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By Her Will

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     It’s strange how no matter how many times you experience some things, the thought of doing them again can set your heart aflutter. Traces of steam from my long bath rose from the neck of my robe as I rounded the corner to the anteroom of the pharaoh’s chambers. Her Majesty’s anubis sat in an overstuffed chair, scribbling on some scroll or another as I entered. The jackal scowled, her usual expression, before glancing at a clock on the wall.

“You’re... right on time. I like that.” I bowed, slowly and perhaps more deeply than necessary, but the woman either didn’t notice or didn’t mind the melodrama. Instead, her face softened and she stood to knock on the grand wooden doors behind her.

“Enter,” A sonorous commanded from the other side.

The anubis bowed to the unseeing voice, and pulled open a door without rising. As I passed, she glanced up at me, lips curled into a half-smirk—the one expression she ever made that didn’t indicate displeasure.

“Have fun.”


Oh, but I would.


     The room was lit by candles; the flickering glow was a sharp contrast to the bright glowcrystal light outside, so it was hard to see. Still immediately apparent, even as my eyes adapted to the sensual lighting, was the fact that no one else was in the room. I’d heard her voice just a moment ago, so then where was the pharaoh?

Do not look for me.


     I shuddered as the voice seemed to flow between my ears. The Pharaoh’s God Voice had two iterations. There was the bold, booming version used in court that filled one with respect or sometimes fear, but always awe, whose tone and magic spoke to one’s deepest memories of animal subservience. When she used that version, you knew your place, and as one below her, you would obey her will. Yet there was also the version heard by the privileged few, the one I thought of as the Bedroom God Voice. It was husky, but smooth, and seemed to fill one’s head with half-remembered sensual memories and daydreams. The Bedroom God Voice felt like honey laced with sex, and a base desire for more made one want to please the speaker. The result was always complete obedience, but the method used made for a different experience. As it was, I found myself half erect and without any desire to look for the pharaoh.


    A presence could be felt behind me now that I knew where to expect it. Closer.

Strip.A tug of the tie and a shrug of my shoulders sent my robe sliding to the floor. “Good. Sit on the stool before you, then put your hands on your knees and spread them.


    A stool topped with black glass awaited me near the palacial bed. Its surface was cool to the touch as I took my position, yet I found I didn’t even mind the chill on my scrotum if it was as she wished. Her feet padded closer while I awaited what was to come.


     The pharaoh was also cool to the touch, undead as she was. That did nothing to stop the tingles caused by her fingers running through my hair. I longed to reach up and take her hands in mine, yet I knew that I could not—no, would not—move them from my thighs. Her fingertips traced a path down my hairline, around my ears and along my jaw before catching my chin and tilting back my head.


     For the first time that day, I caught a glimpse of her. As she leaned down, dark hair cascaded down around my head, sheathing the two of us in a deeper dimness. Dark makeup lined her eyes, making those blue gems even easier to fall into. A hint of rouge on her high cheeks made her look even more flushed than her arousal already did. Where I truly found my eyes drawn to, though, were her lips, covered in glistening lipstick so deep red as to seem black. The world grew yet darker as she leaned in to plant a kiss on my forehead.

The twist to her lips when she rose again was as caring as it was sensual.

“Did you miss me, pet?” I only managed to open my mouth before being cut off. “Do not speak.” Ah, this game. I let a smile form my response.

“I’m glad. Close your eyes. You know, I’ve had such a rough time since last we met. It’s okay if I work that out on you, isn’t it?” Unseen hands guided my head back to its normal position and ran through my hair, sending a shiver down my spine which in turn elicited a giggle. “Excitable today, are we? I won’t complain.”


    I surrendered myself to the pharaoh’s touch as I sat in quiet darkness. She traced every contour of my back and arms, taking great pleasure in sliding her hands over a few especially well-trained spots. For my part, I basked in her scent. The pharaoh wore a perfume I couldn’t identify; floral, with a touch of musk, it was distinctly feminine with the hint of more to come. Her own animal scent underlying it was only the more enticing.


    The pharaoh satisfied herself with my back and arms, and slid her fingers around my waist and up my chest to pull me into her by the shoulders. Warmth and softness enveloped me. Even without seeing, I could tell she wasn’t wearing much; her breasts overflowed what little fabric there was on my back.

“Mmm, you’ve been taking care of yourself,” she cooed into my ear. “But I’m most interested in what you’ve been doing down here.”


     For emphasis, she grabbed the base of my cock and grasped my scrotum. She rolled my balls in her hands, caressing the curves and hefting their weight.

