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>Acquire shog meido, make it big with her help
>Despite her insisting she can do it better, buy a huge plot of land and have an actual mansion built
>A mansion so big even your shoggoth has trouble cleaning it the normal way
>It's time to get some help
>Put an ad out on a few websites, get plenty of applications at your payrate so you get to be choosy
>Take care of the interviews yourself more to see who's who than to gauge their ability
>Settle on a petite little thing with smallish breasts and shapely legs with thighs perfect for wrapping around your head or napping on
>Your shog is top heavy the way you usually like them so she's a nice contrast
>Hire her
>You wait in the bedroom while your shog (in a strikingly convincing human guise) gets her dressed in the French style maid uniform that just happens to be your fetish and gives her an orientation/tour
>They reach you and you shake her hand again while she thanks you for choosing her and promising to work her best
>She has no idea. You're already hard thinking about it
>Shog stops her as she's about to leave
>"Wait a second, you have something on your eye, let me get it."
>Your maid reaches up and pinches an imaginary piece of whatever off of the new hire's eyelash
>It's barely visible, but a gossamer strand of slime is left behind.
>The new girl gives her eye a followup rub and flashes your disguised shog an awkward smile
>"Thank youuuuuuu--!" the word tapers off into a moan when her body seizes up and her every limb snaps ramrod straight
>Having expected this, your shog maid easily catches her and you help your maidfu lift the girl into bed such that she's laying on top of your shog
>That done, your maid releases whatever she'd done to the girl's body and she flops to the bed
>That went easier than expected. Your girl was no mindflayer, but she was still capable of doing this much; that one little tendril running to the newbie's brain through her eye was your ticket to another shoggoth
>Apparently it was going to take some time though; you had no idea what to do with yourself, so rather than go piss about somewhere else in the house you find a chair and watch
>Your maid cradles the new girl's chin with the same hand that thread is running from and wraps the other around the hire's waist.
>She maintains this position while the girl tries to struggle, but her movements are uncoordinated and weak so it's really more like she's writhing on the bed groaning
>This continues for several minutes while you pitch the biggest tent maidkind has ever seen before your shog frowns and looks up at you.
>"Master, this one's putting up quite the fight. Would you mind giving me a hand?"
>You have no idea how you can help her, so you give her a puzzled look until she flips up the trainee's skirt
>Her panties are absolutely drenched
>Before you can say "Cthulhu f'thagn" your clothes are off and you're on the bed between the legs your shog has so kindly spread for you
>You slide aside her lewd black panties (also part of the uniform) and are about to insert yourself before part of your shogfu's skirt stretches up to wrap itself around your member
>It quickly recedes, leaving your member covered in a thin membrane just barely attached to its source
>You've seen one of these before, but haven't needed on in ages
>You look back up to your maid, confused
>"A condom?"
>"She can't properly appreciate what you're going to give her yet, Master."
>Well, as a wise man once said: "fuck it."

>The newbie's groans had turned into hot moans ages ago, but both you and the shog let out a pleasured sigh when you slide into her steaming honeypot
>You have to give credit to your maid, you can't feel her slime condom at all, you may as well be fucking your trainee raw
>Still, you're technically fucking two girls at once right now, and both of them react to your movements as you slowly slide in and out of the pussy prepared for you
>You take a moment to roll down the cups on the newbie's dress exposing those cute little breasts and, not coincidentally, rock hard nipples
>You tease those nips as your movements become more needy. You've gotten a feel for her now and there's plenty of lube in that hole; playtime is over
>Not forgetting what she's supposed to be doing at all despite the fact that you're now fucking her, your shog begins whispering into the girl's ear
>Immediately any trace of concentration left on the girl's face fades and her eyes loose focus
>You only catch bits and pieces of what's being said, but it's enough for you to determine that your shog is lecturing the girl on non-Euclidean geometry
>You catch maybe one word out of ten being said, but even that is enough to make your head swim and your cock even harder than it already is
>Feeling your orgasm near you let the newbie's nipples out of your mouth, instead opting to grope the tiny handfuls while you jackhammer into her, your balls slapping against her ass
>Your shog's whispers are now more moans than words, but the new girl sounds like a cat in heat. Her cunt clamps down around you and her walls convulse as if to drag you deeper inside
>Needless to say she's getting close too
>You feel the cum boiling in your balls in the balls when the girls seems able to control herself again for the first time
>One of her hands reaches up to grab your arm, the other hands clutches your shog's wrist
>For just a few moments before you shoot your load her eyes lock with yours and you see black rolling into her sclera from the edges of her eyes like fog, each frantic thrust driving the color deeper into the center
>It is unbelievably hot
>You blow your load, knowing full well what doing so will cause
>Her head rolls back into your shog's shoulder when you hilt yourself inside of her and spew into her dpeths, completely forgetting your shoggoth condom
>You continue to move your hips slowly as you come down from your orgasm, savoring the squishy feeling of your semen inside the membrane covering it, watching with excitement to see what happens next to your new acquisition
>When she finally recovers and looks at you again you immediately notice that not only are her sclera pitch black, her irises have also taken on the same golden yellow as your shoggoth's.
>"Got yoooouuuu," your now head maid whispers into the girl's ear. "You're really going to enjoy the rest." She slowly begins stroking the girl's head as she begins to shiver
>Is your job here done? You think so, you you begin to pull out but your shog wraps her legs around your waist before you can.
>"Master, if you're not satisfied yet there's no need to stop."
>Well, if she puts it that way...
>You lean into the two of them and begin to grind against the newbie, reinvigorating your flagging erection
>"You know master, I thought I'd shaped myself to your tastes perfectly but you seemed to have so much fun with this one."
>"Variety is the spice of life."
">That it is," she says with that mischievous shog smile you know means she's up to something
>Your condom immediately begins to vibrate

