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Same Old Love

Page history last edited by Sea Foam 2 years, 1 month ago

     It was time to go home. I’d left that hospital room plenty of times before, but the finality of knowing I wouldn’t have to go back again was something else entirely. No more tests, no more pokes, no more therapists, no more hospital food. I got to be with my loving wife again, too. That thought filled me with both happiness and despair at the same time for reasons I still wasn’t comfortable thinking about. It seemed I was alone in my misery; the unicorn was clearly only feeling one of those emotions.



     She rushed towards me as soon as she caught sight of me, a whirlwind of long blonde hair, white fur and clopping hooves. On the hospital’s tile the horse just barely managed stop sliding before crashing into me and sending me right back where I came from.

“Ohhhhh, I’m so happy I finally get to bring you back home!” She trilled while practically smashing my face into her chest for a hug.

“I missed you too. Even though you came every day.”

“I couldn’t not come when my husband was laid up in bed, could I? Enough about that, let’s go.”

She sat down and patted a spot on her back my bags weren’t already covering, motioning for me to ride her.

“I can walk, Sue.”

“Not on those crutches, you can’t.”


     She loved making me ride her. I hated every second of it. It always felt like people were staring at me. I was starting to get used to it, but when I already looked as beat up as I did I really didn’t need any more attention. It was hard to say no when she was already sitting though, so I grudgingly tucked my crutches into the rest of my luggage and mounted her sidesaddle. Sue found my hand in hers before even standing and then we were on our way.


     Sue chatted happily on our way to the giant mail truck-looking thing we called a car.

“You’re going to be so happy when we get back! I cleaned everything and I bought flowers and I’m making your favorite for dinner…” she just kept going until we made it to where she parked. I dismounted on my good ankle, but she still held onto my hand as she looked down at me smiling.

“I love you.”

“I love you more.”

I was so happy to see her happy, yet still I felt empty inside.


     I’d spent two weeks in that hospital. Not really how I’d planned on blowing my sick leave, but then who would’ve expected me to run into a berserking minotaur? She just came out of nowhere and before I knew it I was sullied.


     It was no one’s fault; she couldn’t help herself and I couldn’t have known. The whole situation was just one of those things that happen, like lightning or something. At least, that’s the kind of bullshit my therapists would say. It was my fault. A young man of breeding age out alone and unarmed at night? What was I thinking? I should’ve been carrying a knife or a gun or at least some pepper spray, anything. Maybe I was asking for it. I let myself be raped.


     Fourteen days—I’d counted every single one—in that hospital. Not due to my injuries; the healers had done some magic so most of the major ones were taken care of quickly, leaving me with a sprain and bruises to nurse. It was the psychological therapy that took time. Sue came to see me daily, but every time she visited hurt. She smiled, always willing to cheer me up. It was like she didn’t know what this meant. Meanwhile, I had to smile back and try to get back into a normal routine like nothing had happened. This wasn’t fair.


     I sat in the kitchen as my wife set to work. She was even more bubbly than usual; maybe she was just happy to see me, or maybe she’d picked up on my mood and was trying to cheer me up. Either way, it wasn’t what I needed. She jabbered on and I offered only minimal responses. The poor horse was practically talking to herself.


     Big as she was, Sue still had a habit of shaking her hips when she cooked. Strange as it seemed at first, one grew to see the beauty of such things after marrying a centaur, and nature reacted. I hadn’t had any release for two weeks and the thought of actually having sex sickened me, but some things just were what they were.


“Wha?” I glanced away to see my wife looking at me over her shoulder.

“I was just asking about…”

The unicorn seemed to notice where my eyes were fixated and did a quarter turn to break my line of sight. Of course, that left her breasts in profile. Those big, gorgeous b—

“Mark?” Shit!

“Ugh, sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Sue blushed and gave me that half-smile she did that made my heart melt, eyes locked on the floor while she scratched at the tiles with a hoof. “I’ve… been lonely too. But after dinner, okay?”


     The normal response would’ve been “yeah, okay” or maybe “I can’t wait.” I couldn’t even make myself choke out a reflexive response on that level. Instead…

“We don’t need to rush.”

“Oh! Oh, of course not! I just thought—I mean, you were—whenever you’re ready! I don’t need, um…”

This couldn’t get any more awkward. I didn’t know how to handle this long-term, but I resolved to at least not trample the poor girl’s feelings tonight. I grabbed my crutches and stood with a grunt.

“I know what you meant. Here, let me give you a hand.”


     It wasn’t like she really needed help; she had enough fine control over her magic to make a skillet and knife float around on their own while she focused elsewhere, but cooking together was fun and the gesture was important. At least I thought so; I made it about two hops before she blocked my path.

“What are you doing?”

“Grating... cheese?”

“Aw…” There was that smile, again. A pair of smooth arms wrapped themselves around my shoulders, pulling me into her bosom. We held the hug like that for a moment before she loosened her grip with a sigh and tilted my head back.

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll take care of dinner, maybe run you a bath after… all my caring, strong, wonderful husband needs to do… is get well. Okay?”



     That was my return to normal. I was “well” again, after all. I went to work, did something of mild importance, drove home, and opened the door to the warm embrace of my wife. That was my daily life, had been before the rape; since I got married, actually. Nothing changed. Work was the same, the commute was as terrible as ever, my wonderful wife was still the same. It was me that was different.


     No matter what the shrinks said about that rape not meaning anything about me or changing me as a person, it had. I was dirty. There was something under the surface that no amount of self-ridicule or scalding hot showers could wash away. My spirit energy was tainted.


     If I married anything else maybe that wouldn’t be an issue. It wasn’t like I held out for a unicorn, but by some miracle one found its way to me. Now I couldn’t stay by her side. I couldn’t be with her without turning her into something she was never meant to be. Sue would still accept me, I knew she didn’t have it in her heart to turn away from me, but I couldn’t bring myself to sully her. She was too beautiful, too pure for someone like me to ruin.


I might’ve killed myself, but that would leave a mess and poor Sue might go the rest of her life unhappy and alone. No, there was only one way out of this where she might still come out okay.


I picked up the divorce papers from the courthouse the next afternoon.


     It had been almost exactly 336 hours since I’d been released. Two weeks seemed to be my limit in all things. Fourteen days of dodging her advances, even when she wore my favorite negligee and made her not-quite pouting face at my rejections. The doctor approved me for sex so long as it wasn’t rigorous and Sue’d already gone twice that long without my spirit energy; she knew it wasn’t my injury keeping me away from her and she longed for my touch. Three hundred thirty-six hours of playing pretend. Twenty thousand one hundred and sixty minutes desperately trying not to think of what my wife’s face would look like when this inevitably came to pass. Enough.


     There was an odd feeling of relief as I strode through the door with the all-important documents in my briefcase. As usual, the unicorn greeted me at the door. We exchanged our typical hellos and I even let her peck me on the cheek before pulling out what I needed. I really didn’t know what to say, so I simply thrust the packet into her hands and walked to the bedroom.


     “Mark?” I didn’t turn to look, but the sadness was clear in her voice. My mind’s eye painted a picture of those drooping ears and pouting lips… probably worse than the real thing. I’d said I wasn’t going to do this to myself! Dammit, where’d I put that suitcase?! Where was I even going to go? I settled on a backpack and started throwing clothes into it, barely cognizant of what I was even taking.

“What is this?” The hurt in the unicorn’s voice hadn’t diminished at all.

“It’s what it looks like.” Had I always been this cold of a bastard?

“Baby, I... would you at least look at me?”


     I wasn’t sure I could. I certainly knew I shouldn’t, but I wasn’t strong enough to just walk out. With a deep breath to prepare myself, I turned. Reality was worse than any expression I could’ve imagined; that hurt was profound, but she found it in her to speak anyway.

“You’ve been avoiding me ever since you got back and now you’re doing this. She was that much better than I am, huh? I should’ve known, all those people going ‘horse pussy, horse pussy’ couldn’t be wrong...”

“No, your—um—is... you’re wonderful, but…”

“Then you just don’t want me?”

“That’s not it, just…”

“Just what?! You don’t get divorce papers without a reason!” What could I possibly come up with to answer that? I sighed, taking a seat on the bed with my head in my hands.

“Look, it’s not you, it’s me.”

“Are you actually ser—”

There must have been fire in my eyes when I finally jerked my gaze up to meet Sue’s. “I mean it! What I’m trying to say is, I’m dirty! That’s why I want you to go be happy with someone else!”

“What are you even talking about?!”

“I was raped, Sue! Don’t you get it?! my spirit energy is filthy!”

“So what?!”


“That’s what this is about?! I didn’t marry you for your spirit energy, I married you for you! I don’t care if some tramp took you, so long as you’re the same man that I married I’ll always want you!”



“Think about yourself for a second!”

“What about m—oh.” The realization hit her like a brick. Never before had I seen something the size of a centaur shrink, but Sue managed in a grand way, her temper leaving and deflating her like a balloon.. “That’s not fair, is it? I guess I wouldn’t be the same woman you married if I was a bicorn, would I?”

“You’re still not thinking about yourself.”

“ I… what do we do?”


     I didn’t know. I’d done all I could come up with and what I came up with was goddamn stupid. Still, what was the alternative? Nature raping my wife’s mind and turning her into something different? There was nothing I could do to purify myself; no one’d even bothered to figure out how since to most parahumans the scent of another woman on their husband was just a bad smell that faded with time. For Sue though, even the tiniest trace from years ago would be enough. We could just not do that, but even though my wife was one of the few races of parahumans that didn’t actually need spirit energy, we were married and she was still a parahuman. Hardly a practical solution, so we ended up right back where we started

“All you have to do is sign. You’ll move on.”

“No! I don’t want to move on! I don’t want to let you go! I don’t want you to let me go! I don’t care if I turn into a bicorn or a slime or a pile of salt, just… please don’t.”


     I looked up at the sobbing face of the woman I was in love with and I wondered: what is a bicorn? She wanted me so badly she didn’t care what she became, and I loved her so much I was willing to leave to make her happy. Would a color change and an extra horn matter that much between us? More things I didn’t know. I’d really thought I’d figured everything out and gone to do something dumb.Still, I couldn’t go. I loved Sue too much.


     Stupid. I’d been a stupid virgin when we met and I wasn’t much better now. After pulling a stunt like asking for a divorce I needed smooth words and tender touches, but I wasn’t sure what to say or where to touch. All I knew was what had to be done. Doing it would be the clearest sign I could give.

“Take off your skirt.” Blunt as ever. I really needed to read a book or something. Still, the words were enough to quiet my horse and cease the flow of her tears.

“Are you sure?”

“The only thing I’ve ever been more sure of in my life was that I wanted to be with you forever. Through thick and through thin, sickness and health. Always. That’s what you mean to me.”

“Dear… I promise not to turn into a bicorn.”

“You shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep, carrot cake, but I promise you that no matter what I will always love you.”



     Slowly, tenderly in our familiar, manner we consummated ourselves to each other, no matter what was to come. I wouldn’t be so weak again and if I faltered Sue had the strength to carry both of us. So then why, when the first spurts of semen entered my unicorn, did it feel like I’d done something I’d regret?


