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Even Though My Family Is A Bunch of Sex Demons I'm Actually Just A Horny Human! True End

Page history last edited by Sea Foam 5 years, 4 months ago

“I have an idea.”


Just as I turned to leave something caught my ear. Or at least I thought it did; whatever it was wasn’t much louder than a mouse sneezing.



“I have an idea.”

“What was that?”


“Ow. You didn’t have to yell.”

“For cryin’ out loud!” Coral’s facepalm rivalled mine from earlier. I would’ve admired it if I wasn’t seconds from plowing anything that moved.

“So what is it?”

“It’s… um…”


     It seemed Coral just found an incredibly interesting spot of carpet. Yeah, fuck this. I finally make up my mind for good and then Coral starts babbling like a kid getting dropped off at the sitter? I was trying to be patient, but I wasn’t a saint. With a final sigh I turned again and walked away as far as my shirt would let me. Coral somehow managed to close the gap between us in that amount of time and grab the hem of my shirt. It was only half a step before I ran out of slack.  She still couldn’t seem to look away from that spot on the floor though; she’d gotten closer to me, but no closer to whatever it was she was trying to say. Whatever it was must’ve seemed important to her, but I was not in the mood for this.

“Look, dammit—”

“Irina said it.” I still wanted Coral to hurry the hell up, but with her clinging to my clothes and looking that small I couldn’t say any more. Her eyes stayed rooted to the floor as she spoke. “She said someone else had to make you um… finish, right? It… kinda sounds like anyone can do it so long as it’s not you. I mean, if that’s the only requirement I can, maybe, like… I know I’m not girly or pretty or anything and my chest is flat, but I could… help?”


     Had Iri worded it that way? Maybe. I could still remember the sneer on her face. I wasn’t sure that would actually work though; this could all be part of the trap. I could let some other girl touch me and suddenly be overcome with an overwhelming need to fuck a certain succubus; reading about that other guy hadn’t done much for my confidence here. Almost as importantly…

“Do you know what you’re saying? You can’t even say ‘cum,’ but you’re volunteering to help me  get off? The gesture’s great, but—”

“C-c-cum! Look, I said it!”

“Coral, stop. I’m not going to treat you like some fuck toy just because you don’t like incest. No matter how trapped I feel, it’s not right.”

“I’m not doing this because of the incest! I’m doing it because I’m worried about what Irina’s going to do to you! And because...” She was still speaking, but I couldn’t make out a word she said after that.

“I couldn’t hear that l—”

“I said I like you!”


“I have for a while, okay?! I’ve been looking at you and dropping hints and trying to be girlier but you never noticed!”

“Really? I always just thought of you as a fr—.”

“I know, that’s the worst part! I thought maybe if I tried long enough you’d notice me, or maybe if I just got to be next to you it would be okay even if I wasn’t with you, but now someone else... Irina… I feel like if I don’t do something now I won’t have the chance again, so… I’m sorry.”


“Sorry.” Coral’s voice shook almost as much as as her white-knuckled hands still grasping my shirt. I couldn’t see her face, but I knew she was choking back tears. “I’m a selfish coward. I waited until you could barely say no to tell you this and now I’m crying too, so you can’t—”

“Shh.” A single finger to her lips stopped them and the tears now dripping down her face. “Sit down.”


     The sudden shock of a confession seemed to have cleared my mind up a little so I could actually focus. That was kinda refreshing. Still, my head was a mess, I did all of my thinking out loud as I paced in front of the bed.


“I’m not really sure what to do here. I don’t really care that you waited until you were in a corner to work up your courage or anything, I mean that gets pretty scary, especially the first time.”

“You really don’t think I’m being—”

“No, now let me think. The problem is that this came out of nowhere. I mean, we’re not dating or anything so it feels like I’m just using you like a hole to replace my sister and that’s fucked up in so many ways it makes me sick. I can’t even ask you out right now to get around that the way my head is working because I won’t know if I actually mean it, or if I’m just tricking myself into thinking I want to go out with you so I can get my dick wet.”

“I don’t mind, you know,” Coral said in a small voice. “If you use me, I mean. It’s okay.”

“It’s not okay! I mean it’s not like I think you’re unattractive or anything, but I can’t answer you right now, and I won’t feel right doing it with you until I do, and I won’t be able to answer until we’ve— dammit!”

“Hey.” A pair of arms wrapped around my waist from behind as a soothing heat soaked into my back. “Let’s make a contract.”

“A contract?” Thoughts that surprise once chased away came flooding back and I found myself arguing with my own libido. Even through two layers of fabric her body felt inviting. If I could just get her to move her hands a little or I managed to push her onto the bed again… no. I hoped she didn’t let go; if she was within reach I would attack her again. Would she even mind?


Coral hugged me closer before she continued talking. “Yeah. That way we can use each other. It’s okay that way, right?”


     A contract? Like a succubus? That’d be sex as an agreement instead of as an act of love. I didn’t want that, I’d already had enough empty sex, but Coral seemed fine with it and I didn’t have any other choice. Was it still empty if only one person was into it the romantic way for sure?


“Okay, but we have to do this all the way to the end, are you ready for that? If I get one pop and have to stop right now I’ll die.”

