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     Time and distance meant nothing. A whole new world and she still hadn’t escaped the hounds. They were different here, with lights and sirens and impossible coordination, but she knew a hunting dog when she saw one. These men and their pet monsters in the black vehicles, they were the most formidable beasts she’d ever faced.


     The woman ran down the quiet street, leathery wings tucked in close to her shoulders but still billowing behind her at the bottom. They slowed her down on foot, but were useless for flight when she was this far between feedings. She wove through the shadows, using the one advantage she still had over those damnable humans and their reflective glasses. She was barely even faster than they were now and growing tired, thirstier with every step. She needed blood.


     There was barking everywhere she went, neighborhood dogs riled into a frothing frenzy by her mere presence. Those were of no concern, they were behind fences and they belonged to people safe in their homes, people who would never invite her inside. Ahead there was another dog barking, not in a yard. It had a higher pitch, but more importantly there was a figure accompanying it. Perfect.


     The woman slowed and her capelike wings settled behind her. Miraculously still intact heels clicked on clean suburban cement as she drew closer to the figure and its dog.

“Princess, stop!” a female voice like a bell shouted at the dog. A girl. The woman’s nose wrinkled in disgust; this would be unpleasant, but it would do. She drew closer and the dog’s barking intensified.


    The woman knew she was nothing more than another shadow to the girl and her dog, but to the vampire’s eyes the figure straining to hold the animal back was perfectly clear. Long black hair, pretty green eyes. An… average bust, but a slight frame made it look bigger. She had a decent waist and no real hips to speak of, but legs more than long enough to make up for it. She might make for a decent servant in time. Time, however, was something the woman didn’t have. Her clothing was sparse, leaving all of her arms and most of her legs exposed, but it was warm and that seemed to be normal for the peasants of this world. Her pet was a little thing, maybe fifteen pounds under the fluff it was covered in. It was a joke.

“I’m so sorry,” the girl struggling to reign in her mutt apologized as the woman drew near. Closer. “She doesn’t usually act like this.” Closer. “There must be a rabbit or something—” THERE!


    Lightning fast the woman’s hands lashed out and twisted the girl’s face so she was forced to look her in the eye. At the same time the woman’s blue eyes glowed, and the girl found herself slipping as she couldn’t help looking into them. Slipping… The hands struggling to hold her dog in place fell limply at her sides and the animal sprung free, to leap at the woman’s feet. The woman with the “cape” and entrancing eyes gave the beast a vicious kick. Neither woman nor girl so much as flinched when it landed halfway down the block with a wet crunching noise, the girl because she couldn’t seem to think of anything but those eyes, and the woman because she didn’t care.

“Tell me, where is your home?” The woman asked, not taking her hands from the girl’s face and hoping that her magic didn’t give out.

“4532 Rose—” The girl’s reply was dreamy, as if she was merely mumbling in her sleep.

“The distance! How far is it and which way?!”

A heavy finger pointed back the way the woman had come. “About a mile and a half that way.”


     Too far, and in the wrong direction. So much for any plans the woman had to hide until tomorrow night. It was late and it was unlikely there would be anyone else out either. Well enough, she would have her meal and escape the hounds this very eve.

“Follow me and obey my every command. Do not think, do not feel, only obey.” She uttered one more order before allowing the energy surging through her eyes to stop, ceasing the glow.


The woman ran again, now with the girl trailing behind her. She found a dark alley and ducked into it. The girl followed silently, not thinking or feeling, but obeying.

“Remove your blouse.”

She obeyed.

“Tilt your head to the right.”

She obeyed with glossy eyes.


    The woman’s mouth watered as her victim exposed the pale flesh of her neck. It was woman flesh, but it would do nicely. Without giving any concern to her victim’s discomfort the woman sank her fangs into the girl’s carotid. Her victim’s body twitched involuntarily at the stabbing pain, but as the woman’s magic shot into her system she relaxed, eyelids fluttering, breathing stuttering, nipples hardening. The woman drank and drank. She was sloppy, paying no heed to the amount of scarlet liquid that flowed to the ground in rivulets but greedily slurping at what gushed out, rejoicing in the act of drinking itself.


    At some point the girl’s heart stopped. The woman stepped away, wiping the corner of her mouth and letting her victim’s cooling body drop to the dirty concrete.

It was too bad, she really might’ve made a good servant, had she the time. Eyes like that could bewitch a man.

“Oh well~” the woman sang, drunkenly staggering out into the open and spreading her now much stronger wings. She soared into the night, narrowly avoiding a phone pole as she left the ground.





Had it not been for the blackout curtains covering her windows she knew the muddy red light of sunset would be filling her room right about now. It was so early and she’d had that dream again to make things worse. How many other people got to remember their own death in their sleep?

“Mmmu.”The girl stirred under the covers.



     The bell rang once more, an almost painful assault on her ears this early in the morning.

“Uuuuugh, again?”

Sighing, the girl got out of bed and quickly went through well-practiced motions. First she made sure the dog wouldn’t rush—no, no need for that anymore, poor Princess—first she pulled a black dress over her head. It was little more than a long slip, but it blocked most of the light. Next she applied zinc oxide to her face. For most people a dab on the nose or cheeks would do; she covered her face with it. You couldn’t be too careful during the summer, after all. After that she donned a wide-brimmed hat and gloves that went up to her elbows. They were a bit dated, but she liked them anyway and they did wonders for her image. A pair of dark sunglasses slid behind her ears as she rushed for the door and a foil-lined cape snatched from the coat stand completed the ensemble. All in all the girl looked like… well, she looked like Dracula if you had just woken him up at the crack of sunset by ringing his doorbell until he got out of his coffin.


    It wouldn’t do to keep her guests waiting; Dracula, wouldn’t after all. For that reason she hurried with her preparations and completely neglected to check the peephole. As such she opened the door to a ray of sunshine. Not a ray of sunshine in the figurative sense, as in someone with a friendly smile and a voice like song, but a literal ray of sunshine because the neighbor boys had gotten creative with mirrors. Again. The girl let out an exaggerated hiss and stumbled back, fumbling to close the door.


    On the other side of the door the children cheering and high-fiving was loud and probably would’ve been obnoxious if the girl didn’t know she’d just made them that happy herself. Still, she really should stop playing along. Maybe a word with their parents was in order as well, but then they’d had fun and that was the kind of thing she was supposed to do now that she was a vampire, right? No matter, there were more important things to be done on a day off—after a moment to let the strength return to her knees, that is.


    The girl’s evening routine was simple: wash face, brush fangs, shower, get dressed. She opted for a black-trimmed red floor length dress that day, complete with a poofy underskirt so the thing never went flat. The arms had a similar design, and the plunging square of the neck stopped teasingly short of revealing any cleavage. Or at least she thought it stopped short; from her angle she could still see a tiny bit, and since she didn’t have a reflection any more… whatever, a tiny bit of boobage would be okay; vampires were supposed to be a little sexy and it wasn’t like she’d never worn less while she was living. Of course, there was still the issue of the leather corset; she didn’t even need to breathe anymore and she still hated that. Beauty really was pain.


    There, everything was set. She practiced a few poses; flipping her hair in dramatic ways, and, most importantly, the laugh. Let’s see, one hand on the hip, the other reversed and brought up to her mouth (elbow out!) and then….

“Oho! Oho! Oho! Ow.” Why did doing that always make her throat hurt? Everyone else always made it look so easy and elegant. “Geeze Kelsey, get it together.” The young vampire resolved to practice that laugh later, but that would require setting up her tripod and camera so she could see how she was doing and the clinic would close soon.  


    She made it to her destination with just minutes to spare before the doors were locked. Maybe she’d spend a bit less time in the mirror next time. As such she had to run—in heels, no less— to make it inside before closing and when she arrived her hair was a mess. She was hardly the picture of grace she wanted to be as she burst through the clinic’s doors and delivered her usual “Oho! Oho! Oho!” to all present. At least she wasn’t sweaty.


    Upon her fabulous entrance an oomukade skittered behind a shelf of hair oil, leaving nothing more than her wobbling antennae exposed. Kelsey barely stifled the urge to apologize as she walked past. The girl clicked down the aisles to the counter, making sure to fan her wings out a bit so they caught the air and billowed as she moved. When she stopped before the pickup window her leathery membranes settled in a suitably dramatic flutter. Perfect.

