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Even Though My Family Is A Bunch Of Sex Demons I'm Just A Horny Human! Ch 3

Page history last edited by Sea Foam 5 years, 6 months ago

     Being a succubus was supposed to be easy. It was all boy toys and infinite lust, right? Wrong. There was magic to learn and technique to perfect; seduction didn't happen on its own. Actually, seduction for girls my age in general was pretty easy; all you really had to do was show some skin and shake your ass when you walked and guys came running, the other stuff was just a bonus. That wasn’t really limited to Mamono, either. Still, that just made it all the more frustrating when someone didn’t respond the way you wanted them to even though you were trying so hard, and today hadn’t been my day. Not only had I lost a game of Tortoise Wins the Race—which was freakishly embarrassing, by the way— but when I tried to use the opportunity that opened up I screwed up my command.


     A succubus’ Hypnotic Eye does almost exactly what it sounds like: it’s a quick and easy way to mess with someone’s head, leave some suggestions, give some commands, whatever. Thing is, because you were dealing with someone’s mind you had to be really specific with whatever you were doing, or else what you thought you were telling them to do and what they thought you were telling would be two different things. There were misunderstandings and loopholes if you weren’t careful. Of course you could also lose your cool right in the middle and give the wrong order entirely.


     Seriously, “you can’t cum by yourself?” Where had I even come up with that? He could get himself off in literally any way he didn’t consider masturbation like that. It didn’t tie the orgasm to me either, so if by some miracle the twerp talked one of the girls at school into giving him a quick HJ that’d solve the problem too. “You can’t cum unless I tell you to” would’ve been so much simpler! If I wasn’t struggling to hold myself back at the time, making a mistake like that would’ve been unforgivable. Oh well, at least I had a long weekend to work with and he still thought I did what I actually meant to. As long as I got him to break before he got into contact with any other girls everything would still work. All I had to do was keep up the pressure. Easy.


     Footsteps sounded down the hall as I considered making a magic diary to record my successes and failures in the area. Doing my best to look unconcerned I shoved my chopsticks into the pile of Chow Mein on my plate and pretended I was about to take a bite. Act natural, Iri.


“Mom and Dad still at it?” That was a reasonable question, right?

“Nah. How long was it this time?”

“About… four hours? They made it quick this time.” If I didn’t say something snide soon he might think something was up. “Can’t wait ‘til I find someone that can last that long.” Smooth.

“Yeah, yeah. You ordered Chow Mein.” Among others. “I hate Chow Mein.”

“I know. Heard you jerkin’ it earlier.” I actually hadn’t, but he must've tried.

“Yeah, so?”

“Didn’t work well, did it?” Gotta plant the seeds. Careful now...



Ah, that look of shock and hatred was beautiful. It made laying the act on thick after that much easier.


“Me. Hey, what’s it like not being able to get yourself off? Does it suck knowing that you can fuck your hand all you want but you can’t cum unless someone else makes you? Are you sexually frustrated?” That was a little heavy handed, but it’d do the trick.

“Irina. Take whatever you did and undo it. Now.”

It was kind of cute when he tried to assert himself in helpless situations. It made me worry about what would happen if he learned the situation wasn’t helpless though.

“What’re you talking about? I already told you what to do if you wanna blow your load. I think I’ll settle for hearing ‘please let me defile your divine mouth with my filthy seed, mistress’ while you grovel on your knees for now, little doggie. “

“Get bent.”

“Well then, I guess you’d better ask Mom to take care of you.” I had to take it just a little further… “Or Ema. Or dad.”

“Quit screwing around, I’m serious.”

“Me too. If you don’t like it get on your knees, then I’ll get on mine. It’s nothing big.”


     With that the great clueless one snatched a box of food at random and stormed back upstairs. Heh, he grabbed the Chow Mein. Too bad he’d be too stubborn to come back downstairs to swap it out. It was that same stubborn streak that’d stop him from crawling to mom or dad for help though, so I wasn’t complaining.


Another pair of foot steps caught my attention as Ema rounded the corner into the kitchen and inspected the food on her tip toes.

“There’s only meat and vegetables?” she asked.

“‘Big Bwutha just ran off with the Chow Mein, but,” I smiled as I pulled another box of food from under the table, “I got Fried Rice too.”




“Certificate of Adoption”


     My hands shook as I read the heading over and over again. If I was lucky Irina’s name would be written at the bottom. If I was unlucky… would it be such a bad thing if it was me? If nothing else it would mean Coral couldn’t really say anything about what Iri did to me any more. Still, I liked my family, it’d be weird to feel like I was just tacked on. And what if Ema was the adopted one? Would she even know what that meant? If she did how would she handle it? Should I even tell her, or would it be better just put this paper back and pretend I never saw it? No, I wouldn’t be able to do that.