     The two of us laid together, basking in the afterglow. I was atop her back the way both of us liked to be at times like this, with my arms wrapped around her waist and my head nuzzled against her human spine. Save for a few giggles we were silent, merely enjoying each other’s lingering touch. Sue’s hand found mine and she turned to smile at me.

“I love you.”

“I love you more.”


     The next morning was bright and cheery. Now that we’d actually spoken about how things would go, the refreshing feeling of normalcy wasn’t an illusion. I lazily stretched before sitting on the edge of the bed as my horse stirred next to me.

“Morning,” she yawned.

“Morning. So?”

“So?” The centaur blinked at me, still half asleep.

“Notice anything different?”

“Hmm… no. Just refreshed, I guess.” No surprise there, a good cry and a full night’s rest worked miracles.

“Well that’s good, I guess? Come to think, I’m not really sure what’s supposed to happen. Maybe I should do some research.”

Our oversize bed creaked as Sue made her way to the edge and stood. “I really should too, I don’t know much either. What I do know,” she began as she walked around the bed to take my head in her hands, “is that no matter what, everything will be okay.” She didn’t say ‘so long as we’re together,’ but the way she spoke made it an implicit part of the statement. “I really do feel fine though. Who knows, maybe I won’t turn into a bicorn after all.”

“That would be nice, but—”


     I was interrupted by something that sounded like a tree being felled. Huh? I turned to my right to ensure the TV was off and it was, then my left to make sure the alarm wasn’t ringing and it wasn’t. Weird, so where was that sound coming from? There weren’t any big trees or anything near the house, so unless the roof was about to collapse—something heavy dropped into my lap. Huh?   


     It was white and conical with a groove running spiral down its length. It was streaked with a red liquid like you’d find on a canned cherry. Wait, this was familiar, but shouldn’t it be… I slowly moved my gaze upward, past Sue’s stomach, chest and shoulders, farther up beyond her neck,  throughthe trickle of blood oozing down her nose and over her eyebrows. The unicorn followed my gaze until her eyes crossed to focus on the spot where her horn should have been.


We screamed in unison.


     It was half an hour before Sue came out of the bathroom, her hand on the patch of skin where the base of her horn had been. In her other hand, freshly cleaned and cradled in a paper towel, was her horn.

“I didn’t expect that to happen so soon.” Sue sighed and turned the cone in her hand. “I’m going to miss you, old girl.”

“So, what are you planning to do with that?”

“Do?” the unicorn cocked her eyebrow. “I don’t know, maybe put it in a shoebox or something?”

“You could... but if you wanted you could also sell it for, uh, a lot.”

“I don’t want someone doing something weird with it though.” Her eyes narrowed. “How much?”

After highlighting the figure listed on the website I was looking at, I spun the laptop and lifted it so she could see.

“Oh. Well.”

“Yeah.” I’d known a unicorn’s horn was a nexus of their power, but I hadn’t known it was such a potent alchemical reagent. The stuff was used to make a panacea of sorts and some of the most potent fertility products around, and since unicorn horn was so rare both the products and the key component to make them were worth a fortune.

“I guess I’ll think about it.”

“I would.” I lowered the computer, but noticed something as I did. “You healed it, huh?”

“I couldn’t just leave it.”


     Sue finally dropped her hand to reveal a purplish diamond pattern on her magically healed skin. The shape, right in the middle of her forehead, was entirely smooth. It felt more like a tattoo than a scar. Even the bone beneath was smooth under my fingers.

“I healed it the way I was supposed to and it still won’t go away,” the unicorn whined. “Maybe I can cover it up with some concealer.”

“Don’t, purple looks good on you. It’s kinda exotic.”

“I look weird.”

“Not weird, just… different.”

“Different, huh…”

“Different. We can handle different.”


We smiled at each other, hands clenched together.


     I was honestly beginning to feel a little sorry for our brushes; the things would get worn down to fuzzy nubs soon. It’d only been a week and Sue’s fur was shedding like snow. Black fur grew in between the old white stuff, turning her entire horse body a heather gray. On her head the same thing was happening, though the black hair was growing so quickly that once her blonde hair dropped she still wouldn’t look like a cancer patient.

“Sorry…” she murmured as I brushed her down for the third time of the day.

“For what?”

“For making you do all of this. I can do some myself, you know.”

“I know.” Still, I made no move to hand her a brush; I’d greedily hidden all of them when I found out just how much hair she’d be getting rid of and I had no plans to reverse my tactics now. Besides, giving her a good seeing to was a good way to bond. Kinda fun once you got used to it, too. Kinda. I had to admit having her dropping fur by the bucketload like this was a bit troublesome; I either had to take the vacuum cleaner to her in a demeaning display of efficiency, let fur get everywhere or brush her constantly. I’d chosen the latter option.


     This was actually normal. Or at least, all the information I could find on the internet and in the library said she was moving along at a normal pace. I found myself glad that the changes happened so slowly; even though she was barely distinguishable from a vanilla centaur without her horn and her new set hadn’t started growing in in earnest, I had time to start thinking of Sue as a bicorn. What was it the shrinks would’ve said? ‘A happy change’ or something like that. If the transformation we were in store for happened overnight like a werewolf’s I might die regardless.


     Whistling a tune to get my mind off of the less pleasant things, I grabbed the pail we kept by the bed, dropped it next to my horse and mounted it so I could reach the top of her more easily. A few strokes in Sue turned and looked down at where I was standing.

“Is that the same bucket we use when we…” Have sex. Sue trailed off before finishing and I let the thought hang a moment before answering to see if she would finish it.

“Ah, yeah. It’s kind of multi-purpose I guess?”

“Haha, like a bucket Swiss Army knife.”


The uni—er, bicorn turned beet red and slowly twisted until I couldn’t see her face anymore.


     So she was feeling amorous and couldn’t quite work up the nerve to say it. Maybe I’d spent a bit too much time on her flanks. I’d need to take care of her later; her becoming more assertive was another part of the bicorn transformation and it was my duty to be supportive. I was the one that’d done this to her, after all.


I shook that thought out of my head and went back to grooming my wife.


     The sizzling of my skillets was almost so loud I didn’t hear the door open. There was no mistaking the sound of hoofbeats on our wood floors nearing the kitchen though. Sue burst into the kitchen like a black ray of sunshine. It’d been two weeks since I sullied her, and her white coat had fallen out almost entirely, leaving a deep midnight black with a few flecks of white stubbornly sticking around. The hair on her head was much the same, though now far shorter than I’d ever seen it before, leaving her with a playful tomboyish look. Her new horns were two bumps on either side of her head, barely visible through her hair but clearly growing in under her skin.


“Hi,” I said glancing over my shoulder to beam at my wife, “how are... you… hon… ey?”


     Have you ever noticed that people’s jaws drop both when they’re excited and when they’re terrified? Mine did, and for both reasons. My wife had always had a dynamite body: breasts fitting something the size of a centaur, tiny waist, nice rump (you came to love it), the works. Sue was a dynamite package, the trick was that she never dressed like it. At least until now. I sidled up to the bicorn, gestured for her to lower her head and hissed conspiratorially into her ear.



“I can see your knees!”


     That wasn’t all I could see. Her new top was low cut and whatever bra she was wearing lifted and separated the girls so they were in prime view when she leaned down. The rest of the shirt was fitted as well, and Sue’d left the bottom two buttons undone so when she moved you could catch a glimpse of her navel. More than that though, what caught one’s eye was the fact that the skirt—her impossibly short, barely decent by her standards skirt—cinched low on her human torso, but then split to the sides such that every inch of her horse chest between the shoulders was in clear view. If my mare hadn’t been making me work to keep her satisfied I would’ve been at full attention, and this was out for EVERYONE to see.


     “Do you like it?” She asked, accompanied by a curtsy on her front hooves. “The clerk said I’d look really good in them.”

“And how old was this clerk?”

“Old enough to work there. You don’t like them, do you? Sorry, it’s just my wardrobe felt so boring so I thought…”

Her ears were drooping. Abort! Abort!

“I-it’s not that I don’t like them, they’re just a little… stunning is all.”

“Oh! Well the rest of what I got is more modest. I just thought I’d make you the first one I showed my new look! Just wait until you see what else I got!”

“Where’d you get all the money for this?” There were quite a few bags there, my wallet was shivering in fear.

“I sold my horn. I told you I was going to this morning and you grunted at me.” Had she? Probably, I was running late and rushing for the door. “I got more than the usual price because of the quality so I splurged a little.”


     I was just barely allowed to finish making dinner and eat before I had a parade of clothes presented to me. She’d even picked up a few things for me, so of course I had to try those on. It was an exhausting affair of dressing and undressing, trying to dilute my few complaints with compliments and swimming through a small sea of plastic. At the bottom of it there was a single paper bag. I plucked it out of the pile while Sue rummaged through the rest of the refuse for a scarf she’d missed.

“What’s this?”

The bicorn spun to face me in sudden wide-eyed terror. “Th-th-th-that’s nothing!”  Her hands tittered about like she wanted to snatch the package from me but she didn’t have the courage. “Can I have it back?” No way I was letting a reaction like that pass without probing a bit.

“Doesn’t look like nothing.” I offered her the bag and she gingerly took it from me, looking abashed.

“They’re just cookies. The apothecary gave them to me as a thank you.” I crossed my arms and waited. Cookies. From an apothecary. There was no way they were just baked goods; eventually guilt would kick in and she’d tell me the rest of the story. “I may have mentioned how we hadn’t been, um, together as much recently and she kind of insisted.”

My eyebrow raised, but I at least managed to keep my voice level as I responded. “‘Together?’ Honey, how many times have we been ‘together’ in the last two nights?”

“I don’t know, four or five times?” It was six.

“And before my accident, how many times did we do it a week?”

“Maybe three?” If we were feeling frisky; try two. The realization dawned slowly and I watched the bicorn’s face twist from embarrassed to horrified. “Oh god, it’s happening. I didn’t even realize. It felt almost like you were ignoring me again, but…”

“Well, now you know I wasn’t. Since you know we can—”

“These clothes are wrong too! They’re so flashy, I don’t wear things like this!”


That could’ve gone better.


     The centaur ripped off her blouse to reveal an even sexier bra, then thundered up the stairs. My first impulse was to chase after her, but it felt like she’d probably need some time alone. That left me to sort her new wardrobe into piles by store they came from and put them back in the corresponding bags. Some of her choices, especially the new underwear she’d so gleefully shown off, were really racy, it was hard to blame her for getting embarrassed once she came to her senses.


     Actually, was it really so bad? Once upon a time I’d dreamed of having busty beauties dressing up in sexy clothes for me. For me. That was the trick. I trusted my wife though, it wasn’t like I thought she was trying to draw in other guys or cheat on me or anything. She was just dressing up to look… good. For me and herself. A different kind of good, but undeniably good nonetheless.


     We’d gone into something we’d both known would happen and agreed to. This was her now, wasn’t it? So when was I going to get used to it? Should I even have pointed things out to her like I did? For now there was one thing I had to do for certain, as a husband. After reading the label on the box of specialty cookies I turned it over contemplatively and headed upstairs.


