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Even Though My Family Is A Bunch Of Sex Demons I'm Just A Horny Human! Ch 2

Page history last edited by Sea Foam 5 years, 7 months ago

     You know, the best part of cooking around these parts was that I didn’t have to clean up afterward. It was nice to sit back with a full stomach, sip a cup of coffee and read the paper while someone else took care of my mess. The sound of my littlest one playing outside with the dogs and the rushing sound of water running over dishes made for soothing background noise as I thumbed through the headlines. This was bliss. Mmhmm. This was really too perfect. Five. Four. Thr—


     I managed one last sip of coffee before a screech and splash of water on the back of the newspaper ended my personal time. Putting the paper down I found my two oldest engaged in a water fight using the faucet, hand sprayer, and the biggest bottle of dish soap in the house. They had only started a few seconds ago and they’d already made a bigger mess than the one they were supposed to clean up. In typical form the Missus was already in the middle of the fray before I stood up, shooing both of them upstairs before they made a bigger mess or caught a cold.


“Well,” I began once my wife and I were alone in the kitchen.

“Well. And here I was hoping for a quiet morning.”

“I think that might be asking for a bit much,” I said with a chuckle as I reached for a wash cloth.

“I know, but still. They’re good kids, aren’t they?” The wife took a mop and dried the floor as I worked on the counter.

“Most of the time.” Though that was hard to agree to when I was cleaning up after something I’d expect from a six year old. “I’m not sure about that thing they do though.”

“Oh honey, a little fighting between siblings is no big deal.”

“That’s not what’s bothering me, it’s the other things. You know, the late night moaning, the constant teasing, the bathing together.”

“Uh-huh.” She didn’t even break her rhythm.

“That doesn’t concern you?”

“Why should it? It’s perfectly normal.”


Wait, wait, wait.


“Are you telling me you did the same kind of stuff with your brothers?”

“Sure. My favorite was this thing where I’d take a mixer and-”

“Okay, enough of that.” It was way too early in the morning for one of my wife’s stories.

“Geeze, you’re such a prude, honey. But you really never did anything with your sisters coming up? I mean, family Hide and Go Get It was so much fun!”

“What’s Hide and Go Get It?”

“Seriously? You must’ve played Tortoise Wins the Race though, right?”

“We raced sometimes, yeah.”

“No, Tortoise Wins the Race is when a guy and a girl jerk each other off and the first one to cum loses.” She informed me, adding (in)appropriate gestures as a visual aid.

“...No, that was never a thing.”

“And your sisters never gave you a single good morning blowjob?”

I didn’t need to respond to that one; my face said enough.

“Huh,” my wife said with her head cocked to the side as if she was confused about something, “your family must’ve been really boring.”




“Look darling, Irina is a succubus, she has to learn to do those kinds of things eventually, and while she’s learning it’s best if she’s in a safe environment practicing with someone we know we can trust, right?” It might be better if she didn’t use someone someone we trusted quite that much. “Besides, those two get along just as well-”

“-You mean badly-”

“-as any other siblings. And all of my brothers came out perfectly normal, so a little play between siblings can’t be bad for them.”

I couldn’t call her brothers normal, but she did have a point. Sort of.

“Yeah, okay, I guess that’s fine. It’s just… All that attention the boy is getting from Iri must be pretty intense, what’s going to happen if he ever wants to settle down with a nice human girl?”


There has that head tilt again.


“Why would he want to do that?”

I opened my mouth, then closed it. That was actually a really good question. “I… I don’t know. But what if?”

“Well,” the wife started, but then stopped to think with a finger on her chin. “Iri is still pretty inexperienced, so it’s not like he’s spoiled for life.”

“That’s good to hear. I guess I’d like him to at least have the opt—” I got out half of my thought before being cut off by a fit of my wife’s laughter. “What?”

I had to wait for the fit to fade into giggles before she continued. “I was just thinking, if he did make it with a human girl he’d better make sure to marry her afterward.”

“Why’s that?” A faint stirring in my gut informed me that I definitely did not like where this was going.

“Think about it, Darling. Iri may be young, but she’s still a succubus and she’s been accidentally training our son for years now; once some poor girl gets a taste of him no normal man would be able to please her again. The poor thing might break. Now then,” she said, holding a scrub brush with a radiant smile as we finished cleaning up after our children’s water fight and moved on to the dishes, “wash, or dry?”




“So, how did we end up like this again?” I asked Irina.

“Blame yourself, mister I-think-spraying-my-sister-with-the-sink-is-a-good-idea.” Iri said as she arched her back to stretch and pushed herself into me.

“And you had to empty an entire bottle of soap on me for that?”

“Thought I’d let you get away with it? Just be glad the only things I had to throw were plates.”

“Fine, but why are we in the tub together?”

“Because Mom and Dad would be pissed if we wasted hot water taking two separate baths when we’re both so dirty at the same time, right?”


