squishy form of my attacker.


     The world became vividly clear as my adrenaline kicked in and I identified what I was being dragged toward. A woman in a black dress stepped out from behind a tree I walked past earlier. She looked mostly normal aside from a wet looking black dress and the carpet of river weeds stuck to her, but behind her five more of the pink tentacle looking things wiggled against each other. Even as my panicked brain struggled to put a name to  what I was seeing the scream that was building in the back of my throat burst from my tongue.


     I tried to scream, but as soon as I opened my mouth a bulbous tentacle shot forward and surged into my mouth until I thought my jaw would dislocate. It tasted like someone had mixed sour milk and vodka and was cold and slimy like a rotting fish. Gross! Out, out, get it out! The mucus dripping off of it left a burning sensation wherever it touched, but that didn’t stop me from trying to yank the wiggling appendage away with my bare hands. Every ounce of my strength didn’t do a damn thing but make my hands slip and my teeth didn’t do much more as the woman’s squirming feeler pushed deeper toward the back of my throat and filled my mouth with its secretions. I couldn’t yell and didn’t have a chance of fighting back. I wasn’t getting away from this, was I? Oh god, why hadn’t I just minded my own busines?!


     The woman’s unnaturally strong fingers pried my hands away from the invading tentacle and pinned them to the ground, laying her body across mine in the process. Two more tentacles held my head still as the original tentacle twisted in my mouth, coating every surface with more of its rank slime. I would not, could not swallow that filth, but some of it was dripping farther backward now, tickling my throat. I willed myself not to take any of it in, but even as I thrashed beneath my attacker nature proved too strong and I reflexively swallowed. The mucous was thick, it stuck to my throat and sent me into a coughing fit making me take even more of the slime into my stomach and lungs.


     Something was wrong. A tingling sensation spread from my stomach outward. My limbs were tired like I’d been struggling for hours instead of maybe a minute and the nervous feeling of my fight or flight response running at full tilt completely evaporated. I wasn’t scared anymore. That was terrifying. The kind of groggy light-headed feeling you get from good cold medicine wrapped around my consciousness and a thought my terror superseded before floated to mind.


     I knew what this woman was. She was one of the worst kind of monsters, worse than the kind that kidnapped men, her variety kidnapped women and twisted their being into something something sick, a caricature of the original. She was a roper.


     Logically I was terrified, emotionally I was disinterested. I’d never been as comfortably calm before as I was at that moment, and even the visions of what was going to happen to me if I didn’t escape this instant weren’t enough to change that. The forces of logic and feeling battled to control my body’s response. The result was the odd twitch— little more than a token effort, really— as I suckled on the tentacle still in my mouth. It was a struggle to focus on the smiling face of my attacker as she haltingly spoke like a child trying to put words together.

“Don’t worry… everything is gonna… happy?”

I didn’t wanna happy, I wanted to free. Please, someone help.


     Satisfied that I wasn’t going anywhere the woman removed her tentacles and rolled us over so I was on top with her arms clutching my head to her chest. My mom used to do that… I could feel her doing something with her tentacles between where her legs would have been if she still had any. I was worried, but I couldn’t bring myself to leave her warm embrace. After a little bit and some moaning on the part of my captor one of the tentacles ascended past my face with a blood red bead on its tip. The woman holding me to her bosom kissed the red ball and the tentacle wiggled back the way it came moving more slowly than I’d ever seen any of those tentacles move before and dripping slime like a faucet.


     That was a roper seed, it had to be. That harmless looking sphere was my doom. This is your last chance Coral, get the hell up and run! RUN! RUN, GODDAMIT!


I sighed around my fleshy gag.


     Two tentacles spread my legs. One hiked up my dress. One more slid my panties aside. Finally the last tentacle, one of the bulbous monstrosities that barely fit in in my mouth, pushed against my anus. No, that’s too big, there’s no way it’ll f—ARGH! My body finally gave a response my brain was happy with as I reflexively shoved all of my remaining strength into escaping the oversized phallus bent on destroying my ass. The roper just squeezed her tentacles tighter and stroked my hair as I groaned around her gag.

“It okay... feel good soon.”


     IT HURTS! GOD, MAKE IT STOP! It hurts! Stop it…  ahaha, it hurts so freaking much, that’s so weird~ Every inch of that tentacle that forced itself into me brought more of that nice tingling feeling. Mercifully as more of that slime was introduced into my system that fuzz wrapping around my thoughts got thicker and warmer. Mmm, I was turning stupid but at least stupid didn’t hurt. The woman raping me continued to stroke my hair as the slime took effect and I sagged against her. I was content to drool on her chest.


     After an eternity the limbs holding me down let go and the tentacles in my mouth and ass slid out and I was laid down on my back, my mind too hazy and my body too heavy to move. The roper gave my head one last pat and a word of encouragement.