     But I couldn’t sit here and speculate all day either. Deep calming breaths steadied my hands. Okay, I was ready. With an almost calm air I scanned to the bottom of the page where a name was neatly typed.


Oh hell no.


     I stormed out of the library and to my parent’s room. It looked like they had finally untangled themselves from one another since it was empty. Like rolling thunder I flew down the stairs and to the kitchen. Only Ema and Iri were there. Figured, neither one of my parents would need to eat for a day or two after four hours in the sack.


     The sound of the TV directed my attention to the living room and I stomped in to find my parents snuggled up in the dark watching TV. Without saying a word I jammed the power button and flipped on all of the lights that would be behind me when I stood in front of them.

“Is something wrong, sweetie?” Mom asked as I prepared my dramatic backlighting.

“Hell yeah there is. Do you know what this is?!” I gave the paper in my hand a hearty shake for emphasis.

Dad groaned as he made out the text on the form. “Oh boy.”

“I’m sorry son,” Mom said with a sigh as she pulled herself away from Dad. “We should’ve told you earlier that you were adopted.”

“What? No I’m not not. Am I?”
“Yes!” Iri shouted as she walked past the doorway.

“Not now, Irina!” Dad yelled back. “The women in this family…”

“But seriously am, I adopted?”

“I guess so?” Mom said with her head cocked to the side.

“What do you mean you guess so?!”

“Well you must be if you’re so mad to find adoption papers, right?”

“Not the time, dear.” Dad spoke through a stiff smile.

“They’re not mine, they’re for Descartes!”

“Oh.” Mom brought her serious face back like she was swapping masks. “Where did you find those?”

“In the cabinet upstairs.”

“Dear,” the mask turned into a smiling one as Mom turned to the man beside her. “Didn’t I tell you not to put those papers up there? I could swear I told you not to put those up there.”

“What?” Dad asked with his palms out, “The kids never go in that thing and if I put them anywhere else they’d get lost!”

“I’m going to have to punish you for this later, you know.” And here came the flirting.

“I don’t know if I can take any more punishment after what we did earlier.” Dad grinned.

“Oh? But I’m sure a dirty boy like you has another round or ten left in him. You’re always just so naughty you never seem to get enough~”

“You wanna find out where my limit is then?”

“You better believe I’m going to, you—”

“Mom. Dad.” I interrupted. “Can we focus a little? And please don’t use the whips until after sunrise. They make it hard to sleep.”

“Oh, right. What were we talking about? Doggy style?” Mom asked with that annoying little head tilt.

“Dogs. Adopted dogs.”

“Mmm, yeah,” Dad nodded. “What’s the problem?”

“The problem is that it’s not fair! Schrodinger was a kitten when Irina got him” a fat kitten, but still. “And Pavlov was a puppy too!”

“Wasn’t Descartes?” Dad spoke over the sound of Mom whistling for the dogs.

“This thing says he was a couple months old.” I THOUGHT he was a big puppy.

“Come on,” Mom said as Descartes came over and she pointed his big head at me. “Tell me you love this big hunk of love any less now that you know he’s adopted.”

Like I could turn down those soulful brown eyes. “I don’t, but…”

“I’ve got it!” Dad exclaimed with a hearty slap of his knee. “We’ll buy you a new puppy!”

“You will?”

“We will?” Mom echoed.

“Mmhmm. We did most of it for you since you were so young the first time around, but since you’re older now you’d have to do all of the house breaking, accident cleaning and leash training.”


Mom piped in next. “Oh, and since Descartes would get jealous you’d have both of your dogs fighting for your attention too. They’d be all over you all the time. And do you know how many pairs of my panties Descartes chewed up before we broke him out of it? If you got another puppy now we’d make you pay to replace those, and I only buy the expensive lacy kind.”  

“Maybe I don’t want a puppy.”

“Smart choice” Dad agreed with a nod. “Are we good now?”

“I guess. But I’m really not adopted, right?”

“No, honey. Neither are Ema or Irina. Now come here.” Mom stood and motioned for a hug.

“No thanks.”


I sidled toward the door, but not quickly enough to avoid the leap Mom took over the ottoman.

“C’mon!” she exclaimed while pinching my cheek after practically tackling me to the ground.

“Mom!” I tried to struggle away from her insistent nuzzling but she wasn’t going to have any of that; my struggling only made her cling to me more tightly.

“Coochie coochie coo!”

“Daaaaad, make her stop!”

“No can do son, when she gets like this it’s best to just lie still and count the dots on the ceiling until she’s done.”

“Hug time!” Ema’s voice rang out like a bell before a weight crashed down on top of me and another pair of arms slipped into the tangled cuddle. Where had she even come from?!


Dad stepped in in his own way, kneeling down to ruffle my hair. “We love you son.”

“Yeah, I know.”

With little else to do that night I ended up goofing around and going to bed.


