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Table of Contents


  1. Manticore Fapfic- The tale of a young warrior. This one is exactly what it sounds like— there will be fiction, there will be a manticore and there may be some fapping.
  2. Even Though My Family Is A Bunch of Sex Demons I'm Actually Just A Horny Human!- This is the combination of two ideas from an /a/ thread: imoutobus and a lewd onee-san succubus. The story follows the life of a mostly normal human boy living in a house with three succubi and an incubus. Themes include incest, orgasm denial, and high impact sexual violence. Multiple endings have been written.
  3. Pretty Human - A fluffy john picks up an aloof not-hooker for a night of fun, but what else will develop?
  4. Heartlifting Oni Story - An overprotective father lets his monster of a daughter go to a dance.
  5. Snow and the Fool  - After a bloody revenge a man adopts the shirohebi he orphaned. As usual, no good deed goes unpunished.
  6. Kikimora Fapfic -  Kikimora, fapping, blah blah blah. Stop reading this and go jerk it to feathery femdom already.
  7. Victoria's Fucking Secret - A short greentext about a man in a lingerie shop bullying everything in sight.
  8. Werekoalla Profile -  A what-if profile for a soft girl
  9. Mother of Monsters Ch. 01  - The tragic tale of the echidna monster lord's beginning
  10. Mother of Monsters Ch. 02 - Recaps, rape, and revengeance
  11. Mother of Monsters Ch. 03 - A brief aside in a town under attack in which Tusk and Dawn star.
  12. Mother of Monsters Ch. 04 - Pillar and the echidna go on a nice trip to the hero's home town
  13. Mother of Monsters Ch. 05 - A man can only be pushed so far before he breaks, but what happens when you keep pushing?
  14. The Word Ch. 01 -  A timid boy in a new town stumbles across the path of a dark priest
  15. The Word Ch. 02 - >Implying Mouse doesn't get raped
  16. The Word Ch. 03 - Kestrel helps Mouse rub out an essay
  17. The Word Ch. 04 - Mouse finally decides to man up, but still manages to evoke the predatory instincts of a cow
  18. The Word: IF - An alternate version of The Word's story, in which Mouse meets a vampire instead of Kestrel
  19. Apophis Fapfic -  An apophis rewards her husband with a "relaxing" nuru massage, then fucks everything up with poor communication
  20. Blood Moon Mantis Fapfic - A man and his love for carbs leads to him almost getting raped, then subsequently being chased through the woods during the most dangerous of all astrological phenomena.
  21. Sweet Nightmare - A man and his hatred of the sun lead him to wake up during a dream, putting him face to face with a stunned nightmare.
  22. Terror of the Deep Blue V - A CYOA in which a hapless diver finds himself stuck choosing between which aquatic MG he wants to be raped by.
  23. Draculuv -  A chuu2 vampire learns what it means to be human again.
  24. Thunder and Lightning - A zap weasel pole dances on a lightning rod during a storm and the predictable happens.
  25. The Dragon's Layer - One young man with a taste for the finer things tastes gets tasted by a dragon.
  26. Shog'd - What happens when a man with one shoggoth decides he wants two? Corruption. Corruption happens.
  27. Leviathan Profile -  A what-if profile for an oceanic terror and terrestrial pest.
  28. Same Old Love - A raped man and his unicorn wife must come to terms with their new (lewd) circumstances.
  29. By Her Will - A pharaoh and her boytoy engage in some gentle femdom.


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