     It wasn’t often you got to see something the size of a horse hiding under the covers, but that’s where I found Sue. At least I never had to worry about losing her.

“Hey,” I said in my gentlest tone after setting down the cookies and taking a seat on the bed near her head lump. “You okay?” She only sniffled in response. “Sue?” Still nothing.


     Beautiful. It was hard to remember a time I’d ever seen her like this, but I had a feeling she’d just stay curled up unless I did something. I gingerly pulled on the covers only to find that they wouldn’t move an inch. Tugging again didn’t yield any better results so I anchored my feet against the wall until I yanked it free, damn near knocking myself off the bed in the process. And after all that I sat back up to see that she’d pulled a pillow over head instead.

“Come on, let go. I’m the last person you need to hide from.”

“I’m not hiding,” came her muffled reply through the pillow, “I just don’t want anyone to see me.”

“Not even me?” Weak, I needed to add something to that. “You’re so cute even when you’re crying.” That didn’t feel forced at all. Still, it was enough to get her to loosen her grip and I gently prized the thing from her grip. Sue lifted her head and blinked at me through eyes surrounded by tear-streaked mascara. Wait, she was wearing makeup? Not the point here. She hadn’t bought any either, she must’ve just gotten a demo.


     “So, we’ve gotta figure this out, huh?”

“I don’t wanna figure anything out,” the horse pouted, “I wanna go back to being normal when I understood myself and knew what was going through my own head.”

“Well, maybe once you learn—”

“No! There shouldn’t be anything to learn, all I did was have sex with my husband! Why does that mean I have to change into someone that dresses like a skank and takes aphrodisiacs from shady merchants! I don’t want any of this! I wish I’d never become a bicorn!” A heavy silence fell between us while both of us processed what she said. “I didn’t mean that. I mean, I didn’t mean anything about you.”

“I know. I understand the feeling, actually. I was downstairs earlier cleaning up and thinking about how weird it is that you suddenly went out and bought stuff like that. But you know, they’re just clothes. There are plenty of people that dress far more provocatively than you. Just… think of it as reimagining yourself.”

“You think it’s weird. The cookies especially. I could tell. I’ll return them tomorrow.”

“Weren’t they free?”

“I can still give them back.”

“There’s no point in going back to the shop then, just throw them away. Here, let me.”


     I took the box and held it over the garbage can but didn’t drop it in. Like I expected she would, Sue darted her hand out as if to stop me, then slowly lowered it. No one would’ve had any difficulty reading the conflict on her face. Her new self and her memories of herself were warring for control, and after she’d realized what she was becoming her memories put up a damn good fight.

“Do you want me to?” I asked, giving the box a shake for emphasis.


“Be honest.”

“I think…” the centaur began, eyes tearing up more and more with every word, “No. Why do I—?”

“Doesn’t matter.” With that I pulled open the box, ripped the bag open and placed one of the cookies in my mouth.


     It was a sugar cookie like any other in appearance, totally normal. There wasn’t much to say about the flavor either; just kind of lemony with “sugary” bits that lent them a bite. There was a mild grassy aftertaste, but nothing so major that I wouldn’t gladly eat another. I was actually tempted to, but the box said one was enough, so I swallowed and left it at that.

“See?” I asked, “I don’t even care. Things are going to change and that’s fine. I’m here for you no matter what.”


“Stop what?”

“Stop being so, I don’t know, there. I’m going to start feeling silly for worrying soon.”

“You are,” I said before planting a quick peck on her forehead. “We agreed to go into this together, remember?”

Sue’s only response was a smile as she sat up all the way and reached out to take my hand.

“Um,” she hesitated.


“Was it any good?”

“Yeah, actually. Here, take a couple.” The instructions said for something the size of a centaur four or so cookies would do the job, so I counted out that many and handed them to her. My bicorn took them and tentatively nibbled on one before her eyes lit up and she hurriedly shoved the rest into her mouth.

“Thesh are goof!” Ha. Come to think, that apothecary had probably picked a flavor Sue was sure to like; what was an almost off-putting aftertaste to me might well have been a pleasant flavor to the centaur.


     With her mouth full we couldn’t talk, so I sat in silence and watched the horse gleefully fighting to actually chew through the food making her cheeks bulge out like a chipmunk. She tilted her head as if asking a question and it was so cute I couldn’t help but chuckle. Upon realizing what I was laughing at Sue noisily swallowed.

“You’re adorable,” I grinned.

“Oh, just come here already.” The centaur reached out and I found myself squashed face first into her bosom. “I love you.”

“I love you more,” I said after squeezing through her grip to plant a kiss on her lips and wrap my arms around her waist.

“Hey, do you feel anything?”

“Nope,” I said with a shrug, “it’s all the same to me whether they work or not, though.”


     Now that she mentioned it though, I was feeling a little warm. A flush was creeping into Sue’s cheeks as well. I found myself drawn back to her lips again. Without even realizing it I slipped my tongue into her mouth. The bicorn readily parted her lips and stroked the bottom of my tongue with hers as if ushering me in. Every part of her seemed to be beckoning me. Her hips, her sides… her breasts. Oh god, her breasts. There was an immense satisfaction in sliding up her bra to let their weight fall into my hands.


     God, I loved those things. They were mine and I never got to play with them enough. I couldn’t when I was working Sue’s business end and while I was up front there were so many other places to touch I didn’t get to focus on them. Not today. The centaur moaned appreciatively as I tweaked her nipples.


     Hardness in my palm blended with softness the rest of my hand could squeeze and squish. Such perfect skin, smooth and unblemished. Not a mark in sight. I wanted—no, needed—it marked, though. Marked in me. I dragged myself away, out of my lovers arms and away from her lips with a twang of regret, but a flame of lust in my chest that only grew larger. I stood and Sue immediately knew what I wanted.  


     On a normal day, about the kinkiest trick I could get out of my wife was a handjob. She loved the result of pleasuring me and was always ready to accommodate me “in the right place,” but every time I’d tried to talk her into doing something with her breasts or mouth I always got a sheepish refusal unless I was really on my persuasion game. Today though, before I could even lock my knees she engulfed me in her mammaries.


     The bicorn’s technique was irregular, nothing like what I’d seen in porn. The sheer unpredictability of it only seemed to intensify my already magnified pleasure. There wasn’t even a hint of apprehension as she bounced her breasts up and down my rod, licking what little of my penis managed to pop out of her massive womanly sacks at odd intervals. What I knew to only be a few minutes stretched into an eternity as my wife fought to milk me with her tits.


     My orgasm hit like a train in the fog; barely any warning, but when it came it hit hard. Sue seemed to sense it before I did, and shifted to jerking me with her hand. My first blast hit her squarely in the center of the forehead, right where her horn used to be, and she made sure the rest landed in or near her mouth.


     I stumbled back on our bed, struggling to keep my legs from giving out on me after what’d just transpired. Meanwhile, Sue dreamily brought a finger up, gingerly wiped the semen on her forehead onto it and deposited the fluid into her mouth. The finger left her mouth clean after a pop and an appreciative moan. Oh, god damn!

“Sue,” I panted.

“Mmm?” The centaur groaned questioningly, then noticed that my member hadn’t flagged at all and once again recognized what I needed. She stood, glistening vagina angled toward me and beckoned. “Fill me, stud.”


     Just one cookie and I plowed her until she could barely stand. That’s really an accomplishment with a centaur; standing is their thing. I’d seen her do it while she dozed once or twice before. I collapsed next to my wife sometime before sunrise, wiggling up close to the warmth of her shoulder.

“Have fun?” Sue cooed once I’d found a comfortable spot.

“Like we just got married. Those cookies were amazing.”

“Hmm. You know,” the bicorn began, absentmindedly bringing her hand to the spot I’d blasted earlier, “It was hot and I couldn’t think, but I think I liked it too.”


     Later it would occur to me that Sue’s apothecary had used the same technique as a common drug dealer—first hit’s always free. A new and confused bicorn made for a perfect target, too. Even after realizing it I didn’t care though; Sue had an excuse to explore her wild side for far less than the usual cost of getting something the size of a centaur drunk, and I got to last forever. It was a pretty sweet deal all around.


     Of course, that box wasn’t bottomless. It didn’t last as long as I would’ve thought, nor nearly as long as I would’ve hoped. A week and a half later we were out and back to doing things the normal way. It wasn’t bad per se, but it was strikingly… vanilla. It was odd; such a thought wouldn’t have even occurred to me before Sue’s bicornification, but now just plowing into her from behind seemed so boring. I mean, there still wasn’t anything wrong with the usual way, especially when the bicorn wore some of that sexy lingerie she bought, but now I knew it could be better.


     Four weeks after I’d polluted her with my tainted spirit energy I found myself opening the door to an unfamiliar shop. Sue happily clopped in, her hair top and bottom now a rich black and her head hair slowly growing back to its normal length. She ducked to keep her skin-covered but nearly full-size horns from hitting the door frame and went in. I still wasn’t sure I wanted to be there, but Sue’d insisted on bringing me along this time and she was so casual about it I felt like a prude for not wanting to go. Ah, how things had changed.


     Walking into the place caused a feeling of dissonance; it was like someone had realized that ambiance sold, but lit candles were a liability. There were display cases, but they were carved wood and glass lit by fluorescents. Items on the shelves were neatly arranged and tagged with price stickers though some were of the sort you’d expect to find on a shady gypsy wagon. Bead curtains, fluorescent lighting, lava lamps and a menagerie of other little details made the place a confusing but oddly comfortable place to shop.


     All of those efforts to make the place shoppable didn’t seem to do much for the customers. All five of the others—three parahumans, one human woman and a man—all shuffled around each other while avoiding eye contact. Basically, the place was a classed up sex shop so it was kind of hard to blame them. Sue was the only only customer walking around like she wasn’t embarrassed to be seen there, and even though she’d brought me I couldn’t match her newfound audacity.


     “Oh, it’s unicorn nee-chan!” Just as I was contemplating which corner to go hide in, a shrill voice issued from behind one of the bead curtains. Over the high countertop all I could make out was a floppy hat and a set of bouncing pigtails sprinting towards the counter’s opening.


A witch. I should’ve known.


     “She came back!” A pudgy familiar in a smock with the store’s name on it shouted as she popped around the counter and started a lap around Sue’s legs.

“Of course she came back, she can buy half the store now!” A little brunette witch yelled in response before joining her summon in running circles around my wife. Man, just watching them was making me dizzy.


     Four or five jubilant laps around the horse later the duo finally took notice of me.

“She brought a friend!” the familiar shouted, then peeled off and slammed into my leg at full speed before latching onto it. “It’s her boyfriend!”

The witch sighed and broke away to stand in front of me. “He’s her husband, silly. She told us before, remember? And get off the customers, it makes ‘em all nervous.” To my relief the familiar finally let go and the witch offered me her hand. I took it, and she shook my hand with a magnitude that required her to swing her arm up to the shoulder. “I’m Tanya.”

“Mark,” I responded.

“This is Tulip,” the girl continued, indicating the familiar staring up at me like I was the most interesting thing in the world.

