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Even Though My Family Is A Bunch of Sex Demons I'm Just A Horny Human! Ch 4

Page history last edited by Sea Foam 5 years, 7 months ago

     I woke up to an unfamiliar ceiling. Gilded, red, and engraved levels of unfamiliar. I was as far from the boring white stucco I was used to as I could get without buying a plane ticket to China. Or maybe Arabia? The patterns did have that feeling.


     After sitting up I noticed that I was naked. Normally I’d wear a pair of boxers and a t-shirt, but all I wore was something heavy on my head. A turban? I didn’t own a turban, and I definitely didn’t own any emeralds the size of my fist, but there was one sitting in the middle of my funny looking hat.


     Okay, either I won the lotto and blacked out after one line of coke too many, or this wasn’t actually happening. Digging inside the turban I found a tag that read “dry clean only. Made in China.” I glanced at the purple satin sheets caressing my bare ass, then looked back. “Wash cold with like jewels, tumble shine low. Made in BANGladesh.” Well, now I knew I was dreaming. My subconscious had a terrible sense of humor though.


     Lucid dreaming wasn’t something I could do on my own despite knowing the tests, so the fact that I was having one meant someone else was at work. If I was lucky it was Ema bumbling through her first Dream Entry. If I was unlucky Irina would be toying with me. This dream didn’t have the cartoony feeling of an inexperienced succubus trying to create every detail from scratch; everything was fleshed out and familiar like I’d seen it all before and forgotten. This was Iri’s handiwork.


     It took a good seven rolls before I got to the side of the bed. It was huge, more like an elevated mat with a headboard than a bed; the thing was built like it was meant for an orgy, red silk sheets and all. Maybe I’d better not think about that; the word “orgy” alone gave me a hardon.


     That in mind I covered my junk with the turban and explored. The room was a circular deal with little furniture aside from the bed, doorless arches in the walls and windows so high you couldn’t see out of them. The design was lazy, but there was nothing wrong with the craftsmanship; everything even had a texture to it. I picked up the nearest item not touching my ballsack: a red elephant statue with flaking gold foil. Hadn’t I seen that at a garage sale or something? It felt like it should have, but tasted like raspberry. Huh.


     There was nothing to jump off of anywhere. A good fall was about the only sure-fire way I knew of to end a succubus-controlled dream and Iri wasn’t having any of it. “your detail, my control” she would always remind me. I got to take care of how things looked, but what was there and how it worked was always up to Irina. She made the design, I built my own cage.


“Come out, Irina.” No one was there, but she had to be able to hear everything in this dream.


     Almost immediately I was rewarded with jingling and a tiny blue figure doing cartwheels into my cell from a newly formed door. Ema greeted me, dressed in a gold sequin vest and a pair of puffy white pants with matching turban.

“Hey Big Bwutha, wanna play Old Maid?”


“Then how about Go Fish? I think I still remember how to pl—”

“Irina, stop.”

“Aren’t you proud of me, Big Bwutha? I got into your dream all by myself!”

“That’s seriously creepy Iri, cut it out.”

“Oh, fine.”


     As if I was changing a slide the figure in front of me flashed. Ema’s childish form vanished in less time than it took to blink and was replaced by Irina’s much curvier one. Her clothes came back different, too: gone were the unimaginative vest and pants, instead replaced by something clearly based on that nighty from earlier. A nude blue bra covered in the darkest blue lace pushed Iri’s supple breasts up and out, as if asking them to be squeezed. Below, a skirt just sheer enough to let you see the outline of what was under it started low on her hips and flowed down to her ankles. A full length slit on both sides provided a teasing view of leg as she moved. There were even accessories: several jingling bracelets on her wrists and ankles and an amethyst studded silver band holding Irina’s long hair in a ponytail atop her head.


“You really liked that one, huh? Iri asked as she looked herself over, shifting the blue of the skirt closer to her skin tone.

“Eh. You’re screwing up your own theme with that. Shouldn’t you be wearing a burqa or something?”

“Hmm…” Iri tapped her cheek as she thought. She wouldn’t actually wear one, would she? It’d do miracles for my sanity. “What would a sexy burqa look like?”

“Wow, great job missing the point. I mean— hey, is that a camel?!”

“Where?! Wait, you can’t even see out of the wind— HEY!”


     It was hard to believe Irina fell for such an old trick, but I made full use of the distraction to slip past her into the doorway she somersaulted in from. If I had her off guard I might just be able to force enough of my will onto the dream to give myself an out. A long staircase would be nice…


     I ran down the dark hallway and launched myself down the stairs at the end. All two of them. The fall wasn’t anywhere near long enough, so instead of waking up I had to pick myself up and dust off my dream-knees after hanging my turban back on its peg.


     I was in a large room with a bunch of Persian rugs on the floor. On top of each rug a number of iri’s dopplegangers engaged in… carnal? That word didn’t seem to upset my penis. A number of her dopplegangers engaged in carnal acts with themselves in various states of undress. The scene in front of me was a vista of glistening blue skin choreographed to a symphony of moans all beneath a heavy spritz of musk and incense. The Irina closest to me managed to take her attention from the Irina wantonly lapping at her snatch long enough to pull a hand away from her own breast to caress my leg with fingers covered in something far too slippery to be sweat.