     Pillows. Soft, warm pillows. They’re great under your head, but even better when they rub together other places. So nice and warm and wet…


     Wait, wet? I tossed back my covers with a start to see what the hell was going on. There really wasn’t a reason to; I knew what those pillows were. I’d become familiar with them since they grew in. That scent of Jasmine and herb wasn’t something I expected to waft out from under the sheets, but the face staring up at me was the usual one.

“Iri, what are you doing?” I asked as her breasts reached the bottom of a stroke and her mouth moved in.

“Goo morninf bowshof.”


     A good morning blowjob. Right. No, wrong? A blowjob was just what the doctor ordered, but I knew I wasn’t going to be getting the full treatment. What to do? Let her go at it and hope she underestimated how close I was to the edge? No, Iri was way too intimate with my cock for that to work. And she was a succubus. I was screwed, but not nearly as badly as I wanted to be.


“M’kay, that’s enough good mornings for now,” I said as I moved to push Iri back.

“Tush me an ahl baiht.”


She’d do it too. I had an idea that might just make this work, though...


     I leaned back and gave up as she pulled my dick out of her mouth with a pop before leaning back in for another go. I knew for a fact that Irina was more than capable of giving a completely silent blowjob, but that was not the treatment I was going to get; even though I was looking away trying not to think about the fact that I was getting a blowjob the sound of one assaulted my ears. Iri gleefully slurped at my my rod, making sure I heard the slopping sound as her saliva coated tongue teased my glans when she finally came up for air.


“Hey.” Iri grunted after a few minutes. “Shouldn’t you be moaning or something?”



     I should’ve been moaning. I should’ve been moaning a lot, but I wasn’t. If I held back all of the signs that I was enjoying myself even Iri might go overboard and accidentally make me cum, so with my jaw locked shut and all of the muscles in my dick clinched tight so they couldn’t twitch I endured.

“Hmm…” Irina eyed me suspiciously, then lowered her head back to my straining member and slid me into the back of her throat. Oh God, that was good.


     Those yellow eyes of hers never left my face as she bobbed up and down my shaft, watching for the slightest reaction. I did my best to keep a straight face and kept my eyes focused on either the bridge of her nose or those miraculous tits rubbing against my thighs every time she moved her head. I was not going to slip up again and let her inside my head so soon.


     Iri’s careful attendance to my manhood and those wonderfully lewd sounds steadily brought me near the brink. I came to the point where I would’ve had to start holding my orgasm back had I not desperately wanted to blow my load all over Iri’s slutty face, but that was when she stopped. She kept staring at me, smirking now that her mouth wasn’t full, and gently stroking everything below my head with her hand. Even as she moved her other hand down to fondle my balls I slid down from my plateau.

“You’re leaking pre everywhere. You a little backed up, little bro?”

You know I am, you cunt! Of course, if I opened my mouth now there was no way I wouldn’t at least gasp, so all she got was a simple “Mmm mmm.”

“Fine, don’t admit it. But isn’t there something you want to say?”


     Iri’s eyes held the subtle glow of someone using a highly compatible magic. I knew she was trying to get into my head again, waiting for me to slip up and look into her eyes for even a second, but that unwavering stare was still unnerving. Yet at the same time it was really sexy to have those glowing yellow eyes staring up at me as she slid me into her cleavage and bounced her heavy breasts along my length. Between her spit already covering me and the precum constantly dribbling out of the head of my penis the movement was slippery and frictionless.


     After a few strokes of vanilla tit-fucking she added in a little swirl of her tongue around my head each time she reached the bottom of her stroke and the straining tip of my dick popped out. The stimulation was dangerously close to making me buck my hips into her oh-so-inviting mouth. I was getting so close...

Iri smirked harder and spoke, one word per lick. “So? ‘please, Mistress...’ Right?”

I respond with a nod of my head.

“Gonna say it?”

Shake shake.


Shake shake.

“Okay.” Irina stood up like it was nothing and reached for the shirt she must’ve shed on her way in.

“Guh, hey, wait!”

“Too late,” Iri responded with a dismissive hand wave as she shook her ass out of my room. “Try again later.”




Iri poked her head back into the room after I finished my fit of mental screaming. “And don’t bother trying to hide that you’re about to cum next time. I know your prick better than you do.”


     Sunday’s breakfast was uneventful. Mom cooked… something. I didn’t really even taste it because I was too busy being miserable. At any rate, food was eaten, small talk was made. I didn’t really participate, but somehow it felt like I ate more than usual.


     I needed to get my libido in check, it was getting a little hard to think. I had just the thing to take care of that though; a nice round of mind numbing video games. And maybe an ice pack for my blue balls. I was contemplating whether I wanted to play Modern Warfare 15 or Battlefield 10 when a tiny hand grabbed my shirt.