“Nice ta meetcha,” she said, giving a mock salute.

“Uh, yeah.” And now everyone there knew my name. At least they were all busy enough pretending they didn’t exist.

“So, Sue,” Tanya began, instantly latching onto the name of a customer she’d only seen once and a few weeks ago at that. “You look happy. The transformation’s goin’ okay?”

“Oh, yes,” Sue began while Tulip wandered off somewhere behind her. “There were some, ah, issues, but I think we’re past them now.”

The tiny witch nodded sagely. I was glad she was calmer after the initial excitement. “Looks like you’re about done, too. Those are gonna be some impressive horns when they erupt.”


“She’s all black now!” Tulip exclaimed, accompanied by a rustling of fabric that sound like someone snapping a sheet. “Her panties too!”


     In a reaction pre-programmed into women everywhere, Sue desperately shoved down the front of her skirt, even though it was the back Tulip had so gaily lifted. The startled reaction and shocked look on the centaur’s face were cute until I noticed her weight shifting forward, freeing her back legs for a savage kick.

“Nononono!” I gesticulated wildly, just barely stopping the horse from slamming her hooves into the tiny little girl behind her. Tanya and I both breathed a sigh of relief as Sue’s flanks settled again. As for the familiar herself, though she’d been dumb enough to mess with the back end of a horse, she’d at least been smart enough to hit the deck after she did. Tulip rolled to her feet and sheepishly scratched the back of her head.

“Was that too much?”

“You’d better believe it was too much!” Tanya smacked her hand into her face and sighed before pointing a finger at her familiar. “You I’m going to have a talk with after this,” she said, and then turning to Sue, “and you I’m going to give a ten dollar credit to. I’m so sorry, I can’t believe the best familiar I could summon is so unruly. You should be apologizing now, by the way.”

“Sooooorrrrrrrryyyyyy,” the chubby girl intoned.

“That’s okay,” Sue began, “just don’t do it again, alright?”


     Something about the look on her face really bothered me. There was some embarrassment there, sure, but not as much as I expected. Sue’s head swiveled, taking in the rest of the patrons to see if anyone had caught a glimpse. There was nothing but a wall of backs to look upon, and once she’d confirmed that her features perked again.


     Once upon a time, even the idea that someone might’ve seen her nethers would’ve sent my wife into the nearest corner to hide. I might’ve pointed that change out to her, but as I’d seen, doing so only hurt her. The result was a happier bicorn and a husband that… well, I was getting used to it. They were just panties, right?


     There was a tug on my sleeve and I looked down to see the witch staring up at me.

“Hey, onii-chan, how’d ya like the cookies?”


Tanya grinned. “C’mon, you came back. It must be because you want more, right? How’d you like ‘em?”

“How to say… talking about this with strangers feels a little weird. And I mean, there are people around...“

“Honestly, Mark,” Sue clucked, “we’re in a shop that specializes in this sort of thing, don’t be such a prude.” Prude? This coming from her? No, I couldn’t say anything…

“I just—”

“Hang on, I’ve got an idea.” The witch interrupted me then lifted her arms toward my head. “Up.”

“I’m not picking you up.”

“Onii-chaaaaan, I want up!”

“Go ahead, dear,” the bicorn prodded.


     With a sigh I bent over and hoisted the witch into my arms. She was light enough, but despite how she looked and acted it was hard to forget I had an adult woman inches from my face. There was a flash of a smirk before she leaned into my ear.

“See, onii-chan?” Tanya whispered, her breath tickling my skin, “when we do it like this noooo one else can hear.” That wasn’t quite true; Sue came closer and pitched forward as well and Tulip was leering at me from atop her back. I had one uncannily lewd little girl in my arms, another staring at me like she was getting off on my reactions and one fat pair of centaur tits in my face. The situation was far from comfortable, but impossible not to get swept away in. I gulped.

“So?” the witch continued, “what was your favorite part?”

“I… I was really hard.”

“Uh-huh.” The tone of her voice more than the words themselves pushed me to continue.

“And I felt so wild and bestial, just sort of… powerful.”

“That’s a good word,” Sue nodded. “When we opened that box it was the first time I’d ever felt like I was being taken instead of just going along with him. We had so much fun.”

In a very un-girly gesture, Tanya pulled back and stroked her chin.

“Powerful… Well, I guess a man in heat like that would feel that way. Was there anything else ya wanted?”

“Well, uh, when I get her to, uh, rub me with her breasts I feel kinda inadequate at the end.”

“Oh, so ya want a bigger cock!” Tulip exclaimed in a voice entirely too loud for a store that size.

“Lotsa stuff would look small in comparison to those…” Tanya pondered.

“No! I mean the very end. You know, I just kinda pop, I think maybe I’d like to try exploding once or twice.”

“Oh?” Sue cocked her head in thought.

“Oh.” The witch’s tone sounded like she should’ve realized that from the start. I was really hoping she would’ve.

Tulip smiled knowingly. “Oho. So you’re going dribble dribble right on the spot but you wanna go squirty squirty all over her face, huh?”

That was way more blunt than I would’ve put it, but “...yes.”

"That could be fun."

Tanya snapped. “I’ve got just the thing! Tulip, get on the register, would ya?”

“You betcha!”


     With that the familiar left us and Tanya guided us around the store by herself, picking up a bottle here, a bag of powder there and chattering all the way. We stopped in front of the checkout after what seemed like ten loops around the store and the little girl in the hat laid everything out for us.

“So, here’s what we’ve got: a bag of our signature No. 9 Bukakke Powder,” she began, indicating a clear bag of pinkish powder, “guaranteed to make her cheeks bulge or your money back.”

“Wait,” I interrupted, “why would her cheeks bulge?”

Tanya gave me a blank stare, then responded matter of factly. “Cum, onii-chan.”

“Oh my.” Sue’s voice came out way huskier than it should’ve.

“Anyway, just take a teaspoon mixed into a glass of water daily and you’re set. Then we’ve got three boxes of New Love Original Sugar Cookie. I think you liked those, so you should stock up a bit.”

“Mmm.” Made sense.

“Two sticks of Wife on Bottom incense for those special occassions when you really want her to feel like she’s being ravished and I decided to toss in something else you’ll want to try once you’re used to the other stuff. One tentacle potion.”

“Wait,” I protested, “I don’t think we need that.”

“Come on, just trying it once can’t hurt. This isn’t even the extra-strength stuff, you’ll be fine.”

“It just sounds so… weird.” Even I’d heard of tentacle potions. Turning into an orifice molesting plant for the night wasn’t typically something I imagined myself doing.

“Sorry, that might’ve been a bit too advanced for ya. With tentacle potions you need to be with someone you can trust and when you’re first—” Tanya cut herself short when she caught the look my wife was giving me. She’d inadvertently used the “T” word in conjunction with a married man’s wife and implied there was a lack thereof anywhere in the relationship. There was only one way this could go now.

“We’ll take it,” I groaned.

“Yay! You’ll love it, promise!”


     The little witch cheerfully passed us off to Tulip to ring up. Surprisingly, the fee didn’t make me cringe. When I brought the price up, the chubby one just smiled.

“Yup, it’s as much about sharin’ love as it is about makin’ money, so we keep the prices low.” Huh. They were making the world a better place in their own way, I supposed. Once you got used to everyone else in the shop being embarrassed to be there it really wasn’t so bad.


     My wife and I left the store hand in hand. Sue had this stupid smile plastered across her face I couldn’t quite ignore, so I asked her about it.

“What’re you smiling about?”

“I’m just proud of you, is all. You handled yourself so well in there.”

“Thanks? I don’t think I needed lessons in weird herbal sex shop etiquette though.”

“Not that specifically, I was just thinking that you’re so reserved. You need a more adventurous spirit.”I choked back the ‘tentacle potion adventurous?’ quip and opted to say nothing instead. “You’re not mad at me for putting you on the spot, are you?”

“No, I was just thinking of how we’re going to use all of this stuff.”

“Oh, I have a few ideas.”


     I never asked how long that apothecary thought what she gave us would last, but whatever her estimate was, it would’ve been too long. The Bukakke Powder especially didn’t seem to come in a large enough quantity; Sue came to love getting plastered in my seed and we blew through it alongside the cookies. The incense we saved for date night, which left only the tentacle potion I’d half hidden in the corner of a drawer. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the bedroom to see Sue spinning the bottle in her fingers after we’d exhausted everything else.

“You know, we still haven’t tried this one.”


Adventurous spirit, huh? I plucked the bottle from Sue’s hands and squinted to read the label myself. “For an intense session of sexual intercourse take one bottle five minutes before you plan to initiate. Do not take unless you and your partner have 3-4 hours to devote to intercourse. Do not drive or operate machinery while under the influence of this potion. Yada yada, you may also like…” Huh. Well it didn’t sound like anything out of the usual on paper at least.

“So?” My wife asked.

“What time is it?”

“Nine.” Which meant according to the bottle I’d be back to normal by about one. Still enough time to get a half-decent night’s sleep.

“I guess. Just don’t let me do anything weird, okay?”

“What could you do to your own wife that’s weird?” Probably a lot with a few tentacles at my disposal, but if she wasn’t worried about it I wouldn’t be either. That attitude of hers was really catching on.


Bottoms up, then.


     Shit, that was strong! There couldn’t have been more than an ounce in the bottle, but every bit of it burned like fire on the way down.


“Are you okay?!” Sue rushed to my side as I doubled over. I managed to straighten up most of the way before responding.

“I’m alright, but man does that stuff pack a punch. That was worse than my first shot.”

“But you feel alright?”

“Just fine.” Of course my legs chose that exact moment to give out. My wife guided me to my knees and tittered over me nervously.

“We should’ve asked for better instructions!”

“S’okay, prob’ly parta the ‘hing.” The heat I was feeling would be too. I really could’ve done without the dizziness though; it was making it hard to think.

“One of these days playing brave is going to get you into trouble.”

“Nah toay.” The horse sighed and pulled me into a hug.

“I love you.”

“Oooh mo.”


     God, my mouth felt funny. All of me was beginning to feel funny. I was clammy despite feeling hot inside and every part of me felt kind of loose, like my bones had turned to rubber. There was this compelling need to touch, and I ran my hands all over Sue’s body. Jaw, breasts, back, hind legs, all were in reach and I groped at all of them with slimy hands. More limbs than I’d ever had before. The last sight I caught before my eyes swole shut was my wife hurriedly ripping off her nightie so I could feel her more.


     The hand exploring Sue’s jaw found its way past her pillowy lips. My wife did the same thing any parahuman with a tender, twitching rod of flesh belonging to the man she loved in her mouth: she sucked it. A blast of pleasure unlike anything I’d felt from one of her blow jobs before erased what little was left of my thoughts. I needed to take in all of her. I already had her mouth, breasts, hands and navel under my ministrations, but there was somewhere else to be poked and prodded. A warm hole burned into every man’s genetic memory was my goal, but I couldn’t find it. Of their own accord my limbs—my tentacles—searched. Not a single inch of Sue from head to flank went untouched until I found what I was looking for. One spot warmer and wetter than the rest. Sue moaned. Then I found another right above it. That time she squeaked.