“Uh, yeah. But in return I get two things. One: you tell me how you feel about me. Not right now, but later, maybe tomorrow? Once you’ve calmed down anyway, I… I really need to know.”

“Easy. What’s the second condition?” And be fast about it.

“Um…” Coral didn’t answer until after she’d taken a breath and nuzzled her head into my shoulder. I could barely hear her when she was muffled by my flesh and shirt. “...Kiss me?”


“Don’t laugh, I’m serious!”

“Sorry, sorry. It’s a deal. There’s nothing for us to sign though…”

“Your word is fine. I mean, I trust you, so… what do I do?”

Bend over and let me make a sloppy mess of your— “Stay right there and use your hands.”


     Coral was putting every ounce of courage she had into this. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to tell she was a virgin, if we took any position other than the one we were in with her behind me and in complete control it’d result in me moving too fast, too hard and generally making her hate me. That would also mean the first shot I got after all that teasing would be from an awkward handjob, but hell, I was expecting everything about this to be awkward. I wouldn’t have this problem if I were fucking Irina. I could pound into any hole I wanted and she’d take it with a smile.Bad thought! I needed my pants off NOW! In the heat of the moment movements that were normally effortless became awkward and what should’ve been a ten second job took almost thirty.


     Finally they were off and my cock sprang free. Coral couldn’t see well over my shoulder but her hands on my naked hips still trembled. Goddammit.

“What do I do?”

Get on your knees and blow me! “Just stroke it a little. It won’t take much.”

Hesitantly Coral reached out to me. I wasn’t expecting anything great, but rather than even trying to pleasure me her movements were more like a baby petting its first puppy. She moved from my glans, playing with my precum as she slid down the underside of my shaft to lift my balls.

“It’s big.” I wasn’t too hung up on how well I was hung at the moment, I was more interested in cumming, and Coral’s exploration of my anatomy wasn’t doing shit.

“Hey, come on.”



     Coral was smart enough to lube her own hand with my fluids, but she stroked like a piston and her grip was loose. I was pent up to the point where a sneezing fly could’ve gotten me off but Coral still needed a guiding squeeze on her fingers and instructions to add a twist of her wrist before I started towards my orgasm. I had to struggle not to buck my hips or sag back into her as the moment of truth came.


     This was it. Either the two of us outsmarted Irina and I was going to blow a week’s worth of semen all over Coral’s hands or this was all part of the plan and I’d end up crying in a ball. My head went white as the hand so earnestly stroking me pushed me towards the edge. The world shrank to that pleasure, the sound of my own ragged breath mixing with Coral’s and the warmth against my back. I called out my orgasm with a grunt and exploded.


     Normally a handjob isn’t that big of a deal, you get a couple of squirts and a sigh and you’re done. This time was more like a dam holding back a lake of vanilla pudding breaking; it just kept going. Luckily the girl behind me was smart enough to catch each blast as it came out, but by the time I was conscious enough to realize it my seed was still overflowing from her palm and dripping onto the floor.


     Awareness and relief alike flooded into my brain as I stumbled away from Coral. I wanted to say something, but she was so fixated in staring at her palm that I didn’t.

“Did I do that?” The words came out dreamy and far away.

“Yeah ya did. Hey, let me get you a towel or some—”


     There wasn’t a need for that. As I watched she lifted her hand to her mouth and slurped my spunk out of her palm. Overall the sight was pretty damn erotic; those lips sucking up my seed, even the movement of her throat as she swallowed my thick love juice was somehow hot, but the coughing fit she tried to choke back at the end kept Coral from really sticking the landing.

“Why’d you go and do that?” I asked after running over to pat her back.

“Don’t guys like it when you do that?” She spared a quick glance down to my member, then looked back at me with a smile. “Looks like ya did.” Ah, that. I hadn’t gone limp really, not after a buildup like mine, but I had gotten softer. That show had me right back at full mast. “So what do ya wanna do next?”

“How about you go brush your teeth?”


“You wanted a kiss, right? That’s kinda…”

“Oh, yeah.”


     After she left I stripped off my shirt and plopped down naked on the bed. It was time to get control of myself again. I just came once, so I was feeling better but unless I got a grip I would still end up plowing Coral as soon as I got the chance. Slow and gentle, that was the way it had to be. I could do that, right? I had to. I would.


     Just as I resolved myself to not fuck her like an animal Coral appeared in the doorway clutching a robe closed.

“So?” I asked.

“I, uh… brushed my teeth.” Good, Coral had taken the chance to compose herself too; that hazy lust she had going before was gone.


“And I kinda took off my dress.” As if to emphasize the fact she pulled the robe tighter around herself.

“Looks like it.” Hurry and strip so we can fuck! “Were you planning on showing me?”

“Eventually. Hey, would you get the blinds?” I did, but even with them closed the room was barely darker. “That didn’t work, did it?”


     I knew where this was going. She was feeling self-conscious, so she wanted to dance around being seen naked. The sun was up, there were no lights to turn out and I was already horny, this needed to be cut short. As gently as I could manage I stood and placed my hands on her shoulders.

“You’re really cute, you know? You should have more confidence.”