     I kinda doubted that. Still, I was here now, I might as well try and make the best of it. Luckily our tub was big, so even with Irina’s naked body between my legs it wasn’t too cramped. The water was warm, the air was pleasantly humid and the sloshing sound the water made echoing off of the walls was relaxing. Or rather it would be, if Irina didn’t insist on rubbing against the back of my dick just often enough to keep me hard.


“Hey, wash my back.” Irina demanded. Fat chance.

“I don’t even want to be in here with you in the first place, wash your own back.”

“I can’t,” Iri protested, pushing into me as if to prove a point, “I can’t get deep enough to soak with you in here, the tub isn’t long enough!”

“Then get in by yourself next—hey! Okay, okay, I’ll wash your back!”

“You should’ve just agreed in the first place.”

“Screw you.”

“Ho? If you’re having thoughts like that I guess it explains why something hard thing has been hitting me for a while, huh?”

“You must be sitting on the massager.”

“Is that what you’re calling it these days?”

“Just give me a sponge or something.”

“Nope~ I’ve always been a soap to skin kind of girl.”


     Bull, she kept a collection of loofahs, wash cloths and sponges in the shower. Still, when she was in a mood like this it was better just to go along and get it over with.


     The soap she handed me was a new one. I was used to walking into the bathroom after Iri showered and being smacked in the face with heavy rosy or musky scents, sometimes the newest trendy perfume if she got her hands on it. This one was different; it was a Jasmine scent, with some herb I couldn’t put my finger on mixed in underneath. Without being all that sexy it managed to be horribly feminine. The froth on my hands smelled light and gentle, the kind of thing you’d wear for only a lover to smell, so faint that once she rinsed the soap off you’d barely be able to smell the scent unless your nose was already exploring her body. While I still had the lather on my hands though, that gently teasing smell wrapped around my senses and tantalized my mind with force.


“Are you going to wash my back or just play with the soap all day?” Iri smirked at me over her shoulder when I shook my head to clear my mind. “Oho? Did I find something you like?”

“Well, this one doesn’t make me gag at least. Lean forward.”


     Somehow I couldn’t help but feel a little defeated as my hands reached her back, but the feeling vanished soon after. Iri’s skin was exquisite. My fingers sank a little into her back as my soap-covered hands roamed her shoulder blades. Her slick blue skin lacked even a single bump or imperfection save for the knots caused by her muscles tightening then slowly relaxing under my touch. Wait, that was weird…

“What’re you so tense for?” I asked. “Aren’t you used to stuff like this?”

“No one’s ever— oh, that’s good~— ever gentle like this. Get my shoulders while you’re at it.”


     I obliged despite myself, digging my fingers into the soft flesh on either side of her neck. I was rewarded with… something. Irina let out a sound too breathy to be a moan, but too guttural to be a sigh. It didn’t sound like she was faking it either, though coming from Iri I couldn’t quite be sure. Despite the fact that this noise was coming from my sister I wanted to hear more.


     Her head lolled to one side as I finished her shoulders and decided where to go next. I worked from her shoulder blades, to her sides, then started back at the top and massaged down the middle. My eyes settled on the nubs in the small of her back Irina’s wings sprouted from. She had her wings magiced away for the time being, but there’d still have to be some tension there, right?


     Without a reason not to, I plunged my hands under the water and dug my thumbs deep into the muscle around the nubs. Iri bolted upright with a splash and a surprised yelp almost as soon as I made contact.

“Ah! You don’t have to rub that far down!”


     Like hell I was going to stop when I got a reaction like that. I mercilessly pulled Irina back towards me without letting up on my deep tissue massage as she clutched at the handrail in a vain attempt to get away from me. Her grip grew weaker as I pushed into the muscle, rubbing in half circles until her hands slipped and Iri collapsed on me in a panting heap. Hoho, I just discovered something useful. It wasn’t really surprising that I hadn’t found this spot before with Irina always going on the offense, but now that I’d found it I wasn’t going to let the opportunity get away.


     A thought struck me as Iri sagged against my chest: I was basically only using the strength of my thumbs. Ignoring Iri’s disappointed whine I pulled my hands away, then wrapped my left arm around her waist as I positioned my right fist between her wing nubs and started alternating gently pounding and kneading  her back.

“Oh, right there,” Iri moaned.

Hmm, not a bad response, but I was sure I could do better. I walked my fist upward, gauging Irina’s breathing and groans to tell how well I was doing. Nothing. Okay, maybe downward? Nothing. Moving right though, that got me something. As my fist came down I just barely grazed the side of her right wing nub then held on tight as she arched her hips and bucked up into my arm. Well, that was something. Iri’s new posture gave me even better access to the small of her back and I relentlessly pounded and rubbed deep into her sensitive spots. The water made her skin slippery, so my hand slipped around when I kneaded, resulting in me hitting one nub then another as I rubbed Irina to heaven.


     For thirty seconds I teased Irina’s sensitive spot. For thirty seconds I listened to Irina’s incomprehensible moaning as she writhed in my arms. For thirty seconds Irina bucked so hard she splashed water onto the floor even as I held her to keep her from wriggling away. Thirty seconds was all it took for me to send Irina to the height of pleasure before she came floating back down with her head against my chest.