     I came to right about when the instructions said I was supposed to, lying flat on my back in a puddle of something I immediately knew I didn’t want to think about. Feeling groggy and not really ready to move, I turned my head to see my wife lying next to me, on her side and absolutely plastered in seed. If it weren’t for the dual horns on her forehead—also thoroughly coated—she damn near could’ve passed for a unicorn again.

“Carrot Cake?” I groaned, giving a dry spot on her belly a poke.

Her legs twitched in the air before she answered. “No more darling, I’m already full~”


“Hmmm?” The horse lazily lifted her torso to look at me, eyes struggling to focus. “Oh, you’re back to normal. Good night.” With that she flopped back over and I had to nudge her again.

“Wake up, we’ve gotta clean up before this stuff dries.”

“In the morning.”

“Now. It’s going to be a nightmare to get out of your fur otherwise.”

My wife grumbled, but forced herself up on quivering legs, teetering like she was going to fall back over.


     For what it was worth, I leaned against her horse shoulder to help her steady herself and surveyed the room. It looked like someone had gotten into a water gun fight using tanks full of yogurt. Aside from the copious amounts on my wife, there were puddles on the floor, a few shots on the lamp and—something sticky landed on my nose. Like I was in a horror movie, I slowly tilted my head back to see what was above me. My brow wrinkled in disgust as soon as I did.

“I came on the fucking ceiling?”

The centaur giggled before wrapping her tacky arms around mine and whispering in my ear. “You. Came. Everywhere.”


     The statement was meant to be playful, but I really had. No one got any sleep that night, and not for the reason often implied; it took hours to get my seed out of all the crevices. Next time we’d have to wrap the room in plastic or something.


     Being a tentacle had been weird—a lot like watching myself be drunk, really. I had no control over my own body, yet it still did—in a clumsy, inebriated sort of way—what I wanted.  My mind was a haze of lust and I had twelve pre-lubed prehensile cocks attached to a seemingly endless reservoir of semen so all I wanted to do was fuck anything I could, but still. Even better than coming from three dicks at once though, was my ability to, for once, have sex and fondle Sue’s breasts at the same time. I wasn’t going to say I could get used to being a tentacle, but I wouldn’t mind a few more tries.


     For me, that experience was the start of something. I think Sue had a similar awakening after that first time with the cookies, but I came to realize it too: sex could be really really fun. We weren’t exploring it enough, and that realization opened a can of worms.


     At the very least, even the thought that maybe there was something to Sue’s new mindset set me free. I stopped counting the days since I’d desanctified her and just learned to love my wife again. It wasn’t hard, really; she was still a sweet girl even if she was more lascivious than I’d ever thought she could be. It became rare for me to think back at all, but every once in a while something would happen to remind me.


     One such day, my wife and I were walking through the park. Spring had sprung again and the skin had sloughed off Sue’s two new horns long ago. As the little witch apothecary surmised, they were magnificent: long and straight with a shine like black ivory. It was a beautiful day all sunny and bright. So far as the weather went there was a breeze, but nothing strong enough to be unpleasant and it kept the temperature down.


     I walked hand in hand with my wife through the park. We didn’t have anywhere to be, so we kept a leisurely pace, one of us occasionally bumping into the other and giggling. It wasn’t really a talking date, just one of those situations where lovers don’t need to do anything more than revel in each other’s presence. All I had to do was take in the sights and sounds and enjoy being with my wife.


     Sounds? There was one lapping at the back of my mind. It wasn’t much different from that of a flag in the wind, but it was too close, and consistently so. Always from the same direction no matter which way I turned too. How odd. Curiosity finally got the best of me and I turned to investigate the noise. There weren’t any flags or popups or anything in the area to make that sort of sound, but there was Sue’s skirt, and it was flapping a lot. Past the horizontal, even.

“Uh, Sue?”


“You’re showing.”

“What is?”

You,” I said, indicating her hind quarters with a nod of my chin.

“Oh, I know.” Fucking WHAT?! “The breeze is nice.”


     Once, on our honeymoon Sue had gotten her skirt caught in a bush while we were on a guided hike. I had to chase her halfway down a mountain and spend half an hour convincing her that a little flash of her full coverage panties wasn’t something she needed to lock herself in our hotel room for the rest of the trip over. But now? Perhaps the worst part of remembering how things used to be was not being able to speak up.

“Something wrong, Mark?” My horse asked, noticing the expression on my face.


“You were thinking I’m strange now, right?” Sue asked wistfully.

“Not strange, just… you still notice?”

“Oh sure. It happens less and less often, but every once in a while something happens and I go ‘oh, I wouldn’t have done that before.’ Then I actually think about it and realize how silly I was. I mean, they’re only panties. Everything is still covered and all, right? Besides, most of the people here have already seen a vagina before or will soon enough, so what’s the problem?” Somehow I couldn’t quite get behind that logic even though it wasn’t really wrong, per se. “Once I realized how stuffy I was, relaxing was so simple and freeing. The new me is way more fun, right?”

“Well…” ‘Old’ Sue was sweet, yet ‘new’ Sue was undeniably more fun. Still, I couldn’t just agree.

“See?” She smiled.

“Whatever. Can we do something about that? You may not mind, but I do.”

“Oh Mark, it doesn’t matter if anyone else sees it, it belongs to you anyway.”


“Why don’t we go sit down? I can’t really fix it.”


     That was true enough; I could hardly expect her to just hold the back down like any girl on two legs could do. Unless… were we forgetting something? Whatever, this solution worked.


     Hoping for the wind to die down, we found a bench for me to sit on and Sue settled into the grass next to me. There I was, basking in the sun side by side with my wife. This was a minor paradise. Nothing to do but sit back and watch the scenery. The oddly fascinating scenery.


     I was a married man with my wife right next to me. Maybe it was because of the dark energy I was getting pumped full of every night, or maybe the relaxing atmosphere just made me let my guard down, but whatever the cause I found my eyes wandering. There was a tree on the other side of the walkway, big, shady and perfect for sitting under. The wide spread and low branches also made it perfect for climbing, as a pair of werecats had done. They were sisters from the look of them, the youngest just past 18 and the older probably twenty. The older looking one of the two stretched her back on a limb like a big cat on the savannah, hips above her head displaying a tight rear with her tail idly flicking. The youngest one was sitting on a branch with her back to me, lapping at an ice cream cone. As I watched, her sister made a half-hearted reach for her dessert and the little werecat quickly flipped upside down to hang by her knees, somehow not dropping her food in the process. The loose-fitting fabric of her shirt collapsed downward until the gentle slope of her breasts stopped its descent.


     This left me with one werecat in front of me now scarcely covered between her short shorts and half-removed shirt showing a stunning expanse of pale young flesh, and another with her ass in the air casually begging to be slapped. Despite myself, I gulped.

“There’s an interesting sight,” Sue mused from beside me.

“Yeah, it—huh? What?” The bicorn’s sudden comment snapped me out of my pubescent reverie and I found myself painfully aware that I’d just been ogling younger women while I was on a date with one I'd married. My horse stood and panic set in. “Wait, I wasn’t looking!”

“And I’m queen of France.” She set off toward the tree and I followed in her wake. I had no idea what she intended to do, and that was the worst part.

“Sue, c’mon. I’m sorry, alright?”

“Wait here.” She had that determined tone in her voice, the one that told me no matter what I did whatever she had in mind was getting done. Despondent, I sank back onto the bench to watch what would unfold. Sue walked over to the werecat hanging upside down and cupped her hand to whisper into her ear. All three of them turned to look at me.


     Nope, I couldn’t do this. Looking at them was too much to bear; I hid my face in my hands and hoped I was going to get off easy. What was Sue even doing? Telling them how big of a sleaze the old man on the bench was? I mean, I must’ve had ten years on both of them. Was I going to get slapped or something? Worst case scenarios floated through my head for an eternity before the sound of Sue’s hooves came my way again. Far. Closer. Then sniffing.


     My eyes snapped open and I bolted ramrod straight against the backrest.  A pair of slitted amber eyes were uncomfortably close to me, angled up slightly to look up at me now due to the face they were set in having been angled to sniff my hair moments before.

“You smell good,” the eyes’ owner stated matter of factly. They belonged to the younger werecat I’d been checking out earlier. Her shirt no longer revealed her midriff, but she was leaning forward so instead I had a view of her cleavage, almost down to her nipples. She wasn’t wearing a bra.

A dumb “um…” was all I managed to force past my lips. Sensing that things were about to go from bad to worse I made to stand, but the werecat placed her paws on my shoulders and shoved me back down, never breaking eye contact for a second. “I don’t think—”

“Name’s Rubi.”

“That’s great, would you get off me, Rubi?”



     The clopping of hooves announced Sue’s arrival, escorting the older sister. The slightly taller werecat ducked out of sight, then suddenly her head popped up between her sister’s arms and there were two black-haired beauties leering at me from far too close. The new face sniffed the air and cocked sideways.

“That is good,” she said, turning to me. “We should fuck.” Okay, what the hell was going on here?

“Sueeeeee?” I turned to the midnight black centaur hoping for some kind of backup.

“Maaaaark?” She smiled.


“The best response here would be ‘when, where and in what position?’ Or something like that, I think? I’m not very good at this.”


     Oh god, she was being serious. This was it, wasn’t it? I’d read about bicorns setting their husbands up with other women but never believed Sue would be one to try it. I still wasn’t prepared. I needed a definite reply that said for a fact that this open relationship or swinging or whatever thing this was shaping up to be was absolutely not going to happen. I looked my wife in the eye and spoke.

“Look, this isn’t going to w—” I made it halfway through before being stopped mid-sentence by a set of paws pushing me sideways. I yelped and landed flat on my back. Heedless of my complaints, the older werecat flattened herself against me and took deep whiffs of the nape of my neck.

“Tammy,” the little sister whined, “stop hogging him! I wanna smell too!”

“Both of you get off!” I yelled and tried to push the feline off of me, but she hissed and latched onto me, claws poking into my shirt. “Cut it out!” Trying to push out from under her only prompted Rubi to grab one of my legs and start sniffing that. She purred. Giving up on escaping the cats’ double teaming me I glared at my wife instead. “What did you do?!”

“Oh I just told them about how you were admiring their bodies from afar with a twinkle in your eye and a stunning erection in your pants.”

“Oh yeah!” Rubi exclaimed, releasing one arm’s grip on my calf to grope my crotch.


“That IS pretty big! Tammy, you gotta feel this!”

“Calm down,” Tammy purred into my chest, “it’s not a big dea—oh, I guess it is.”

“Makes sense, right?” Rubi asked without stopping her molestation of my leg for an instant, “I mean he is fucking a horse.”

“Stop talking about me like I’m not right here!”

“Shaddup!” Both sisters hissed in unison.


       With no hope of talking the sisters out of doing something stupid I turned back to my last possible savior and appealed in the strongest way I knew how: whining like a child.

“Suuuuuue! Get ‘em off of me!”

“You’d rather have the top?”