“Greetings, mortal,” the vampire said to the grinning minotaur behind the counter.

“Hey Kelsey,” the hulking brown tower of muscle and horn smiled back, “how ya doin’?”

“Come now Lucy, I thought we agreed you would refer to me as Beliala from now on.”

“No we didn’t. Why would ya want me to call ya that, anyway?”

“It’s my name.”

“S’not what it says on your insurance card.”

There was no winning this one; that cow could be as stubborn as a mule. Kelsey brushed off the blatant rejection of her request and changed topics. “At any rate, I’ve come again for my bimenstrual necessaries.”

“...Your what?”

“My bi-monthly dose of blood?”

“Ohhhh! Why didn’t ya just say so? What’re ya in the mood for?”

“I feel rather exotic today. Your finest AB, if you please.”

The holstein thought, then nodded. “Think we got some in back. RH?”

“Surprise me.”



    With that the cow slid out of sight into her stockroom and Kelsey patiently drummed her fingers on the counter until she felt a tug at her sleeve. She turned to find the oomukade from earlier looking up at her.

“Here,” the tiny bug began, offering Kelsey a bag of cough drops. “For your cold.”

“I’m not sick.” In fact, she was very, very dead.

“Huh? B-but you were coughing earlier, so I thought—”  Upon seeing Kelsey’s face darkening any thoughts of bravery fled the oomukade. She immediately dropped the bag and skittered away leaving a string of apologies in her wake. The vampire bent to pick up the bag, then turned it over in her hands.

“Sick, huh?”

“Yeah, you gotta work on that laugh’a yours,” Lucy agreed as she returned and placed a carton the size of a juice box on the counter. “Anyway, I got one box of AB pos drawn just yesterday right here.”

“Thank you ever so much, mortal.”

“Sure. You really oughta find yourself a man though; if blood’s anything like cum it’s way better straight from the tap.”

Kelsey cleared her throat. “Yes, well. At any rate have you procured those tickets?”

“Tickets?” Kelsey’s heart sank like a rock for the brief moment between Lucy’s question and the dawn of comprehension on the cow’s face, but then… “Oh, those! Yeah, I got ‘em round here somewhere. Lessee… here we go. That’ll be the usual for the blood and thirty for me.”


     Money well spent, so far as Kelsey was concerned. A quick pass of her health card, a few bills exchanged and the vampire’s business at the clinic was done. She slid the tickets into her purse and took the paper bag with her carton of blood. To Kelsey’s chagrin Lucy seemed intent on teasing her as she followed to lock the door.

“Hey, you gonna do him at the concert or what? If it was me we’d go for a romantic stroll through the beer garden, then—”

“Must you insist on being so crass?”

“You’re a vampire, this should be nothin’. Besides, this time tomorrow night you’re gonna be thinkin’ about doin’ somethin’ crass too. Hey,” Lucy shouted when they finally reached the door and Kelsey stormed out, “give ‘im a bite for me!”



“Hey Francis, think fast!”

At the sound of his manager’s voice the completely unenthused man behind the register perked up. ‘Think fast’ usually meant pop-quiz job tests and not failing those was a good way to avoid getting lectured on something stupid for the next ten minutes.

“You’re about to be raped by an oni on the job, what do you do?!”

Oh, this again. Francis dropped below the counter to rummage through the register’s rape prevention kit then popped back with a handful of soybeans.

His manager nodded and made a check mark on his clipboard. “Alright, next… giant slug.”

Francis placed a can of salt on the counter.

“Okay, jabberwock?”

Several snack size Snickers bars Francis reallystill hoped would work even though they’d expired two years ago were the answer to that one.

“And… jinko?”



The cashier blinked. “Like, firebreathing, bulletproof tyrant dragon?”

“That’s the one.”

“Hang on.” Francis’ manager watched on as his coworker grabbed the chalkboard at the end of the bagging area, erased it, then scribbled something and hung the board around his neck. The sign read ‘please be gentle.’

“Hah. Good enough, I guess.”

“That wasn’t even on the test, was it?”

“Nope, just wanted to see what you’d do. Anyway, I’m going to get back to cleaning up the stock room. You know what to do up here.”

“Yeah.” At this time of night mainly nothing.

“Alright, now don’t slack off just because Joyce isn’t here.”

“I got it, just go.”


    Then he was alone again. Francis didn’t mind that though, being alone just gave him time to think. Well, more like time to gather his courage, as if the two weeks he’d been holding onto the papers in his back pocket wasn’t enough. He had two tickets for a concert tomorrow and a cute girl to give them to, but no guts whatsoever when it came to presenting them. It really should’ve been easier; “just get your balls together and ask her out,” right? Listening to a grown man that played Marco Polo in the middle of a store might not have been the smartest thing ever, but his advice had been powerful in its simplicity. Still, saying it over and over again in his mind and doing it were two different things.


    Worse yet, Francis knew he could anticipate her arrival. She always showed up around the same time on a Saturday so he found himself hovering. There were no customers in a store like this on a Saturday night, so there weren’t any distractions. Francis found himself straightening the front displays over and over again. His flat kitsune store manager would’ve been proud, but the cashier wasn’t concerned with that at all.


    He saw her long before she was close enough to call out to. She really was a vision of beauty with her raven hair and model-like figure. Then there were her eyes. Those sparkling emeralds he couldn’t help looking into even though he knew with a vampire that was a terrible idea. Most of that was from memory though; all he saw with his first glance was her dress. Even then it was a struggle to pretend not to have noticed her as she glided up to the automatic doors, walked in, then did that weird hacking “oho! Oho! Oho!” thing she did whenever she arrived. Then the sound of her entrance died away, and with some relief he could finally acknowledge her without looking over eager.

“Hi, Beliala,” he smiled, trying to sound pleased but not too pleased to see her.

“Good evening, dear Francis,” she responded. Dear Francis? The boy chided himself; she hadn’t meant anything by that. Probably. Unless she did. What if she did? She didn’t. Maybe.

Francis shook himself. “Evening. So, uh, what’s going on tonight?”

“Merely running the usual errands.” That sing-song quality of her voice was hypnotic. “I assume you will be willing you lend me your services again this eve?”

“Sure! I mean, yeah, whatever.”

“Most excellent. Has anything new arrived in the last seven days?”

“Well, we got the top halves of some decent looking intoxication fruits, a fresh shipment of dark realm garlic,” which was why Beliala couldn’t get anything from the produce department herself, “and a bunch of DR potatoes.”

“Very well, then. I’ll take four of those licking fruits—the thick ones over there—and a bunch of the intoxication fruits.”

“Coming right up.”


    While Francis bagged her goods the vampire wandered off. Alone and still without anything else to do he started ringing up the few items already picked out and weighed the produce. Those grapes were how much?!


    Once again doubts plagued the cashier’s mind. Did he really have any business asking out someone that could drop that much on grapes? She’d probably scoff at the cheap tickets he bought. There weren’t even going to be any big name bands there... why did he even think a vampire would want to go out with him in the first place? It wasn’t like there was anything special about him. He was barely worth noticing, really.

“Are you troubled?”

Francis jumped at the sudden question then spun to face Beliala. “Uh, I was just thinking this bunch of intoxication fruit is really expensive, I could never afford to buy a whole bunch. What do you do to afford all this?” Awkward silence. Oh god, he shouldn’t have said anything!

Beliala looked over shoulder to make sure no one was within earshot before she spoke. “I work at a call center.”

“Oh. You a manager?”

“No. I answer phones.”

“Then how—” As soon as those two words left Francis’ mouth he regretted them. The pompous air about Baliala deflated like a balloon. She looked so vulnerable. So approachable, for once but that was a terrible thought.

“I don’t have to pay for food or air conditioning and I only crank up the heat when it’s almost freezing, so I’ve got a few bucks to spare. I still have to dip into my budget a bit, but it makes it easier to keep up appearances.”

Appearances? No, Francis wasn’t going to ask about that one, he’d already made her uncomfortable enough. The best track would probably be just to laugh it off. “The perks of being an undead, huh?”

“I guess. I wish I’d come back as a wight or a lich or something instead.”

“You don’t like being able to turn into a bat and stuff?”

“I can’t do that all the time you know, it’s really tiring.” Beliala sighed. “It’s not like I dislike the magic or anything, but I only have half of the day to be awake. There are so many things I can’t do anymore or have to do alone. What I really miss, more than anything, is just being able to see the sun. Do you know what it’s like to know you’ll never see another sunrise?”