“Big Bwutha, Mom said I could get new clothes today! Wanna come?”


     Do you know how hard it is to say no to a cute face like that? Have you ever tried to refuse a pair of big eyes looking up at you  like the fate of the world depends on your answer? It’s physically impossible to say no to that.


     I discovered to my displeasure that the mall was busy that day. That wasn’t really that big a deal though, I could deal with crowds. The bigger deal was that Mom wasn’t taking Ema shopping, she just stuck her with me, gave me a wad of cash and told us to have fun. Okay, that was still manageable; Ema knew her sizes and I was given a rough list of what she needed. The biggest deal though? Irina came along.


“Why the hell did Mom send us to take Emma shopping?” I asked as the three of us stood in front of the mall entrance like boulders in a stream of people.

Iri popped her gum and looked at me like I was a poor retarded child. “They’ve got the house to themselves and we can’t go back until they come to pick us up.”


Oh boy.


“We’re going to have to shampoo the couch when we get back, aren’t we?”

“The couch,” Iri began, counting through a well used mental checklist on her fingers, “the bathroom, the kitchen table with bleach, those chairs by the pool, the pool, the pool table, the pool cues,  the coat closet, the inside of the car… did you lock your room door?”

“You don’t think they’d—”

“Happened to me once. I’m still missing my leather miniskirt and an old training bra; I just hope Mom was the one wearing them. Had to throw my sheets away, too.”

“I would’ve gotten rid of the entire mattress.”

“Remember that time mine mysteriously caught fire?”

“Ah. Okay, we need a game plan so we get out of here before they can try out too many places in the house. Let’s split up and—”

“No way, if we split up I’ll never be able to find you two again. We’re gonna hit my stores first, then we’ll get Ema’s stuff.”

“But my bed…”

“They had a quickie yesterday, they can’t be feeling that kinky. Come on, we’re wasting time.”


          Iri did actually have a point. There was still a problem with moving though: I could reliably stick to Irina, but Ema would have a problem staying close with this many people around. I was already holding Ema’s hand to keep her near, but that made me almost three times as wide as I would’ve been on my own and that meant walking anywhere was like pushing against a current. The best solution would be…


“Hey Ema, let me give you a piggyback ride.” I said as I knelt down with my arms behind me. My sister had other ideas; before I could react she wrapped her arms around my neck and squeezed her legs around my waist. From the front.

“Ema, you know why it’s called a piggy BACK ride, right?”

“Yeah!” she answered with a smile, “but I like to see Big Bwutha’s face when I ride him!”

“Cute.” I shot a glance at Iri as I moved my hands to the front and stood up. “Did you teach her that one?”

“Must’ve been Mom. Anyway, let’s go.”


You know, going to the mall in my condition was a terrible idea. It was Spring in California, and that meant short shorts and tight shirts; where skin wasn’t being shown what little was covered was clearly outlined. It was a heaven for horny males everywhere that my darling older sister managed to twist into a hell for me. I was constantly pleading with my penis, lest it go out of control and poke Ema. If that happened I would die.


“Hey Iri, where are we even going?” It was hard not to stare at the multitude of creamy legs I passed by, so I clung to the first unrelated thought that came to mind.

“It’s a secret.” was all I got in response as Irina managed to reach around my waist and plaster herself against me despite the fact that I was holding Ema.


     Having Irina pressed against me completely canceled out my reason for carrying Ema; our pace slowed to a crawl as the crowd adjusted itself to allow for our awkward shuffling. The addition was a double edged sword: I now had even more cover for the awkward waddle my erection caused, but because we were moving slower Iri now had more time to rub against me. She made full use of it until someone bumped into her and almost knocked us all over.


“I’m so sorry!” The figure exclaimed as it extended a hand to steady us. “Wait, Iri?”

“Coral?” Iri uncoiled herself from me with an air of disappointment. “What are you doing here?”

“Oh, just a little shopping.” Coral laughed awkwardly as she hid a shopping bag behind her.

“Big Bwutha, turn around so I can see!”

“Nope. That’s what you get for riding backwards.” Which also meant I could see her pouting, but Ema already knew what Coral looked like. “Hey, did you take the bus here? We can drop you off at home if you want.”


     Coral’s eyes lit up at the suggestion; that wasn’t surprising since the bus took almost two hours to get to the mall one way. Come to think, it was really surprising that she bothered coming all the way out here without a ride. Whatever she wanted must’ve been important.

“Okay! I was done already, but hanging out for a bit sounds like fun. Where are we going?”

Iri grinned a bit as she linked arms with Coral and I to lead us away. “You’ll see~”


     Lace, perfume, silk. They’re foreign concepts, right? In a way, they’re almost uncomfortable to think about, and there I was in a lingerie shop surrounded by all of them. As a man I might as well have been standing on the surface of the moon without a spacesuit.