     I don’t know how long I sat there listening to Iri gasp as she recovered from what I had done to her. I do know that my grin would’ve put a cheshire cat to shame. However long we soaked after that was too long; Iri’s hand clamped onto my wrist as soon as I tried to take advantage of the situation and sneak out.

“You’re not planning on running away, are you?” Irina’s face twisted with a shit eating grin of her own. “I still need to pay you back.”


     Iri maneuvered behind me despite my protests, keeping her weight on me in just the right places to keep me from getting up. She settled with a final splash as I finally stopped struggling and made room for her to sit on her knees behind me.

“Hey, this brings back memories, doesn’t it? I haven’t been taller than you for a while.” Iri’s voice took on an almost motherly tone behind me. Maybe she was planning on actually just washing my back or something? Nah.

“I’m barely taller than you now. I’m surprised a giant like you doesn’t scare guys away.”

“That’s because I have a pair of giant things to keep them from running.”


     I knew as soon as I heard “pair” that she was going to press her tits against me, and Iri met my expectations fully. I hadn’t expected her to wrap her arms around my neck and pull me in, but since that just drove my head deeper into her cleavage I probably should’ve. God she was soft. Except for her nipples. Those were hard.


“Hey, you’ve got soap in your hair.” Iri’s voice was muffled by the fat she held around my ears.

“Yeah, thanks for that.”

“It was your fault. Close your eyes.”


     I did just in time for Iri to grab the massager—the actual massager— and send a blast of hot water down over my head. Humming, she proceeded to open a bottle and rub something into my hair. It smelled like… Jasmine?

“Iri, why’re you using your shampoo?!”

“C’mon, you like it, right?”

“Not on me!”

“Quit whining, no one’s going to get close enough to smell it anyway.”


     That was true; for the umpteenth time in the last hour I decided to just shut up and go with the flow. Having your hair washed actually feels pretty nice; it’s basically just a scalp massage with some shampoo thrown in. I couldn’t help but relax as Iri washed my hair. She went on way longer than she needed to, I found myself a pliable pile of goo in Iri’s hands once she finally rinsed me. All except for that one part that got more tense every time her breasts rubbed against me. She was doing that on purpose.


“Now then,” Irina asked, “how do you want me to wash your back? Brush or hands?”

“Brush.” That was an easy question.

“Okay~, bare hands it is.”


Yeah, I saw that coming.


“At least use normal soap.”

“Oh, fine. Baby.”


     Iri set into me gently. Too gently. She was supposed to be washing my back, but all she was really doing was rubbing me with her fingertips, and she even did that lightly.

“What are you doing?”

I could almost hear the pout in her voice as she responded. “I thought I’d try something new too. You don’t like it?”

“It just doesn’t feel like m- AH!”


     The words were cut off in my throat as Iri tentatively ran a fingernail down my back and an involuntary shiver jolted me ramrod straight, stopping the rest of the thought.

“Hmm, there’s something,” Irina mused. “I wonder…”


     I froze as I heard Iri’s hand slip back underwater and noticed a blue glow spreading through the water. Magic. That light was a magic circle and Irina was still a total noob; she might pull off whatever she was trying to do, but she might also blow up the tub or turn me into a frog. I wanted to run or ask what the hell she was doing, but doing either would increase the chance of explosions and webbed foot shenanigans.

“There we go,” Iri said before splashing water on my back.

“What did you just do?”


     Even as I asked the question I ran a mental check: I could still feel my lower half attached and I wasn’t speaking in ribbits. Good. My penis, while rock hard was also its normal size and I didn’t find myself overcome with an urge to bang my sister. Whatever Iri had done, it probably hadn’t done anything to affect me.


“Just this. Pretty useful trick, huh?”


Irina slid her palms across my shoulder blades; there wasn’t much soap on my back but her hand still slid across my skin like they were oiled.


“You… made the water slippery? I asked. “You could’ve just used soap like a normal person.”

“Yeah, but this is more fun!”


     And far worse for my health. She made up for it once she started moving her hands again though. With her palms rubbing my muscles and her nails lightly scraping my skin, every movement she made sent a shiver down my spine. Now that I was expecting it the back scratching caused less of a scared jump and more of a body-wide pleasure as each scratch sent a tingle from the top of my head all the way down to the tip of toes. With both hands going at once I rode waves of those amazing tingles as Irina stroked random patterns into my back.

“Hey, this is getting boring,” Iri pouted.

No! No it wasn’t! That felt amazing! Miraculously I managed to restrain my response to a simple noncommittal grunt.

“Wanna start the main course?”


     Even though I couldn’t see her face, a deaf man could’ve heard the smile in her voice. Almost on reflex I rushed to get on my feet and jump out of the tub. I made it about as far pulling my feet under me before the extra slippery water made them slip and sent me splashing back into Irina’s arms. Like a serpent they wrapped around my body and clamped onto my testicles before I could cover myself.

“Don’t. Even. Breathe.” she ordered with a threatening increase of pressure around my naughty bits.