“You’re just saying that. I’m all flat and muscular and if you see me you’ll think—”

“I won’t, promise. Can I?”

“O-okay.” At long last the hands holding her robe shut fell to her sides. It would be a lie to say they relaxed since they were still balled into fists, but at least they weren’t in my way anymore. Because she never actually tied the thing Coral’s robe fell to the floor with a flick of my wrists and the timid little neighbor girl stood before me in all her glory.


     They say sometimes the clothes you wear can make your figure look different. Coral’s didn’t. Even naked she was still as flat as a pancake or two, but when she was dressed you couldn’t see her pretty pink little nipples. Come to think, Coral didn’t usually show off that much skin. What she did show was toned and tanned, just straddling that line where you might start to call her muscular, and that held true for what she normally didn’t show too, except for the tanlines her track suit left. Her eyes were squeezed shut like if she saw me looking at her she’d die, but pancake tits aside Coral’s body was actually pretty nice. Still, it occurred to me that the cherry on top was in the back.


     Since her eyes were shut all I had to do was shuffle around behind her and… GOD. DAMN. Have you ever seen an ass so fine you chew on your lip without thinking about it? I think I bit right through mine. You couldn’t say Coral had a bubble butt since it wasn’t one of those fat numbers that exploded out at you, but it was round and supple looking, the shape accentuated by a pair of red boy shorts that managed to hide absolutely nothing while still having that alluring effect a properly covered woman’s body could have. Something about those panties was familiar though…

“Hey, are those the ones I bought you?” Upon realizing that I was behind her Coral jumped about two feet in the air and sheepishly tried to cover herself. I still managed to enjoy the dimples in her ass as she shifted her weight.

“Well, they feel good and it seemed like a waste not to put them on and I was already wearing them so I thought—how long are you going to stare?!” I needed to thank that holstaurus later.

“You always complain about no one looking at you as a woman, right? I’m doing that and you don’t like it?” Crap, I was getting too aggressive here.

“I-it’s not that I don’t like it or anything, it’s just weird and…”

“And?” I slid back around to face her with my hands on her hips. To my surprise Coral actually managed to look me in the eye when she responded.

“And… it’s okay. If you want to, um, touch that’s fine too, I guess.” Jackpot.


     I wasn’t going to miss that invitation. Before she had a chance to change her mind I drew her closer and took a cheek in my hand. Coral tensed under my attention, but I didn’t stop. instead I stroked her hair and kept my kneading gentle until she got used to it.


     She felt amazing. Butts are muscle and fat; too much of one and you’ve got a hard ass, too much of the other and you end up groping a flabby sack of nothing. Coral managed to hit that spot right in between where you could sink your fingers into it, but there was enough muscle beneath the fat to keep things shapely. I got a nice jiggle out of it when I gave her a few light smacks, too. On a normal day with a different girl I might’ve been content to jiggle that ass a little longer. Today though, I wanted to put it in.


     My hands were already positioned to scoop Coral into a princess carry and drop her on the bed. The little yelp she let out would’ve been cute if it wasn’t a sign of more trouble to come.

“Hey,” Coral murmured as I mounted her nearly naked form and looked down into her eyes, “Be gentle, okay?”

“Alright.” She was shaking, I couldn’t let myself go wild on her.


     But what could I even do to start? Coral was laying on the bed stiff as a board; I had her loosened up before, but as soon as she hit the sheets we were right back to square one. I wanted to just spread her legs and go at it, but then… no, that’d be like my first time. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody. So where to start? The top? The top. A kiss on her forehead surprised her. Another between her furrowed eyebrows confused her.

“That’s not the kind of kissing I was asking for!” Coral whined as I directed my attention to her ear.

“Really?” A kiss on the cheek. “Our contract wasn’t too clear on that. What were you thinking?”

“The lips, dammit!”

“Oh, so like this?”


     It was time to play the tease, let her come to me. The kiss I gave Coral was light, like a spring breeze. It was the teasing kind of touch that you feel even more than full on contact. The sensation was electric, but not enough. We both wanted more, and that was the point. There was the faintest beginning of a smolder in Coral’s eyes as I pulled away again.

“How was that?”

“That’s not it either! Stop teasing!”

“Huh? Our lips touched, that was a kiss.”

“It was not! Do it like this.”


     You know that kissy face children make when they’re teasing someone? With the lips puckered out and the whole “mwa mwa mwa” thing? She actually fucking did that when she leaned up to kiss me. I let her make the mistake. She came back to me again and again, getting more comfortable, finding positions until she hit that sweet spot and held it. Coral seemed content to stay that way, with our lips as one, but I wasn’t. Gently, like an earthworm after the rain my tongue crept out and prodded her lips, tasting her cherry lip balm and feeling her softness in a new way. At long last she got the message and Coral’s own tongue came sliding out to meet mine.


     Our tongues poked at one another, neither of us venturing far into the other’s mouths until Coral worked up her courage or remembered something she read and tried licking behind my teeth. I let myself go then and things started to flow. Our teeth still clicked sometimes, and Coral still kissed like a virgin, but the kiss at least felt natural and she started getting into it.