“No dammit, I’d rather—” before I could finish my wife cut me off with a single finger to my lips. For a second I thought she was going to kiss me, but all Sue did was cradle my hands in her hands and lean over so we were eye to eye, scant inches away

“Shh. It’s okay, Mark. You don’t have to hide it anymore. If I can be myself now, so can you. You were thinking about it, weren’t you? The feel of two young girls in your arms, competing for a chance to ride you. They say werecats like to lick, what were their tongues doing, I wonder?”

“It’s twitching!” Tammy gleefully announced, poking at my throbbing boner through my pants, “do that again!”

“Oh my! Well, at least part of you is honest.”


     Was this what I wanted? My imagination was active enough and the girls were pretty cute, but… wait, maybe this was some kind of test? It wouldn’t be unheard of for a woman to do that. Yet her eyes, her smile, everything I knew about Sue told me she was being genuine. I hadn’t failed anything by gawking at those werecats, just opened the door to something new. Something scary, but in the same way as a roller coaster.


     Sensing my acquiescence, the bicorn smiled and straightened.

“Now then girls,” she began, gently tugging Rubi from my chest, “why don’t we go somewhere private so you can unwrap him, hmm? Unless—”

“Girls?” An unfamiliar voice called out. “You found a man?”


     Straining my neck a few fractions of an inch farther back I caught sight of the speaker. The familial resemblance was immediately apparent: all three girls shared those same upturned yellow eyes. This werecat was older than the other two, maybe in her forties from the looks of things; she’d filled out some and though her movements were still just as fluid as Rubi and Tammy’s though she lacked that same lithe appearance. It seemed doubtful that anyone would complain about how she’d filled out though: a heavier chest and thicker thighs that seemed accentuate her hip-swinging sashay.

“It’s twitching again!” Rubi loudly announced, giving me a good poke for emphasis. I wasn’t sure if I should be angrier at the cat for announcing the state of my cock to the world or my cock for betraying my thoughts in the first place.


     Sue looked down at me with a mirthful smile. She couldn’t be thinking of doing what I thought she was, could she?

“So it’s not just the younger ones you like?” She was. I could feel my heart pounding at the thought.

Rubi shouted before I could respond. “Mom, c’mere! You’ve gotta get a whiff of this guy!”

The old werecat sauntered forward, completely ignoring Sue and—or so it seemed—me to sniff my hair. Where others would’ve “hmm”ed, she purred. I could feel the air vibrating before she backed away. “Not bad, but…” she shot a glance towards Sue and sniffed again. “I think he’s take—oh.”

The horse’s smile as she responded was almost dazzling. “So you noticed. There’s no need to worry about that.”

“Huh. Have fun then, I guess. We’re having fish, so be back for dinner.”

Rubi answered with an enthusiastic “‘Kay!” While Tammy was too busy burying her nose into my neck to bother responding.

For something so big Sue managed to move pretty fast when she wanted to; the MILF cat made to walk away but my wife side-stepped in front of her before she’d taken two steps. “Aw, are you going to let your girls have all the fun?”

“I’m getting too old to have the kind of fun they do.”

“Don’t say that. And look at you, you’ve got ten different scents on you. Are you getting your semen from the clinic?”

“That’s none of your business.” I couldn’t see the werecat’s face from my position, but the ice in her voice obviated the need.

“Sorry. Don’t you think you should take a chance to let your hair down though? I can tell just by looking at you that you work hard.”

“That’s not the—”

“You’ve earned a good time, right? It can be an educational experience too; you must know a thing or two the girls don’t, right?”

“Pff,” Rubi scoffed, “As if.”


     Uh-oh. I’d known this family for all of five minutes and even I knew she wasn’t getting away with that. When the mother werecat’s head slid past Sue’s shoulder to look at us there was fire in her eyes.

“Take that back.”

“Why?” Rubi intoned. “You’re getting fat and everything. Your glory days are over, old lady.”

Well that was a hell of a way to talk to their mother. It seemed she wasn’t one to take it, either; she turned back to Sue.

“You got somewhere we can go?”

“Of course,” came the immediate reply. Wait a second…


     Before I had a chance to register what was happening, the older cat was shouldering Tammy off of my chest and dragging me to my feet. Despite my protests I was pulled to Sue’s shoulder, then onto her back, guided by the mother’s paws and Sue herself. Sheer force of habit made me wiggle into a sitting position near the horse’s shoulders and the queen cat vaulted on behind me.

“Ya!” She slapped Sue’s flank and the bicorn set off at a trot, giggling. “Catch me if you can, girls!”

“Hey!” The younger cats cried. I expected them to give up, but they fell into a jog behind us, griping at their mother.

“What the hell is this?!” I groaned, slumping in my seat. The movement only encouraged the cat behind me to wrap her paws around my  waist, pressing her breasts against me. “And you! I don’t even know your name, what are you doing on my wife’s back!”

“It’s Natasha,” she whispered into my ear. “You better remember that, I’m going to have you moaning it soon.” Oh, god dammit!

“Suuuueeeeee! What did you do?!”

“Me?” That voice was the picture of innocence. Were I not sure this was entirely her fault I might’ve apologized. “I didn’t do anything, it was mostly you.”

“I didn’t do anything either!”

“You don’t know how good you smell. Between that and screwing the girls with your eyes…”

“They couldn’t see that! They weren’t even looking at us!”

“So you don’t deny it?”


“Just kidding~ I might have told the girls about the things you can do in the bedroom and the way you were lusting after them though. That and one good whiff was all it took. Don’t you agree, Natasha?”

“Hmm?” Hearing her name seemed to have roused the cat from whatever stupor she was in. There was a purr-like rumble in her voice as she spoke. “He smells nice, but how is a lonely kitty supposed to resist when there’s a man like this in front of her?” As if the meaning of ‘this’ wasn’t clear she grabbed my still solid cock through my pants.

“Hey! Paws!”

“You have to save that until we get somewhere more private,” the centaur chimed in.


     The joy ride continued. I’d expected that at some point the girls would give up but they kept the pace and fell in behind us, only bickering less and panting more as the trip wore on. I soon found myself panting too with Natasha stroking my thighs, licking my nape and pushing her chest against me. The older cat was breathing heavily in my ear by the time we arrived as well; Sue seemed the only one that wasn’t winded.


     We reached the door and after Natasha and I dismounted, I found myself slammed against the door frame by the oldest cat while Sue fished out her keys. This wasn’t okay. It wasn’t okay, yet I had my wife’s approval, the werecat was clearly enjoying the situation and my body… that was into it too. The hardness in my pants and the heat flushing my everything was undeniably there, but was this what I wanted? The part of me that wasn’t engorged and straining against my denim? I didn’t know. I rode the moment, unable to think and unable to resist when I was unsure myself and the person I would have used as an anchor seemed inclined to help me drift along.


     Any attempt to think was blown away when Natasha starting licking my neck. Her tongue wasn’t rough, but it was textured unlike Sue’s. I drew away from her touch, unprepared for it. The cat snickered and followed me in response, leaving a wet trail that was first hot as her tongue passed, then cool as the breeze kissed the line of saliva left behind. She lapped a bath from my collarbone, past my Adam’s apple and up along my jaw. She drew back and our eyes met. I knew a kiss was coming. Nerves made my heart pound, yet still my lips parted in anticipation. Before we could meet however, a hand slipped between our faces.

“Ah ah,” Sue chided. “There are going to be a few rules here. First one, no kissing. I’ll let you borrow the rest, but his lips are mine. That goes for you two too, understand?”

Rubi and Tammy grunted in answer, still bent over from the run. For what felt like the first time in ages I managed to look at Sue again; she smiled at me as if she hadn’t a care in the world before looking away to open the door. “Well then, shall we?”


     Sue lead the way, guiding the werecat who dragged me by the arm and her kittens who barely seemed able to stand through the door and into the living room.

“There’s juice in the fridge!” The bicorn called out before we hit the stairs, prompting the younger cats to fall out in search of fluids. My trip up was unavoidable, however; Natasha seemed used to dragging males where she wanted them though I was less used to walking up the stairs backwards.


     Upon entering the bedroom I quickly went from stumbling backward to falling backward when the werecat flung me onto the bed. I only made it onto my elbows before she was on top of me again, nose shoved into my chest and head rubbing under my chin. Somehow throughout all of that she still managed to unbutton my shirt. It fell open and the cat worked her way down my exposed chest with her mouth, sometimes licking sometimes nibbling, but always sniffing. All too quickly she came to the top of my pants.Two quick tugs and my belt was off, a little more and my cock would spring free. I found myself shifting to help Natasha pull off the denim, then yanked my shirt off and threw it into a corner.


     The older cat slid down my body and stared at my manhood, rubbing its length against her cheek before taking a long lick from base to tip. Natasha’s eyes never left mine when she took another lick and then another. The texture of her tongue and the teasing of her light licks drove me up a wall. It was like I could feel my doubts being overpowered a little more each time she finished a stroke and flicked the top of my head. I wanted so badly to thrust my shivering hips up into her mouth and end this slow play, but I shouldn’t have been… My gaze wandered over to the woman I thought I was trying to hold back for. Sue’s chest heaved with lust and her face was flushed with arousal like I’d never seen it before. Our eyes met and she gave me a small, almost imperceptible nod. Fuck!


     The snap of my will breaking was almost audible, but still unexpected by the cat. Her cry as I grabbed her head and thrust my hips was reduced to a muffled “mmf!” by my cock hitting the back of her throat. The cat quickly wrestled my arms away but still took the few thrusts I got in before that like a champ. Having finally gotten the message that I was done with her lapping, Tasha set into the blowjob in earnest. She still wasn’t hurried, the blowjob was slow and sensual, before long it left me moaning with each bob of the cat’s head. Her mouth was hot and every flick of her tongue felt amazing but most important the mama cat knew how to suck. My toes were beginning to curl when Sue asserted her presence again.


     “Rule two,” my wife said after pulling Tasha’s head off of my cock with a pop. “The first load is mine.”

Tasha glowered. “Got any more rules I need to know about?” Sue opened her mouth then shut it and looked away, genuinely confused. When she turned back though, it was with a smile.

“I don’t know.” The cat pouted further, looking up at me as if to ask ‘what do you want to do?’ Oh sure, now she cared what I thought. “Don’t be like that,” Sue said after catching the mood. “He won’t last long after what you were just doing to him. Besides…” The centaur bent forward to whisper into Natasha’s ear and the cat’s gaze on me narrowed, her tail flicking back and forth. Uh-oh.


     Whatever she said, it worked; Natasha rolled off of me without further comment and Sue brought me to my feet. I looked into those blue eyes before speaking.

“Are you sur—” The question was cut short when Sue grabbed my chin and thrust her lips against mine. Our teeth clicked, but the need in her kiss made it clear why her technique had gone to hell: she was ridiculously turned on. The need I could feel from her threatened to suffocate almost as much as the tongue running wild in my mouth. Dark energy and my wife’s own desire flooded my head, making my thoughts fuzzy. Even when Sue pulled away a line of spit connected us. I found I had to force myself to focus on her face. Sue met my gaze and uttered two words, the only two I needed to hear.

“Fuck me.”