“I don’t know why you bother fighting this, you always end up enjoying it.”

“Yeah, but…”



     But I couldn’t think well enough to form a response. Iri had discovered a trick, you see: if she gripped my shaft and teased the head of my cock with her palm it felt amazing. The thing was that doing so didn’t really cause a fast orgasmic pleasure so much as turn me on and damn near make my hips thrust into her palm on their own. If she combined that with some dirty talk whispered in my ear—

“Fufu, you’re twitching. Are you finally going to stop resisting and let me make you cum?”

—kind of like that, I melted into this fuck toy/ meat dildo… thing. I could count on feeling amazing every time, but I felt used afterward.


     Iri continued rubbing her palm over my head, slowing down when I wanted her to speed up the most and speeding back up once I calmed down, those magnificent breasts pressed against my back the entire time. My hips floated up without me even realizing it, straining to force my member harder into her hand. Then, all at once there was no more. All that remained was the hand Irina used to hold my shaft still. It took several seconds before I managed to pull anything out of my now monosyllabic vocabulary and stop panting long enough to say it.


“My arms are tired. If you want to cum you’ve gotta thrust on your own.”


     Dammit! Dammit, dammit, dammit! Each word was another thrust, each thrust another grunt as I moved myself in and out of Irina’s loose grip. This wasn’t much better than her palm; between the circle her fingers made just barely being narrower than my head and the freakish lubrication of the water I barely felt a thing. Yet I needed to feel something, anything, so I thrust into that hand with all my might, churning up the bath water and making Irina giggle into my ear.

“Fufufu! You’re so cute when you buck your hips like a dog! Do you know how to beg? If you ask me real nice I might tighten up a bit, call it a reward to the good little doggie for not using his hands.”


     Fucking bitch! Still, the desire for release was almost a compulsion and I wasn’t getting much closer. A plea for mercy almost leapt off of my tongue before something moving caught my unfocused eye. Irina’s tail. So she was too focused on making me squirm to remember to hide that from me, huh? Fine then, how about a nice game of Tortoise Wins the Race?


     In a flash I lashed out and grabbed the inviting tail, shoving it into my mouth and holding it with both hands before Iri reacted.

“Hey, let that g- AH!”

I cut Iri off mid-sentence as I smashed the leathery bulb of her tail tip between the roof of my mouth and my tongue.

“Ohhhh, so you want to play, doggie? Maybe I should pet you a little harder.”


     Iri tightened her grip around me like a vice. I hummed around her tail. With that, the race was on. Unfortunately, I was at a disadvantage; Iri completely controlled the strength of her grip, the rate at which she stroked, and she had my ear for all the nibbling, moaning and dirty talk she wanted and she made full use of it.

“Oh yeah Stud, fuck my hands. Mmmm, that’s good. I’ve teased you enough, you’ve got a big load ready for me, right? It must’ve been hardahhhh— waiting so long, but you can let it out now. even though you’re such a bad boy I won’t punish you for losing, you kn—ohhhh! I love it when you move your tongue like that. Hurry up, I want to feel you twitching in my hand when you cum. Ahh, keep going like that and I might lose though. Can you feel my legs shaking? I’m getting close.”


     It wasn’t just her legs; her hand jerked too, sending unexpected jolts of pleasure up my spine and her upper body twitched with each stroke of my tongue, pushing those soft breasts and hard nipples into my back. But I had her on the ropes. If I could just endure… Iri rose up behind me, peeling herself away from my back in the process. I braced myself for some finishing technique, but it never came. Instead Iri just tilted my head back so she was looking down at my face.

“I want you to see me when I cu—MMMMM!


I made the mistake of looking into her eyes. Lesson one of living in a house full of succubi: never look one in the eye. Ever.


     But you know, yellow on black on blue is a really nice combination, isn’t it? Those eyes look so inhuman at first, but then you take another glance and they just become so… relaxing. They just made you want to let your mind go numb and float away in them like a sailor hopelessly adrift at the mercy of the tides. It wasn’t really a bad thing to be at something else’s mercy though, was it? Maybe it was okay to look into those eyes and throw yourself to their whims, let the tide take you where it wanted you to go. It’d be kind of like a vacation. A vacation from thought… and resistance... that sounded nice...


     Irina’s contented groan as she flopped back against the tub wall brought me back to Earth. What was I…?

“That was pretty good, Stud.” Iri sighed as she stretched her legs out on either side of me in the water.

“Irina,” I spat out between gasping breaths, “what the hell did you just do?”

“I came, duh. I even made a show of moaning and grinding my tits against your neck while I was at it. You’ll make a girl feel bad if you don’t notice when she puts on a performance like that, you know.”

“Not that, I mean—” a random current of water across the underside of my cock nearly sent me into convulsions. Dear lord was I still horny. “—aren’t you going to finish me off?”

“Why? I’m already the rabbit, you know? ‘Course, I won’t stop you from doing the job, and if you beg reaaaaaal nicely I might even help.”

Really? All that and I was going to have to rub one out myself or beg? No, I wouldn’t give her the satisfaction. Rather, it seemed like a good time to bluff.