     I could explore now, so I did. I roamed Coral’s figure with my hands, noting which spots made her sigh into my mouth the hardest. Despite, or maybe because they were so small Coral’s breasts were oddly sensitive, and she quivered in new ways if I stroked her thighs right. I savored every reaction and filed them away for later as Coral finally broke our kiss and laid panting on the bed.

“That was a kiss.”

“Yeah it was.” I smirked as I licked my lips. “Ready to move on now?”



     There was no resistance as I moved to the side and slid my hand under the band of Coral’s panties; she actually lifted her hips when I took them off but her hands covered her eyes the entire time.

“Come on, I can’t see your face if you do that.”

“That’s the point.”

“You can’t see mine either.” I was hoping that would do the trick and make Coral move her hands; all she actually did was spread her fingers to peek out at me. Ah, she was so cute I couldn’t even get frustrated.

“C’mon, c‘mon, cut it out.” I had to work at it but eventually Coral let me drag her hands away. “See? It’s not so bad.”

“I just don’t know what kind of faces I’m going to make, it’s embarrassing.”

“They’ll be just like the faces you make when you masturbate.”

“I don’t want you to see those!” I just caught her wet-handed and she didn’t even know it.

“Those are the ones I want to see right now, though. ‘Sides, you’ll get to see mine too. You want to, right?”


“Then first…”


     It was a warning. Not a request for permission to continue, just a notification that I was going to. I couldn’t handle much more of this posturing we were doing, I needed my meat in something ASAP and Coral was going to have to play along if she actually wanted to do this. It seemed she finally got the message. There weren’t any signs of an incoming headbutt as I traced a path down her arm, across her collar bones and through the curves of her breasts down to her navel. My goal was inches away, but going straight to it would be too direct. Instead I let my roaming hand flare away from the center of her body and out to the curve of her hip, following an invisible line down the outside of her thigh all the way down to her foot. My path back up her leg was slower, giving Coral time to get used to me being there. I had to slow down even more as I got closer to her slit; her legs shivered like she was struggling against the urge to close them as my fingers slid up her thigh. She resisted, thank God.


     Time slowed as my hand finally reached Coral’s lower lips. She was still hesitant, now focused on trying to hide her reactions instead of resisting me, but I still didn’t miss her breath catch as my palm made contact with her yet soft clit. It was a small victory, but I took a moment to savor it and gave her a quick peck on the lips for letting me have it. That last part earned me a small smile as the girl beneath me locked fingers with my free hand. Cute! Coral was really cute if you looked at her. I wanted to tease her more, play with her until that little gasp from earlier turned into more, something she couldn’t hold back. First, though, I had to get her ready.


     My hand was bathed in heat as I rocked it back and forth against Coral’s slit eliciting more of those little gasps and a healthy bit of squirming. Her clit hardened as I ground my palm against it, teasing her lips as part of my circle. My palm was slick after a few minutes of slow petting and I slowly inserted my middle finger into Coral’s folds. If I hadn’t known better I would’ve thought I was hurting her; she bit her lip, squeezed my hand harder and sort of squeaked.

“You don’t have to hold back.” I murmured in between kissing all the knotted up areas of Coral’s face. “I like when you let me know you feel good.” Still, Coral’s reluctance was nice in its own way. Irina’s dirty talk never failed to get me off, but having sex that didn’t feel like a badly scripted porno was good, too.


     With my hand mostly still I explored the depths of Coral’s pussy with my finger. My goal wasn’t to bring her pleasure so much as get her used to having something she didn’t control inside of her. It felt like I managed to do both at the same time though, as the hole I explored rapidly moistened and the moans Coral stopped suppressing came more often. She was ready.


     The moment of truth. I spread Coral’s legs further and took my rightful place between them with the angry red head of my cock positioned to plow into her now dripping cunt. Wait, no! I didn’t want to ravage her, I wanted to be gentle! Okay, I did want to ravage her, but I couldn’t! Yet I knew without a doubt that if I put it in now I would become a wolf. What I needed was a new approach, a new position, something that would probably put her on top and still allow for lots of lovey dovey whispering… ha!


       Once upon several times not so very long ago Irina showed me the perfect position for this moment. It involved a chair, saran wrap, a gag and about three hours without me having an orgasm. I was going to use that position, but without using any of those things. Especially that last one. I couldn’t manage much flourish, but I still made a show of sitting against the wall instead of going balls to the wall inside Coral.

“C’mere,” I instructed, with a pat on my lap for emphasis. You could tell she was confused, but she still got the gist. Without being given the specifics she straddled my legs facing me and put her hands on my shoulders to steady herself just like I wanted.

“Like this?”

“Yeah.” I guided her hips to a position just above my dick as she wiggled her hips in a gesture that might easily have been anticipation or fear.

“You’re the guy; shouldn’t you be taking the lead?”

“You don’t want that, trust me. Okay, slowly now…”


     Talk about meaningless instructions; I don’t think Coral could’ve gone quickly if she wanted to. Her descent was an agonizing pleasure, hot, wet and ribbed. Somehow her cunt seemed intent on pushing me out even as the girl herself was intent on taking me in. Her hips sank slowly, so slowly her thighs quivered at holding the position. The entire time her face held an expression of ecstasy and nervousness. I loved the look, you could tell she l enjoyed the feeling of me sliding into her.