“Hey Stud, come to join us?”


     Dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit! I muttered to myself as I stormed back up the hallway and into the bedroom I started in.

“You came back?” Irina pouted as I planted myself on the bed with my arms crossed. “I was going to have fun with that Iri Orgy Plan.”

“i don’t want your kind of fun.”

“Aww, and here I was trying to help you drown in pleasure under a pile of your favorite pussy.”

“Go fuck yourself.”

“I already am. Anyway, you’re done resisting now, right?”


“That’s fine, I guess. Not like you can stop yourself from enjoying the show anyway.”


     Silk cords materialized around my wrists and yanked my arms back until I was spread out with my feet dangling over the end of the bed, then the entire thing stood on end so my toes just barely touched the ground. Iri smirked at me as a song began to play. There was no band, but the music, wherever it came from, seemed to reverberate inside my head. A haunting violin sang into the silence backed by a harp as Iri slowly began to sway to the music.


     All at once the pieces clicked into place. Iri’s costume, the arab theme, the turban… belly dancing. A simple strip tease would’ve been too easy, after last night Irina knew she had me and she was going to make the most of it. I couldn’t run away, my only option was not to look. I closed my eyes and suddenly my eyelids were transparent. I jerked my head to the side and the bed twisted in the opposite direction to keep Irina dead in the center of my vision.


Succubi didn’t play fair.


     A drum sounded and Irina thrust her hip to the side and dropped, sending her skirt flapping to the side so I got a nice view of those delicious thighs. In the agonizing seconds before the next beat a spotlight faded in Irina swayed back to her full height. Someone somewhere pounded that stupid drum again and Iri lifted her calf to her head. She lowered it slowly, caressing her thigh in the way down like I wanted to if I wasn’t tied up.


     Through it all only one small fold of that damned skirt hid her from me. I tried to convince myself that I wanted nothing to do with Irina’s tight wet snatch, that under no circumstances would I choose to plunge my bulging cock into the confines of her amazing cunt and fuck her until I painted her white. I didn’t. I wouldn’t. Oh God, I did! Two thoughts clawed their way to the surface of my mind. One, I was tied up to stop me from tackling her and thrusting into Iri like I could get her pregnant from sheer force of will, and two? My sister wasn’t wearing anything under that skirt.


After that my lust flowed over my consciousness and the only part of me doing any thinking was my dick.


     After an agonizingly long time in the air showing off a wide expanse of pale blue flesh Irina’s foot finally reaches the ground and she poses with one heel up and her hands touching above her head. That beautiful drum strikes a double beat and… how to describe it? It’s as if Iri’s bully button sank in on itself, then popped back out on the second beat. Her lower body didn’t move an inch, but her torso did and it sent those beautiful tits, just barely supported by her bra bouncing.


     More slow beats sent Iri walking in a circle. Her steps were slow, wavy things that seemed to start with her foot, flow past her knee and end with a dramatic snap of her hip. The motions showed off every bit of her figure and her arms swayed in ways that brought attention to each feature. Slender ankles. Long legs. Wide hips. Narrow waist. Perfect tits. Long silky hair. Flawless skin everywhere. She was perfect.


     Just as I thought my lust couldn’t be any more intense a snare drum broke through the slow beat of the music and Irina gyrated her ass. Her hips fluttered, and even though I couldn’t see it I knew that there was a fine piece of ass calling to me under that skirt.


     I already wanted her, but still the dance continued as the tempo increased. Iri beckoned me with her hips, teased me with every step and sway of her full chest. Her arms moved like serpents, sometimes so close they almost but never quite touched me, other times farther away but no less mesmerizing, begging me to throw myself into them and surrender. My mind had surrendered long ago, but Iri refused to acknowledge the white flag my body had been raising for an eternity.


     The music faded as Iri faded towards me once again.

“So? Did you like it?” I couldn’t find any words, but my ragged breathing was enough of an answer. “Aww, you’re so cute when you’re panting like a slut. But what’s this doing here? Hats go on your head, you know.”

She giggled as she took the turban, now thoroughly soaked in my precum, and placed it back on my head. As soon as the cloth was gone a trail of my liquid desire made its way from my drooling urethra, down my ballsack and to the indifferent floor below

“Iri please, I—”

The smile Irina barely managed to keep off of her face leaked into her voice as she answered. “Shh, just let big sis take care of it. I’ve been mean to you, haven’t I? Just look at your poor cock, it’s crying! Or maybe that’s drool? Tell you what, just for tonight, I’ll make you a deal. I’ll let you cum, but you have to fuck me yourself. Sound good?”

If I nodded any harder my neck would snap. Part of me knew something was wrong, but my dick already had enough of all that “thinking” bullshit.