“They’re quite full, aren’t they? You’ve been saving up like I asked. It must’ve been hard for a man as handsome as you to resist the temptation of other women. I suppose I should reward you… No?”

The hand encircling my base slid up to the bottom of my crown without warning, assisted by the slickness of the juices I’d no doubt been drooling since I sat down. She tapped the base of my frenulum and pulled away, probably playing with my precum.

“My, will you be able to cum if even this is so thick? It looks like I’ll have to drain you thoroughly.” My dick twitched at that, earning me a giggle. The Pharaoh swirled her finger around my penis, lubricating my entire member before proceeding.


    When she played with me, it was always slowly. Rather than encircling me, she rested her thumbs near the base of my shaft and stretched her fingers upward, teasing the underside of my cock. Her touch was sometimes gentle, sometimes firm, sometimes slow, sometimes fast. No matter what she did though, when she reached my head and traced the underside, the touch was electric. I found myself raising my hips and struggling not to moan when she did so the first time.

“That won’t do. Do not thrust or attempt to hide your pleasure from me.


    Between that order and her previous command to keep my legs spread, my lower body was immobile. I was helpless to do anything but sit there, pant, and moan when the pharaoh chose to make me. The realization only excited me more.

“You sound like a girl! Do you enjoy being my woman?” I shook my head. The pharaoh half-straightened, taking her hands off of my penis and eliciting a whimper in the process.

“What’s that supposed to—unless… are you trying to say you enjoy being my man?” I nodded fervently, and was rewarded with another of her musical titters. “Well, I should let you have your pride.” As she spoke, she wrapped herself around me again, at ‘pride,’ she pressed her fingertips hard against my member and eliciting my loudest moan yet.


    She continued teasing and prodding, body flattened against my back while she drove me to the limit over and over before backing off and letting me slip back down. Each slide back down was a bit shorter, and my ascent towards orgasm took less time. During a break, while giving me no more stimulation than rolling my balls, the pharaoh kissed my neck and whispered.

“Almost at your limit?” I nodded. “Hmm. Don’t cum.” Oh gods! I could hear her grinning as she spoke. “Don’t worry, you know I’m always nice, even when I’m being naughty. Mostly.”


    That was a lie. Her teasing strokes turned into a vice-like jerk. I couldn’t cum, but within a few tugs I orgasmed. There was no spasming cock spewing a flood of cum, making a mess of my lover’s hands, but that ecstatic rush still hit me like a speeding horse. I felt no shame as her continued stroking through the orgasm made me tilt my head to the ceiling and moan, drowning in ecstasy. Only her previous command not to thrust kept me from bucking my hips.


    The pharaoh’s hand slowed to a stop while she let me come down.

“Cute. Open your eyes and see how good you’ve been.”

I looked down to confirm for myself that my body had obeyed her will; no semen stained her hand, but a continuing dribble of precum dripped from my tip, down her fist, and onto the stool. I panted, transfixed by the sight and still a little dazed. It was always incredible when she pleasured me this way, but when I didn’t get to ejaculate it always felt like something was missing. I was still hard and waiting for more. Sensing that I’d recovered and knowing what she’d done didn’t invoke my refractory period, the chocolate goddess began touching me again. She worked me halfway back to my peak with that playful touch of hers before sliding away.


    She came into full view for the first time, sauntering into my line of sight. The pharaoh had always been slender; the athletic looking type with long legs and breasts that weren’t large, but so shapely their size didn’t matter. Most of the cloth she wore was on her head and all of it of the same material; a sheer crimson veil covered shining waist-length hair as black as night. A rectangle of fabric held up by a string covered each breast, but the strips were barely wide enough to cover her nipples and I could clearly see her areola besides. Her crotch was covered by a small triangle of cloth with strings tied low on her hips. From the top of the wisp of cloth making up her panties, another strip of cloth the width of my hand dangled down to her knees. Between the two layers, the shape of her sex was left more to the imagination, but only barely. She stood before me smirking, one hand cocked on her hip as I drank her in.


     “Close your legs.” I immediately did so, and she approached. “You may touch me as you please, but nowhere covered by my panties.” The pharaoh came yet closer, and my hands naturally settled on her hips as she wrapped one leg around my waist, then the other and settled into my lap. She nestled in closed until my hardness rested against her pubis, and I strained to touch her more.