    She had just destroyed the mood, the vampire realized. The one person that still seemed to half care about her problems and she’d found a way to make things awkward. Those tickets were going to have to stay in her purse now.

“That’s not right.” Francis said, jolting the vampire out of her self-loathing.


“I’m off in half an hour, would you stick around for a bit? I want to show you something.”

Show her something? Something romantic with candle light? No, that was expecting too much, he couldn’t have planned that. Why would he even bother for something cold and dead? Yet she needed to know. She needed to get back in control and find out what he wanted.

“V-very well then, mortal, I’ll allow you time to—”

“Hey playboy,” a  voice yelled from the back of the store, “quit flirting and close up, I wanna get out of here!”

“Sure thing!” Francis called back, then handed Kelsey her bags. “I’ll make it fast. Wait for me, okay?”

“Very sure—I mean very well, then.”


    Half an hour. Was it only that long? Kelsey found herself preening over and over again in her car, then cleaning her mirrors, then wiping the dashboard, then panicking. Calm, all she had to do was stay calm. She was going to ask him on a date anyway, so what if he made the first move? But what if he wasn’t making a move and just wanted to show her how stupid she was being with that whole ‘I miss the sun’ spiel? She’d die. Again. It was all she could do to stop the squeak fighting to escape her lips when a rap came on her window.

“Hey, you ready?”

“Of course human, how long do you think I’ve been waiting?”

“Yeah, sorry. Stupid manager wanted things spotless for when the boss comes back. C’mon, you’re gonna love this.”


    Kelsey stepped out of her car to stand next to Francis. He was still in uniform but now had a tube of some sort strapped to his back. More importantly than that though, the vampire noticed his size for the first time. Normally there was a counter or a fair bit of personal space between them, but he’d only stepped back far enough to let the door pass and now she was chest to chest with him, looking up. Looking up while he looked down, right into her eyes.


    It had  been a long time since anyone looked Kelsey in the eye. Normally they just sort of looked in the general direction of her face if they looked at her at all. She knew why and she understood, but it all felt so cold. Under that gaze even the dead woman began to feel hot. It wasn’t just the weather, was it? The two of them stood there, staring deep into each other’s eyes until a car horn in the distance made them both flinch back.

“So, uh, let’s go.”

“I… lead on.”


    Lead Francis did. He took them to the side of the store where there was a maintenance ladder locked with a combination lock. After two tries the lock came off and the cashier eased the ladder down.

“We’re going onto the roof?” Beliala asked

“Yeah. Don’t worry, I’ll go first so I don’t see anything.” Without waiting for her to respond he started up the first rung.

“I’m not worried about that—”

“Sorry if this is a little hard to climb in those shoes. Promise not to judge if you take them off.”

“Mortal, I wish to inform you—”

“Oh, I can help you up too. I might have some rope…”


     Francis was already halfway up the ladder to the high roof of the store. So much for doing this the easy way. With a shrug she burst into a cloud of bats that then fluttered past the cashier and onto the roof. A few seconds later the vampire looked over the edge at the man on the ladder.

“Are you coming, human?”

“...Or you could do that.” Francis resumed his trip up the ladder with a grunt and dusted his hands once he reached the top.

“I trust you’ll at least let me take us down.”

“Yeah, well... Anyway, here’s what I wanted to show you.”

“The roof? I suppose those air conditioners are rather… impressive.”

“Not that,” Francis said before lifting his arms to the sky, “This! During the day you get one star and maybe a moon if you’re lucky, but this? It’s like the whole universe is yours! I mean, we’re in the city so the view isn’t as impressive as it should be, but just look at all these lights!”

“It is beautiful.”

“Right?” Francis asked as he pulled a telescope out of his tube thing and began setting it up. “Looking at the sky has always been kind of special to me. I was weird as a kid, didn’t really want to play sports or whatever with the other kids. I always felt like I needed to try harder or whatever to fit in, but then one night I wandered out and just looked at the stars. I’d done it before, but that time I really looked. You know, on a good night you can see about three thousand stars in the sky. At first they all look the same, cohesive, but then you notice that they’re all different colors, not really different shapes but different sizes. To me, that was it. It was like ‘hey, you’re not that different from everyone else, you’re just on a different elliptical.’ If I’m different then so is everyone else, and that’s fine. It’s beautiful. Aaaaand I’m rambling. Crap.”

“No need to apologize.” No need at all.

“Anyway, uh, I think what I was trying to say was that just because you can’t see the sun doesn’t mean there’s nothing left in life. There’s always a lot going on even when you don’t realize it, sometimes you’ve just gotta find it.”

“An interesting point.” Yet not the one that Beliala latched onto.


    Unbeknownst to Francis, that speech struck a chord with the vampire behind him. The vampire that had spent every day since her turning trying to fill that special role she felt she now had without noticing the grander meaningless of it. She was a vampire now—or certainly in the Vampire constellation, but not quite in synch with what everyone expected because of that. A different orbit, was it? Certainly a different glow.  How much of who she was now was an air? Was it really even an important air? Belia—Kelsey may have been a vampire, but she wondered if she needed to be what people thought a vampire was. She was just a bite and run, after all, no mistress to train her in the ways of the night. Wasn’t it okay for her to still be the girl she was?


     He’d cut right through to that in a single night. There was something special about that boy. There was also something special about the way his butt looked in those pants, but Kelsey shook that observation from her mind.


“It’s a bit early still,” the cashier began after finishing his adjustments, “but since we’re talking about the sky I’ve got a decent view of Scorpio. Wanna come look?”

“I guess. Hah, imagine a creature of the night being taught about the stars.”

“Everybody’s gotta learn somewhere. So that big red guy in the center is going to be Antares—”

“How about you?”

“Me? Books. Lots of books. All of my friends love staying up late but none of them want to stare at the sky while they’re doing it.”

“I guess that’s not surprising.”

“It’s a shame, but no. They’ve got clubs and parties to go to, I guess. Then there’s all the other night stuff like plays and movies and concerts...” Both of them stiffened at the last word, Francis found himself swallowing a lump. Purely by accident he’d made an opening, but now was the time to go for it. “Speaking of, there’s this thing in the park tomorrow.”



     Kelsey kept her eye to the eyepiece but she no longer saw the magnified field of stars, instead she was busy trying to ignore the tickets to that same venue that seemed to be burning a hole in her purse while she kept up her casual act. Somewhere, in her chest, there was a pounding she hadn’t felt in ages. It was so brief she wondered, but she hadn’t imagined it, had she?

“And… do you want to go with me, Beliala?”

Finding only the smallest success in hiding the smile struggling to consume her face, the vampire straightened and turned to face her suitor. “It’s Kelsey. My real name, I mean.”

“Should I ask?”

“No. And yes.”

“What does that mean?”

“No, you shouldn’t ask but yes, I’d like to go.”

“Great!” Francis blinked. he’d just picked up on a subtle shift in Bel—er, Kelsy’s personality he’d never seen before but already thought he liked. “Can I pick you up at nine?”

“Gonna wake me up that early?”

“Well, I can come later but it already starts at—”

“Just kidding. Nine is fine.”






    Silence. Both parties were content to watch the other fidget in the moonlight, and the vampire was especially pleased at the blush on Francis’ cheeks knowing that hers were still as pale as ever though she knew she felt the same. Still, it felt like something needed to be said. The cashier was just opening his mouth to make some trivial attempt at filling the void of conversation when there was a crackle and a shower of golden light in the sky before him.

“Fireworks?” Francis asked no one in particular. “Was there a game or something tonight?”

“I don’t think so,” the vampire said as she turned to face the general direction of the explosion.

“Huh.” He waited a moment. “Maybe someone just used the last of what they had from the Fourth?”

“May—” Kelsey was cut off mid-sentence by another crackle and flash, this one more elaborate than the first.


    Pop, pop, pop. The explosions came again and again with increasing tempo and increasing complexity until they began to feel like a professional show instead of someone burning their supply of illegal fireworks.

“It’s beautiful!” Kelsey exclaimed after absentmindedly taking Francis’ arm in both of hers. “Oh, sorry.”

“I wasn’t complaining.” After all, Francis knew about heavenly bodies and the vampire had one. One that squeezed against him a little closer after his comment. No complaints at all.