“Good.” Irina smiled as she pulled a jar of clear liquid out of nowhere and dipped her fingers into it. When she pulled her fingers out and held them over my twitching shaft the syrup or whatever she had oozed over me like honey. Everywhere it touched tingled for an instant before the sensation faded away leaving only a faint warm feeling.

“What’s that?”

“Oh, just a little something to stop you from popping too early.” Iri hummed as she worked the stuff into my skin. “How’s it feel?”

“Um… weak?” Even with stimulation that should’ve had me blowing strings of jism all over Iri’s hand logic was returning. This didn’t feel right. I felt the heat and pressure of Iri’s hand gripping my shaft, but that mind-melting friction that really sent you over the edge was half gone.



     Iri positioned herself over my numb but aching cock and and casually lifted her skirt. I was right about her not wearing anything underneath; her bare and glistening cunt hovered over the red rocket I was going to shoot into her depths. The grin on her face as she looked down at me bordered on sadistic.


“I got so wet from that tease, didn’t I?” Irina asked as she teased her slit with my dick.

“Uh-huh.” Quit yapping and put it in!

“Hey, did I ever tell you that you thrash around in your sleep when we do this?”

“So?” That lusty haze was setting in again, I didn’t even consider what she was saying before arching my back and pushing into her.


     Iri sighed as I filled her for the first time in ages, sinking down on me to make sure every inch of me was inside. She dropped the flap of her skirt so that our intertwined flesh was hidden from sight, but far from hidden from touch. I savored the feeling of her weight and warmth before a week’s worth of unspent cum and days of succubus teasing urged me to continue. My intent was to start slowly, but I bucked into her as hard as I could from the bottom right at the start. Irina bounced on top of me for a few strokes before leaning forward with her arms beside my head to give me better access to her dripping hole and whispering into my ear.

“Ema’s still in your bed, you know.”


I froze mid thrust.


“Oh God.”

“Uh-huh. You start moaning when I’m laying it down really good too, I wonder how hard Ema sleeps? How do do you think she’d react to seeing her brother humping the air in his sleep? I bet she’d be surprised to see you blow your load all over the sheets, too. Oh, and wouldn’t it be terrible if you rolled over and got some on her? But then, the first stinky cum that ever splattered me was yours, maybe that wouldn’t be so bad.”


     Statue. I needed to become a statue. The smallest twitch in my dream might translate into a jerk in my real body and Ema had been holding onto me pretty tightly. I didn’t want to wake Ema to her big bwutha being fucked in his sleep, couldn’t bear to see the look on her face when I woke up, wasn’t going to imagine what’d happen if I did get any of my semen on her. This entire thing was sick, and I’d be damned if I was going to give Irina what she wanted. What I had to do was simple: don’t move, don’t moan, and especially don’t cum. It was the “don’t” part that was hard.


“What’s wrong?” Iri asked with me still deep inside of her, “You were so enthusiastic a second ago.”

“You fucking know what’s wrong.” My voice was a growl, lest it make noise outside the dream.

“I don’t get it. Are you afraid Ema would lose all respect for you if she saw you drooling and shaking your hips like a whore? Don’t want the first cum she tastes to be something wrung out of you by her big sister? Is any of that really more important than coating me all over in that thick semen you’ve been storing up for so long?”


“If you say so. I’m still going to have my fun though, and once I’m through this dream is over.”


     Shit! If Iri knew how to hit all of my sensitive spots and make me cum like a geyser she knew how to avoid them just as well; she could ride me all day and I wouldn’t blow my load once. Even with my hands tied I had enough freedom to thrust into her and get myself off, but then I’d wake Ema and Lord knew what that would cause. Either way Iri got off and I’d either be even more pent up or ruin my relationship with Ema. I lost no matter what.


     The unshakable weight that was Irina’s pelvis ground into me.in a slow, steady circle. The movement was familiar, she used it all the time when she wanted to synch our orgasms. She’d explained it to me once while in the middle of applying it. Something about the clittoris and the difference between male and female sexual stimulation. Basically, it felt fucking amazing for her but just kinda “eh” for me.


     What made it worse was the fact that I felt it even less than usual after she rubbed whatever that crap was onto my dick. I mean, I still had a ridiculously hot succubus grinding into me, her heavy breasts were still pressed against my chest, and the smell of her lust mixed with sweat and that damned perfume still made my head fuzzy. That only did it for my mind; despite nearly every inch of my flesh screaming out at me to orgasm, the few inches that mattered weren’t getting nearly enough to push me over the edge. Wait, no! I didn’t want to go over the edge!


“C’mon Stud, no one likes a boring lay.” Iri giggled before sucking my ear into her mouth. God, even that sound was enough to get me going.

I protested in a voice dangerously close to a moan. “Iri, stop.”

“Why stop when you’re so hard here,” she groaned, taking a short stroke up my shaft and then slamming herself back down, “and here?” Her hands teased my nipples as she dragged her own along my chest.



Because what?


“I won’t do this again, you know. Right now you can cum all you want, all you’ve gotta do is fuck me with your big hard cock instead of letting me take you like a toy.”