“Eh, I wasn’t that close.”

“I’m getting out then, if I stay any longer I’ll turn into a prune.” Iri made to get out of the bath, but stopped and dropped her head down to ear before she made it all the way out. “The offer still stands, by the way. I’ll be ready to help you out whenever you’re ready to beg, doggie.”


     I grumbled something and watched as Irina took two towels and wobbled out of the bathroom on still shaky legs. Somehow my victory didn’t really feel like one, but at least— wait, had Iri just taken my towel? Come on!



     Dribble, dribble, shoot. Brick. Dribble, dribble, shoot. Air ball. Empty rhythm was the key to calming down a raging boner.


     I didn’t want to let Iri know I was still feeling hot after our last session, so I made a wet and naked dash to my room, got dressed and went outside to screw around with the hoop at the end of our driveway. I’d never been good at Basketball, something I expect was a mild disappointment to Dad, but having the hoop around was still a good way to let off steam every once in a while.


     Dribble, dribble, shoot. Not even close. Dribble, dribble, shoot… oh! That one might actually go in!



     Just as my ball bounced off the backboard a hand appeared from nowhere and sent it crashing back down to the ground. Yup, today was a day of frustration.

“C’mon Coral, I was actually going to make that!”

“Yup, I wouldn’ta blocked it if you weren’t.”


     Coral. The name makes you think of something fragile and delicate, the kind of thing you look at but don’t touch because you’re afraid you’ll ruin it. My neighbor was nothing like that; I’d known her all my life and not once had that thought crossed my mind, though “oh God, she’s going to break me” did come up from time to time. You could tell she was the outdoorsy type just by looking: she kept her brown hair short so she could wash and wear it, and even though spring was just starting she already had a light tan. She’d always been tall for a girl , coming up to my eyes even though I was a little tall for my age. Playing pretty much every sport the school offered for girls at some point in the year made her pretty well muscled all around too, though she seemed to concentrate it in her thighs in butt. Or maybe that was where she kept all of her body fat; there sure as hell wasn’t any on her chest.


“You barely NEED to block with me around.”

“Mmm, so I take the chances when I get ‘em.” Yeah, that was typical Coral. We kept making small talk as we took turns shooting the ball.

“So, got any plans for the long weekend?” Coral asked after dropping a shot in the hoop without even hitting the backboard.

“Nope. I kinda forgot it was coming, actually. How about you?”

“Well, my parents’re out of town ‘til Monday, and since they’re gone my brother’s probably gonna spend all weekend at his girlfriend’s place. My parents hate her so he basically has to sneak out on dates and stuff.”

“What, you’re not gonna rat him out?” Ha! I made one.

“No way! I get the house to myself, get to eat some pizza, play some videogames on the big screen, it’s perfect.”

“Hmm… we should throw a party.” Coral smirked at my suggestion.

“We should. I’ll get the booze if you get the strippers.”

“Fine, but you’re doing the stripping.”

“Cheapskate. You think I could pull it off?” Coral’s shot didn’t even touch the rim. That was rare.

“Maybe with a lot of silicone. Ow!” I was pretty sure her return pass took some of the skin off my palms.


     We kept shooting around until Irina walked down the driveway with the family dogs in tow. Well, they weren’t really the family dogs; technically Schrodinger the fatass cat was Irina’s, Pavlov the drooling Boxer was Ema’s and the ever humping Descartes the Australian Shepherd was mine. In reality everything but litterbox cleaning was communal.

“Hey Iri,” Coral waved when Irina reached us.

“Oh hi, Coral.” Iri’s voice took a less friendly tone when she turned to me. “Pavlov’s following me around with a leash in his mouth, take the dogs for a walk.”

I didn’t really feel like it, but it was my turn. I took the leashes with a sigh and turned to Coral.

“Wanna come?”

“Sure, but first…”


     Coral took the ball for one last run at the hoop, juked Descartes who seemed intent on chewing a ball bigger than his head and sank one last beautiful layup. You know, she never pulled off the feminine thing, but Coral still managed to look graceful when she was doing something athletic. There was just something to her form as she floated down with her miniskirt fluttering around her wai—

“You’re wearing a skirt?” I asked.

“You just noticed?”


     I probably should’ve noticed earlier; her skirt was a dark orange but still orange. It didn’t really suit her. The white tank top she wore was fine, but somehow that pleated skirt didn’t seem to work. Well, whatever. I hooked both dogs up to their leashes and held out the ends.

“Do you want Pavlov or the D Meister?”

“Hmm…” She only thought about it for a second before plucking a leash out of my hand. “I’ll take the D.”


     Smart move, Descartes was way easier to walk than Pavlov if there weren’t any rabbits around. That was part of the reason why Ema never ended up walking the dogs: if anything ever caught Pavlov’s attention she’d end up going for a run.


     With that decided we headed toward the park. Everyone called it a park, but really it was more like a small nature reserve in the middle of the suburbs, complete with a creek and a few furry woodland creatures. Walking the Boxer through the area was hell, but both dogs loved it.