“Mmm, still eager.” I couldn’t respond, but I didn’t need to; we both knew it to be true. The pharaoh wrapped one arm around my neck and slipped the other hand between us to play with me. For my part, I slid my hands to her ass and groped while we leaned closer together; her bottoms were a thong so I had free range.


    Our lips came together, and there was the briefest moment of tenderness before need overtook the both of us. Lips parted and tongues went on the warpath; kissing was the one time I didn’t let the pharaoh have her way. We intertwined in each other’s mouths, while feverishly working each other with our hands. Mine roamed her back, butt, and thighs, taking in as much of her perfect softness as I could and stoking her flames ever higher. Meanwhile, she pulled me into her, and jerked me hard and fast. She wanted me to peak quickly, and I did, moaning into her mouth and spasming.


    She let me sag as the aftereffects of the orgasm took me, breaking away to kiss me on the forehead while I clung to her and caught my breath. Still, I was hard and needy. As quickly as nature would let me, I was back to feeling her up. Shoulders, arms, back, waist. I found a knot in the middle of her back and paused with my fingers on the strings, looking up questioningly at my lover.

“You don’t have to ask.” I tugged, and the knot came apart. The bottom of her bra hung loose, now exposing the outside of each aureola; her nipples were all that kept the fabric from falling into her cleavage. My brown goddess reached her hands behind her neck to lift her hair and the veil out of the way, providing me easy access to the second knot. One yank of that and her top fell away, leaving her soft mounds and hard nipples exposed. The pharaoh kept her hands behind her neck and arched her back, inviting me in. It was an invitation I could never refuse.


    My lover, never one too shy to let me know how to pleasure her, sighed as I took her left nipple into my mouth and rolled it under my tongue. I supported the small of her back with my right arm and brought my left up to cup her other breast, hefting its weight and dragging my palm in circles over her nipple. She had sensitive breasts; just me playing and sucking set her hips grinding against me. The silky fabric and our juices sliding against me soon had me working towards another orgasm and we both moaned while I fondled her.


    Once she sensed that I was again close, the pharaoh straightened and clung to me, pinning my cock between us. The lack of sensation was frustrating and it drove me mad that I couldn’t hump her stomach, but the pharaoh’s will was absolute.

“Hey,” she whispered into my ear. “Want to do it for real this time?” I nodded so hard it felt like my head would come off. I was dropping from my peak by the second and needed to let out my cum desperately. “Well, then… why… don’t… you…” My breath caught in my throat as I awaited that command, fingers digging into her ass in expectation of the rush of ejaculation I knew was coming. It never did. The expectant breath the pharaoh had taken in for that last word came gusting out in a fit of laughter.

“You’re so cute when you want it this badly!” I let out an involuntary whimper, and the pharaoh sighed, adjusting her grip to cradle the back of my head. “Fine, then. Cum for me.”


    The world flashed white while three orgasms worth of semen rocketed out of my cock. I probably wailed when I came, but I could barely hear. All I knew was pleasure, and the torrent of semen coating my lover. It felt like minutes I was there, embraced in a goddess’ arms and staining her body white with my seed. I felt weak when I finally came down; her grasp was all that kept me from flopping backward.


     “Good?” My nod was weak.

“It should be. I think I owe you another one, though. Would you like it now?” I shook my head, more strongly than I’d nodded. If I came like that again so soon I might pass out.

“Really? But that would mean I owe you one, and I hate owing people things. You wouldn’t want me unhappy, would you?” I hesitated, then shook my head.

Then feel the pleasure rising. Your toes are curling, your mind is going blank focusing on nothing but that feeling.” The world faded again, but I found myself overtaken by an animal urge to suck. I pushed forward and took the pharaoh’s breast into my mouth while the cum in my balls boiled again. She cradled me like that for a moment before urging me forward again.

It’s going to overflow, can you feel it?” Again she let me hang there for a moment,drowning in pleasure her mere words made my mind give rise to. The wait for her to speak again while I overflowed with need was maddening. You can’t contain it anymore! Almost, almooooost… cum!


    Another torrent of semen. I couldn’t even moan this time, as my chest had tightened like a giant held me in its fist. Even though I couldn’t move my hips, I did manage to lift the woman atop me and rub her against my cock; she joined in my thrashing, rubbing her pussy against my pulsing dick and stretching that impossible pleasure out even further.


    I found myself slumped forward this time, head nestled between the coolness of the pharaoh’s breasts as reality flowed back into me. My lover cooed sweet nothings to me while my body struggled to come to terms with the wonderful and terrible things that had just been done to it.