“And don’t you want to punish me? Aren’t you going to break my hips and defile me with gallons of your seed for being so mean?”

My only answer was a grunt.

“You can do it you know, use my lewd body and get yourself off. All you have to do is move just a little. Try it.”


No! If my will slackened even a little I’d be fucking Irina like my life depended on it in no time!


“I’m getting close, can you feel me?” I could. Iri’s breath was husky and her breath shallow. Her cunt desperately tightened around my member, struggling to make me cum even if its owner didn’t want me to. “After this it’s all over. Can you handle another day with blue balls? Wouldn’t you rather empty them inside of me?”


     Every fiber of my being screamed out for me to fuck her back. Every circle of her hips, every pinch of my nipples, every lick of my ear, every graze of my nape and every single goddamn encouragement made me want to abandon reason and let myself enjoy an animalistic, cunt-destroying fuckfest. Yet somehow, above it all was Ema. I was hard up, but before anything else I was her brother!


“Go on, do it! Erupt inside of me! Let go and cum, CUM, CU- UUUUUAHHHHHHHHHH!”


Between my drool, our sweat, and the girlcum now drenching my waist the sheets couldn’t have been more wet if someone dumped a bucket of water on them. I could finally relax. Iri lounged on top of me after squeezing my shoulders so hard I thought they’d break and I finally unclenched the fists I didn’t know I was making. My nails came away bloody.


Irina was the first to speak as she recovered. “Aww, you didn’t fuck me even a little. That’s sweet.”

“I’m… her brother… dammit.”

“Yeah, but you still haven’t gotten any release. Bet it feels like being a virgin all over again, huh?” Irina giggled before sliding up to give me a quick peck on the cheek. “Goodnight.”




     Ugh… Sunlight streamed through the window and past my closed eyelids. This couldn’t go on. I’d just turned down something that made far better men break; I should’ve felt proud of myself, impressed, even. All I actually felt was dead inside. Luckily my bed was empty, so Ema might not have been around for my late night thrashing, but teasing like that wasn’t the kind of thing a man could take for long. I had to make something happen today or I was going to break.


     The problem was that I didn’t have any idea what to do. That harebrained box stunt last night was the best idea I could come up with before, and my mind was moving like a lamia in the winter today. With no other idea to get me started I dropped my device in its cradle and waved it on, a few more thoughtless gestures brought me to my good friend Google. Lessee… “how to…” uh… words that should’ve leapt to my fingertips took almost a minute to trickle down. “How to remove a succubusses hypnotic eye” and enter.


     The first listing at the top of the page in big italic letters wasn’t encouraging at all: Did you mean:how to beg a succubus for mercy?” I didn’t even allow myself to look at the results offered for that and skipped to the listings underneath. There weren’t many that looked promising, only a self help book on Amazon and a forum thread. I opened both pages in a new layer.


     The book was titled The Rape Avoidance Manual For Men: How to Survive, Evade, Resist and Escape Mamono Rape. It was more than a little worrying that the first thing listed was surviving rape, but I kept reading anyway. The Synopsis looked like the usual fluff, so I skipped to the bottom of the page and looked at the reviews.

One Star.jpgworst advice i’ve ever been given., February 21, 2043

By Mandon-

This book got me raped by a lone hobgoblin. Who the heck gets raped by a hobgoblin? I followed the instructions to the letter, but it was almost like what I was doing helped her find me. I could not evade, resist or escape the hobgoblin, and if the cops hadn’t shown up before she dragged me all the way back to her goblin friends I might not have survived. I think I would’ve been better off just running away. In short: DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK!


Five Star.jpgSuch Good…,February 23, 2043

By notatanuki-

With this book I escape many rapes, me recommend it to all friends, much chastity was given. Wow.


One Star.jpgDouble Dipping, August 23, 2043

By DA_Bear-

I’m an ex security professional that picked this up to see what it had to say when I heard people talking about it. This is actually a collection of the worst possible things you can possibly do. As an example, the book seriously and frequently advises you to masturbate to dispel spirit energy and make you harder to sniff out; in reality doing that would leave a trail of spirit energy and increase your physical scentso you’re easier to find. A little research revealed that the author of this book is actually a pen name for the author of “How to Find, Seduce and Marry the Perfect Husband (Seduction, Eroticism, Rape and Espousal).” They’re written by the same tanuki, but that other book is actually a good guide on how to stalk and rape. A little odd, isn’t it?


Five Star.jpgBest Manual Ever!, September 11, 2043

By Sockpuppet-

I dunno what those other guys are talking about, but with this manual in my pocket I managed to escape a mantis AND a werewolf (good luck outrunning one of those, LOL) in the same night! Every man needs a copy of this book in their pocket, in their car and in their home at all times! There’s an ebook version as well so you should probably buy that too!


Eh, maybe it’d be a good idea to put that aside for now. I flicked open the forum tab and took a look.