“Thanking… you. Luck good.”

And she was gone back into the creek.


     I was alone and no one knew where I was. The only movements I could even make were unwanted twitches of my leg. It dimly registered that I was in a bad situation, but I couldn’t bring myself to give a damn. Still, through it all a voice screamed inside my head like an unheeded lighthouse in the fog.

“It’s growing inside of you!”



     Now that I’d been used and abused a little my earlier victory in defeat spiel seemed a lot less powerful. As it turned out the end result wasn’t that much worse than usual since Iri tended to dom kinda hard when she had the chance anyway. The only real damage done was to my pride, my sore crotch and my wrists, which I’d managed to rub raw despite all the fuzz on Irina’s handcuffs.


     I washed off the various fluids that marked my submission and collapsed into bed. Sleep took me immediately and I didn’t wake up until long after dinner time. As I groggily sat up and thought about how to fill my gurgling stomach I took note that the light in Coral’s window wasn’t on yet. She must be downstairs playing video games or sulking. I’d have to text her later.


     A quick fridge raid later I was back upstairs and still kinda hungry; I’d gone through everything a little too well the first time. After a long day of orgasm denial and being used by a succubus it was time to relax a little so I popped my device in its cradle and turned on the big screen to watch a movie or something. The first image I was greeted with was of a woman in a modestly low cut dress looking towards the camera. Aaaaand I’d forgotten to do my homework. So much for unwinding tonight, I’d have to burn the midnight oil to get this done.


     School the next day was exhausting. Not only because I’d been up most of the night finishing that stupid history assignment, but also because Coral wasn’t there. Had she decided to give herself a four day weekend? If her parents got back late enough in the day it’d make sense for her to take advantage of the last of her freedom. Something bugged me a little about the fact that her light had never come on and she didn’t show up to school, but I brushed it off.


     The station wagon Coral’s parents drove was sitting in their driveway when I got home. I thought about going over to see what she’d been up to, but since she normally had some sports club or another after school it’d be weird if I was looking for her this early. Wouldn’t want to mess things up if she had just taken the day off, right?


     A good gaming session takes concentration and a lot of uninterrupted free time. I hadn’t had much of either over the weekend so I’d neglected a few things I wanted to play. Because my teachers didn’t seem to want to get back to work so soon either they hadn’t assigned any homework, which meant I was a free man. Without further ado I hooked up my device to the TV and grabbed a controller. It was go time.


     Mom and came home maybe two hours after I started and Dad came upstairs a little after her. I gave them both a grunt as they went into their room. The doorbell rang but I ignored it because I was on a roll. Instead Dad shuffled downstairs to answer it. I kept going until he plodded back upstairs and stuck his head through my door.

“Hey son, have you seen Coral since yesterday?”

“Since yesterday?”

“Yeah. Her dad says she never checked in last night and she’s still not home. Do you know anything?”

Uh-oh. “Uh, she never turned on her light last night and she wasn’t at school today. She’s not answering her device?”

“It’s on her dresser. Alright, Mom and Iri and I are going to go help look for her, watch Ema for—”

“I’m coming too.” Even as the words left my mouth I dropped the controller and started rooting under the bed for a pair of shoes.

“No, someone has to watch your sister.”

“Come on, she’s eight. She’s old enough to leave alone for a few hours, right?”

Dad looked like he wanted to say no, but the determination in my eyes was enough to make him hesitate. I pushed the issue before he said no again. “Come on, I’ll even turn on that tracking app you gave me.”  He scratched his head before replying.

“Alright, just make sure your device is charged.”



     Dad gave me a few safety pointers as I got myself ready. Good shoes, a flashlight just in case, a little water… okay. I made a beeline for the front door but barely made it down the stairs before Descartes intercepted me with his leash in his mouth. Walking past him did nothing, he followed beside me nudging the handle into my hand.

“You can’t come boy, I’m busy.”

He whined.

“Let him come,” Dad suggested. “He might be good company.”

“Fine. Stand still, D.”


     With the dog leashed up my family met up with Coral’s out front. The cops said it was too early to file a missing persons report and there were still a few hours of daylight left so we could put together an impromptu search. The succubi would spread out from where we were and see if they could spot her from the air, Coral’s parents would drive out farther and check a few places she might be while I walked to the closer places you couldn’t check out from the air. We knew she wasn’t at school or on the route there, so my first stop would be the local arcade then the park.


     Coral wasn’t at the arcade and probably wouldn’t have been because that was a favorite hangout of truancy officers. The park was next, and Descartes happily lead me there. The dog trotted down the forest trail, I kept my head on a swivel looking for anything suspicious. There wasn’t a thing, but that didn’t say much when I didn’t know what I was looking for. Descartes’ nose was working the entire time. He stopped to mark more often than I would’ve liked since lots of people walked their dogs through the area, but at one point halfway down the path I normally took him down Descartes stopped, sniffed, then walked as far off the trail as the slack in his leash would let him. As soon as he hit the end of the cord he turned and looked back at me without relieving the pressure on his neck. Well that was weird. Descartes never pulled on his leash, if he was doing it now that probably mean there was something more interesting than a deer where he wanted to go. What the hell, why not? I stacked a couple of rocks where I left the trail and followed the dog.