     The sky continued to writhe with lights, taking on another life. Eventually whoever started the show petered out, but several other launchers seemed to take up the cause and suddenly they had a panoramic view full of pyrotechnics and a few plain jets of fire. All thoughts of the stars left both of them as they focused on the light show until those additions too died off. Then Kelsey and Francis just stood there bathing in the glow of one another rather than the ones of the fireworks.

“Hey, am I cold?” Kelsey asked after some time.

“You’re… refreshing.”

“You’re warm.”

“One of my many notable qualities. It’s getting late, we should probably go.”

“No way, you only showed me one constellation!”

“Well,” Francis shrugged, gesturing vaguely to the haze of smoke across the sky, “we’re not going to see much with that there. I’d be happy to show you again another night.”


Francis grinned to himself as he finished packing his equipment and stood.

“Shall we?” Kelsey asked, offering her hand.

“Why n—”


     Francis’ question ended in a hundred tiny squeaks. Suddenly his vision was split between countless viewpoints that fluttered up over the roof on leathery wings, then down into the parking lot. There was a swirl of viewpoints looking at flapping viewpoints, a cacophony of supersonic screeching then a series of collisions and suddenly he was just one set of eyes again. His position hadn’t changed in the slightest, but now he was on the ground.


“Better than climbing back down?”

“Can we do it again?”

Kelsey frowned. “Back onto the roof?”

“No, just, around like.”


    It wasn’t as if the vampire would have minded veering into bats again to go for a trip around the block or something similar, but transforming and maintaining control over all of those creatures burned a ton of dark energy. All the more so when she had to deal with two bodies’ worth of bats. The doses of blood and semen the Clinic doled out weren’t meant to sustain a parahuman using magic constantly, they were meant to provide enough spirit energy to keep the urge to rape at bay. A certain dryness in her throat told Kelsey she was already teasing the amount of magic she could sneak in without getting… urges. She knew what her answer should be, but the eyes Francis was making didn’t make it easy to say.

“Please?” He asked, half looking away as if he expected to be admonished.

“Fine, but not far.”


    Limiting herself to a distance anyone could call “not far” proved to be a challenge. Despite all her new urges, inability to see the sun, eat solid food or use a mirror, the one thing about being a vampire Kelsey didn’t hate was being able to veer into bats. Each animal moving as she willed, each presenting a swirling flow of freedom she’d never felt as a human. Denying that to someone else, especially someone that seemed so happy to experience it, was impossible.


    What the vampire meant to be a simple lap around the block became a soaring, tumbling freewheeling voyage through the sparkling night sky. It only ended when Kelsey, thoroughly exhausted, brought the colony of bats back to its origin and two figures emerged as the fluttering animals melted together into the same figures they’d sprung from.

Francis’ eyes shone. “Wow. You can do that whenever you want?”

“Kind of.” The strain in the vampire’s voice when she responded didn’t go unnoticed; Francis tentatively stepped forward.

“You okay?”

“Fine! Just… I’m fine.” She clearly wasn’t. There was an odd wobble to her movements and her posture was bent. It wasn’t like she could get sick or anything though, so Francis shrugged it off.

“If you say so. Uh, tomorrow at nine, then?”

“Dark and early.”

“Can I have your number?”

“Sure, I’ll text you my address.”


    Francis watched his date drive off, then climbed into his own car and headed back to his apartment. Ha! All that stress finally paid off! After a well-earned victory dance the cashier calmed himself down and surveyed the dwelling before him. It was presumptuous to assume he would actually have, uh, company, on the first date, but Francis still really needed to clean up. He hated cleaning. At least he could simplify things by shoving his stuff under the bed and whatnot.


    As the cashier set about cleaning (read: shoving things where they couldn’t be seen) he reflected on his evening. He’d successfully gotten a cute girl to go to a concert with him, but looking back he really had no idea what he was getting into.  Managing to forget that whole thing with the bats when he needed it was a total disgrace for sure. After straining to squeeze the last closet door shut Francis glanced at a clock. It was late, but he had research to do. With a sigh he booted up his computer and Googled “vampires.”



    Ten minutes later Kelsey slid the key into her own front door and staggered in. The first man to take an interest in her since the incident! She was just as happy as the man that got her to say “yes,” but completely overriding any urge to celebrate was an urge to drink. Kelsey barely threw the lock behind her before ripping open the paper bag from the clinic and jamming an included straw into the juice box-size pouch. Something, anything to ease the dryness of her throat.


    The first sip bit hard. AB was usually Kelsey’s favorite, a rare treat, but something about this batch made her struggle not to gag as she swallowed the first drops. Had they gone too heavy on the anticoagulants or something? Another sip. It didn’t taste any different from usual, but it wasn’t getting any easier to swallow. Somehow it just wasn’t what she wanted. The vampire forced down one more tiny draw before setting the box of chilled blood down on the counter. Maybe it’d taste better after she’d warmed it? The container was still more than half full, but she’d at least gotten down enough to quench the savage dryness in her throat.


    The vampire warmed water to set the blood box in, then left her meal to heat while she went to do other things. For starters she’d need to prepare for tomorrow; there wouldn’t be much time between when she woke up and when Francis was supposed to pick her up, she’d at least need an outfit picked out. Maybe something more normal this time.


     Nagging questions wracked Kelsey’s mind as she picked through her wardrobe despite the numbing effects of what little blood she’d ingested. She didn’t have to choose where to go on the date, but what was she supposed to do? How was she supposed to act? She was a parahuman, was she supposed to do that on the first date, or would it make her look bad? Should she even care? Not for the first time since she’d been bitten, Kelsey wished she had a mistress, someone to show her what it meant to be a vampire. But no, hadn’t she just been shown that there was nothing wrong with being different? The usual. The usual would be fine for her clothes. Well, maybe a little sexier than the usual.


     Special snowflake or not, Kelsey still needed to figure out how some things worked. She wasn’t even sure how feeding was supposed to work without the help of a phlebotomist. Would he even be okay with that? Would she? Enough questions! Waving off any more thoughts of the next night Kelsey sat down in front of her computer and opened up a Google tab. She needed a search term, something basic. Well, she might as well start at the beginning for now. One letter at a time she pecked in “vampires.”


    Dawn came too quickly, but due to supernaturally enforced sleep patterns dusk came just as fast. Kelsey’s eyes snapped open at the first ring of her alarm clock and she hurried to make her preparations as the sun finished sinking behind the horizon. She’d settled on a simple outfit this time: a black tank top that showed just a little cleavage and a pair of skinny jeans. Old clothes. Pre-bite clothes. She could swear those pants fit a little tighter around the waist than she remembered, but Kelsey was okay with it. Everyone loved hips, right?


    As luck would have it the vampire’s preparations were perfect; she was just finishing some camcorder-assisted final touches when the doorbell rang. Kelsey dashed down the hall trying not to look too eager, but skidded to a halt as she passed dinner. Yesterday’s dinner, still sitting in a bowl of tepid water. The bell rang again. Hurriedly, the vampire squeezed the now gloopy fluid into the sink, turned the water on and sprinted for the door.

“Oh hi,” Kelsey smiled at the door, stopping Francis before his third push of the bell.

“Hey. I didn’t come too early, did I?”

“No, I just got done.”

“You do something different with your makeup?”

“I’m not wearing any.”

“That’s it! The heavy eyeliner thing worked for you, but I knew you’d look better au naturale.” Kelsey blinked at him. Surely he wasn’t the type to come on that strong. “No, I-I meant without makeup, not that! I wasn’t imagining—”

“Relax, I know what you meant. Has anyone ever told you you’re cute when you stutter?”

“I, uh… is your sink running?”

“Please don’t tell me to go catch it.”

“I hear water.”

“Crap!” The vampire hurriedly stopped the faucet and came back to the door, grinning sheepishly.

“What was that?”

“I just forget to shut it off sometimes, you know. Just one of those kinds of things that happens. Sometimes. Because of stuff” Kelsey babbled, waiting for her mind to catch up with the situation to form a good segue. It didn’t, so she improvised. “Is that your car?”


    The venue was a local deal in the city’s biggest park. The food, the talent, the companies providing service, everything was provided by entities from within Monte Granito City. Well, everything but the songs themselves, that was. Those were covers of classic or recently popular radio type ditties, but all of the bands managed to put their own spin on the music so it sounded new. The concert was already well underway when Francis and Kelsey arrived, but it ran late anyway and the party was more than started for them.