[OP] Humen (01/01/2041, 9:41 PST): Guise, help! I walked past a succubus today, and I was so busy not staring at her tits I accidentally looked her in the eye. I woke up an hour later on the other side of town with my pants wrapped around my neck and a flag sticking out of my anus. More importantly I’ve got this address that I can’t get out of my head and a strange urge to go there. I think she’s waiting for me. I’m worried, what do I do?


Hellagay (01/01/2041, 10:14 PST): Why are u even here? If ur not 2 busy fucking a sucubus to type you must be hella gay!


Erogorn (01/01/2041, 10:21 PST): Quick OP, what country is the flag from?! THIS IS IMPORTANT!


[OP] Humen (01/01/2041, 10:23 PST):@Hellagay: I just want to settle down with a human girl, okay? Besides, I should be able to choose to bang what I want.

@Erogorn: I think it’s a South African flag, but the green part is shaped like a dick and balls.


The_Ducktor (01/01/2041, 11:01 PST): You lost a whole hour? Geeze, she could’ve done some serious stuff in that amount of time. More serious than sticking things up your butt, I mean.


Erogorn (01/01/2041, 11:05 PST): A South African flag? Ya, you’re getting raped.


MrDarcy (01/01/2041, 11:19 PST): It’s not rape if you want it. Sounds like OP isn’t going to have a choice.


[OP] Humen (01/01/2041, 11:50 PST):Guys this is serious!


Hellagay (01/01/2041, 12:23 PST): LOL, sounds like her nw year’s resolution is u, and she’s gonna keep it ALL year long. Fag.


Creamy_Pie (01/01/2041, 12:40 PST): Hypnotic Eyes aren’t that hard to deal with, all you have to do is wait for the effects to wear off. Can you have a friend tie you to a post somewhere for a month or two so you don’t go to whatever address?

Source: I’m a succubus (don’t hit on me, silly humans).


Hellagay (01/01/2041, 12:41 PST): Hey girl, how bout u come here n suck my dick instead of helping dis homo? PM me if u want sum dic


Erogorn (01/01/2041, 12:53 PST): ^ Me too, please? I’ve been told I have thick spirit energy and taste like pineapple. :^)


[OP] Humen (01/01/2041, 13:01 PST):I have a job, I can’t spend two months tied up to a pole! Oh man, I just tried to wank it. Somehow every girl I thought of turned into her, which made me think of that address, which made me horny so I thought about more girls!


The_Ducktor (01/01/2041, 13:15 PST): Wait, can’t you just get someone else to reverse it?


Creamypie (01/01/2041, 13:41 PST): @Humen: A recursive trigger? Nice. That won’t wear off either since you keep renewing it every time you think dirty thoughts, you dirty boy; you’re dealing with a pro.

@The_Ducktor: Sometimes, but this woman had at least an hour with OP (or longer since she might’ve made him forget when he last looked at a clock) and it sounds like she’s pretty good, so I doubt she wouldn’t make the commands hard to remove, not that that’s even hard to do. Humen’s best bet is probably just to go give in early while he still has the willpower to try and negotiate some conditions.


[OP] Humen (01/01/2041, 13:57 PST):@Creamy:Yeah, I don’t see another way out of this. Okay, if I don’t post again by this time tomorrow tell Tombomb he can have my computer.


Tombomb (01/01/2041,14:27 PST):Sweet!


Erogorn (01/01/2041,14:41 PST): Don’t forget to lube up. I hear some succubi like the prostate.


Creamypie (01/01/2041, 16:01 PST): Thanks guys, LOLOLOL


The_Ducktor (01/01/2041, 16:29 PST): Why are you thanking us?


Tombomb (01/01/2041,14:27 PST)


Tombomb (01/08/2041, 17:31 PST): Anybody seen OP?


The_Ducktor (01/08/2041, 19:45 PST): It looks like he hasn’t posted at all since last week. That’s probably bad, but uh… is anyone else noticing something weird about Creamypie’s post count?


MrDarcy (01/09/2041, 00:52 PST): It’s three. So that means all of her posts were in this thread? Her profile page says she joined the site the same day OP got mindbroken too. You don’t think…


Erogorn (01/09/2041, 01:32 PST): OH SHI-


     Was it possible to find anything farther from encouragement? And that was only the first page, I didn’t even want to go further. There had to be pages and pages of succubi gloating about what they had just done to whatever boy toy they had at the moment.


     I powered down my monitor with a disheartened wave of my hand and slumped back in my seat. This blew, but not as badly as I wanted to be blown. Ughhhhhh. This should’ve been bearable; today was Monday and Iri had only hypnotized me Saturday. Even with a succubus teasing me I should’ve been able to hold myself together better than I was. The problem was that I’d had a math test Friday so I’d been too busy studying to masturbate since… Tuesday? Five, no six days? Yeah, that was kinda pushing it, especially since the constant miasma of demonic energy in my house tended to increase libidos. Man, not taking time to jerk myself off was stupid. Stupid stupid stupid stupid... a gentle knock at the door snapped me out of my self-pity.


“Are you okay, Sweetie?” Mom asked from the doorway.