     We walked on for some distance with the wind at our backs. The dog kept his nose to the ground until the breeze reversed directions. The dog immediately lifted his head as soon as the air hit my face and bolted back in the opposite direction.

“Whoa, what’s up with you? You can’t just do a 180 like that.”

Of course a nervous whine was the only answer he could give, but the D still insistently pulled back the way we’d come.


     I stopped to consider whether or not to let the dog pull me away when  there was a pause in the wind completely and I heard it. Somewhere off in the distance someone moaned. The sound wasn’t straight ahead, but it had come from the direction I was travelling in. The dog may have wanted to get the hell out of there, but there was no way I could ignore that. I gave a gentle pull on Descartes’ leash. He didn’t move, so I pulled harder and he fell into step beside me with a whimper.

“Yeah, I know boy. We’re gonna do this nice and careful and quiet, alright?”


     Who was I kidding? The dog padded along next to me, old instincts not yet dead letting it creep through the underbrush. I, on the other hand, sounded like a gorilla running through a thicket. I quickly dropped the stealth routine and instead paused at odd intervals to listen for anything sneaking up on me. There never was anything but that moaning in the distance that came every time I stopped moving. I got close to it, then circled around to check it out. The trees screened my line of sight so I couldn’t see the source, but there didn’t seem to be anyone or anything else dangerous around.

“Coral?” I called out as I tied Descartes to a tree near where I thought the sound was coming from. The dog whimpered as I walked away, but I already knew how he felt about this.


     I stalked towards the source and locked my eyes onto a rotting log as the moan came again. Careful now… I crept up to it, took a breath and stuck my head over the side.


     There was Coral, lying on her back, scratched up and filthy like she’d been bear hugged by the entire forest. The ground looked liked she’d dragged herself to where she was, too.

“Jesus Christ, what happened to you?” Coral smiled at me as I vaulted over the log and crouched next to her, weakly groping for my hands as she spoke.

“Went for a walk because you and Iri were… then heard something, went to look and— ah!”

A spasm shook Coral’s body mid sentence and she squeezed my hands so hard I thought they might break. I spoke soothingly as her body relaxed.

“Easy, you can tell me later. Are you alright?”

“Feel great~”


     She sure as hell didn’t look great. Aside from the dirt she’d managed to pick up and the spasms she was apparently having her entire body was sweatier than the heat demanded. Looking more closely at the dopey expression on her face I was disturbed to find that her pupils weren’t evenly dilated either. She was talking kinda funny too, had Coral hit her head? Maybe someone slipped her something? At least it didn’t look like she was bleeding.

“Can you walk? We need to get you outta here.” If I could get her back on the trail I might be able to have someone come pick us up. At least we’d be easier to find there if nothing else.

“Teehee, don’t wanna~” Like hell I was going to able to carry her, we must’ve been about half a mile off the trail. Fine, we could do this the hard way. Or rather, I was ready to do this the hard way; Coral wouldn’t let go of my hands so I could reach my device.

“Let go, I need need to make a call.”

“Don’t wannaaaaa!”

“Coral, stop!” Why couldn’t I get her off? I shook and yanked my hands but her grip was like a vice. “Come on!”

All I got in response was an uncharacteristically girlish giggle until another groan accompanied spasm racked her body. I took the chance to finally yank a hand free, but something was off about the way she sounded. That groan wasn’t brought on by pain or surprise, it was a sound of pleasure. A moan. That couldn’t be good. Unless her hands had suddenly become an erogenous zone no one was even touching her. Looking couldn’t bring anything good, but I had to know so I slowly turned to look at her crotch.


There was something moving under her dress.


     No, no, no! Please let that be a snake! My stomach sank and my arms shook, but still I had to know.

“I need to check on something. I’m not doing anything pervy, okay?”

“You can do somethin’ pervy if ya waaaant.” That was so not Coral. Please don’t say that.


     I really didn’t want to look. Part of me knew I didn’t want to know. Another part of me knew I needed to know. Oh man, I had to check. Get it together! I was a man, I couldn’t just sit there hoping I was imagining things. Okay, on three. One. My free hand clutched the hem of Coral’s sundress. Two. Deep breath in. Three. Up!