“So?” Coral asked as she walked beside me on our way to the park, “Does it looks good on me?”

“What, the skirt?”


“What made you decide to wear a skirt, anyway?”

“What, I can’t wear one?”

“No, it’s not that… it’s just the way you jump around you’d end up showing the whole city your panties.”

“Yeah, I thought of that so I’m wearing bike shorts. See?”


I didn’t look.


“You don’t like it?”

“More like I’m just not used to it. I mean, you’re the type that would wear cargo shorts if they made them in your size.”

“They do. I have some.” Whoops. “That’s why I thought I’d try an image change. Wear some skirts, grow my hair out a little, that kinda thing.”


She sighed. “I don’t know, I guess I just get tired of being treated like one of the fellas.”

“It works for you.”

“No it doesn’t! No matter what I do I can’t get anyone to look at me like a girl, not even the one guy I really want to!” Ah, so she had a crush. Cute, but now I wanted to know more. I teasingly tossed an arm over her shoulder and kept the conversation going. “So who’s the lucky guy?”

“It doesn’t matter,” she muttered as she tried to pull away.

“Then you can tell me his name, r—” I stopped mid sentence when coral spun out of my arm. “Aw, the delicate young maiden in love.”

“Shut up.”


We reached the park before Coral spoke again. “What do you like in a girl, anyway?”

“Well…” That wasn’t something I thought about much. “I guess she should be down to Earth.”


“...And we should like doing the same things?”

“Uh-huh, uh-huh!”

“I guess it’d be good if she wasn’t too prissy.”

“Yeah, totally! What else?”

“Ooh!” Of course, how could I forget that?!

“What is it?!”

“A huge pair of tits!”

“...Oh. Man, how does it always come back to that?”

“What, looks are important too, aren’t they? Everything else I said wasn’t physical either. Don’t worry though, I’m sure whatever guy you’re looking at won’t mind a flat chest.”

For some reason Coral glowered at me. “Doubt it. He’s surrounded by busty girls all the time at home, too.”

“Lucky bastard.” That did sound pretty nice...

“I don’t think he sees it that way.”

“That’s good! You’re being kinda pessimistic, aren’t you?” It seemed like the more I talked trying to cheer her up the less happy she was.

“You keep giving me reasons to be! Forget it, let’s just enjoy the walk.”


     Weird. Well, Coral was a friend, I wasn’t going to make her dwell on something that made her feel bad. The conversation drifted away from boys; by the time we made it back to my house to drop the dogs off we were laughing and taking cheap shots at each other like usual.  It was a pretty easy decision to keep things going at her place.


“Oh God, I can’t breathe!” Coral laughed so hard she practically cried into a pillow after one of my particularly inspired jokes. “How do you even come up with stuff like that?”

“I call it ‘talent.’”

“It’s something alright. Hang on, I have to pee.” Coral bounced over my seat at the side of her bed. “Want anything from the kitchen while I’m up?”

“Eh, I’ll take a soda.”



     I waited until Coral was just out of sight before the hunt began. All of those boy questions earlier had me curious about what she was into, but just asking wouldn’t be like me at all. Luckily I knew a way to find out more about the subject than Coral would tell me herself: I needed to find her stash. Given how long it took girls to pee and the trip to the kitchen my hostess would have to make I had a little time but not too much.


     I stuck my head under her bed: nothing there but a jump rope, barbells and a sports bra that missed the wash. Maybe her closet? Nope. Hmm… A quick search of her desk didn’t turn up anything either. Come on, even a girl would have to have something incriminating. Where could she hide something wide and flat… ha!


     Just as the sound of footsteps reached me I shoved my hand under her mattress and felt something smooth and glossy. Paydirt! I yanked the hardcover book from its hiding place and arranged myself to look like I was innocently reading right before Coral came back. I just barely managed to suppress an innocent whistle as she tossed me the soda and flopped back down on her bed. It was hard to stay with the conversation as I flipped through the pages.


“Hey, whatcha readin’?”Coral asked from behind me. Here it comes…

“Just a book I found. It’s pretty interesting.” I never would’ve expected Coral to be into boy bands, much less have a photo book for one.


“Under your mattress. Weird place to build up a library.”


     Three… Two… One! I lunged forward without letting go of the book as Coral lept onto my back, struggling to crawl up my body and pull the book out of my outstretched arm.

“You’ve got really boring taste Coral, aren’t you supposed to go for the bad boy?” All of the most worn pages had pictures of the drummer instead of the farmore popular lead singer. He wasn’t ugly or anything— not that I was checking him out, mind you— but he was pretty plain. He did, however have a tendency to pose topless. I fought another surge of Coral’s struggling as a revelation struck me.

“Hey, are you diggin’ his abs? Checkin’ out his cut?”

“Give it back!”

“Nope, tell me why you like him first!”

“I bought that years ago, it doesn’t mean anything!”

“That doesn’t sound like an answer~”

“H-he has nice pecs, okay?!”


     Coral yanked the book from my hands when I finally surrendered it. It was kinda cute the way she retreated to a corner and curled up around the book like I just scolded her for having it. Of course, Coral being Coral she still had some fight in her.