“Yeah… I’m okay.” Iri smirking at me from her room was going to raise my blood pressure though.

“Really?” She asked, walking into the room and lifting my chin to look at me, “you slept until one.”

“Yeah, just stayed up too late playin’ games. I’m tired.”

“Geeze, we talked about that before, remember? Just because it’s a weekend doesn’t mean you can stay up all night and sleep all day, okay?”


“Okay. I saved you a plate from breakfast, it’s in the fridge if you want it.”



     I needed some air. I’d probably hit upon something earlier when I remembered the ridiculous amount of demonic energy floating around my house, getting away from it would do me good. I didn’t have a car or money or even any energy to go anywhere, so after inhaling breakfast and shoving half of whatever else was in the fridge down my face I went for a walk. I only made it as far as the sidewalk in front of my house before realizing I had no motivation to keep going and plopped down where I stood.


     I hated my life, I hated not having a girlfriend, I hated the weather, I hated the stupid sun, I hated that annoying clinking noise Coral’s garage weight set made when she used it. Even sitting up was too much of a bother so I flopped over on my side. The sidewalk burned. Ow. I wasn’t moving though. Ow. The pain wasn’t a bad distraction. Ow.


     There was no traffic on our cul-de-sac and no people out either. That last one was probably a small blessing since it meant I didn’t have any girls to check out, but the two of them combined meant I had nothing to do but stare at the heat waves rolling over the ground.


     I quit. If there was no way to bring myself some relief I’d just have to give in to Iri. Even if I did go crawling to mom and dad I’d still end up screwed if this happened again and just admitting defeat would do less damage to my pride than asking my parents for help like I was still a child. Now if only I could find it in me to move.


“Hey dude, if you don’t roll over soon you’re going to burn on one side.” Coral’s voice chided from somewhere behind me.

“Eh,” I retorted.

“What’s with the getup, anyway?”



     I rolled onto my back and looked at what I’d put on for the first time: a blue argyle sweater, a pink Speedo over my gray boxers, a pair of mix-matched socks and shoes with badly tied laces. I thought my arms felt warm.


“First thing I pulled outta my closet.”

“You sure? I thought it was some kinda weird Superman costume.”



     So much for there not being anyone to check out. Coral was wearing typical gym clothes: a black sports bra and a pair of neon green running shorts to match her sneakers. On her I wouldn’t normally have looked twice, but today with her squatting next to me… had her thighs always looked that inviting? Those creamy legs seemed to go on forever, their smoothness interrupted only slightly by a bulge of muscle beneath. And they both lead to something hot and moist and tight, something barely covered right now… oh, goddammit.


“Don’t be like that.” Coral whined after I rolled back onto my side so I didn’t have to look at her.


“You’ve been acting really weird lately, what’s up?”


“You’re wearing a sweater with a speedo and lying on hot cement when your house is fifty feet away, something’s definitely wrong.”

”Don’t wanna talk about it.”

“I’m not letting you wallow in your own misery AGAIN because you were too proud to ask anyone for help.” She continued, poking me with each word for emphasis. “Tell. Me. What’s. Wrong.”

“I just fucking said I don’t want to talk about it!” The words came out in a torrent, surprising even me. “Where the hell do you even get off sticking your nose in other people’s business?! Just leave me alone and I’ll be fine, you flat-chested bitch!”


     Thunderous silence. I regretted the words as soon as they left my lips, but something within me refused to take them back. Good thing I didn’t have to look at Coral’s face the way I was facing.

“Fine. Sorry for caring.”


     Then I was alone, the groaning of a garage door opener announcing that Coral was back inside. Why did I go and do that? She was right though, my skin in the sun was already starting to sting. Now, to summon the strength to get up or lay here until I burned to a crisp and hated living even more?


    Irina was on her bed reading something that looked suspiciously like one of those “For Dummies” books when I found her. She tossed it under the covers before I managed to make out the title.

“What?” She asked as I stood in her doorway.

“I give.”

The beginnings of a grin ate at Iri’s face before she rolled over to yank her device off of the charging pad on her nightstand.

“Wait wait wait, say it into the recorder!” She thrust the thing towards my mouth, hands free mic first. I cleared my throat and leaned into it.

“Irina is a gigantic whore.” No way I was gonna let her record my humiliation for later use, the bitch!

“That wasn’t very smart.”

Two birds sprang into the air as I stomped out of the room.


     I’m pretty sure the house shook a little when I slammed my bedroom door. Descartes certainly looked up from my bed like I was crazy. I was blowing up at people for no reason and plotting ways to dry hump my sister, maybe I was. 


     I was running out of distractions too. I eventually settled on listening to music, but that meant using my device which meant a world of porn at my fingertips. It would’ve been really nice to have one of those iRods or whatever my grandparents always talked about that only played music…


     As it turned out I didn’t really need any help masturbating. I turned my headphones about as high as they would go, trying to lose myself in the mess of sound pouring out of the speakers, but that was only a temporary relief; sitting still let my mind wander. Of course it wandered to all the wrong places: jiggling breasts, plump asses and lips I’d love wrapped around me flooded my mind. Oh God, what I wouldn’t do for a quick BJ.