“Really Iri?” I asked as the girl in question stretched a pair of underwear that might well have been made of floss in front of her.

“What? I needed a few new pairs.”


     Right. I’m sure the fact that you knew I was in a ridiculous state of arousal had nothing to do with it. How did I not call that? On a cue from Iri, Ema had dropped down and wrapped her arms and legs around mine as soon as Irina maneuvered me into a convenient position so I wasn’t walking anywhere anytime soon either. I was getting used to working with this situation though.


     All I had to do was ignore everything. The music was some kind of pop rock deal with the bass turned up way too high. I was a pro at mentally blocking out my parent’s moaning, ignoring shitty music was barely a problem when it wasn’t booming so hard I could feel it.


     Smell wasn’t hard to manage either. The store had a small fragrance section, but the samples were pretty obviously used heavily. Individually the scents there might’ve been sexy or flirty, but with all of them struggling for attention at once they mashed themselves into a formless potpourri that only burned my nose. The visuals though, those were more of a problem.


     I was in a shop— no ,really more of a boutique— designed to stoke the desire of men. They had it down to a science; everything was lacy where you’d want it, smooth and silky where you didn’t. They even seemed to know how much to show: lots of the designs had little see through portions, but rarely did those portions extend all the way to the nipples or the slit of the vagina. To top things off even the mannequins looked good in what they wore; these weren’t your average department store models, they actually came with curves. Lots of them. In all the right places. Would it feel good to hump one of them?


     No! I closed my eyes and tried to focus on something else. Let’s see… simple counting was too simple to distract me right now, but prime numbers might do the trick. 1, 3, 5, 8… no, that wasn’t right. Heh. The number eight reminded me of that thing I used to do with a calculator where you type in 80085 and joke to your friends that it looked like “BOOBS.” Nice bouncy boobs in a silky number designed to lift and separ—


“Are you okay?” Coral looked over at me from her spot at my side.

“Yeah… I’ll be fine. You don’t have to keep me company though, I don’t mind if you want to look around or whatever girls do here.”

“No, um, I never shop here either. I mean, it’s kind of intimidating.”


     Mmm, that must be true. The place seemed to cater to all shapes and sizes, but that meant they also carried underwear meant to accommodate the biggest oni and the thickest centaur. Coral was hard to beat in the ass department, but I wondered what it felt like to shop somewhere where even the mannequins had more going on up top than you did? There was also a dizzying selection of styles and colors, and if that wasn’t enough there was the lingering thought that everyone else was shopping to please a husband or boyfriend while she had no one. Yeah, that’d be kind of depressing.


“I shop here sometimes!” Ema spoke up from somewhere around my knees

“You mean Mom lets you follow her around in here sometimes.”

“Isn’t that the same thing?” she asked.

“Well… kinda? I mean, I guess…”

“Can I help you three with anything?” A voice from behind us interrupted me before the conversation went any further. I turned to look, but I really shouldn’t have.


     We had been greeted by one of the shop’s employees, a holstaurus. Her nametag read “Bessie.” Apparently her parents had a sense of humor, but her body was not playing around. The holstaurus was a bit more supple than some of the other employees, but she was still far from fat; rather the weight gave her more of a motherly look. She was a holstaurus though, so since she was a little plump everywhere else she was a lot more plump in the chest because of it. I would’ve felt sorry for the fourth button on her shirt, hanging on for dear life since the first three were already undone if I wasn’t eager to see what I could see if it popped off.

“My eyes are up here, folks.”


     I shot my glance up momentarily and caught Coral doing the same out of the corner of my eye. Round face, green eyes, tanned skin, black hair, bell shaped earrings and the very beginnings of crow’s feet around her eyes. Very nice. Aaaaaaand back down. That cleavage went on forever; it could put the Grand Canyon to shame. Actually, I’d never seen the Grand Canyon, but I knew it didn’t have shit on this. I really shouldn’t oggle this woman right in front of her though; so I peeled my eyes away and tried to focus on her face. Her eyes were a little big, lending her sort of a girlish look. Her lips were pretty plump and soft looking too. Know what looked even more plump and soft though? Those tits. Back down. If you looked real closely—and I was— you could make out a hint of lavender through the white of Bessie’s blouse. Despite their size her breasts were sitting unusually high on her chest too; her bra must’ve been a monster. Did they make steel belted bras? Looking at her I had a feeling they d— a hand gently tilted my head back up to Bessie’s face and held it there. Better.


“Thanks Coral.”

“Uh-huh.” Was it just me or did she sound a little sulky?

“Sorry Bessie.”

“Oh don’t worry,” the hosltaurus responded with a smile, “I get that all the time. Sometimes I wish I could just stick the name tag on my forehead so no one had to look down there at all.”

“Haha, yeah.” I would’ve looked anyway.