    The two of them listened, sang and danced for a bit until Francis’ human fatigue caught up with him and he left to go find drinks. When he returned he found the vampire right where’d he left her, swaying to a slow song.

“Hey,” the cashier shouted, yelling to be heard over the background noise, “You want Sprite or fruit punch?!”

“I’ll take the punch, thanks!”


    Kelsey hadn’t asked for anything when Francis went on his drink run, but she was glad he’d brought her something anyway. The time of year and large number of bodies around meant her surroundings were hot and muggy. She didn’t sweat anymore and heat that didn’t burn shouldn’t have bothered her at all, but due to some phantom pain of life the vampire still found herself incredibly thirsty. The first gulps of juice sucked through the straw went down sweet, cool, and… not at all refreshing. Weird. Kelsey swirled the liquid in her cup and took another sip. Still nothing. Confused, she frowned at her drink.

“What, does it taste funny?!”

“No! I just haven’t had this for a while, I forgot how good it was!”


    That wasn’t it at all. The truth, Kelsey realized with a groan, was that she was feeling a thirst for something she wouldn’t find in any soda fountain. Blood. Even naming the craving seemed to give it more power. The crowd around her transformed from a simple pressure into a swarm of individuals, each of them warm and full of fresh sustenance. Right next to her was the most delicious looking—stop! Haha, she was really going to have to get back to the Clinic tomorrow somehow. She was way early for her next dose and those places usually didn’t get a ton of blood, would they let her have more so soon? They’d have to. If they didn’t… the vampire gulped.


“You okay?!” francis yelled over the announcer calling out the last song of the night. Probably not. Holding it together right now was going to be impossible. Her entire body was hot and her mind seemed to keep looping back to one hot red topic. Kelsey opened her mouth to speak when a hard jostle from her side sent her crashing into Francis’ shoulder. So close. If she wanted all she had to do was open her mouth a little wider and take a nibble, then... No!”

With a wordless scream she pushed Francis away and, gaped.

“What’s wrong?!”

That expression, that selfless worry when she could barely look at him as more than a blood bag hurt. She couldn’t… eyes pinched shut, instincts screaming Kelsey attempted to spread her wings. Cramped, too cramped! Bodies on every side pushing, shoving, ket her from flying. All that food and nothing to eat. No, no, no, that wasn’t right! Before her mind took her anywhere else she didn’t want to go the vampire veered. A flock of bats burst up from the audience and into the night as Francis looked on, stunned.


“God that was dumb,” Kelsey mumbled aloud. Just a few hundred feet and her transformation faltered, the leathery swarm coalescing to drop her humanoid form to the pavement. That one last burst of magic had drained her entirely. It was all she could do to drag herself onto a bench on the edge of an area illuminated by a street light and curl up around herself. This was too much. Her mind felt clouded, her body weak, and even her fangs ached. They’d never done that before. For the first time the vampire understood the urges that drove a parahuman to rape. There was so much of what she needed all around, milling out as the venue emptied. All she had to do was reach out and take some. It wouldn’t even be as sloppy the way other girls had to do it. If she just stood up and took a quick bite that’d be the end of it.. That would be wrong, though.


As the minutes ticked by Kelsey wondered more and more if she cared.


    Ignoring the incessant ringing of her phone the vampire curled tighter around herself. All she had to do was lay there until everyone left, then there’d be no one to bite. And then what? Could she even drag herself home like this? If she did when it came time to go to the Clinic again could she make it there? She wasn’t even sure she’d wake up again if she went to sleep now. Maybe just a little sip…


    Dammit, where was she? Francis had tracked the general direction Kelsey’s bats took, but he hadn’t been able to see where she landed over all the heads in his way. He was near enough to hear her phone ringing as he called over and over again though, he was getting close. There. Through the thinning crowd he spotted her, curled up on her side barely lit by a distant street light. The wings she normally held so proudly lay haphazardly strewn across her draping onto the ground, just begging to be stepped on. It looked like they had been a few times.

“There you are. I was worried, you know.” The eyes that looked out from that sad ball of girl should’ve been green, but now, in her need, they were blood red.


    After his research last night Francis was worried that he’d strained her too much with his request for a joyride the night before, and now he knew. Those eyes meant Kelsey was walking a tightrope of reason, the heat of bloodlust awaiting her on both sides if she fell off. He’d need to go into this carefully.

“You alright?” He bent forward to better see the prostrate form before him.


“No, it’s my fault. You’re gonna be fine though, let’s just get you home.” The vampire slowly unfolded at the suggestion, clasping his proferred hand.

“I can’t… anymore…”




    The burst of strength every parahuman got before the last of their surplus dark energy ran out and all strength left them, like a lightbulb flashing before the filament broke, burned throughout Kelsey’s body. Her grip spun Francis and sent him stumbling down onto the other side of the bench. By the time he even registered that he was sitting the vampire was atop him, struggling to undo the buttons on his shirt.

“Whoa, take it easy! Hey!” The complaint fell on deaf ears. Kelsey quickly gave up loosening his shirt properly and simply ripped the chest open. The flesh of his nape came into view and the vampire let out a hiss, baring her fangs. Moments from a strike, Francis came to a decision and steeled himself.

“Be gentle, alright?”


    There was a lot—a lot—that could go wrong with what he was about to let Kelsey do. Yet, somehow, he knew it wouldn’t. This was all his fault anyway and he didn’t know if he had it in him to let anyone suffer like he could tell the vampire was. Still, that was a lot of trust, but he’d already said it now. He was far from sure he could escape at that point anyway.


    At his words, the vampire’s grip on his shirt tightened momentarily, then went slack.

“Gen…” she rasped.

“Yeah, gentle. Wouldn’t want to make it too hard on a guy his first time, right?”


Kelsey descended toward his neck but slowly, giving Francis time to grip the bench’s boards and prepare himself. What touched his skin after she descended wasn’t the sharp points of fangs as expected, but rather the textured wetness of her tongue. The flesh was cold, but her saliva left his skin feeling hot and tingly in its wake. Yet Kelsey hadn’t forgotten her goal, couldn’t even if she wanted to. A few needy licks were enough to coat her lover’s shoulder with her numbing drool, and then she struck.


    Francis yelped as the fangs punched through his skin out of surprise instead of pain. All he felt was a pressure rather than a stab but Kelsey bit HARD and she hadn’t warned him. He sucked in air as the magic rushed through his body, leaving a comfortable numbness in its wake. That feeling but crept up his spine though, leaving Francis’ mind to race even as his body surrendered to the girl atop him. Just as the last rush of warm bliss touched his toes the same happened to the boy’s brain. His held breath gusted from his lips as the rug was pulled from under his thoughts. The world shrank as everything but Kelsey lost significance.

“Oh shit,” he murmured.


    For the vampire there was blood. She hadn’t hit the Carotid, but the strength of her bite had driven her fangs deep and blood welled out from the wound. It flowed freely, hot and sweet. This is what she’d wanted. Nothing from the pouch she’d ever had tasted as pure as this. She hadn’t realized it, but there was a sense of wrongness from sucking something so wonderful chilled and out of a straw. None of that was present now though, and she luxuriated in the feeling, suckling at the punctures determined not to let a single drop spill. For her part Francis’ blood filled her head with the tingling lightness of a good drunk.


    That little slice of heaven was all she needed. The warmth of a boy she liked, fresh blood, what more was there to want? Well, maybe just one thing: with her thirst finally suppressed—for now—the vampire finally became aware of the dampness between her legs. And the hands roaming her chest.

“You’re so bad,” she giggled after using a little magic spit to seal the wound’s she’d made, not bothering to move the groping hands at all. “You know, I’ve seen—”

“Hey, you two!” A figure visible as nothing more than a safety vest behind a blinding flashlight yelled, “the party’s over, if you wanna screw go get a room!”

Stars dancing in her eyes, Kelsey turned back to Francis. A room, huh?

“You live nearby?” she asked. The cashier managed a weak nod. Kelsey smiled before leaning in to whisper in  his ear. “You let me be a monster, I guess it’s only fair for me to let you be a man. Take me home, loverboy.”