     A wet nose shoved itself under the hand I was rubbing myself over my pants with. When had I even started doing that? Descartes pushed more insistently under my hand as I realized what I was doing.

“No, I’m not petting you, D.”

I crossed my arms and stared down at him as he looked up at me. I practically heard him snap back with a “fine!” as he shifted tactics and nosed under my shirt to sniff at my bellybutton.

“Okay, okay!” I laughed as I shoved his head away and gave him a good rub. “You know how to get what you want, don’t you boy?”


     Descartes being so damn pushy when he wanted someone to pet him was actually a lucky break for me; having his fat head in my lap meant I couldn’t even accidentally tease myself with orgasms I couldn’t have. I needed the help too, I wasn’t sure if it was just me or not but my library seemed to be really sexual that day. I needed to do something fast, but I still had no clue what.


     A few minutes later I saw more than heard Descartes finally leave my my lap to bark at the window.

“Cut it—” There was more barking before I could even finish the command. “Descartes, STOP.”

I got just a moment of the dog’s attention before his head whipped back to the window and he started again. What was he even barking at?


     A snap of my finger muted the headphones. I was expecting to hear someone walking through the gravel beneath my window or maybe a lawn mower down the street, all I got instead was the clicking of something against my window. The thought of ignoring it was pretty tempting, but the dog still hadn’t shut up, so in the interests of quiet I moved over to my bed and opened the window. Oh geeze.



“Hey.” Coral responded from her window across the fence, “um, are you mad at me?”


“Because if I did something you can just tell me and I’ll try to make it—”

“I’m. Not. Mad.”

“You sure? You sound pretty mad, bro.”

“YES.” God, she was getting annoying again.

“‘Kay. Well since you’re not mad can I ask you a question?”

“You just did.”

The neighbor girl rolled her eyes before looking over her shoulder and leaning as close into the screen as she could and dropping her voice to a whisper. “I was wondering… I know you wouldn’t wanna talk about it if you were, but we’re friends so I thought maybe—”

“Spit it out!”

“Are you on drugs?”


The sound of my palm meeting my forehead must’ve been audible half way down the block.


“What? It’s all I could think of to explain how weird you’ve been acting lately! And now you’re bitching at people for no reason too!”

“I’m not on drugs. Where would I even get the money for drugs?”

“I dunno, you could be selling yourself or something, and that’s even worse! Look, when there’s something going on with you like this I don’t feel right either, you know? The least you could do is tell me why you’re acting like a girl having her first period!”


     It was so tempting to snap back with something smart, something hurtful, that I almost couldn’t resist. Then I looked at Coral’s face. She was already hurting, anything I said would only be stretching wounds I’d already opened. No one but my mom ever looked at me with eyes like that. Coral cared. I may have lived in a house full of succubi, but I’d be the monster if I said something cruel to a girl like that. My burning temper cooled immediately.

“I didn’t mean what I said earlier.”

“I know, but forget that, what’s going on?”

So she wouldn’t let me change the subject, huh? “It’s uh… Irina.”


That expression from just a moment ago disappeared. This new one was no less concerned, but much darker. And fiery. Like the goddamn sun.


“Come over.”

“No. I just wanna be alone right now, okay?”

“Come over here or I’m going over there.” She left the words “to have a ‘chat’ with Irina” unsaid.

“I’ll be there in a second.”

“Good. And put some pants on first.”




     You know, this world is terrible. As a little human girl I always got to be second place. The Mamono were always faster, stronger, prettier, and sometimes smarter too. Things lurked in the night waiting to turn me into something I wasn’t and rewrite everything that was me.


     Guys didn’t have it any easier. Most of them were still outmatched physically, and even after The Shift when all the mamono stopped being so rapey there were still plenty of monsters waiting to turn them into rape slaves, people— no, monsters— ready to break their minds and turn their bodies into toys. This was the world I lived in.


     What the hell had Irina even done? The boy I found outside earlier should’ve been cracking jokes, not lying on the ground like he was waiting to die. If I could I would… no. Easy Coral, keep it together. You couldn’t do anything to her anyway. You’re not even a threat.


     Deep breaths, and open. I managed to catch the neighbor boy mid reach for the doorbell. There was barely any time for me to look at him before he rolled back over earlier, but he looked like crap. His eyes had bags that made it look like he hadn’t slept in a week, his posture was terrible and he barely lifted his feet when he walked. This might be worse than I thought.


     There wasn’t a word shared between us as I lead the way to my room. he sat in my desk chair, and I took the bed, only this time instead of laying down I was sitting and looking down at him like a disapproving parent. The silence grew uncomfortable as I waited for him to speak. Each tick of my clock dragged on into eternity, still he only played with something on his shoe. So he was going to make me be the bad guy and squeeze it out of him, huh?


“Okay, so what the hell—”

“Are you wearing perfume?”