“It’s in,” Coral moaned as she rested against my chest.

“Not yet.” I still had another or inch or two exposed to the air, though that wasn’t entirely true with her fluids dripping down my shaft. This wasn’t the first time I’d had a girl struggle to take all of me in, what was the trick to that again? Ah. “Take a deep breath, you can keep going.”


     I had to give Coral more credit; she was scared and nervous and embarrassed, but she trusted me enough to listen to everything I said. She took that breath and I penetrated even deeper into her most precious spot. The strength flowed from Coral’s body as our hips met.

“I’m so full,” she sighed. The stress was leaving her voice now, a lust I could barely wait to feed replacing it. There was something missing here though, the nerves were there, the tightness of her pussy was there, but…

“There’s no blood?”

“Huh?” Seconds ticked by as Coral tried to make sense of what I said. It was probably hard to think too hard when I was balls deep inside her for the time. I didn’t repeat myself, but waited until her mind caught up with her ears. “Oh. I took care of that playing on a log when I was… seven? You’re still the first to, uh, you know.”

“Fuck you?”


“Say it.”

“Fuck me.”

“Let’s. You know what to do, right?”

“Mmm, kinda.”

“Just do what feels right, whatever is fine in this position.”


     Coral’s first movements were slow and awkward, first because she wasn’t used to having my cock inside of her, and then because she hadn’t gotten into a rhythm yet. Eventually she found her stride, pulling herself up until my head just barely rested in the heat of her cunt, then swiveled down and slid forward with the top of my cock scraping her insides the entire way. Coral built toward her orgasm more quickly than I did. I helped her of course, squeezing her ass in rhythm and playing with those cute little pink nipples to nudge her along even as our tongues explored each other’s mouth.


     I was trying not to think about it, but the truth was Coral didn’t even compare to Irina. I mean, Coral’s technique was crap like you’d expect, but even the physical parts of our sex weren’t as good. I mean, Coral was a virgin and Iri somehow still managed to be tighter, not to mention more textured in all the right ways, hotter and wetter. Still, there was something different to this, something other than the flesh. Watching Coral take so much pleasure from me, wanting to be with me like she was felt… how to describe it? I was happy knowing I was making her happy? Sex with Irina was always an exhaustion of lust once she teased me past my breaking point and I fucked her back, but being with Coral was more like becoming closer to each other. This felt amazing in an entirely new way.


I liked it.


     That feeling only grew as I watched Coral’s face contort when her orgasm finally took her. The way her teeth clenched and she tossed her head back while she spasmed on top of my cock was a thing of beauty to me. I couldn’t help but smile as I laid her limp form back on the bed.


     She’d just shown me those faces she was so worried about me seeing, but I hadn’t done the same yet and I wanted to badly. Sorry Coral, but you won’t be basking in the afterglow this time. God, I loved Coral’s surprised squeaks. She treated me to another one when I started fucking her again right after she just came.

“Wait, I just— oh God!” Coral protested, but her legs pulled me in closer.

If I was hurting her or really making her uncomfortable I would’ve stopped, but I knew those moans and they weren’t because of pain, the things I was doing to her were just way more intense than anything she’d felt before because she just came. That was fine, it just meant she’d do it again sooner.


     I wanted to cum soon too. Coral was loosened up and wet as hell now so I could do whatever without worrying about hurting her. I went wild. She loved it. Like one sweaty, intimately tied machine we brought one another pleasure and rose to the peak of orgasm. We reached it together, but we had different ideas how my end of things should be handled. I called out my impending explosion of semen and tried to pull out, but between the knowledge of what was to cum and the mind-numbing pleasure of her own impending release Coral locked her legs around me and pulled me farther inside. Normally that was the kind of thing you’d complain about later, but I actually wanted to do it anyway.


     How many ropes did I pump into Coral? I don’t know why anyone would bother to count with a girl underneath you screaming your name and milking your cock for every drop you’ve got. The moment was earth-shaking, was this what it was like when you cared about the person you were with? My heart came as much as my dick did.


     As it turned out, laying around languishing in your afterglow is the second best part of sex. I didn’t do it much with Irina because I usually wanted to get away from her as soon as I could, but laying next to the neighbor girl, listening to the sound of her breathing was nice. Coral wasn’t quite satisfied with just that and insisted on playing with my fingers too, but we were both fine being next to each other in silence until she finally broke it.


“Hey Rowan,” Coral began as she pulled herself closer and wrapped her legs in mine, “I was really serious about the first part of our contract. Think about it hard, okay?”

“There were two parts? I thought you just wanted a k- ow!” Even though I knew it'd earn me the love tap Coral landed on my shoulder, it was impossible to resist teasing her. “I will, don’t worry. I’m surprised you want to go out though, you kicked me out when I asked if you wanted to be my play girlfriend.”

“I wanted to be your REAL girlfriend, you idiot. How did you go so long without picking that up?”

That was actually a good question. “I dunno, we just had so much fun together I never noticed, I guess.”