“The hell are you grinnin’ at?”

I failed to stop smiling as I spoke. “You like big tits too.”


     A while later after I coaxed Coral into forgiving me and she kicked me out of her room long enough to better hide the rest of her girl-porn we swapped the positions we started with; I lounged on her bed, she sat with her back against it as she flipped through a running magazine.

“Hey.” Coral said eventually.


“You smell like flowers.”

“Huh? Oh, yeah. Iri kinda…”


     So much for no one getting close enough to smell me. I didn’t even need to see Coral’s face to know she was frowning as I recounted my earlier escapades in the tub with Irina. I left out a few details, but maybe not enough.


“Why does she do things like that?! She’s your sister!”

“Yeah,” I said as I fiddled with the TV remote, “That’s why she does it. That’s how these things work.”

“That’s not how they work! Why don’t you get that you’re not supposed to do things like that with your family?”


Man, I should’ve just lied and said I used the wrong shampoo or something; Coral always got excited when the topic of Irina doing me came up.


“Look, you fight with your brother all the time, right? It’s the same thing, only instead of posting part of my diary on Facebook—”

“You saw that?!”

“I never knew you liked giraffes. Anyway, it’s like that, only instead of the zit on my back I get teased for cumming in less than twenty minutes.”

“That’s not the same thing!”

“How’s it different?”

“It’s…!” Seconds ticked by as Coral realized she had no way to support her argument. “It’s not sexual.” At least she hadn’t made the genetic mutation argument.

“So you just tease each other a different way, then. Besides, it’s not like you and your brother never do anything, right?”

“We don’t.” I didn’t believe that for a second, there had to be something.

“You never played Crossdressup?”

“No.” That’d make sense, no way the little sister could make her older brother wear a dress.

“What about Tortoise Wins the Race?”

“What does racing have to do with anything?” Weird.

“So you never gave him even a single good morning blowjob?”


“Huh. Must be quiet around here in the morning.” A lot less smelly, too.

“It is. Why would you let her do that, anyway?”

“Kinda hard to say no when her teeth are one quick bite away from turning me into a girl. It’s not like I like any of it either, you know? It’s just… Iri’s a succubus, she DOES things.”


     I could only be thankful that for now all of Ema’s attempts at the same were adorable failures. Right now Ema acting like a succubus was kind of cute, like watching a puppy try to chew on a bone bigger than its head. Once that puppy got big enough to actually handle that bone though… well, hopefully I would’ve moved out by then. If I wasn’t out of the house I’d end up getting sucked drier than the dust bowl that caused— oh hey, I still had to do my history homework.


“If you don’t like it, then make her stop.”

“I’m listening.”

“You’re asking me for ideas?”

“You talk like you’ve got ‘em.”

Um…” Coral cocked her head as she thought. “Hot sauce… down there? No, that’d burn you too. Sprinkle yourself with some holy water, maybe? No, that’s something my grandmother would try. Oh! What if you got her a boyfriend?”

“She’s already got three.”

“Gross. Fine then, what if you got a girlfriend?”


     That might actually work. Succubi were known for being promiscuous, sometimes making themselves a harem before they finally settled down, but they weren’t homewreckers or man thieves; men in relationships were usually safe. The only question was…

“Who could I get to be my girlfriend?”

There was a brief pause as Coral thought. “Don’t you have anyone in mind?”

“Well… there’s that lamia in Gym.”

“You’re not popular enough.” I couldn’t argue with that.

“Then maybe the holstaurus in History?”

“Do you think you could have a decent conversation with her? She’s way booky.” No, she was so much smarter than I was; I could barely tell Tolstoy from Toy Story.

“I could totally talk to the hobgoblin in—”

“There’s no way she could have a decent conversation with YOU. C’mon, can’t you think of anyone who’s down to Earth, likes what you like and isn’t prissy?”


Slowly the gears began to turn in my mind. Down to Earth… similar interests… not a pain in the ass… oh, of course!

“Hey Coral, wanna pretend to be my girlfriend?”

“Get out.”


     I hated History. Have you ever tried to concentrate on something you hate when you’re distracted? With my libido still unsatisfied and a certain someone howling as she satisfied hers I was feeling pretty damn distracted. Still, I was a big boy and big boys soldiered on. Besides, it’d be a lot easier to enjoy the three day weekend if I didn’t have homework hanging over my head for all of it.


Let’s see, I needed to write a thousand word essay on the causes of the war of—

“Oooh, yeah!”

And answer questions one through twenty at the end of the chapter—


Skip twelve and eighteen. With that in mind I flipped to the first page of the chapter and—

“Harder, I’m almost there!”

Oh, for crying out loud!


     With an angry grunt I snapped my book shut and stormed down the hall. Praying silently that it wouldn’t swing open, I rapped on the bedroom door next to mine and raised my voice to be heard over the panting and squeaking bed springs audible through the thin piece of wood.

“Mom, would you keep it down? I’m trying to do my homework!”