“Huh?” I was. As far as I could tell it was the same scent he’d had on him yesterday; I had to smell almost every bottle in the mall to find it. That was the reason I was there in the first place, not that I’d ever let him know. The fragrance was one of Iri’s though, would he like it? Would he hate it? Man, why did I even think it was a good idea to copy her in the first place?

“It smells nice.”

“T-t-thanks, I was wondering if... it... was…” The words died in my throat as he stood and came closer. The look in his eye was one I hadn’t seen before, but it burned with a heat even a virgin couldn’t mistake.

“Um, we need to talk.” Even I thought my protest was weak as he pushed me back into the bed.

“We can talk later.”  Oh God, his face was so close. At his hands on his shoulders like he was going to ravish me were so… not the time!

“No, now. Don’t you realize how weird you’re acting?”

“You’re acting pretty weird too. You want it, don’t you?” Somewhere out of sight a hand ran along my thigh, sliding over the thin material of my sundress. Oh… I’d thought of something like this happening before, but I wasn’t ready. I still hadn’t prepared myself or told him that I liked him or asked if he like me or...

“I-I don’t…” For a moment the words hung in the air, the only sound in the room louder than our breathing and traced a line from my outer thigh to my knee, and with more urgency to my inner thigh. It moved up, quickly pushing back my dress and racing towards— “NO!”


     I didn’t think as I launched my head upwards. Our skulls met with a sickening crack and I shoved the neighbor boy off of me as he recoiled. I was on my feet in a flash clutching a pillow to my chest before he knew what hit him.

“Ow! What the hell, Coral?!”

“That’s what I want to know! You normally barely even look at me, but today you come over and- and- you’re not helping anyone by being all stoic, you know!”

“Guess I’m not, am I?” He sighed as he patted a spot on the bed and rubbed his forehead. “Sit down. And stop glaring at me like that, would ya?” There was no way I was going to stop glaring, but I did at least sit.


     The story I was told was… what? Stunning? I wasn’t stunned. Irina had pulled sexual stunts before, though nothing this bad. Horrifying? It should’ve been, but it wasn’t. You heard rumors about men getting mindbroken all the time, you got used to the idea after a while. Sad. That was inadequate, but the best I could come up with. A sister warping her healthy brother’s own mind and body against him couldn’t be called anything else, right? Well, maybe sick, but that line of thought wouldn’t help me get through.


     For once I got the whole story. Not the details my oldest friend thought wouldn’t upset me or the ones that wouldn’t embarrass him. All of them. I quickly found that I didn’t really want to hear them and he already knew he didn’t want to tell them, but both of us needed it.


“The worst part was what she did this morning. Can you believe she actually fucking brought Ema into this? I just want to…”


“I want to end this, Coral. There’s only one way.”

“There are two, you idiot! Just go ask your parents for help!”

“I thought about that.” He said with a smile as dry as a desert. “If I go squealing to my parents now she’d know she had me trapped. All she has to do is tell me not to tell them about it next time and I’m stuck. I’ll save that for when I really need it, but what Iri’s after this time isn’t really that bad even if she’s being crazy aggressive about it. All I have to do is fuck- I mean have sex with her like usual and I’m done. I think the only reason she’s being so pushy this time is because I’m taking so long to give in.”

“Maybe, but…”


     Those bag shadowed eyes waited for me to finish. What I wanted to say was simple, really: “I don’t want you to.” I had a crush, I could admit that; I’d known for a while. I didn’t like it before, but I really didn’t want him going back to Irina now that I fully knew what they were doing. Maybe that was selfish of me, or maybe being jealous was normal for a girl whose crush was being taken by someone else, I didn’t know. I didn’t care. What I did know was that I had a bad feeling that the usual tease and screw was something more this time and… and I knew that there was a third option out.


Me. If he’d repeated Irina’s words from earlier right, I could help. “You can’t cum unless someone else makes you” was what she said, right? I was someone else, even if no one ever looked at me as a girl.


“Thanks for making me talk this out, I think I made up my mind.”


No! There was another way! All I needed was the courage to say it!


     I hit him earlier when he touched me but it wasn’t like I didn’t want to to do that I just wasn’t ready and what if he hates me now he might say no just because of that and then I’d never know how he really felt because I did something stupid in the heat of the moment but before I can even find that out I needed to find a way to say that it was okay if he tried having sex with me but then what if he thought I was a slut and left because of that and then Irina could do whatever it was she was planning to do because I couldn’t work up the courage to stop him or face his disappointment!


     I couldn’t let that happen, but what if he just wouldn’t have me because Irina was so much prettier? Ah, that thought again. I’d had it many times before, and it wasn’t any less true now. I clutched the pillow tighter against my flat chest and tried to squeeze the idea away. It nestled in deeper.




     This was fear. Fear of what would happen if I spoke up, and fear of what would happen if I didn’t. Not the crawling fear that made you scream and run, but the festering kind that sat like a lump in your throat and froze you in place. There was so much to lose.


“Anyway, I’ll talk to you later.”


Say something Coral, this is your last chance!




To be concluded


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