    My breathing slowed, I found myself able to support my own weight again, and the pharaoh stood. Strings of my semen connected us even when our bodies parted, only snapping when the pharaoh swiped them with her hand. I followed that hand as she scooped up the semen covering her belly and lapped at my splooge. Only belatedly did I realize that she had her eyes locked onto my face with a smirk like only a queen could make. What expression must I have been making? No matter, the sight before me was too transfixing to care.


     Satisfied that her palm was clean, my lover lowered her hand and opened her mouth. There wasn’t a single surface my seed hadn’t stained, and my fluids made her saliva so thick columns formed from the roof of her mouth as I watched her swirl my cum on her tongue. Right when I thought she might overflow, she closed her mouth and audibly swallowed.

“You’ve made a mess… But it’s a delicious mess.” She leaned forward, hands resting on my thighs, and began to lap at the splooge coating my own stomach. “I wish,” she said between licks, “that you could taste your spirit energy right now. Mmm. It’s so thick, if you came inside of someone right now, she’d be sure to get pregnant.”


    Still, I could not respond, but she knew what her words would do to a virile man. I was at half mast again even before she finished cleaning me with a hard suck of my cock to pull the leftover cum out of my urethra.

“Too bad.”

The pharaoh straightened once again and turned before plucking a string holding her panties up. There were only three steps between where she stood and the bed, but she swayed those god-sculpted mounds and made the most of them before she took a seat on the edge.

“Don’t be a stranger, pet, scoot closer. Closer. There.”


     I moved my perch closer at her instruction, and stopped so close that I could have reached out and touched my lover, were I asked to. Rather than making a request, she extended one of those beautiful legs and rested her calf on my shoulder. The other leg she slid to the side, giving me a view of her sex made even more clear when she spread herself to reveal her glistening folds.

“What should we do with you now?” She inserted a finger into herself and the sigh she let out was musical. “Oh, this should be fun. Cum when I do, but do not touch yourself.


    Devilish, but I could tell from the way she worked herself the game wouldn’t last long. I closed my eyes and let the sound of her breathing, the flex of her muscles guide my way. I built as she did, a phantom pleasure filling my head as a fire built in my loins. Our moans were even in sync until she started faking. I couldn’t fault her showmanship, but it was too soon and her legs weren’t quivering the way they did when she orgasmed. I cracked one eye and shook my head to chide her attempt when she ‘came down.’

My lover giggled. “No? Well, I suppose you would know better by now.”


    She was prepared to begin fingering herself again, but I moved her hand aside and rested my own at her entrance. I looked at her again, inquiring. She smiled.

“Bold, but I’ll allow it.”

Without further ado, I slipped two fingers into her depths.


    The pharaoh was said to be dead, but her pussy made me wonder. Before I could even move in earnest she had sucked me in to the knuckle and still writhed around me, working to drag me in deeper still. I prodded her at first, moving awkwardly in a way that I knew drove her crazy. What I was actually doing was seeing which of her sweet spots would get her the most fired up today; it was easier when I could feel them myself. I could have just been imagining I understood her so well, but somehow I didn’t think so.


    Today’s spot was the usual spot. Curling my fingers brought them to a firmer nodule of her flesh, and pressing it made my lover throw her head back. The right pressure, the right tempo, I had both. Of course, I didn’t have the same parts she did so the sensation wasn’t one to one, but fireworks still built in my head.


    Yet, like me, my pharaoh liked to be teased. I wouldn’t tell anyone, but I did stop when we were both on the cusp. It was a form of torture, but one that made the ending all the more worth it. I stilled my fingers, and the beautiful back arching before me settled. The both of us took a moment to catch our breaths before her head rose and our eyes met.

“You’re getting too good at this.” No such thing.


    Spreading my digits, I began a more traditional fingering motion, plunging into her depths slowly and rhythmically. Her calf flexed on my shoulder, giving me that much more insight into her pleasure. The pharaoh reached up to tease her nipples and I allowed myself to close my eyes once more. I could feel—literally feel—her need. It was in the shiver of her legs, the gentle moan at the end of each breath, the smell of her love. It was as unbearable for me as it was for her; I couldn’t take it.


     I wrapped my free hand around her thigh, caressing it as I peppered her lower leg with kisses. My other hand, however, told a different story. I inserted myself all the way so that her clit ground against my palm with her smallest movement. I took up her favorite come hither motion on that perfect spot, and soon we were both moaning in harmony. She couldn’t help bucking her hips when I rubbed her this way, which made her grind against my hand, which made her feel even better. Oh, that was amazing! I was a genius! A really—OHHHH FUCK!