     It should’ve been a quick peak. Coral would’ve been embarrassed enough that I looked up her skirt at all later, she’d die if I stared. Still, somehow I couldn’t look away from the fleshy pink tube rooting around under Coral’s panties. There was a second one waving aimlessly between her legs, a fat, stubby little thing not even long enough to reach her knees that reminded me vaguely of a drowning earth worm. Was it looking at me? Oh man…


     I was gonna hurl. Swallowing back my rising bile was a desperate struggle as I dropped the cloth. Goddammit, why?! I didn’t know exactly what I was looking, but I knew what it meant. Coral was a human girl, there weren’t supposed to be things around that could turn her into something else anymore! What the hell should I do now? Get the hell away, that’s what I should do. I couldn’t just leave Coral laying in the woods though!

“Somethin’ wrong?” Did she seriously not know those were there?

“N-nope. I was just noticing that you’re, uh, wearing nice panties.”

“Liiiiiiar. Hey.”




     It shouldn’t be possible for someone to slam into you from the ground, but Coral did it, somehow twisting in the process so by the time we settled in the dirt she was sitting on top of me with her thighs clamped around mine and her hands grasping my chin. Our mouths were inseparably attached, her tongue forcing its way past my teeth. For a second I thought I had thrown up in my mouth, but I soon realized it was her spit sticking to every part of my mouth and burning what it touched instead. I couldn’t push her off of me. It was like having a ten ton weight on my hips raping my mouth, insatiably probing deeper, filling my mouth with more of the burning goo. There was a puddle of it collecting at the back of my throat when Coral starting stroking my neck. Something about the way she did it tickled, despite my best efforts she managed to coax me into swallowing some.


     It was an involuntary reflex, but I regretted doing it anyway. The stuff that burned in my mouth burned like fire in my throat and I coughed violently as my body fought to push it back out. Gross, I think I inhaled some… that felt weird. Coral finally relented her onslaught on my mouth as she watched whatever the hell I just swallowed take effect.


     It wasn’t actually unpleasant. There was just sort of a heaviness in my body because muscles I didn’t even know I had were relaxing. The accompanying fuzziness of thought wasn’t bad either, everything just felt soft like it didn’t matter. I was still screaming in my head that I needed to get away and find help, but every other part of me couldn’t be bothered to care. My muscles were loose, my head was soft, my cock wasn’t. It almost wasn’t an exaggeration to say I was rock hard; even though Irina milked me bone dry just the day before my boner was ready for hours of action. Everything felt so good…


     Coral leaned in for another kiss. Her tongue slid past my slack jaw and cuddled up next to my tongue in the back of my throat. More of that vile fluid seeped into my mouth as well. I couldn’t swallow any more of that. If only a little taste did this to me there was no telling what more could do. Nevermind. Even convincing my body not to swallow as the secretions hit my uvula proved too much effort for my addled mind; I readily gulped down every drop as Coral continued to plunder my oral cavity.


     When I couldn’t go any more mentally numb without passing out Coral sat up. Hey, she was all wiggly. I hadn’t noticed before, but somehow not caring about the situation let me see more about it. Coral’s movements were usually sharp and precise, years of sports had seen to that. Now though she seemed slower and… wobbly? Haha, her entire body was moving like that tentacle earlier! There should be something unsettling about that, shouldn’t there? Whaaaatever.


     She tried to undo my jeans next but somehow couldn’t seem to figure out the button or zipper; as a result they ended up shredded to pieces above my knees. Aw, I kinda liked those pants. Coral’s hips hovered above my member. With the oddly clammy fabric of her dress covering both of us from the waist down I couldn’t see where we were going to connect, but I could still feel the heat radiating off of her womanhood.


     I lost myself savoring the cool feeling of Coral’s moist dress on my skin as her hips descended until the barking of a dog disturbed both of us. Descartes frantically lunged at Coral, dragging the remains of a well-chewed leash and barking all the while. One lucky nip caught the hem of Coral’s dress and my trusty hound pulled backward in an attempt to tug Coral off of me. I was treated to a glimpse of those wonderful panties again, Coral treated Descartes to a jaw rattling punch. The dog let go and grew skittish after that, staying just out of Coral’s reach and whimpering until the girl atop me started pelting him with whatever was in reach. Descartes had tried hard to help me, but that was all he could take. With one last glance at me he took off, racing through the forest. Run Lassie, go get ma and pa!


     It was quiet now. No more struggling, no more distractions, just Coral staring into my glassy eyes and our body heat. I’d never been raped before, but the tiny fraction of me still capable of caring about anything wasn’t worried about me, it was worried about her. Sex— no, absorbing my spirit energy— would be bad for Coral. I couldn’t dredge up the name or much relevant information about the thing wiggling out of Coral’s back, but I knew I couldn’t fuck it. Taking me in would be the last thing anything left of Coral ever did. For her own good I had to fight back.


     I think maybe my finger twitched as Coral aligned herself and slid down my shaft to the hilt. I was horrified, but I’d never seen Coral look happier; the warmth of her smile could’ve melted an ice cap. She kept that smile as she reached down to touch where we connected and her mouth gaped before she finally found the word she wanted.