“But anyway, it’s not often we get a human couple in here. What are you folks looking for today? I’m wearing one of our pushups if that’s of interest to you.” Aha!

“Actually,” Coral corrected, “we’re not a coup—”

“Oh, of course not. Let’s try a different approach then, shall we? What kind of panties do you normally wear?”

“I… um…” Coral’s eyes flicked back and forth between me and the saleswoman until she finally melted under the holstarus’s warm smile. “The normal kind? They come in a package at the store.”

“What about your special panties?”

“S-special? Well I have these spandex ones that I work out in…”

“That won’t do at all! Every girl needs something to show off in for special occasions!”

“Ah, that’s okay. I don’t have anything to show off, anyway.”

Ema chimed in again. “Nuh-uh, you’ve got a cute butt!”


“You do!” The holstaurus exclaimed after stepping around for a good look. “I’ve got just the thing! Oh, your boyfriend is going to love these!”

Bessie almost dragged Coral over to a display despite her protests. “He’s not my boyfriend!”

“Not with that attitude he’s not. It’s a little weird that he’d bring his little sister along on a date though.”

“It’s not a date!”

“Oh, of course. Anyway, what do you think of these?” Man that cow was pushy.

“I dunno, they’re a little— hey, stop looking you two!”

“Fine, fine,” I sighed. Not like I couldn’t still hear everything anyway.


     Scanning the store again I finally settled upon somewhere to focus my attention: there was a potted plant outside. That was safe, nice and sterile. Even I wasn’t so worked up I’d get wood over wood, that’d be crazy. Although, maybe if I drilled a hole in it… okay, no. The leaves, focus on the leaves. I almost managed to enjoy myself straining to examine the plant from afar when Iri’s voice called out to me.

“Hey, Stud.”

Nuh-uh. I was absolutely not going to look. Looking would be stupid and I was smarter than that. Okay, no I wasn’t.


     Iri wore a stunning negligee.  As a whole I would’ve called the getup navy blue, almost black but the bra and part of the panties had a loose lace pattern on top of a nude succubus blue color so it looked like you were seeing more than you really were. It was a piece designed to show off it’s wearer, and it did that spectacularly. It lifted and separated here, was so sheer it may as well not have been there elsewhere, and the g string that was the sole bottom part was something else entirely.

“Hoho, there’s a nice reaction.” Irina cooed before twirling to give me another good look, sending the sheer hanging portion of the outfit swirling up around her chest and giving me a full view of her tight core. “You like this one, little bro?”

“What are you doing?!” I demanded, “ We’re in the middle of a store!”

Iri paused to look around for just a moment before shrugging. “So? I look fine, it’s not like I care if anyone sees me.” That was good, because every man and a healthy number of the women in the store were checking out her nearly nude form.

“Just change! Shoo!”

“Don’t get your panties in a bunch, little bro.”

“I’m worried about the bunch yours are in!”

“It’s a thong, they’re supposed to be that way.”

“Dammit Iri, go put some freaking clothes on!”

“Fine, fine.” Iri turned and walked half way back to the fitting rooms before turning to smirk over her shoulder. “We’ve got three more stores to hit after this one though.”


     Nope. Fuck that, I was DONE. We hadn’t had a single human perpetrated rape around here for at least a year, but so help me if that kind of crap kept up I was going to cause the first. I waited until Irina disappeared into the changing rooms and walked out of the store.


Or at least I tried to.


     Ema was still firmly locked around my legs so all I really did was throw my weight forward and fall into a table. I had to give it to Ema for her tenacity, but I was not in the mood for it; I just barely barely managed to stop myself from yelling as I looked down.

“Let. Go.”

Shake shake.


Shake shake shake.


     Christ. Dealing with this was annoying as all hell but Ema didn’t even know what was going on or why she was helping Irina. On second thought, she probably did know why she was helping.

“What did Iri promise you for holding me still?”

“I-ice cream.” Her voice was shaky; I was trying my best not to look angry, but I must’ve messed up.

“I’ll buy you a sundae if you let go.”

“Really?! Okay!”


     Ema let go of me and sprung to her feet at the same time Coral extracted herself from the MILFy hostaurus and came scurrying back over cradling something almost as red as her face against her chest.

“What was that?”  She asked upon reaching us.

“Our cue to leave. I didn’t sign up for this crap.”

Coral protested as I pushed both girls towards the door. “Wait, I still have to put these back! I don’t really want them or anything, but if I didn’t take anything the sales woman wouldn’t leave me alone, so—”

“Wait here.” Without saying anything more I plucked whatever Coral picked up out of her arms, took it to the counter and payed for it, all without looking or thinking too much about the delicious silky texture. That done I pressed the bag into Coral’s arms and dragged her and Ema out of the store by the hand. “We’re going.”