     In a flash I had a bucket set up behind the centaur and stood atop it. I didn’t need to look to insert myself, which was fortunate because I couldn’t look away from Sue’s face. Long ago she would have bashfully looked away, but now her eyes were locked on mine and her gaze was so hot I thought I might burn. Her giggle as I stuck my cock inside turned into a moan as I continued to hilt myself. I had to struggle to suppress a moan of my own; with her so wet and hot I really wasn’t going to last long.


     I shut my eyes and tried to focus on holding back, but doing so had the opposite effect. When I gave up and opened them a set of amber eyes filled my view. I narrowly managed to avoid falling off the stool or pulling out and the cat just smirked at me, perched atop Sue’s back.

“You didn’t forget about me, did you?”

“No…” I totally had. Natasha sighed and leaned back with her legs spread, presenting an enticing view of her pussy.

“You know what to do, right?”

“Uh?” The werecat rolled her eyes.

“You really are like a virgin.” Without further warning the cat wrapped her legs around my head and pulled my face into her muff.


     From what I gathered during her earlier conversation with Sue, Natasha no longer had a man in her life, but it seemed she still kept things groomed. A neat landing strip tickled my nose while a sticky slit tempted my tongue. The musky scent of her womanhood pulled at something primal within me and I gave in to the urge to lick. Despite having seen my share of porn, I’d never done it before, but by gauging her reactions and letting her guide me with her paw I managed to find a spot and technique that did the job.


     I’d had sex before, but this time was primal. The smell of two women lusting after me permeated the room and all logical thought stopped. I fell into a rhythm of thrusting and licking, one set of paws and two women’s cries of pleasure driving a part of me I never knew existed to fuck them both. It was too much for me; all too quickly I found myself on the verge of orgasm. It was almost a surprise when I shot my load but a welcome one for Sue; as soon as the first twitches reached the tip of my dick Sue clamped down and her moans drowned out anything my clumsy technique had managed to coax out of Natasha.


     My wife milked countless ropes out of me before I finally stopped pumping my seed into her. I had to wrestle Natasha’s paws out of my hair but I did it and descended the stool on shaky legs. Before I took more than two steps toward the bed Sue rounded on me, wrapping her arms around me, pulling my face into the warmth of her breasts.

“Mark, you were wonderful.” All I managed in response was a smile before being dragged bodily away and tossed onto the bed.


     “Hey,” I complained as I brought myself onto all fours. I righted myself to find Natasha glaring at me, having already crawled onto the mattress herself. “What?”

“Don’t ‘what’ me. I didn’t come here to be ignored.” Before I had a chance to say anything the werecat shouldered me back onto my knees. In one fluid movement she turned, shoulder brushing my chest until her back was pressed against me and that delectable butt was pushed against my waist. I thought I’d done a good job of cleaning her, but when she clamped her legs around my member they were slick with sweat and fluids. What she was doing didn’t hit me until she started rubbing her thighs together.

“Cut that out, I just came,” I complained. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the sensation but I was still feeling ticklish from my orgasm, I didn’t want anything touching me.

“And I didn’t. Hurry up and get hard, dammit.”


     Her legs were smooth, after my complaint she loosened her grip and what was overstimulating rubbing became pleasant stroking. Natasha chuckled when I relaxed and my drooping penis rose to her teasing. While the cat worked me back to hardness I wrapped an arm around her stomach and let my free hand explore the silky fur on her legs. It was poofier than Sue’s and an absolute joy to run my fingers through when I wasn’t stroking the skin of her thigh.


     The werecat guided my still hand to a heavy breast and began to thrust her hips against me as my little soldier returned to full strength. Upon noticing my hardness, Natasha shifted her hips and reached down to align my cock with her entrance. She smirked at me over her shoulder as she slid back, letting me sink into her.

“Oh, fuck,” I groaned as her silky walls engulfed me.


     On instinct, I began to rock my hips into her. The mama cat shifted further into me, pushing her ass into me so hard all I had to do was bounce off of it. As I began to lose myself in the sensation, rhythmically thrusting, playing with a hard nipple and mindlessly stroking the cat’s thigh, Sue tilted my head towards her. Her gaze was full of a heat that resonated in the timbre of her voice when she spoke.

“Ahhh, I never get to see your face this close when you’re like this. I—” Lust overcame her before she even finished speaking. When the bicorn’s lips came to mine, it was an expression of pure, unbridled lust. I groped the cat while the centaur forced her lips against mine.


     Despite having cum once earlier, I was steadily being pounded to my second blast of the day. Natasha’s movements too had turned from a slow grind into her ferociously impaling herself on my dick. The sound coming from her was more of a growl than a moan though, like she was frustrated. Natasha seemed to notice too, and turned to glare at me.

“That’s not right…”

“You finally going to stop smooshing faces and fucking fuck me,” the werecat growled.

“Oh, I get it,” Sue nodded. “I’d heard this about werecats. See Baby, right now, you’re carressing her like a lover.” She stroked the mama cat’s hair as the woman continued to bounce her ass against me. “What you need to do...” her hands grasped a fistful of Natasha’s hair “is fuck her like a WHORE!” At the word ‘whore,’ the centaur yanked on her handful of hair. Natasha’s head snapped back, and at the same time she clamped down around me. The big cat’s groan quickly turned into a sexual moan with a caterwaul underlaying the sound. She clearly didn’t hate it, but both of Natasha’s paws reached up to grasp the bicorn’s wrist.

“There’s a good girl,” Sue cooed before shoving the cat’s head into the mattress.

“Shit, I’m gonna cum!” I groaned.

“Not yet!” Sue shifted to speak into the werecat’s ear while still keeping a tight grip of her hair and pushing the side of her head into the mattress. “‘I’m a slutty kitty!’ Say it!”

“‘Ma slutty kitty!”

“‘I’m a slutty kitty that wants a married man’s cum!’” Natasha repeated, but the words were almost unintelligible.“ Somehow, she also managed to tighten around me even further. The heat was almost burning. “Now, ask for it!”

“Pleash cum in my shlutty ‘itty pushy!” Oh fuck! I thrusted forward to meet Natasha’s hips, our flesh slapping together. Just a few more thrusts… Sue, head laying on top of Natasha, shifted her gaze to meet mine, her eyes hot and her grin smug before she parted those sexy lips to speak.

“While your wife watches.”


I came like a geyser.


     Even as blast after blast shot out, I couldn’t help moving my waist. Save for the moans and her cunt spasming to wring every drop out of me, Natasha fell limp, leaving me to pound her upturned ass. When I finally pulled out, semen leaked from the cat’s glistening orifice. Sue let go of the werecat and brought her forehead to mine.

“You were amazing.”

“I feel like you did most of the work.”

“Mmm, that’s not true, I--ah!” In a flash, her lips locked with mine again. Sue moaned into my mouth and pulled my hand to her breast. Sensing the mood, I tweaked her nipple as she wrapped her arms around my neck to pull me in closer. Almost as quickly as it started, things stopped; Sue locked up around me before letting out one last, drawn out moan and releasing me.

“Did you just…”

“Yes,” she panted.


“Because of—mmm!—this little guy.”


     I looked where she gestured to see a neon pink dildo floating in the air behind the horse’s business end. A string of her fluids still hung from it.

“Huh. I would’ve expected it to be bigger.” It was only about the size of, well, mine. There were definitely larger ones out there.

“It’s big enough,” she said as she repositioned the toy to insert, “And it’s shaped ahhhlmost as well as the real thing. Or maybe I shouldn’t put it back. Are you ready for round three?”

“Crap, he’s already on the third load?!”


     Rubi stood in the doorway, already naked. She wasn’t breathing heavily anymore, but sweat still glistened on her skin, making her pretty pink nipples even more prominent. I could see her mother’s body in that package, but childbirth hadn’t given her the wide hips, heavy breasts or layer of softness her mom had.

“I call next!”


     Tammy rounded her sister, also naked. Hers was a taller, more athletic figure. Her sister’s breasts were on the small side of average, but the middle cat wouldn’t even fill my hands. What was there was accentuated by an overall tightness of her body. You could just make out her ribs, and a tight midriff tucked into a tiny waist. There was hardly an ounce of fat on her, anytime she bent a limb she looked poised to strike.


     Both cats raced to the bed, one bouncing down on either side of me.

“Ready to go again, big guy?” Tammy smirked.


“I don’t know why you’re so eager, I’m going first,” Rubi countered, moving to mount me.

“I called it!”

“I got here first!”

“Screw you!”


     This must be what they mean when they say “cat fight.” They were up as soon as they’d laid down, grappling each other over my chest.

“Hey, calm down!” I shouted, trying to squirm out of the way before the claws came out.

Their mother, too, was having some issues with their behavior. “Watch your feet!”

A sudden clap made all of us jump and turn to its source. Sue stood over us with a beatific smile.

“Alright, enough of that. I think I know how to solve all of this. Natasha, would you come with me for a second? I need your help. As for you two…” As if she were twisting pretzels, Sue turned the girls and entertwined their legs until their pussies rubbed against either side of my cock, legs positioned so either could pull the other more closely in. “There we go! I’ll assume you girls know what to do. Last one to cum gets cock.” Oh shit.

“How’s that going to work,” Rubi asked, “we’d just both try to go slower than the other. We wouldn’t move.”

“Oh? Take a sniff. Have you forgotten why you’re here? Could you really just sit there while the man letting out that smell is sitting between your legs? And if that’s not enough to get you moving… Babe?” That little bit of dirty talk and two nubile bodies on either side of me were plenty to get me standing straight up again. Without needing further instruction, I began to bounce. It was hard to move, but the mattress springs gave me just enough push to move my little soldier an inch or two between the girls. The movement also jostled the girls hips a little, before long the sensation got to them and they started to move on their own.

“Good girls. Isn’t that better? Don’t worry about winning and just enjoy yourselves, okay? Fufu, think about what it’d be like to have it inside of you.”


     No way these two would forget their competition, but they were at least turned on enough to have at me in earnest. Two sweating young bodies undulating in rhythm, bathing my manhood in slick heat. It would be hard for me to cum this time around, but damn if they weren’t trying. Slowly, unintentionally they edged me, their movements increasing in size and force as their pleasure increased. Like their mother though, they seemed to hit a point where just my cock wasn’t enough. At that moment, Sue reappeared. Had she disappeared? Maybe. I hadn’t been paying attention.

“Uh-oh honey, you’ve got a decision to make.”

“Mmm, I do?”

“Uh-huh. Which pretty kitty do you want riding your cock? You know how to send them over the edge, right? They’re not going to do it to themselves, meaning you. Get. To. Choose. So, which? Do you want the skinny one to wrap those loooong legs around you? Or would you rather slap her sister’s juicy butt and make her meow? All you have to do is make the other cum.”


     Images of banging each flashed through my mind. Soft, juicy breasts filling my hands, toned arms pulling me against her chest to feel everything. A tightly sculpted ass waving before me or bubble butt waiting to be spanked. Hell, I’d just gotten done boning a soft cat, hadn’t I? I reached out and grabbed a handful of Rubi’s tit, squeezing harder than I needed to. That elicited a moan.

“Ah, try her nipple if you’re going that route, Mark. Give her a twist.” I did and the cat’s womanflesh quivered.