“Yeah, we do have a lot of fun together. Make sure you remember that when you’re deciding how to answer me.”

“Uh-huh. In the meantime, are you up for another round?”

“It looks like you are. Top or bottom?”

“Top. You’re getting used to this pretty fast, huh? Maybe I don’t need to be so gentle this time.”

“You weren’t even gentle at the end the first time. I guess I kinda liked it that way though.” Did you really mean that, Coral? In that case... “Why are you smiling like that? It makes it look like you’re planning- yeep!”


     Two hours later, after I’d given Coral five more coats of my seed and she’d treated me to her O face more times than I could count we collapsed in a sweating heap on her bed again. Okay, that wasn’t quite true. I collapsed in a heap, she still seemed pretty busy twitching with her eyes rolled into the back of her head. I had no idea why her tongue was hanging out of her mouth and she was making peace signs, but something about it was kinda hot. I contented myself stroking her hair until Coral gathered her wits. Sticking around was a mistake; as soon as she decided she was done smiling at me the first words to come out of her mouth were the ones every man dreads to hear from a woman.

“We need to talk.”


I KNEW I should’ve left while she was still chanting about semen under her breath!


     People like to put on poker faces when they’re concerned. The idea is to look unconcerned when they really are, but it’s obvious they’re just keeping a straight face and there’s no facial expression to tell you what they’re thinking. In the end you end up imagining what’s going on in their heads and it’s usually worse than what they’re actually thinking. As I looked at Mom and Dad sitting across the dining room table from Coral and I it was hard not to imagine what they were thinking. Were they wondering if I was going to tell them years of sexual assault had made me gay? Maybe I messed around and caught something? I never asked to talk to them like this, so they must’ve been expecting something big. Whatever they thought they would be getting, it wasn’t this.


     I’d let Coral badger me into talking with them with whatever magic makes persuasion after sex easier, but I at least made her do most of the work. Coral recounted the story of my last three days with Iri while I nodded sagely and corrected or added the odd detail. Mom managed to keep an impassive smile throughout the entire thing, but Dad’s terrible poker face broke not long after we started and grew increasingly darker as the tale went along.


“I see.” Mom sighed. “Thanks for making him come to us.”

Coral protested. “It’s not like I planned this out or anything, I just—”

“I know.” The smile on Mom’s face actually felt genuine now. “Still, thanks anyway. Dear, would you like to have a talk in the other room?”

“Fine, I just hope Irina doesn’t plan on sitting for the next week,” dad grumbled as he stood and reached for his belt buckle only to have Mom knock his hand away.

“Now dear, Irina is too old to have her father spank her.”

“I don’t c—” Dad’s belt was off and wrapped around Mom’s fist before he could even finish the sentence.

“Let me do it. And make it two weeks.” Geeze, I’d hate to have that glint in her eye directed my way. The two of them walked off into the living room, already discussing  leaving Coral and I alone. The momentary silence begged to be filled and I knew what she was going to say before she even thought about saying it.

“See? That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“I feel like someone just raped my pride.”

“Your pride almost got you raped, quit your bitchin’.”


     I grumbled something unintelligible and that was the end of the conversation. We spent the rest of the time waiting for my parents to decide what they were going to do in silence. At least I had some entertainment; Coral’s hand was wiggling in some kind of weird crab-like mating ritual on the table. If she wanted to hold my hand she could just do it, this wouldn’t even be the first time. Maybe she was worried because we weren’t in the sack this time? She looked kind of pitiful like that, so eventually I just grabbed her hand and gave it a good squeeze.


Even though she turned away as soon as I touched her I could still see Coral blush down to the back of her neck. Cute.


     Mom and Dad took longer to form a plan than I would’ve thought, but once they did Dad came back into the room and Mom went whistling up the stairs snapping his belt. Just as the old man was getting settled the sound of a door slamming and a yelp from Irina came from upstairs, then there was dead silence. Man I wished I could see what was going on up there…


“Now then.” Dad began in his business tone, but he rubbed his head like he was nervous about something. “We have a few things to discuss. So uh, the effects of Irina’s hypnosis won’t wear off for a couple of weeks. We could go in and try to undo that, but we’re kinda thinking maybe it’d be best to just let the commands age away. I hate to ask, but would you uh, be able to keep helping, Coral? You know, in that way?”

I could feel Coral squirming through her hand; I couldn’t blame her under Dad’s steady gaze and  the lack of tact he’d started picking up from Mom.

“It’s not like I mind or anything, but, you know, um, s-s-sure.”

Dad nodded. “Thank you. Really. Now, would you mind watching some TV or something for a bit? I need to talk to my son.”


Coral scurried away—reluctantly letting go of my hand in the process— and it was just Dad and I in the dining room. This chair was starting to get uncomfortable.


“Why are you looking at me like I did something?” I demanded as soon as the neighbor girl was out of earshot. The only response I got a stern stare until I finally broke eye contact. Dad had really heavy eyes sometimes...

“No,” he sighed as I picked an imaginary piece of dirt out of my nail, “you didn’t do anything. That’s the problem. Look, I don’t know exactly what Irina was planning, but whatever it was it was big. Even Coral felt it.”

“Well how was I supposed to know that?”