“Husband, love you.”




“Okay, now follow the light for me.”



     How many times was I going to follow the light? I sat in a hospital bed patiently letting the staff poke, prod and pinch me. Okay, the way my head was feeling I couldn’t be anything but patient, but still. Was there even a point to all of this? The staff had already proven they had no clue what they were doing. After the medics blew a ton of time checking me out when Coral was the one they had to worry about they’d packed me into an ambulance and shipped me to the hospital. I wasn’t paralyzed, but I was lying on the gurney dead to the world so there was talk of finding something that would work as a roper anti-venom. One of the doctors injected something into my IV bag, my heart went into palpitations and I passed out. I’m not really sure, but from the reactions they had when I came to I’m pretty sure I almost died because of that fuckup. The word “try” was thrown around a lot as they figured out how to treat me, but a new bag of fluids and some stimulants later I could move and talk well enough again. I was still feeling entirely apathetic emotionally, but at least I could think. I’d take it.


     Mom, Dad and Ema swooped in again as soon as the medical staff took their leave. They’d already gotten the story out of me, so they didn’t really have anything to do but smother me and hem and haw over how glad they were that I was okay. I was more interested in the news Irina was going to bring back.


     It didn’t take too long for a gurney carrying someone with a familiar sleeping face past my door. Coral’s family and Irina trailed behind it as the nurses wheeled the bed to Coral’s room down the hall. Irina broke away as the train passed and stepped into my room. She stood near the door holding her wrist near her waist. No one spoke. So we were already off to a bad start, huh? Screw it, if everyone else was going to dance around asking I would just be blunt and make her spit the information out.

“What’d they say?”

Iri fidgeted as she answered, her eyes looking everywhere but someone’s face. “Well, they’re still exploring the options, and…”

“Irina.” Just get to it.

Now her gaze fell to the floor. “They… they can’t operate. It’s already spread to her brain, so even if they try it’d just grow back from whatever pieces they miss and they’re as likely to kill her as get all of it.”

“Oh no.” Mom gasped.

“They’re calling in specialists that have actually dealt with ropers before, so maybe…”


     Everything we were hearing right now was second hand. Irina wouldn’t have been allowed into the consultation room, but Coral’s parents would’ve given her the gist. If even the information filtered through a hopeful source was this bleak… should I be crying? Maybe I should’ve felt angry? Silent tears rolled down Mom’s cheeks, Dad and Iri both had the same strained calm expression with a telling lip tremble, and even Ema who had no idea what was going on looked worried. I was the only one in the room with a straight face. Maybe it was better that way.


     The thing about this kind of situation is that there’s never anything you can do. You sit and you wait, but everything worth doing is being taken care of by someone else with more knowledge and resources, you have no way to take action. Even then, when someone you care about is in trouble sitting still isn’t human nature. We talked. It was mainly empty conjecture, none of us really knew anything about what we were saying. Everyone with the exception of Ema who seemed content to sit in her big bwutha’s lap and her big bwutha who had the weight of a child on his legs to keep him from squirming too much paced the room.


     We all had a sort of unspoken agreement that we should leave Coral’s folks alone. I may still have been in the hospital but I was awake and talking, my family had the knowledge that unless the doctors fucked up again I’d be alright; Coral’s parents didn’t. All the news they got seemed to indicate things were only going to get worse, so we left them alone to cool down. Our families were close so it went without saying that we had their backs, but sometimes people needed space. I think Ema might’ve missed that memo. She was the first to suggest going down the hall together to check on Coral with a childish disregard of the circumstances. Mom and Dad went through the requisite refusal, but quickly talked themselves into agreeing.


     Mom and Irina bullied the staff into letting me go for a walk and the family headed out. Coral’s room was only a few doors down, but Dad still insisted on holding my arm as I used the other to move my IV stand in front of me like a cane. We checked in with the security guard posted outside of Coral’s private room then let ourselves in and found Coral’s parents taking up two chairs inside the door to her room.


     All we got upon entering was a simple nod from Coral’s dad; he was too busy consoling his sobbing wife to stand up and shake hands. Our presence was enough to get a larger reaction out of Coral’s mom; she sat up and dried her eyes with a napkin in an imitation of the strong front her husband was putting up. Her eyes still told it all though. Coral had taken her mother’s eyes: strong, vibrant, full of life. The eyes that looked at us now were nothing like that though. They were red and puffy from tears and oh so very tired. She looked over all of us with bleary eyes, but when she came to me there was a flicker in her expression. I couldn’t tell if it was anger or sadness, but it stirred something in me too despite the goo still coursing through my veins. She thankfully avoided looking at me again after that. Good, I didn’t want to find myself under a gaze like that.