“What the hell, don’t help him!”

Sue chuckled. “Too late to complain now. You already feel it coming, don’t you,” she asked as she rounded the bed to stand over the youngest cat. “You’re already going to lose. Aaaaaall because you get off on being treated roughly.”

“I don’t,” she moaned.

Tammy chimed in. “You’re shaking right now, you whore! Just do it!” Oh right, there was dirty talk, too. I tugged her breast a little harder.

“Are you cumming yet, slut? I want to see your face.”

“Oh, fuck!”


     Her body seized up and her crotch seemed to almost vibrate against me. She bit her lip as the orgasm hit, only releasing it to moan at the ceiling. She fell to the bed, limp and panting, a puddle of her femcum forming in my lap.

“Ha!” Tammy exclaimed, allowing herself to sink into the mattress as well.

“Did I lose?” Rubi groaned. “Because I feel like I just won.”

Sue hooked her arms under the defeated party’s arms and pulled her off, extricating her legs from her sister’s.

“No, you lost.”

“Pretty bad, too,” Natasha added.

“Shut up, Mom, all we’ve seen you do today was get fucked like a toy while some dude’s wife shoved your head into a pillow.”

“Listen, you—”

“Hey now,” Sue chided. “Remember our plan? Just have fun, you two.”


     Tammy rolled over and crawled up my chest, catlike. She didn’t have far to go, so she drew out each movement until she finally straddled me. It was hot as hell.

“You heard her, big guy, how are we going to ‘have fun?’”

“I was thinking,” I began before wrapping my arms around her back and flipping us so I knelt between her thighs, earning myself a shriek and a laugh, “about a pair of loooong legs around my waist.”

“Yeah?” She obliged, wrapping one fuzzy limb around my hips and intertwining the other with my own leg. “And I’ve been thinking about what it’d be like to have this monster inside of me.”

She wrapped a paw around my still rock hard penis, angling me so all I had to do was plunge forward. So I did.


     I hilted myself in one thrust. Tammy was soaked, so it would’ve been easy were it not for her sheer tightness.

“Oh, that’s nice,” she cooed once I was inside. “Just give me a second.” Fat chance.

I shoved myself in deeper before pulling out and repeating the maneuver.

“Ohh, not what I asked for,” she panted.

“Remember when I asked you to get off me at the park?”

“You—mmm—suck!” There was an idea. With our faces as close as they were I was already having a hard time not kissing her, so instead I nipped at her nape and suckled as I did it. Ah, that was how you made hickies, wasn’t it? More importantly, doing so made the kitten tighten around me even harder. Apparently, that was a thing that was possible.


     A pair of paws wrapped themselves around my neck while I mercilessly pumped her silky folds, palmed her cute tits and continued my only kind of painful ministrations of her neck.My orgasm was creeping up on me slowly, and I enjoyed riding that plateau. As for Tammy, her breathing and whimpers told me exactly where she was.


     An evil idea struck me. Just as Tammy was nearing her peak, I extracted myself from her arms, straightened, and slowed down.

“What are you doing?! Don’t stop!” She whined.

“You know, you haven’t been very nice today. I don’t think you’re ready to cum.”

She smirked. “You’re an asshole and I love it.”

“I don’t. Get it over with, will ya?” Rubi hopped onto the bed and straddled her sister’s stomach, tail flicking against me.


“Relax, guy. Here, let me introduce you to the itty bitty kitty titty committee!”

“Fuck off!”

“Don’t be like that,” Rubi purred, sliding a hand to her sister’s side. “I’m here to help you enjoy yourself.”

“Mmm!” If I didn’t know to look, I would’ve missed her claws poking the tender flesh they held. I couldn’t have missed Tammy’s whimper, quickened breathing or insanetightness, though.


     Alright, this wasn’t going to go the way I planned it. Might as well enjoy, then. I picked up my pace and just began to lose myself in the rhythm when Rubi shoved my head back.

“Bored. You could at least keep a girl warmed up.” Without ceremony, she whipped one entirely too flexible leg over one of my shoulders, then another over the other before pulling me face first into her crotch. I knew the drill at this point; I grabbed her waist and licked, taking deep whiffs of that sexy feminine scent, spurring me to piston her sister harder.


     I was close, Tammy was close, I assaulted Rubi’s clit and slapped her cute butt until she was riding the same wave we were. All at once I spewed into Tammy, eliciting a moan like no other before her cunt went into overdrive, milking me for everything I had. Meanwhile, Rubi locked herself around my head so tightly I couldn’t breathe and coated me in her juices. It was a miracle no one’s spine broke when our pyramid collapsed.

“Why did I fight this?” I dreamily murmured to myself, surrounded by nubile werecat flesh.

Rubi sighed. “Glad you stopped being a little bitch; it’s a terrible trait to have around cats.” As if part of the celebration, she began to clean me with her tongue and I let sleep begin to take me. Something tapped my head.

“Hey. Sleep time is later.” Natasha said.


“Gotta get you up for the grand finale. C’mere.” Again I was dragged to the desired position, this time I was made to stand next to the bed.

“Look, I don’t think I can get it up again. Tammy’s ready to pass out, so can we just—”

“No. Not gonna be a problem anyway, look.” The werecat playfully shook a small container of something in front of my face.

“What is that?”

“Ah, well... “ Sue hesitated. “Remember that thing we tried a few weeks ago? With the plant? This is the extra strength version.”

“You mean the ten—”

“Shh!” The bicorn silenced me with a finger to my lips. “Let it be a surprise.”

“Surprise?” I half turned to find Tammy observing us with one eye open.

“Yeah,” her mother sneered. “You like surprises, right?”

“I guess. What is it, a shota potion or something?”

Natasha twisted off the cap and unceremoniously shoved the bottle into my mouth. “Show her.”


I looked to my wife and there was that tiny nod again. Know what? Screw it.


     The flavor still made my skin crawl—unless that was an effect of the potion, too—but by holding my breath I could get through it. Almost immediately my legs buckled. Sue caught me, ready for that from experience. She cradled my head between her breasts and I gave in to the irresistable urge to fondle her. Squeaking bed springs announced Tammy’s presence.

“Hey mister, you o—WHAT THE F—”

She probably completed the expletive, but I didn’t have ears to hear her with anymore.


     Before, my body kind of melted into the transformation; the tentacles warped out from existing limbs like branches on a tree. This time was more like opening the lid on a Snake in a Can. Sight and sound disappeared, but I could feel vibrations and had some strange sense of the location of objects in the vicinity. It worked a lot better than sight when I had as many limbs to work with as I did.


     Sue Immediately welcomed me, guiding my appendages where she knew I’d want them: In short order her mouth was filled, her breasts were wrapped and her hands were stuck above her head. Her ass provided little resistance as I slid into it, but her main hole, the one I desired to fill most, had something in the way. In my dim awareness, I couldn’t comprehend what it was, but prodding it made something click and the obstacle began to vibrate. Frustrated, I simply chose an angle and pushed past it. Between her hot walls and the vibrator, I immediately came inside her. She stumbled forward as if trying to escape, so I looped another tentacle around her horse waist and lifted her from the ground.


     For her part, Natasha simply didn’t resist. Mouth, pussy, ass, both hands, cleavage, the flap of one ear, a tunnel made by her tail, I violated them all. She did put her feet together and guide me between those, however. I alternated which two pads I poked out between on each thrust. The squishyness was an interesting sensation I couldn’t get enough of. I came between her toes repeatedly. The angle she had her legs bent at also meant I could fuck the back of her knees, so I put a few members there as well, revelling in the foreign pleasure.


     Tammy reacted before her sister. She sprung away, but I caught an ankle and lifted, suspending her in the air. Her mouth was open, inviting, so I shoved a tentadick in there. I delighted in the feeling of her throat and struggles until the latter died down. Maybe she’d seen how much fun her mother was having, I didn’t really care. I took the opportunity to grasp her still free leg and shove myself into her cunt until I hit the back. I also hotdogged her for good measure because that cute little butt was too much to resist.


     Rubi was seemingly asleep when my transformation hit, but immediately caught on. I forced myself between her parted lips and her hands shot up to grab the appendage, but not to resist. She stroked the ample length of shaft while I had my way with her mouth. Her legs were parted for me when I penetrated her pussy, still slick from my previous cumshot. She bucked her hips against me so that I didn’t have to move. Or at least she did until I decided that wasn’t enough and wrapped myself over a leg, under her back and around a shoulder so I could use her like an onahole. At some point I also managed to bind her knees together so I could fuck her thighs while I ravaged her pussy. The firmness and skin texture was an excellent contrast with her insides and the extra lube in the form of my own semen let me plunge even deeper inside of her.


     How long I continued, contorting and fucking the girls as I pleased, I couldn’t say. It seemed like one dick or another was always cumming, always blowing a load down a moaning throat or into a quivering cunt. It was an ecstacy no mere man knew, and I loved it. There was no need for powder to increase my loads, either; I poured out gallons of semen into the girls, and that dim knowledge in the back of my mind only spurred me to pump them full of more.


     Like the transformation to start with, when I reverted to human form I just sort of snapped back. I was on all fours, knees on soggy carpet when I realized I was me again. I was spent, exhausted, but more satisfied than I’d ever been in my life. With great effort, I brought myself up to my knees.

“Sue?” I croaked.

“Back here, honey.” Sue seemed in a similar state. Her horse parts were laying on the carpet, legs tucked under her. Her torso sprawled on the ground behind me and to the left. She looked up at me, smiling weakly.

“You were incredible. Have fun?”



     As the bicorn straightened, I turned to survey the damage. Rubi was folded over the bed backwards, feet on the mattress while her head and arms rested on the ground. Her eyes weren’t focused. Tammy was on the floor, curled around herself and breathing a mile a minute. Natasha seemed to be the only one in the room that could still stand, if barely. She loomed over her daughters on bowed, quivering legs, matted paws perched proudly on cum-slick hips even as she panted.

“Ha! That’ll… show you… what your… mom knows!”


     She looked so proud. The devilish streak it seemed I was developing made me reach up and trace her slit, rear to front. As soon as I reached her clit she moaned and collapsed, just as fucked up as her daughters. Well, it was still a victory.


     As I contemplated what it must mean to outfuck one’s own daughters, something dripped onto my head. Ugh… We’d forgotten to prep the room again. Well, maybe not forgotten since none of this had been planned, but it hadn’t been done and now someone needed to clean this mess. I made to stand, but my legs weren’t having it. I steeled myself for attempt two, but my wife’s arms wrapping around my shoulders stopped me.

“Don’t worry, I found something that’ll take all of this right off. We’ll clean up later, I’ll take out a casserole for dinner… don’t worry about anything, okay? All my big, strong hunk of a man has to do… is rest.”


     The centaur cradled me against her breast, filling me with a warmth like sex never could. Held in the comfort of her embrace, I reached up to clasp her hand and allowed my eyes to close.



“I love you.”

“I love you more.”

Alright, things were definitely different, but I didn’t have anything to fear, no reason to look back. Despite everything, what I ultimately had was the same old wife, the same old marriage... the same old love.




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