“You’re not stupid; you know Irina doesn’t have that kind of patience. Three days? Either something big was going to go down or Iri hit a dry spell.”

“Maybe she did, you don’t know.” Man, that was weak. Even I thought it was ridiculous, especially since—

“Succubi don’t have dry spells. Do you know how dangerous hypnotic eyes are? You play with those, you can mess someone up for life. They’re not a toy and you sure as hell don’t use them on family. They’re strong, boy. And what, you thought you could handle it alone?”

“I was going to.” Christ, could I sulk any harder?

“You were going to give her what she wanted! You know your mom and I are here for you, why would you even try that?”

“Because I’m not a kid that goes tattling to his parents anymore, that’s why.”

Dad’s expression softened at that. I knew for a fact that I would’ve had a hand on my shoulder if he could reach that far. “It doesn’t matter how old you are, you’re always going to be our little boy. Remember that.” Yech. “And, uh, don’t tell your mother I said this, but I don’t mind if you fight back a little harder. That aside, have you ever heard of a Pyrrhic Victory?”


     Dad went on, making me feel stupid and childish in that way only well meaning fathers can. He made his point and sent me on my way, and I in turn walked Coral home, promising her that I’d think hard and tell her my feelings the next day. It’d been a really long day, hadn’t it? I was in desperate need of time to think, a nap and a shower.


“Hey, Stud.” A voice interrupted me as I walked through the door to my room. Irina. I could just ignore her, but…

“What?” I responded without turning.

“Come here, I want to talk.” This had better be worth it.


     It totally was. I walked into her room to find Irina laying face down on her bed with a pillow under her chin and a comically large ice pack on her ass. That spanking must’ve really done a number. Dad did always say Mom was a demon with a whip.


“So?” It was posturing time; I put on my best air of annoyance, Irina pouted like a pro. If I knew for sure she meant it I actually would’ve felt bad for acting like a jerk.

“I went too far, didn’t I?” The voice Irina spoke in was so syrupy sweet it made my eye twitch.

“The hell? Did I seriously just hear a question mark?”

“I didn’t think I was doing that much.” So she really didn’t mean it.

“Couldn’t you SEE how much you were doing?! And you did it right next to Ema, too! Iri, the stuff you started coming up with was sick!”

“I get that now.”

“Oh that’s great, you get it now, huh? What the fuck made you decide to try and break me in the first place, anyway?”

Irina found an interesting spot on the wall to my right and studied it carefully. “You’re the only one that put up a fight.”


“I mean,” Iri began as she drew circles in her comforter, “everyone else just kinda struggled to save face and gave in, you’re the only guy I’ve messed with that legitimately doesn’t want me. No one else is even a challenge.”


     Was she kidding? I was going to need to sit down for this one. There was plenty of room on the bed, so I took a spot next to Iri where I could just see her face if I turned my head while I tried to figure out what the hell was going on in hers.

“So let me get this straight. You started a three day sexual torture campaign against your little brother as... a test of skill or something?”

“All I wanted was for you to say something embarrassing, I didn’t expect you to resist so hard. I mean, if you’d just called me mistress that first day in the tub I would’ve blown you and felt proud of myself and it would’ve been all over. You didn’t though, so I had time to think and read and plan, and…”

“So this is my fault?” It sounded a lot like she was sneakily trying to shift the blame here.

“It’s not your fault, just… I don’t know, I had a challenge so I got too worked up with the whole ‘master of men’s desires’ thing, okay?  That’s not how succubi work anymore and… I’m sorry.”

“Iri, that’s not how anyone should work ever. It’s not right.”

“I know, mom already gave me a good lecture on that. Are you going to forgive me now or what?”

“No.” Iri looked hurt at my abrupt response, but I didn’t give a damn. “You want me to forgive you, prove you’re sorry.” Not only did it sound like she still hadn’t really gotten the message, she hadn’t done anything to show she actually meant it. “I’ve seen you work your mouth out of situations like this too many times to buy what you’re saying at face value.”

“Working my mouth usually has a different meaning.”

“Making jokes while you’re supposed to be giving a heartfelt apology doesn’t make you any more believable, either.” That knocked the smile right off her face.

“What do you want me to do?”

“I’m not giving out some stupid assignment. You come up with something, Irina.”

“Fine, fine,” Iri pouted as she ran a finger down my back. “I do mean it though.”


     Repeating myself would’ve been bothersome, so I moved the conversation elsewhere.

“Eh. What else did Mom do aside from the royal spanking?”

“It’s horrible! I can’t use my device or any magic for three months!”

“Is that so?”

“It is!”


     Those two things didn’t sound like much, but losing them was probably the closest a teenage succubus could come to death without involving the cops and a coroner. Iri certainly looked like she was ready to die just thinking about it.

“I can’t text or magic up any of my boyfriends, how am I going to keep them all if I can’t video chat or  do anything to charm them?!”

“You could try being a decent person. That tends to help.” Irina still looked good too, she shouldn’t have had any problems on the relationship front, she was probably more upset about losing her ace in the hole.


     Something was gnawing at the back of my mind though, one of those things you notice but don’t pay attention to at first. It was just on the edge of my memory… oh!