    The two neckers burst into a flock of bats that flew past the security guard forcing him to shield his eyes. The fluttering faded into the distance and he lowered his arm; they were gone. The man gulped upon realizing that he’d just told a vampire to fuck off. Oh well, at least they’d actually left; he was one horny couple closer to going home. Scanning the rest of the park an orange flicker in the bushes a few yards to his left caught his attention and he did a doubletake. Was that a goddamn hellhound?! This really wasn’t his night.


    A mile and a half away countless bats condensed on the doorstep of a second story apartment. Kelsey laughed as Francis stumbled into the door.

“C’mon, hurry, hurry,” the vampire cooed with both hands glued to his ass. “Open it already!”

“‘M tryin’.” Being felt up wasn’t helping but he managed to get his keys into the lock and stumble in as the door opened.


    Kelsey leapt after him, intending to tackle her new lover and take him in the entryway but rebounded on empty air as she crossed the threshold. The sound wasn’t unlike a bird hitting a window. She landed in a heap and Francis turned to look back at her. Oh, right.

“You c’n come in.”

Grumbling, the vampire stood and, after testing the doorway with her hand, walked in. Even in her drunken state she was embarrassed. Embarrassed, but no less horny.


    A terrible creature lurched down the hallway of Francis’ apartment. One with four legs, two torsos and heads, but only one set of lips that left a trail of cloth in its wake. The beast lead itself, fumbling with one pair of pants and a bra strap, into the bedroom. The two lovers were little more than a tangle of limbs. Really, it was a minor miracle that they made it as far into the house as they did, but a few steps into the bedroom a shoe that hadn’t quite made it where it needed to go fouled Kelsey’s step and both of them went down in a squealing pile right next to the bed. The cashier levered himself onto his elbows to stare down at Kelsey.

“Get up so we can get in bed,” she whined.

“You don’t want to do it here, mistress?”


“Sorry, I…”

“It’s the bite, right?” That had been enough to sober both of them up some.

Francis shook his head as if to clear it. “Yeah. That was weird.” He kinda liked it though.

“Stay with me, ‘kay? I don’t want a servant, I want…”

“A boyfriend?”

“A boyfriend. Yeah.”

“Well in that case your boyfriend has a few favors to return.”


    Francis’ love bites weren’t the same as the blood drawing ones Kelsey used, but his eagerness showed he didn’t like the act any less than she did. The arch her neck took, inviting him to nibble more, lower, was almost involuntary. Almost. The vampire languished under his touch, moaning her appreciation as Francis nibbled a path from her ear, down her neck, past her nape to graze his teeth along the sensitive line of her collarbone.


Her lover’s head snapped up at her outburst. “Too hard?”

“Aren’t you ready for something else?”


    Oh yes. Yes he was. A burst of beastial strength, of the kind he only seemed able to summon in the sack, lifted the vampire and sent her squealing onto the bed. Francis savored his climb onto the bed, attempting to burn the image of the vampire stripping off her panties— the last of her clothing—one handed as she adjusted the pillow beneath her head. Gloriously long spread legs, cool to the touch but supple, drawing his hands and eyes upward. Upward to a dripping sex leading into a mound of venus that tapered into a gloriously flat stomach that in turn accented the slight flare of her hips. The dark hair and bat-like wings fanned out beneath her too brought out the perfect paleness of her skin. Unblemished ivory perfection perfectly unbroken until the light pink of hard nipples atop pert breasts just waiting to fill his hands. Every part of her was a vision of innocent sexual beauty no man could wait to tear into invited so. Then there was her face with those slightly pouty lips, imagining what shape those would take in her throes of passion made Francis even harder.


    That virile passion would be put to good use later, but something else came first. Namely, Kelsey. Francis was a gentleman, and gentlemen always took care of their ladies first. Well, that and he was a little afraid if he just put it in now he’d end up cumming too soon and then everyone would be disappointed. As such, instead of immediately pounding into the moist depths awaiting him the cashier decided to explore them a bit first.


    The tip of his index finger on his right hand to teasingly scooped up the bead of moisture forming on her slit while his left hand freely to kneaded the pliable squishiness of her breast. The vampire moaned softly as he rounded the hooded bead of her clit. Okay, that was one spot to hit, but then that was obvious. Francis found himself strangely focused as he played with the vampire’s body, feeling how her body tensed and contorted when he touched which spots in what ways. There was music in Kelsey’s erotic voice, dance in her reactions and Francis was the maestro. Of course, after a while of being teased like that his orchestra got tired and demanded to be given the baton.

“Hey,” Kelsey panted, “stop playing around alread—eeeep!”


     The cashier wasn’t ready to stop playing and even though the effects of Kelsey’s bite had mostly worn off, there was still a compelling factor to her voice he wanted to avoid. The quickest and most enjoyable way around that was simply to make sure she no longer had a voice. The poor girl already made the mistake of letting him play with her long enough to know just how stimulate her to get there too. Just curling his fingers into her G-spot was all it took for that gasp.

“Okay,” the vampire panted, “you can definitely keep doing that.”

So he did.


     Kelsey gripped the sheets as Francis continued playing inside of her and nipping at her beautiful breasts. The pitch of her voice rose at the time as her back, cries of passion filling the room. That was it. Francis kept going, sliding, rubbing and pushing all the spots that drove his lover wild. He could see her getting closer now from the spasming of her hips to the arm sliding beneath the pillow in that nonsensical way limbs did right before orgasm. A little more… louder… a bit more intensity… silence. That was the moment he loved to see, that brief instant of ultimate, writhing uncontrolled pleasure that came not with a groan or a growl, but a simple catch of the breath. Then came the groan.


          Kelsey didn’t get flushed or sweat either, where most women’s beauty was somewhat ruined by all the usual biological stuff, the vampire was… well, her hair was a little messy. Francis found he couldn’t help grinning as she floated back down to Earth.

“Mmm, what are you smiling about?” she demanded.

“”Nothing, just… looking at you.”

“That another one of your hobbies?”

He shrugged. “I like looking at pretty things. What?”

“That’d be creepy if you weren’t so cute. What?”

“You just did this… thing with your fangs.”

“Was it scary? Like this? Bleh!”

“Pff. Are you always this goofy after you cum?”

“I’m just entertaining myself until the main event.”

“In that case—”

“What’s this?” Kelsey asked, pulling a shiny red something  with two straps from beneath the pillow when she finally straightened her arm. “A wiffle ball?”

Francis made a desperate grab for the object. “It’s nothing!”


    Of course, nothing someone reacted so strongly to could really be nothing. The vampire curled around her find and felt around it, trying to figure out what it was by touch while still keeping it out of reach of Francis’ searching hands. For some reason it reminded her of something you’d expect to see on a horse.

“Hey, give it back!”

“No way!” She kept running her hands over it until her lover assaulted her sides with a tickling attack that broke her concentration and let him yank his… thing back. The cashier quickly tossed it over his shoulder and out of sight.

“What was that?” Kelsey asked, fighting to keep the laughter brought on by her lover’s distraction out of her voice.

“Like I said—”

“Francis.” Dear lord, she couldn’t have been any older than he was, but she had the stern motherly thing down pat. The cashier found he couldn’t lie.

“A… ball… gag?” Oh god, you couldn’t just drop something like that on someone! Now she was going to hate him! The case of blue balls he was going to have after this...

“Like that S and N stuff?”

“S and M, yeah. It’s kind of…” a kink? The words wouldn’t come.

“Let me see?”

Meekly, Francis nodded, then walked across the room to find where the gag landed to bring it back. The vampire turned it over in her hands and tentatively brought it to her lips.

Francis hastily reached out drag it down. “Wait! That’s been in my mouth!”

“So have I.”


“You have more?” She asked. Another nod. A quick trip under the messy bed produced a metal case and Francis’ favorite riding crop. Without being invited Kelsey popped open the case and rummaged inside, coming out with a pair of fuzzy handcuffs spinning around her finger.

“Who’s supposed to wear this stuff?”

“Me, mostly.” If she was going to call him a pervert and leave he really wished she’d just get it over with. “I know it’s kinda weird, let’s just forget abou—”

“Can I try?”

“I… huh?”

“Sorry! We just met, that must sound really weird, we can do it the normal way!”

“Nonono! Trying is fine! Let’s do it!”


     The cashier’s soul lit ablaze. Had he really just found another dom? A vampire dom?! Sex on the first date and now this? His luck was unbelievable! If she just had some leather or latex to wear—no, that was getting too far ahead of himself. Still!

