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Leviathan Profile

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Family: Dragon


Type: Reptile


Habitat: Ocean depths, lake and river bottoms


Disposition: Aggressive, lustful (or lazy,lustful depending on the salinity of the most recent water to which they were exposed)

Diet: Fish, squid, aquatic plants, etc.


    Fearsome regardless of their size, leviathans are terrors of the deep, often worshiped against by sailors almost as strongly as the gods of the seas themselves. Their hunger for gold is supported not only by their fearsome power; their ability to slip beneath the waves makes them difficult to avoid and all but impossible to prepare for. Due to this, a single leviathan in the area can disrupt shipping lanes for months until they either find a man that suits their fancy or increase the size of their hoard by an acceptable amount.

    Leviathans are known for their ferocious saltwater form, but they can be as two-faced as a jorougumo. A leviathan’s nature and forms changes based on environment: the salt concentration of the water a leviathan finds itself in can turn a sailor’s terror into a tourist’s annoyance. True to their names, leviathans are among the tallest monsters when in brackish water. They also possess the ability to change into forms like those they had before the rise of the Monster Lord, but this too is affected by salinity. Indeed, the differences between a leviathan exposed to salt water and a leviathan exposed to freshwater are so great it would almost be appropriate to create a separate profile for each.

    In the sea, the leviathan is a savage beast with glowing eyes, taller than a man in mamono form and larger than some ships in draconic form. They’re known to patrol shipping lanes for men or gold, using powerful hydraulic blasts from their mouths to pierce the hulls of interesting ships. Not only does the water from these blasts send ships into the deep, a soporific aphrodisiac effect makes it difficult for the sailors to swim, meaning many fall prey to nearby monsters whether the leviathan selects a mate from the crew or not.

Sailors captured by the dragon in this state can expect to be dragged to the ocean floor, entangled in the beast’s limbs, and ravished until their bodies and hearts give in to the leviathan’s power and strong vagina. It is also said that if a captain provides sufficient sport in evading or escaping her attacks, a dragon may board the ship in mamono form and demand his hand in marriage in exchange for his crew’s safety, as a powerful man of the sea is their greatest treasure.

    In freshwater lakes and rivers, the leviathan will typically keep to its monstrous form, sometimes attracting tourists hoping to catch a glimpse of the famed ocean terror. What many don’t realize is that this form is much smaller and less aggressive than the one they hold when in the ocean. Rather than sinking anything, they usually stay out of sight near the water’s bottom or playfully bump the bottom of any boats foolish enough to row out in search of them. When in their freshwater state, to increase the size of their hoards, these girls will typically come onto land to harass passersby for small amounts of change rather than going through the effort of stealing. It’s said that when asked for money by a leviathan in its freshwater state it’s best to pay up, as they will continue to pester one until given money.

    Men that catch the dragon’s interest through frequent and vehement refusal to part with their money will be tempted into providing other gifts instead. The Leviathan’s height may change substantially when moving from brackish to fresh water, but their womanly curves don’t shrink proportionally. Thus, when they present themselves in vulnerable, slovenly positions their bodies are often too much for a man to resist and he will attack them. Should that fail, and a man she fancies continue to refuse to give up his change or his body, the freshwater leviathan will shoot him with her hydraulic blast, though it’s no stronger than a water hose in that form. A man so showered will fall to the ground with a heavy body and throbbing penis, unable to resist as the leviathan mounts him, lazily has her way with him, and instead steals his heart. In this way, even a poor or miserly man may find himself married to a leviathan.


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