“Sorry, sweetie!” She called back, the chorus of bed springs not stopping for a moment. “Let us know if you need any help!”


     Yeah, right. At least the squeaking bed was easier to ignore than the dirty talk and moaning Mom and Dad tended to do if you left them alone. With that done I sat back down and finally started the reading for my homework. I made it all of three pages in before my eyes locked on some chick in a dress. She wasn’t even that good looking but I was rock hard and absolutely could not look away from her modest cleavage anyway. Fine, time to take care of the other distraction.


     Practiced hands queued up the raunchiest lesbian hand-holding porn I had on my computer and I was off to the races. Given the state I was in it didn’t take long for me to shoot my first load. Or at least it shouldn’t have; I stroked myself all the way to that point where my balls tightened and the world went white but everything sort of reset on that last stroke right before I came like something had reset my ejaculation countdown at the last possible second. I was still hard, still horny, and I actually wanted to blow my load more than when I started, almost as if I had just gone another day without mastrubating. Two more tries left me leaking precum like a geyser and quivering on top of my keyboard, still wholly unsatisfied and even more hard up than I was before. What the hell?


     Because of all that masturbating I was hungry too. After cleaning up behind myself as best I could I stuffed my divine rod back into my pants and waddled downstairs. I found Iri at the table picking at a few boxes of Chinese takeout. Mom and dad left money for when they were too… wrapped up in each other to make food, Iri must’ve used it before I thought about dinner.


“Mom and Dad still at it?” she asked as soon as I was in sight.

“Nah.” Or at least it sounded like they were done when I walked past the door. “How long was it this time?”

“About…” Iri glanced at the clock before continuing. “four hours? They made it quick this time. Can’t wait ‘til I find someone that can last that long.”

“Yeah, yeah.” It was a cheap shot, but true. I did my best to mentally nurse that wound as I poked through the boxes. “You ordered Chow Mein. I hate Chow Mein.”

“I know.” Iri slurped through a mouthful of noodles. Bitch. “Heard you jerkin’ it earlier.”

“Yeah, so?”

“Didn’t work well, did it?”



     All at once the realization dawned on me. That thing with her eyes earlier, then the refusal to finish me off in the tub, the offer to wank me if I begged her… she fucked with my head and left me out to dry!


“Me.” Iri’s voice took a condescending tone as she continued. “Hey, what’s it like not being able to get yourself off? Does it suck knowing that you can fuck your hand all you want but you can’t cum unless someone else makes you? Are you sexually frustrated?”

“Irina. Take whatever you did and undo it. Now.” It’s really hard to be intimidating when the person you need to intimidate has you by the balls almost literally. Iri knew it, too.

“What’re you talking about? I already told you what to do if you wanna blow your load. I think I’ll settle for hearing ‘please let me defile your divine mouth with my filthy seed, mistress’ while you grovel on your knees for now, little doggie. “

“Get bent.”

“Well then, I guess you’d better ask Mom to take care of you.” A smile ate Irina’s face as another idea struck her. “Or Ema. Or dad.”

“Quit screwing around, I’m serious.”

“Me too. If you don’t like it get on your knees, then I’ll get on mine. It’s nothing big.”


     I had no cards to play and Iri was already set on her path; this conversation wasn’t going to go anywhere. With nothing else to say I snatched a pair of chopsticks and the nearest box of Chinese food and stormed back up to my room as I grumbled unintelligibly. And it looked like I grabbed the Chow Mein when I was rushing to make an exit. Crap. Oh well, I wasn’t going to go back downstairs to admit that I screwed up and get a different box.


     With a sigh I leaned back in my chair and tried to ignore the texture of what I was eating. A few terrible bites in I noticed the message light blinking on my phone. I picked it up and played the message waiting for me. Finally, good news! A part time job I had an interview for a few days ago called me back; I got the job but they needed paperwork. Namely my birth certificate and social security card.


     I knew I would find what I needed in a file cabinet in the office, so I headed there and thumbed through the files. There was a file for Mom, Dad, Iri, me, Ema, even the dogs had one with their shot records and stuff. The trick was that there were also a bunch of other hanging folders mixed in there, so finding what I wanted wasn’t cut and dry. I was looking for the file with my name on it, but while I was at it I wandered through a few others that caught my attention. There wasn’t anything personal in there so it couldn’t hurt, right?


     My eye fell on Mom’s folder and I plucked out a paper at random. It was the name change form she filled out when she got married. Tsukuda was her maiden name, huh? It was pretty easy to forget that there was Asian blood somewhere in the family; Mom didn’t look it and her kids sure as heck didn’t. Maybe it was pretty far back?


     Whatever, that wasn’t what I was after so I put it back the way I found it and moved on to my own folder. My social security card and birth certificate were right in front so I grabbed them and almost shut the cabinet before I noticed a paper on the bottom of the cabinet through the jostling folders. Something fell out of its folder? My curiosity getting the better of me, I pulled the rest of the files forward and slid the loose sheet out of the bottom. My jaw fell into my lap when I read the heading.

“Certificate of Adoption”


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