     The usual banalities were exchanged, those tired but necessary “how are you holding up”s and “we’ll be fine, how about you”s and everyone settled in. There was a window looking out into a rapidly darkening sky on the far side of the room. I took a spot next to Coral’s brother leaning against it and looked down on my oldest friend.


     Coral was sleeping, the concoction the doctors had given her kept her down deep and quiet. That still didn’t seem to be enough to stop her new tentacles from wriggling. She still only had two of those, but they were full size now, almost as long as she was tall. Apparently milking me three times before anyone got to us had been enough to make those grow in. I could only imagine what she’d look like if she’d had more time to absorb my spirit energy. A pair of handcuffs locked each of Coral’s wrists to the bed rails and a set of wrist restraints strapped her new slimy appendages to the bed. The cuffs looked strong enough, but I had to doubt the efficacy of the restraints; they were being used to hold down fleshy tubes, those tentacles could slip right through them if Coral was awake enough to move them. Irina seemed to notice the same thing I did and sheepishly pointed in the general direction of Coral’s hands.

“Hey, um, are those going to be enough?”

Coral’s brother spoke up in response. “They’re supposed to be. One of the orderlies said Scylla and the like normally just get drugged up ‘cause they can’t tie down all the tentacles well. Stupid fucks don’t even have the right kind of bed and we’ve gotta trust them to take care of her?”

“They’re flying in experts. In the morning we’ll have some people that can do a better job.” Coral’s father objected, but it didn’t sound like he even believed what he was saying. Neither did the brother.

“And how many HOURS late is that going to be?! They’re already talking like she’s through and they want us to wait for some balding jackass to catch a redeye to come help?!” No one said anything in response to the outburst, but Coral’s old lady started sobbing again. “Sorry. I’m going for a walk.” He left and the silence rolled on. What was there to say? Iri sighed repeatedly, then finally spoke.

“I wish we could at least talk to her.”


     Whatever was left of her, she meant. I’d done some quick research as soon as they let me have my device back. Ropers weren’t like the other monsters that transformed human women. With those there might be some pretty extreme shifting of values after the change, but the end result would still be recognizable as the same person in terms of intellect and personality. With ropers though, the mamonozation process wasn’t really so much a transformation as an invasion. The roper seed tunneled through the walls of the colon and into the spine to tap into the central nervous system. From there it took direct control of the lower body and started spreading up to the brain even as it started growing its first tentacles outside of the body to stimulate the host into moaning and attracting a mate. Once even a relatively small part of the roper’s spreading neural network reached the host’s brain the consensus was that the gig was up; It would hijack the host’s brain and use all of the host body’s senses as its own. Mature ropers still managed simple speech, but no one knew if the responses they gave were from the host or the the roper. When Coral told me she loved me earlier, was that her, or had she already been lobotomized? If we woke up the thing lying in bed would Coral be stuck inside her own head screaming to be let out or was she already dead as we knew her? No one even knew.


     What was almost as bad as what ropers did was how hard they were to remove. The entire thing could regenerate from a small cluster of cells once they were inside. Really, trying to remove all traces of a roper was less like dealing with a parasite and more like dealing with an aggressive cancer. You could chop the tentacles off as often as you wanted, cut out the seed, irradiate the host’s spine so hard it barely functioned and blast it with magic until the best healer passed out, but once a roper made it past the spine, like Coral’s already had, there wasn’t a single case where the roper hadn’t eventually gotten control of the brain.


     And all of this disgusting, absolutely horrifying crap came from something that Americans worried about less than Polio. There hadn’t been a single roper sighting, let alone an attack, in the US for over twenty years. That, of course, meant that even the “experts” hadn’t dealt with an actual case in at least as long.


Do you ever get the feeling that you’re too curious for your own damn good? I had that feeling and it made me sick.


     Time passed slowly. The heavy atmosphere in the room didn’t breed conversation in the least, and any that did crop up wasn’t pleasant so the parents hugged each other and everyone sighed until Ema pulled on mom’s shirt.

“Mama, I’m hungry.”

“It’s late, isn’t it?” Mom answered, then looked to Coral’s folks. “We should probably all get something to eat.”

Bull, she and Dad had been going at it like rabbits for the last few days, food was probably the last thing on her mind. Still, Coral’s parents were human, making sure they ate and keeping them company at times like this was something friends did.

“I’m good for another day or two.” Irina chimed in.

“I’m not hungry either.” I didn’t feel like I ever would be again. “I don’t think I could keep anything down, anyway.” That was a lie, but I’d avoid anyone trying to force food on me that way.


     Mom nodded and everyone but Iri and I cleared the room. My sister took one of the free chairs and I turned away from Coral to rest my forehead on the cooling glass of the window.

“Do you ever wonder why things like this happen?” Irina asked as soon as she was settled. “I mean, it all seems kind of random, doesn’t it? The roper, Coral being out to begin with…”

“I know why.”