The pharaoh let out a final squeak, gripped the wrist of the hand inside of her, and everything stopped as we both came. After the joys bestowed upon them that day, my balls should’ve been empty. For this woman, I never seemed to run out; I shot into the darkness as if to impregnate the universe itself, and the moans of my lover only drove me to unload more.


I may have passed out. I came to with my head on the mattress, cradled between the golden legs of my love. Somehow, I found the strength, and she raised herself on her elbows. My cum dribbled down her belly when she did.

“You’re always a good time, you know that?” I ducked my head in a bow. “Makes you wonder what the real thing would be like, doesn’t it?” I nodded. “So then when do you plan on letting us experience it?” I cocked an eyebrow and pointed at myself. She sighed, and not in the sexually content way. Uh-oh.


On your knees.” Before I knew what I was doing, my kneecaps cracked against the marble floor and I’d sent the stool clattering down behind me. This was the other God Voice, the one that stilled the breath of the mighty. I felt like a mouse under the gaze of a lion.


     Before me, the pharaoh rose, perching upon the bed she’d just been fingered in as if it were the finest throne. Gods, even disheveled and basted in my semen, she looked majestic. She leaned forward and cupped my chin in her hand, lifting until our eyes met.

“We get along so well, you and I. You even—did you notice?” I gave an imperceptibly small shake of my head, afraid to arouse any more anger. It seemed my answer was acceptable; it earned me that playful smirk instead of a frown. “I didn’t use my Voice the first time I made you cum.”


     She hadn’t? She hadn’t. Yet still my body had obeyed. That thought sent a shiver down my spine; did it mean I was broken, or perfectly shaped?

“Yes, you’ve learned to please me so well, but there are still these times where you disappoint me. It’s a shame for any woman, but especially a Pharaoh to have to tell her man every single she wants, don’t you think? When I take my hand from your face, you will leave this room. Once you leave, every command I’ve given you tonight will be void, with the exception of this one: you will not speak for the next 24 hours. Reflect on what you might do to make a woman give you her everything in silence, hmm?”


     She patted my cheek, then straightened; she was the image of regal grace, frustrated lover or no. For my own part, I rose and left. The doors clicked shut behind me after I let myself out, and the Pharaoh’s anubis glanced up from a pile of scrolls that was larger than it was when I entered. Her face reddened when she noticed my nakedness.

“I wish she would show a bit more shame, but I can’t say it was unexpected. Come, come.” A pile of cloth next to her unraveled into a clean robe at her touch. She held it open for me, and I slid into it.


     The anubis frowned as I cinched the knot.

“I’d expect a thank you at some point.” I shook my head, pointed at my throat, then made a fist. “Ah, she’s finally gotten impatient. I can’t blame her when she’s dealing with a man as dense as you.” I shrugged. “Well, you’ll figure it out eventually. Or she’ll snap and rape you. Either way, I suppose; a good Mummy’s Curse might do you some good.” The jackal clapped twice, and two mummies laden with bath supplies rounded the corner to form up at her side. She looked back to me after inspecting their cargo. “Go on, I’ve had a bath prepared for you, too. You know where it is.”


    The problem I’d been given wasn’t a complex problem, I’d just been too stupid to realize it existed. It seemed the jackal truly thought me an idiot, however. She turned to enter the pharaoh’s chambers, mummies in tow, but I stopped her with a hand on her shoulder.

“What now?” Well, I needed a bit of help. I made a circle around a certain finger on my left hand, then a hammering motion. She looked at me in confusion before what I’d asked for dawned on her. Once it did, she squealed like a schoolgirl and leapt forward to hug me.


    The moment was over as soon as it began; as soon as she realized what she’d done, the anubis stepped back and put on her usual stoic facade. The act was belied by her tail wagging a mile a minute, but it was an admirable effort. She cleared her throat.

“Ah, so you did realize. A ring will be a good start. Clean up and rest now, I know an excellent jeweller I’ll introduce you to in the morning.” I wanted to take her paw in both of my hands, but suppressed the urge and bowed repeatedly instead. “Yes, yes. Now go take a bath before the whole court discovers our Pharaoh’s intimate scent.”


    Yes, of course. There wouldn’t be any sleep tonight, but a bath was in order. I made it two steps before being stopped by the jackal calling out to me. I turned to see her smiling—full on, normal person smiling—for the first time in my life. “Make her happy, okay?”


Oh, but I would.


The end


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