     Darkness was soothing. With my eyes shut and my head in my arms I could kind of get myself together and pull my mind out of the gutter. Easy now. I sat up after taking a deep breath and smiled at Ema on the other side of the food court table, happily slurping down a banana split.

“Big bwutha isn’t having anything?” She asked in between spoonfuls of ice cream.

“We’re sharing, remember?”

“No!” Ema pulled the dish closer to her as if to protect it from me. “It’s mine, I earned it!” I knew she’d only finish half of it anyway, I didn’t even bother protesting.

“So what’s up with you?” Coral asked from beside me. “You’re really intense today.”

“Yeah, sorry.”

“Naw, I… kinda like it actually, it’s just weird.”

I couldn’t resist a quip. “Weird like you in a skirt?”

“Weird like you buying me panties!” Aw, I set myself up for that. “And you held my hand on the way over here and now we’re eating together, if you keep this up it really will feel like a date.”

“A date where we take my sister shopping?” Speaking of I slid the sundae dish away from Ema who was clearly done and stuck the spoon in to take a bite.

“I guess, but… You didn’t have to buy those, you know.” Coral shot a glance at the bag on her lap.

“Whatever, Mom gave me way more money than I need and you looked like you wanted ‘em.”

“Not really…”

“So take ‘em back.” And stop talking about lingerie, I’m trying to deal with an erection here.

“But you bought them for me.”

“So keep ‘em, problem solved. Anyway, let’s get moving, I want to get home before my parents fuck on my bed.”


     A few hours later found me doing at home doing my best Solid Snake impression with my solid snake at the ready.  Ema and Iri were downstairs, my parents were occupied again, and I had realized something: I was being too passive. I couldn’t just sit back and let Irina have her way with me! So I couldn’t wank because Iri had to be the one to make me cum. She never said she had to make me cum intentionally. In theory, if I edged and then got in one or two strokes against her tits or her thighs or hell, probably even her armpits at this point, I could still get myself off and vent. I was going to have to sexually assault a succubus. The idea was crazy, but that was why it just might work.


     Irina had a box full of crap in the corner of her room, I took the liberty of dumping the contents into her closet, claiming the box and corner spot for myself. It was kind of a cozy in there, like a box fort. A box fort I was going to masturbate in.


     It was almost an hour before Irina came back to her room. I peeked out through the box’s handle as she walked into the room then suddenly stopped and sniffed. Uh-oh. I had been there for a while edging, could she smell me? The box was starting to get a bit ripe… No, I was okay; Irina scrunched up her nose and emptied her trash. Phew. I gave her long enough to put a new bag in and lay down before proceeding; the garbage can wasn’t far from me, but if I was going to have a shot at this I needed Iri as vulnerable as she could get.


     Iri settled in on the bed, nails tapping on the screen of her phone in between giggles. Slowly, gently I took a step forward. Irina’s head snapped towards me almost instantly at the sound of the box’s flaps scraping the carpet. I dropped and froze, breath caught in my throat. Before too long Iri went back to her phone, but that incident was still more than enough to make me realize that a box alone wasn’t going to do enough to hide me as I got closer, so I sat there, just a few feet away until Irina finally rolled over with her back to me.


     Good. That close call almost killed my boner, so I took advantage of the view and renewed it, stroking myself to the brink for the umpteenth time that night. Iri was dressed—or rather barely dressed— in her most casual at-home clothes: a pair of loose fitting pink running shorts and a tank top she cut off at the bottom of her ribs for no reason other than to fuck with me. There was lots of opportunity there, from the smooth expanse of those long silky blue legs to that belly ripe for the dry humping to the cleavage I knew was popping out of the top of her shirt. It was a nice view. I had to be careful though, stroke slowly so I didn’t make any squelching noises, keep my breathing calm no matter how badly I wanted to moan, that sort of thing. Luckily, Iri seemed oblivious, so I stole a step forward. Then another.


     I wasn’t going to get any closer physically, and if I got any closer orgasmically I’d have to start all over again. On a three count I sprung out of the box naked as the day I was born and leapt on top of the bed into Iri’s… nothing.


     Huh? The bed was empty? Iri had been there just a second ago, she must’ve disappeared between when I started lifting the box and when I hit the bed. In that case she only could’ve gone up or to the side, and she wasn’t on the ceiling or beside the bed. Then that must mean she was… under it? That was my trick, but it was also the only other place she could’ve gone. Muffled shuffling told me for sure that she was down there, but that didn’t make any sense. Irina had more room under her bed than I did, but after Saturday’s trap she still must have realized how terrible a hiding spot that was.


      The only answer had to be that this was a trap. Iri was waiting for me to put my feet down so she could trip me up and do something no doubt diabolical. I didn’t know what exactly, but I really didn’t care to find out. Luckily, that could only work if I got out where she expected me to; she could only be on one side a time, after all.