“What do I do?”

“Whatever you want, basically? The idea is that you’re in charge, so…”

“I’m in charge?”


“To do whatever I want?”


“And you’ll listen no matter what I say?”

“With pleas—yes. I’m uh, just going to lie down now.”

“Hmm…” The vampire rifled through the case, seemingly at a loss.

“Maybe the handcuffs?” The man beside her suggested. Kelsey looked from the pair of handcuffs in her hands to the two knobbed bed posts on the headboard. Francis waited silently, praying she’d put two and two together. Shortly, she reached into the case again and pulled out a second pair of handcuffs. C’mon, c’mon…

“Hand.” The cashier gladly offered his left hand and Kelsey mounted his chest to cuff it to the headboard before taking the other of her own accord and strapping it to the other side. “Next…”


    Francis watched in obedient silence as Kelsey went back to the box. His eyes lit up when when the vampire pulled out his gimp hood, then fell when she tossed it away. Eventually she settled for strapping the ball gag on and picking up the riding crop. Pretty tame, but then this was her first time, and most of the joy of femdom came from the dom rather than the objects used. Then again it was her first time. Oh well, Francis decided, he’d get laid no matter what at this point.


    Tentatively, gingerly even, Kelsey reached out and slapped his arm with the crop. He barely even felt it.

“Too hard?”

Shrug. Kelsey tried again, this time hitting him with a satisfying smack that sent his his hips quivering.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry!” she squeaked.

The fervent shaking of Francis’ head brought a confused look to the vampire’s face.

“That was good?”

Nod nod.

“It looked like it hurt.”


“That’s weird.”


Kelsey sighed and reached down to undo the gag. “I’m sorry, I have no idea what I’m doing.”

“No, that was a good start. You just need to get into it, unlock your inner dom, you know?”


“Well, I dunno, try talking dirty. Call me a slut and  tease me about the horny dick juices dripping from my sad little manstick or something.”

“Okay, um… you’re so hard, are you imagining what you’re going to do to me with that dirty cock?”

“You better believe I am.”

Kelsey brought the crop down on Francis’ chest with a loud snap. “Stop. Tonight’s not about what you’re going to do to me, it’s about what what I’m going to do to you.”


     Holy shit. Both lovers looked at each other stunned. Was that it? That was it. Without waiting for, or for that matter even needing validation the woman on top lit back into her boyfriend, only the slightest tremble of her limbs showing her nervousness. Or was it excitement?


     Kelsey sank down, flattening her body against Francis, smashing those glorious breasts against his chest and most importantly of all pinning his torso with the weight of her body. Good so far, but what would she do next?

“Aw, did that make your cock twitch?” the vampire cooed into her lover’s ear, her voice notably huskier now that she was getting into it. He nodded. “Come on, I took the gag out so use your words like a big boy.”

“Yeah, I twitched. You’re pretty good at this when you get into it.”

“Of course I am, I’m a vampire after all. You were hoping for this weren’t you, you little slut? Hmm? Meeting a girl and taking her home on the first date, how unrefined.”

All her vampire play acting had found a good use!

“Holy hell that’s hot. Wanna bite me again?”

“That doesn’t sound like the right way to ask for something, Francis.”

“You could use a pet name for me, too.”

“Beg me, Register Monkey.”

“Please bite me mist—uh, Beliala?”

“The name will do, but do you call that begging? All the pleasure I send shooting into you when my fangs break your skin and the best you can do is a timid little ‘please?’ Show some feeling.”

“Please Beliala, sink those beautiful fangs into my neck even though I don’t deserve it and grant me bliss. Use me to your dead heart’s content and suck me dry if you want but please, please bite me! Own me!”

“Oh my,” Kelsey said as she dragged her hand down Francis’ body and up his shaft to play with the trickle of pre leaking from his head. “I don’t know about sucking you dry when you’re this wet, but for the sake of my poor little boy I’ll try.”


    Instinct demanded that the vampire lick her boyfriend’s skin. Nature made her desire to run her tongue over his skin, coating it with the thin saliva that seemed to fill her mouth whenever she thought of that tender flesh, bringing soothing numbness in its wake before her teeth stabbed into the fat and muscle to loose the crimson liquid within. Yet her lover seemed to get off on pain, so she settled. One quick lick leaving a layer of saliva even thinner than her earlier hurried ministration followed quickly by an aggressive bite. Francis spasmed under the sudden stabbing pain, then just as quickly went limp as the vampire’s magic once again spread through his body.


    This was how vampires made toys of men. Any thought of Francis holding onto himself was vaporized when the twin pleasures magic flooding through his body and a cool hand stroking his cock broke his rationality. Had Kelsey or Beliala or whatever the absolute goddess embracing him told him to become her pet he would, had she told him to die for her he’d do that with a smile too. After a few more bites that feeling of complete submission would diminish; the gift from god would be a woman good at handjobs once again, and the feeling brought about by the vampire’s magic would just be amazing rather than earth shattering, but in the meanwhile he was lost. As he’d thought he was in good hands, however. Though Kelsey could easily have broken him at that point the thought didn’t even cross her mind; she was far too focused on enjoying her boyfriend’s body and making sure he enjoyed hers in turn.


    Like there was any way he couldn’t. Having the vampire’s magic flow through him seemed to increase everything he felt. Even the crop slapping his thigh at odd intervals took on a more pleasurable than painful sensation. As if that wasn’t enough, Kelsey was constantly adjusting the angle she took with her jaw, wiggling her fangs in his neck and sending constant ripples of that blissful numbness through him. Though Francis moaned helplessly the entire time it was a surprise to both of them when he came.


    Ignoring the weight on top of him entirely, Francis bucked his hips. His love launched into the air, splattering Kelsey’s back and wings with only the weaker fourth, fifth and sixth ropes shooting low enough to hit her hand. Even those three were enough to paste her alabaster hand in even whiter semen.

“That was fun,” Kelsey giggled after sealing his bite wounds. She sat up and brought her hand around to play with the stringy cum between her fingers. “Didn’t think you woulda shot like that.” Without thinking about it she brought those dirty digits to her mouth and licked.


    The cashier was exhausted, panting and practically glued to the sheets by sweat after nothing more than a handjob, but though he thought his body was tired his dick had other plans; that sight sent him twitching right into Kelsey’s butt.

“Really now.” The vampire tried her best to sound exasperated, but between the smile on her face and the hint of laughter in her voice the best she managed was coy. It really wasn’t bad acting when she was feeling just as fuzzy as her boyfriend. Francis didn’t respond, just looked up at her with pleading eyes. Nothing needed to be said; he wanted to fuck and she wanted to be fucked. Both of them knew it. Still, it wouldn’t do to just put it in.


“Please, Beliala.” Where the words were weak his breathless plea was strong.

“Yes, I think I will let you please Beliala.” And with that the vampire slid back.


    A heavenly body inside and out. The cashier’s head flopped back into the pillow as he bottomed out inside of his lover. Undead or no she was definitely lively enough inside. He’d found himself wondering if something “dead” could still feel good inside. The answer? Fucking. Yes. Her body was cool but Beliala was soaking wet and tight in a way only undead muscles could maintain. Her movements as she bobbed up and down his shaft were frictionless but that didn’t stop her from slathering him in pleasure. Between the magic of her bite and the pleasure of her womanhood it was impossible to think. Francis was completely helpless as Beliala rode him but then what did it matter? He’d already given himself to her anyway.


    On the other side of things, poor Kelsey was having a hard time. It would’ve been so easy to give in to the sensations wracking her body and turn into a panting, twitching mess like her lover. Actually, it was really hard not to; sex had never been this fulfilling, this hot, this good as a human. Yet she was supposed to be domming here, she couldn’t moan and show how much she was feeling it. Unfortunately Kelsey’s act was still far from perfect, she couldn’t stop a moan that slipped out.

“Ohhh!” Crap! Francis was actually looking at her again, how was she going to cover for that?! There was no way she could just laugh it off unless…


    Of course! She could just laugh it off the normal way! She could cover the lower half of her face if she managed to hold her hand still. Ah, how did it go again? One hand on his chest gripping the crop, the other reversed and brought up to her mouth (elbow out!) and then…

“Ohhhhoh! Ohohhh!” That wasn’t it. It was hard to get it right when her breath came in uneven gasps. Maybe she could take a big one and hold it?