“Isn’t your device on the charger where you always put it though?”

“Yeah, but I can’t see what’s on the screen unless I’m trying to do homework with it.”

“How does that even work? Did Mom do what I think she did?”

“Uh-huh. It’s not fair~!”


     I’d wondered before how Mom never used those eyes of hers on us. They’d have to be a really convenient parenting tool, but not once had she directed them at any of her kids until now. That made sense; it was the only way to make sure Irina actually wasn’t casting spells all over the place when our parents weren’t looking like she normally did when she was forbidden to use magic. Using a trick you had available for over a decade but chose not to use was also a hell of a way to prove a point. Mom could be really scary when she wanted to be.  


“Doesn’t feel so great to have someone messing around inside your head, does it?” Was there any need to drive that point any deeper? Nope. Was I going to enjoy pounding it in anyway? Hell. Yes.

“It feels awful,” Iri agreed with a groan. “How about you though? Can’t help but notice you’re not trying to rape me right now, what gives?”

“Coral.” Ten seconds was all it took for Iri’s face to cycle from confused to angry to dejected.

“Of course, how did I not think of that?” She wouldn’t register as much of a threat usually, it wouldn’t be that surprising if she was overlooked. “Was she any good?”

“Aaaaaand we’re done. Nice talking with you, Iri.”

“Come on,” Iri prodded with a strong grip on my sleeve, “don’t you want to tell your dear big sister about your first human girl?”

Oh fine. “It was… her heart was in it.”

“That bad, huh?” That annoying smirk she had made itself evident again. “At least that restores some faith in my technique.”


     Being the middle child grants one certain innate abilities. Chief among these is the skill to immediately locate, acquire and use improvised weapons for offense or defense. In this case Irina was laying on a pillow but doing a piss-poor job of guarding it, so I yanked it out from under and smacked it down on her head.

“Ow! That hurt!”

“Keep talking crap and I’ll give you another spanking,” I answered with a dismissive wave as I left the room.


     My night was restless again, but for a new reason. Coral. How was I going to answer her? I mean, we got along great and all that, but until now I’d never thought of her as anything more than a friend. Was that a sign that I shouldn’t even be considering a relationship, or was I just being retarded this entire time? It’d be easier to shove her into the ol’ friendship box, but that wouldn’t be fair to her and we might work well as something closer than friends. No, I was making this harder than it needed to be. I didn’t understand love or romance or anything like that, but I knew as soon as Coral confessed how I’d respond. It’d be a good idea to tell her after school so she wasn’t all emotional for the whole day, so I waited until after the final bell to pull her out into a spot in the park where no one could hear us.


That was the first time I saw tears of joy since Ema was born.


    So I was a boyfriend now. It had some nice perks: Iri and the oddball mamono no one wanted left me alone because I was taken, my mornings were quieter and I had carte blanche to make Coral blush whenever I felt like it. It was nice, but the title came with responsibilities.


     There was something that I needed to take care of, but I couldn’t do it alone. A few days later after much scheming and whispering amongst the entire family a plan came together: my folks would arrange to take out all of Coral’s family but her while I stayed home and set something up. I waited anxiously as Mom, Ema and Iri kept Coral and the rest of her family busy downstairs while Dad fiddled with the lock on her window. He popped it open almost as soon as he laid hands on the lock, dropped down, hopped the fence and scrambled back in through my window without making a sound.

“Was that it?” If picking locks was that easy there was almost no point in having them.

“Son, I’m an incubus made by a succubus, cheap locks like that are nothing.” Dad’s tone was matter of fact, but his grin was anything but. “Now remember, have fun, but stop before her eyes roll back into her head.”


“Because if you take her past that point she’ll be ruined for marriage and you‘ll have to buy her a ring.” Whoops. “Now hurry and get set up before she comes back.”

“Right. And thanks.”

“Any time, son. Oh, and Mom wanted me to give you this.” With that he handed me a box, gave me a thumbs up and left.


     Inside the box were three things: an economy size box of condoms, a foil wrapped morning after pill and a note reading:

“Use one or the other.”

-Mom ♥

The condoms went under my bed without a second glance and the pill got tossed in my bag of tricks.


     Alright, time to focus. There was a job to be done here and I was going to do it. With that determination in mind I bridged the gap between the windows, grabbed my bag of goodies and set to work in Coral’s room. Lit candles went in the four corners of the room and a few opportune areas in between. There were three masterfully mixed CDs composed of nothing but the most slow and sensual music I could find to go into Coral’s stereo and a bottle of sparkling cider to go into a bucket of ice. I was ready. Everything I brought was, anyway; I still had to tidy up Coral’s stuff because she left the room a mess, but once that was done I had a candlelit love shack ready. All I had to do was sit back, strike a sexy pose with my collar popped and wait.


“What the hell?” Coral’s slack-jawed expression when she opened the door and I turned the sounds system on was wonderful. That wasn’t exactly the line I was expecting, but it was close enough for me to still used the canned speech I had prepared. It’s a good thing the lights were low, or my smile would’ve been blinding.

“We couldn’t do anything to make your first time special, but how about we do something nice for your second?”



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