“I know why. I can’t explain the roper, but Coral was out walking because she knew what we were doing.”

“What who was doing? When?”

“You and me. Yesterday when you had me cuffed to the bed, remember? She found out. I told her about it.” It finally hurt. At last the emotional pain of the situation was starting to power through the roper’s poison. The first heat of tears welled up in my eyes as I gazed down at traffic. And after I’d managed not to cry all this time!

The chair creaked as Iri stood. “What are you saying?”

“She knew we did it sometimes. She never liked the idea, but she didn’t normally know when it happened either. This time she did. I was so pent up and frustrated I needed to talk to someone and Coral wanted to let me vent, so I gave her the story about what happened this weekend. All of it. She knew I was going to give up at the end so she went for a walk to get away from us doing each other.”

“You can’t know—”

“She told me. It was one of the last things she said. One of the last things she’ll ever say.”


     Suddenly, I was spun around and pushed  back against the glass. Irina’s hands shook as she squeezed my shoulders and I’d never seen her so pale before either. Her face was way too close, too…

“Say it again so I can understand.”

There was nothing to say again, she'd heard what I said and knew what I meant. “This happened because she knew we were fucking, Irina.”


     The words were cold, callous and concise. Saying them hurt both of us but it needed to be done. Irina wobbled away from me like someone just hit her with a brick. I turned my head away and pretended not to notice while she puked in a trash can. I shouldn’t have told Coral anything. I should’ve just kept everything to myself and dealt with this like a man instead of leaning on Coral for support. If I had… or maybe if I hadn’t been the one to find her whoever did would’ve been smart enough to stay away so she couldn’t take their spirit energy. If that happened would the roper have still been immature enough to just cut out? No, it’d probably already been too late even then. Dammit!


     A pair of blue hands wrapped around the neck of my gown and pulled me close to their owner.

“How long did you know?” Irina’s voice didn’t hold an ounce of the emotion I expected; she sounded angry.

“She told me almost as soon as I found her.”

“WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?!” Irina was still disproportionately strong; she shook me so hard against the window I rattled the frame. “IF YOU JUST TOLD ME I COULD’VE— I could’ve—”

“You could’ve what, Iri?! LOOK at what happened the last time I let someone uninvolved with my issues in on them! What, you wanted me to tell you this is all our fault in front of Mom and Dad?! Coral’s mom already looks at me like she knows this is my fault, do you want that too?! Dammit, if only I’d kept my fucking mouth shut this wouldn’t have happened!” The sudden heat of my own anger extinguished Irina’s irrational one. She collapsed into my chest sobbing, her freakish strength seemingly gone, leaving her nothing but a girl quivering against me.

“Oh god, oh god, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry”

The door burst open as I was deciding if I should hug Irina or not.

“Is everything okay?!” The security guard demanded from the doorway with his hand on a tazer.

“We’re fine. Can we have some space?” My voice came out stronger than I intended, but it was enough to make the guard back down. He nodded as his posture relaxed and he moved to let the door close.

“I’ll be down the hall if you need me.” Don’t give me that you asshole, you were already down the hall. You couldn’t have taken so long to get here otherwise.


     I’d just dropped a bomb on Irina and she wasn’t taking it well. I had to pry her off of my shirt to make her sit in the chairs by the door, and as soon as I had her down she curled into the fetal position sobbing things like “all my fault” and “didn’t mean it.” Maybe it was her fault, she was definitely the root of the problem in the first place. Somehow I couldn’t find it in me to be mad at her right now though, I didn’t have room in my heart to stay angry at her, I was too filled with sorrow. That didn’t mean I had to be nice to Irina either, I just… I wanted to be away from her so I left her in that chair and went back to Coral’s side on the far side of the room.


     If you ignored the tentacles Coral looked so normal. The dress was already becoming part of the roper so the staff hadn’t been able to remove it and hadn’t bothered to put a gown over it either. It looked like she’d just stretched out on a hospital bed to take a nap. For the first time since coming here I touched her, taking her hand in mine. She hadn’t deserved this.  


     Coral’s eyelids snapped open. Shitshitshitshitshit! Between instincts screaming at me not to make any quick movements and the remnants of her poison earlier I managed to constrain my reaction to a sharp intake of breath. Her eyes wandered on the ceiling for half a second before they found my face and her face broke out into a smile.

“Hus… band.”

Bad, this was bad! As I stood frozen with my hand locked in hers, Coral’s new tentacles effortlessly slipped out of their restraints and felt up my arm to my face. There was no way I was going to get away from her probing so long as she still had my hand so I scanned the room in a panic. I met eyes with Irina who seemed frozen with the same realization I was having that things were about to go from bad to absolutely horrible.