>You gasp and feel your balls tighten involuntarily and you groan
>Likewise the newbie shrieks and a new set of legs wrap around you
>This isn't the first time you've experienced this kind of play though; it's bound to make you cum soon, but not before you make good use of the sensation
>You angle your hips up so your shaft hits the top of the trainee's vagina and forces the waves towards her clit
>For you too though, the position seems to send the vibrations deeper into your cock. It's heavenly.
>The newbie only lasts a few strokes like that before shrieking out to the heavens and collapsing on top of your shogfu, but you're not done yet
>You shift your focus to your shog now, watching her face contort as a part of her she's no doubt made sensitive hums and twists around your semen-covered penis inside of another burning hole
>As if you'd rehearsed it you both lock lips and spasm around each other at the same time
>Again, you work out the last of your energy gently kneading the new hire's pussy, this time sensuously smacking lips with the one who started it all
>You think you're spent now and your shoggoth doesn't object when you pull away this time
>Your sloppy cock leaves the corrupted hire's cunt with a pop and the condom you almost forgot you were wearing tightens around you before sliding off, collecting every bit of your seed as it goes
>By the time it's all the way off your shog has collected a glob of sticky cum half the size of your fist
>You expect her to either absorb or drink it, but instead she encloses it and sets it on a side table.
>"Looks like she passed out, that should make this easier. Thank you, master."
>You manage to grunt a response before wobbling back to your chair to watch the rest
>The new girl continues to sensually moan even unconscious, but your shogfu's face takes on a serene smile while the changes take place
>Shivering all the while, the girl begins to glisten as if covered in oil, then a familiar purple color spreads from the tips of her fingers and toes towards the core of her body until everything had taken on that shade of berry
>Her body went bendy and the finer details of things like her bones had turned to jelly and her skin had forgotten that it was supposed to separate things before her body remembered itself and everything reformed the same way it had been before if not a bit stickier
>The opacity of her skin seemed to dim and I could start to make out details of the bed beneath her and the inside of her now damp uniform.
>Finally, slits for eyes that were not yet open began to appear over her body.
>"All done!" Your shogfu exclaimed with a clap
>The new girl startled awake and several sets of eyes snapped open to groggily survey the room
>"What...?" The corruptee managed to ask before your shoggoth turned your semen bubble on the table into a clear cup and dangled it before her eyes
>"Look, Master left you a present!"
>All traces of confusion disappeared and the new shoggoth grabbed the cup to tilt it back like the contents were the most delicious thing in the world
>The bobbing of her throat and the groans she made as she swallowed set you to hardening again
>After licking the cup clean the new maid released it and seemed content to stare into space touching her lips until your head maid directed her attention to you
>"There's more where that came from, you know. Would you like Master to give you another gift?"

>No need for a response there; the lust in the gaze she turns to you is more than answer enough
>With the help of your head maid the new shoggoth wobbles over to wear you are and kneels between your legs
>"Mashter..." she manages to groan, stretching her tongue out towards your rock hard member
>And stretching
>And stretching
>Her "tongue" reaches your tip, then continues out, coiling around your shaft
>The strands melt together and more and more "tongue" flows out until a thick ovoid structure surrounds your entire penis
>"Oh my," your head maid says, "she's a fast learner! I wonder how long until she finds all of your weak spots?"
>"Guess we'll find--ah!"
>Hadn't taken her long to figure out how to suck with that thing
>The new girl sets to work on your shaft with her tongue bulb and somehow finds a way to kiss your balls as well while your head maid walks in closer to you
>Buttons that were never there before show up on her uniform and subsequently pop open, leaving her gorgeous chest almost exposed
>A flick of your wrist and the fabric falls away so you can guide her dark purple nipples to your mouth and play with them without reserve
>Your head maid wraps her hands around your head to pull you in closer and you can hear the smile in her voice when she next coos to you
>"Don't forget about me, okay?"
>You want to respond, but all you manage is a gasp when the newbie starts finding ways to make the insides of her bulb move and licks the underside of your glans
>"Oh, she really is a fast learner!"
>More like you were going to have to learn how to endure this; you had enough love in your heart, but you didn't have enough love in your balls to keep ejaculating like this
>Not like you wouldn't enjoy the effort

>And that was the start of one lucky man's life with two different flavors of shoggoths
>With the help of hours of tantric training and aphrodisiacs that would drive more euclidean men mad Anon eventually became able to love both his shogs equally, wholeheartedly, and fulfillingly
>The three of them were never happier than they were together and they lived happily ever after until the deep ones came again

>PS: kikis a shit


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