     But which one? Getting back out on the same side I got in on would be the obvious choice so she could be waiting for me on the left side, but if she expected me to expect that she’d be on the right. I also had the option of just getting out at the foot of the bed, but Iri might be expecting that too. Could she guard a side of the bed and the foot at the same time? If so the end would actually be the worst place to go. Hmm… welp, no point thinking about what she knew that I knew that she knew that I knew she knew, I was just gonna have to check. After flipping a mental coin I spun, got a good grip on the comforter and stuck my head over the right side.


There was nothing under the bed at all but a mess of overturned shoes and an oversized dildo.


     How? I knew I heard Irina moving down there earlier, where could she have gone that f— a rapid clicking noise and the feeling of my ankles being forced together answered the question. Crap! I did my best to launch myself forward, but Iri yanked back on my legs at the same time, so I more or less just bounced in place before she slammed down on my back and bound my wrists together with another of those clicky things. Zip ties?


“Stop struggling, I’ve already got you,” Iri gloated into my ear.

“I’ll yell.”

“Do it. Mom and Dad are right across the hall after all. Of course, then you’d have to explain why you’re naked in my room and why I’m covered in dust.”

Okay, she had me. But still… “How long did you know I was there?”

“I felt your lust as soon as I walked in. Honestly, having your cock out in the same room as a succubus and expecting to be able to hide was a terrible idea. You were masturbating in that box, weren’t you? I see what you were trying to do, but trying out something you’ve barely thought about in the middle of your first hunt wasn’t very smart; you were asking to have your plan turned on you. Besides, I don’t think you’re cut out to be a rapist in the first place. You tend to hide and avoid taking risks, that’s more of a rapee technique. But that was some fancy stalking; you’re pretty good.”

“Pretty good… but not good enough.”

“Of course not,” Iri smirked, “you were trying to rape a succubus.”

“Whoa, I didn’t want to rape you, just dry hump your thighs or something and shoot a quick one off.”

“I know. I can’t really say I blame you for trying.” Iri leaned in to my ear and lowered her voice to a threatening whisper before finishing. “But if you try that again, when you finally break and come crawling to me on your hands and knees with your cock drooling—just like I know it is right now— I’m going to ruin your orgasm.”


That really shouldn’t have been much of a threat, but at that moment it was terrifying.



I nodded.

“Then clean your room and go to bed like a good boy.”

“Are you planning on untying me?”


“Then how do you expect me to leave?!”

“Figure it out before I start drawing on your face.”


     Dammit! After doing my best inchworm impression and managing to knock a pair of scissors off of my desk to cut the zip ties I cleaned to contents of Irina’s trash can off of my floor; she hadn’t taken it downstairs at all, the cunt. I was defeated, so instead of trying something else stupid I cut my losses and went to sleep. I could figure out something in the morning.


     Sleep didn’t want to come. I tossed and turned until past one in the morning, a combination of raging hormones and a million half-baked ideas of getting Iri to let me cum battling for my attention meant that neither got enough thought, yet either one was enough to keep me up. At least if things kept up I could become a pro blanket wrestler.


     The creaking of my door interrupted my latest match. There was no point in playing possum with all the shuffling I had been doing a second before, so I rolled over and tried to get a look at the figure creeping into my room. The first thing I noticed were brilliant yellow eyes, irises that seemed to float in mid air.

“Iri?” I whispered.


I knew that voice. “Ema? What are you doing up so late?”

“Big sis was talking about playing with men at night, so I thought I’d try it too.”

“Uh-huh.” A quick glance out of my peripheral vision confirmed that that Ema’s eyes were just shining in the moonlight, not glowing; she still didn’t know a lick of magic so all of that freaky succubus dream stuff was right out. “And what do you know about playing with men?”

“All sorts of things!”


“All sorts of things,” Ema repeated, a little more quietly this time, “I know how to play Tag and Hide and Go Seek and Big Sis taught me how to play Go Fish today.”


Oh, that kind of play. I was okay with that, even if it did work.


“Hurry up and get in then,” I whispered while I pulled back the covers. “If you don’t go to bed you’re going to be cranky all day.”

Ema complied and slid into bed next to me, snuggling up against my back as she settled in. “Aren’t you going to hug me to sleep, Big Bwutha?”

“Not tonight.” I actually made a point of not facing her, because if I did right then I’d definitely end up accidentally rubbing her in ways she shouldn’t be rubbed until after she was married.


     I ignored her, and soon enough Ema was sleep breathing into the back of my neck with her tiny arms wrapped around me. Turned out that was just what I needed; I couldn’t think of anything sexy with my little sister nestled against my back, and all of my problems with Irina seemed farther away with a little piece of serenity so close to me. I drifted away not long after hearing Ema giggle in her sleep and mumble something that sounded like “big spoon.”


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