     She gaped at me and whatever Coral had become, puffy eyes staring back at me like a confused child looking for instructions. I gave her some, my mouth forming words I didn’t voice.

“Get help!”

It was a simple instruction, but enough to cause action. Iri sprang from her seat and broke for the door. Too quickly. The sudden movement brought Coral’s attention to my sister in an instant. Irina already had her hand on the handle, but Coral moved quickly. In a flash a tentacle moved away from me and swung at the back of Irina’s head. The succubus collapsed in front of the door before she had a chance to do anything more than open it a crack and let out one scream for help.

“Iri!” I didn’t get a response, but it looked like she was still breathing at least.


     Did Coral know what she just did? As soon as Irina hit the ground Coral turned back to me with that same smile like she hadn’t just knocked another person unconscious from across the room.

Easy now… if that was how Coral reacted to threats I didn’t want to be seen as one. “Coral? Do you remember me?”


“Kiss later, maybe. Do you remember my n— whoa!” Both of her tentacles wrapped around my waist, pulling me against the bed rails. With the jingle of shaking handcuffs and a sickening pop she pulled both of her hands free and brought them to my face. Her thumbs weren’t sitting on her hands right, her skin was clammy and everything about her touch was unpleasant, but with the strength of her grip I couldn’t even arch my back to lean away. Once again all of my strength wasn’t enough to push her back; all I could do was plead as she brought our faces closer.

“Coral. Stop. Hey, I’m serious. Listen!” I don’t think she even heard me, I got no response at all and her face only grew closer. Okay, new approach. “Help! Somebody come h—”


     Tongue. I should’ve kept my teeth clenched, yelling only left my mouth open when she jumped the gap between us and kissed me. Her spit still had the same vile taste as before, but there was a sweet note to it now. I wanted to taste more. Somewhere far away the door hit something with a thump.

“I can’t get it open!” Of course you can’t, silly guard. There’s a big blue doorstop in the way!


     Coral released me as soon as I gulped down a few swallows of her spit. My knees went weak as the venom took effect, and Coral slithered out of bed to catch me. That loving smile never left her face as a tentacle reached back and chucked something through the window, showering us both in a rain of glass.

“Hey, stop!” The guard yelled again as he pushed the door a little farther open, sliding Irina back in the process. The thing Coral had become lifted me and stepped onto the windowsill without heeding or even reacting to the demand. All she saw was me as she looked down and slid forward into the night sky below.

“Love you.”



     We never found them. As soon as the news stations got ahold of the story there was no shortage of finger pointing and blame to be spread around: improper roper anesthetic procedures, a complete disregard for mamono restraint protocols, door guards flirting with nurses on the other side of the building, keeping escape risk patients in rooms with windows, the works. I didn’t give a shit about any of that. My brother was gone, Coral… no, “Coral” was gone and neither of them were coming back. They may not have been dead, but they were gone forever and it was all my fault.


     Rowan blamed himself for giving Coral information that lead her to go for that fateful walk in the woods, but if I hadn’t done such needlessly cruel things to him he wouldn’t have had anything to tell her in the first place. How could I have been so stupid? I never talked to my parents or anyone else about what happened. I couldn’t handle what they’d think of me if they knew, I wasn’t strong enough. The knowledge that I was responsible for the death of two people was a heavy burden to bear alone, but even if I let someone else in what good would it do? The damage was done, there was no taking it back.


     Killing myself was something that kept coming to mind. I came close a few times, but the looks on Mom and Dad’s faces when they found out my brother had gone missing were enough to stop me. They’d already lost a son, it wouldn’t be fair to take a daughter away from them too.


     Maybe if I lived on I’d be able to atone for what I’d done. I’d stolen the light of two people from the world, would I be able to do what good they would’ve done to make up for the lives I’d cut short? Could I ever do enough for three people? That was a tall order and I didn’t have any skills, but I thought about it for a while and I came up with something unusual for a succubus: I swore off men and took up the Good Book. I became a nun.


     A terrible nun. I converted, memorized all of the scriptures and learned the rituals but I couldn’t bring myself to believe in any of what I was saying or what I was doing. If there was a God out there he’d already proven himself too cruel to worship. Still, going on this way I could bring hope to others if I faked sincerity well enough. I didn’t know if I was pulling my own weight; I was a nun, not a saint. Was I doing enough good for one person, let alone three? The idea was to help others find their way so they didn’t end up like me, but somehow I didn’t feel like I was doing a good job. Still, what else could I do but keep going though?

     Funny thing about being a woman of the cloth: people expected you to smile. I’d lost the right and the ability to truly smile, but doing so was part of my job. It took a lot of practice in the mirror, but eventually I learned how to squeeze my muscles just the right way to pull off a good looking smile. It was like a calling card; I lived the rest of my days as “that nun:” the Sister with the dazzling smile and the hollow eyes.



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