    Francis had discovered ecstasy and he didn’t even have to move to feel it. A mind emptied of needless thought and a body able to do nothing else but submit to pleasure while a beautiful woman lovingly rode him was the perfect state to become one with joy. Or so it seemed until the laughter started. It was halting at first, just discordant enough to drag some modicum of focus away from what was happening to his body. Her attempts, clearly thought up to cover her moaning, were awkward at first. Her “ohhhhoh! Ohohhh!” was cute, but then she took a deep breath and the real magic happened.



    Dear god, that was it. Beliala’s pose was already perfectly dominating aside from the pleasured expression she had half hidden behind her hand and the absolute lack of sweat anywhere on her body only added to that image. Still, she only managed to pull off the role of the leering dom well until that laugh ripped through the room. It was a noise entirely separate from normal human laughter: clear like a bell but nasty, an expression of joy but entirely without mirth. It was a sound that made one feel like less than an insect. In short, it was absolutely perfect.


    The brain is said to be the biggest sex organ. How very true. Even more than the tight walls gripping his shaft, even more than the weight of his lover’s hips slamming against his as she wantonly sated her lust using his body that laugh was what sent Francis over the edge. He didn’t even have time to announce his impending orgasm before exploding inside of her.


    The feeling was blissful, but the cashier was soon shaken—or rather humped—from his reverie. You see, despite allowing himself to become a woman’s plaything he’d forgotten to do something very important before orgasming: sate his mistress. The pistoning of her hips ripped right through the warmth of Francis’ afterglow, and that was before she remembered she was still holding her crop.

“Oh shit!” The cashier groaned, his hands balling into fists without his notice. “Mis—Beliala, stop!”

“Oooooohohohoho! Still haven’t learned your place, Register Monkey?”

Each word ended in Beliala’s pussy slamming down against the cashier’s waist, filling his vision with more and more white. Her words were on the edge of slurring but that did nothing to diminish their effects.

“Did you think I was—oh god—satisfied, mortal?!”

Was this pleasure? Pain? Whatever it was, dreams were made of it. Even the fuzzy handcuffs began to dig into his wrists as Francis was submitted to this onslaught of painful pleasure.

“If you’re going to serve do it until I cu—ahhhhh!”


    Beliala moaned to the heavens and somehow, miraculously, spasmed even tighter around her lover’s cock before slumping on top of him, revelling in her very much not dominant afterglow. It was happening again too. That phantom beating of a long dead heart. Again it was short, maybe five thumps, but the vampire was sure she hadn’t imagined it this time. Strange, but not at all unpleasant.

“Holy hell,” she panted into his chest.

“That was a surprise.”

“I didn’t see you complaining.”

“Like you would’ve listened. We need to set up a safe word next time. Really can’t believe I forgot that.”

A lazy “mmm.” Was the only reply Kelsey managed, now too groggy and intent on tracing the red marks she’d left on Francis’ skin.


    It was fun at the time, but maybe she’d gotten a little carried away. Tenderly now, abandoning the persona she’d been trying so hard to maintain just moments before, she began lapping at the marks. A vampire’s saliva had healing properties sufficient to close bite wounds, the burst vessels under the skin Francis had acquired were nothing in comparison. As the vampire languidly traversed her lover’s body with her tongue the marks were soothed and in moments disappeared.


    Normally this would’ve been after care on the level no human could ever hope to match, but with a monster licking one’s body after one had been pumped full of her magic the male body tended to have quite a bit more vigor than usual. By the time Kelsey reached Francis’ belly he was already at full mast between her breasts.

“Eager, are we?” The vampire asked, grinning.

“You bet that cute butt I am.”

“I wouldn’t mind another round,” Kelsey began, reaching up to open the shackles. “No more of this dominatrix vampire thing though, I want to see what you’ve got.”

Francis popped upright as soon as soon as the handcuffs were removed. “You looked like you were having fun though.”

“Yeah well so did you. Hey, um… does that feel good?”

“Does what feel good?”

“You know, um, the bondage and the whipping.”

“Yeah, why?”

The heat of Francis’ breath on her face was beginning to make Kelsey woozy. “Just… wonder—eep!”

Without warning Francis flipped their positions so he was between her legs and looking down.

“Let’s just do it the normal way for now, but maybe after I’ve done some reading… sound good?”

All Kelsey managed before the cashier plunged back into her was a nod.




“Yah!” A tiny voice screeched

The sound of clacking wood filled the living room while Francis set to work on the dishes. It’d really be nice once those two were tall enough to make them help out with this part. In the meantime, since Kelsey wouldn’t have much for dinner aside from the coffee he’d just made and maybe a nibble from him he was stuck doing things himself.

“Take that! And that!”

Suddenly the quiet kitchen was alive. His two dhampir daughters may not have been big enough for chores, but they still knew how to keep things interesting.


    It was funny how that worked. Dhampirs were supposed to be rare as one would expect of the fruit of a mostly dead womb, but after a few years—and more than a few rather spirited attempts, he’d admit with a smile—they’d had twins. Life was a trip.


    Speaking of trips, he was amazed kids so young managed to have such fancy footwork. Once again Heather and Elizabeth were play fighting—no, maybe it’d be better to say sparring considering how seriously they went at it—with a set of wooden yard sticks. Any other parent would’ve feared for the safety of his daughters and/or any china in the area, but after countless time-outs and not a single broken anything Francis and Kelsey had given up. The mini-dhampirs did at least wear goggles so if anything ever did happen no one lost an eye, but past that the adults had learned to just ignore the noise and stay out of the way. Even moving wasn’t necessary since their daughters were more than capable of working around them, but instinct was hard to fight. For that reason Francis flattened himself against the counter as the twins clashed past him.


     Elizabeth pushed Heather back towards the wall with a series of lightning fencer thrusts. Heather insisted on handling her sword two-handed like it was big and heavy so she had trouble fending off the myriad thrusts coming her way, forcing her to edge back. Even Francis could see Heather searching, though. Looking, waiting, there! A lightning downward slash forced Liz to jump back.

“Okay you two,” francis sighed, “I’m trying to finish up in here, would you—”

“OOOOOOOHOHOHOHO!” A voice rang from the back of the house, cutting Francis off mid-sentence.

“Mom!” Both twins yelled in unison, forgetting their fight to drop their weapons where they stood to dash off toward the bedroom. Francis smiled and finished the last of the dishes as the usual mayhem unfolded down the hall.

“Hey, girls! Wait! Stop, I can’t—fiiiiiine. Come here.”


     Kelsey rounded the corner in her bathrobe, dragging both legs because a daughter was latched onto each.

“Morning,” the vampire groaned.

“Rough night, huh? Coffee?”

“Please. I don’t think I’m making it to the pot.”

Francis handed her a cup. “That’s easy enough to fix. Movie time, guys!”

“Yay!” As soon as the words left his mouth the two miniature reproductions of his wife dashed off. Now there were two pairs of safety goggles on the floor too. Kelsey crouched oddly close to him to pick them up, then slowly straightened, staring into her husband’s eyes as she rose.

“Hey now, keep that up and I’ll start feeling frisky earlier than I need to.”

“I was hoping for that. After all I’m already wearing this,” she said, guiding her husband’s free hand into her robe where his fingers slid over the unmistakable smoothness of latex. “I’m on top tonight, let’s hope the girls pick a short one, hmm?” Yeah, short movies left time for long things later.


“Dad, Dad! We wanna watch this one!” Heather shouted, rounding the corner with a box in her hand.

“Yeah, the one with the boat!” Liz agreed.

Wait, was that… oh god. “Titanic? I think you might not be old enough for that one and it’s long and—”

“But we wanna watch it,” Liz whined.


“You said!” Francis had said it was their turn to choose what the family watched, but… with a hint of desperation in his eyes he turned to his wife for support.

After a moment she spoke. “Go load it up.” Thundering footsteps into the living room.

“Really?” Francis asked, shoulders slumping.

“You did promise. Besides,” the vampire said with a wink of those gorgeous green eyes, “a little anticipation is good too.”

And of course, he knew she’d make things worth it. Excitement already building, Francis followed his wife’s sashaying hips as they swayed down the hall in time with the sounds of his daughters fighting for—or more likely with—the remotes. This was happiness.


The end


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